Are Vibration Collars Safe For Dogs Or Does It Hurt Them?

Last Updated on July, 2024

Did you have a rough day because of your dog’s behavior problem? 

Is your very annoying neighbor whining about the dog barks from last night? 

Are you fed up with your dog already, but the puppy eyes are not just helping? 

Sit on a comfy couch with your four-legged friend and continue reading cause we’ve got you covered on Dog Vibration Collars. 

Quick Summary

Vibration collars are considered a safe and gentle solution to train dogs and improve their behavior.

They are different from shock collars, as they do not cause any pain or discomfort to the dog.

Vibration collars can be used for training purposes, especially for deaf dogs, and are effective in curbing excessive barking and undesirable behaviors.

What Are Dog Vibration Collars?

A black labrador dog sitting on the grass ground

Having a dog is not easy; taking care of a dog is a full-time job. It is best to have the dog trained if your pup is a little too naughty to handle. Different training methods involve other techniques.

But this article will cover one of the easiest ways to control your naughty-ness! I am sure that you know this already, but let me get a few facts straight on how vibrations collars work. A vibrating collar is the same as a standard collar.

It is either made of rubber or fabric, but the magic is that it has a vibrating module attached to it, which contacts the dog’s neck. 

A Vibration Collar takes your dog’s attention with a tickling sensation. The vibration is purely shock-free. The intensity of the vibration is adjustable. The collar is built in a way that does not cause any discomfort to your dog. It is different from a shock collar.

Once you start using a Vibration Collar, your dog will eventually get the hang of it. Little by little, the dog will get familiarized with the vibration. This is considered a pain-free and effective method in training dogs.

How Effective is a Dog Vibration Collar? 

Vibration Collars are proven to be effective through many case studies. But it is essential to keep in mind that every dog is different from one another; just like humans, the learning speeds are different. 


Vibration Collars are very effective when used at lower vibration levels because starting with a higher intensity could make the dog stressed.

Depending on how much time the dog takes to understand the commands, you can change the vibration levels. Once they catch up with the groundwork, there is no way of looking back!

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Is It Harmful to Use Vibration Collars On Dogs?

Doberman Dog with a Collar

HELL NO! A Vibration Collar creates a tiny buzz on your dog’s neck. The buzz will confuse the dog resulting in it stopping barking. A Vibration Collar is a safe and gentle solution to improve your dog’s behavior.

Most importantly, it does not create an electric shock. Woo-hoo!Vibration Collars were initially invented as a solution to confuse deaf dogs. The Vibration Collar works as a cue to direct in training deaf dogs.

The deaf dog will feel the vibration and stop himself from undesirable behavior. Many pet parents recommend this training method because a vibration collar harmlessly takes the dog’s attention.

If you are concerned about the vibration, just know that the vibration has levels. The lowest level causes a little buzz and eventually increases as it gets higher. You can use the lowest level to train your dog.

However, it is essential to understand any level of vibration is painless and does not cause any suffering to your dog.Professionals also say that positive reinforcement methods like giving high-value treats are always a better option in dog training.

But if the dog is a little too stubborn, you might want to use the vibration aversive collars along with positive reinforcement.

Vibration Collars for Deaf Dogs

Many Dogs with hearing impairments do not hear the usual clicks or the trainer’s words. Deaf dogs need constant touch in order to guide them through commands. Generally, deaf dogs are trained by hand signals. (1)

For the dog to train using hand signals, the dog should look at you! Here’s where a Vibration Collar comes to the rescue! 

The vibration confuses deaf dogs, and there on; you can guide the dog. As soon as you get the attention, stop the vibration and give a treat. Video below shows “how to introduce a vibration collar to a deaf dog”.

Vibration Collar Vs Shock Collars, What is the Difference? 

Dog wearing 3 collars

An E-collar is also known as a shock collar. As aggressive as it sounds, shock collars create an electric shock to stop the dog from undesirable behavior. Imagine slight electrocution at very random times. Ouch!

The significant difference in the shock collar is that it causes pain and suffering to the dog. However, if the owners use it the correct way, it will not cause much harm or danger to the dog. E-Collars, too, have their intensity levels. 

Using the highest level is not recommended because these are electric shocks. Many dog parents use the highest level of shock to teach fast, which is why many consider E-Collars bad.

Starting with lower shocks is best recommended. If shock collars are used with high-intensity levels, the dogs tend to become more aggressive because electric shocks are used as primary means of negative reinforcement. 

A Vibration Collar, on the other hand, is practically painless. Many pet parents prefer Vibration Collars over Shock Collars because of how vibration collars work.

It is pain-free with zero shocks and stops the dog from barking excessively or from any undesirable behavior. 

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Are Shock Collars for Dogs Cruel? 

No, they are not cruel when used correctly.

Shock collars hurt dogs but using one correctly will not be too painful..

Remember: Never use shock collars as a punishment for dogs! Only use them to curb bad behavior.

To find out how much pain it will cause your dog, wear the collar on your arm and check it out for yourself! Use the lowest intensity, and you will feel a small electric pulse. The pain will fade away pretty soon.

The pain you feel from the collar is pretty much close to what your dog will feel.

Always start with the lowest intensity possible!

Never use high-intensity shocks. They will be painful to your pet. Also, some pets show more aggressive behavior when they are scared or hurt. One thing you don’t want is to turn your dog against you!

Why Use a Vibration Collar on Your dog?

Well, the primary benefit achieved by most dog parents is stopping the dog from barking unnecessarily. Imagine your dog barking at a ringing phone? a Mailman? a random squirrel? Or even fire! Shock collars work just fine for most dogs. 

Dog training on vibrating collars increases their off-leash behavioral patterns as well. Your dog does not need to be on the vibrating collar all the time. After some time, your dog will learn what is right and what is not right.

Vibration Collars are the only solution to train hearing impaired dogs. Deaf dogs use vibration as a command to communicate better with the parents or the dog trainer. These are perfect for deaf dogs! 

The vibration signal caused by the training collar easily confuses the dog. The dog will catch up with all good behavior in no time. Finally, the best thing about this is that it is cheaper and easier to use than shock collars. 

Correct Method to Use a Vibration Collar

Dog wearing a vibration collar & shock Collar

Incorporating hand gestures and words along with the Vibration Collar is very effective. The tingling sensation is strange for the dog. However, the dog needs to understand what is causing the vibration. So, the first step is to let the dog feel “I am doing something wrong.” For example, you could follow these simple steps; 

  • You can call your dog to come to you and if it does not respond and walk away from you, start the vibration. 
  • The vibration coupled with a word or a hand gesture will teach him what he has to do.
  • Next time when you call him, and he comes, make sure you give him the treat to show that he is being a good boy!
  • If the dog is not responding well to lower vibrations signals, you can try increasing the intensity of the vibration. 

Likewise, teaching commands using a Vibration Collar for some time will make your dog understand better. The dog will eventually be able to do the commands without the help of the Vibration Collar. 

When Do You Use the Dog Vibration Collar? 

Training a dog is a progressive task. A Vibration Collar should be used only during training hours. A Collar that stimulates a buzz every time the dog barks will stress it out. Because dogs communicate by barking! (eye roll


So have scheduled hours for your dog to have the Vibration Collar on. Times when the dog does not have a collar try using hand gestures and alternative vibration collars to train the dog. 

The Best Vibration Collar Money Can Buy

I’ve laid out everything you need to know about vibration collars, and it wouldn’t be fair to top it all off with the best vibration collar you can buy.

Vibration collars, as you may know by now, are safe for dogs, but not every product out there is going to be effective.

That’s where Pet Resolve comes in.

For starters, Pet Resolve PTS1200 is a shock collar, and it’s simply the best at that.

However, unlike any shock collar, you can simply remove the metal prongs in the collar receiver, which emit shock, and replace those with the included plastic prongs.

That makes Pet Resolve a full-on vibration collar and the BEST ONE you can get in the market. You can also resort to the built-in vibration mode without removing the metal prongs, but if you want a complete vibration-only collar, you can get that too.

With vibration selected, you’re also provided with 10 adjustable intensity levels, which you can pick based on your dog’s behavior. Apart from vibration, there’s a tone mode too.

The range is another reason why I recommend Pet Resolve to all trainers; it’s super impressive. The remote can send signals to the receiver collar, which your dog will wear for well over 3000 feet, 3936 feet to be exact. 

That’s more than enough for not just training but for hiking and even hunting if you partner up with your dog for those. 

Another thing that makes Pet Resolve special is its anti-bark mode; you can turn the collar into a full-fledged bark collar too.

If your dog is prone to barking, this is something you can take full advantage of; the collar detects barking on its own and will correct the dog on time. 

With all that being said, when it comes to durability, Pet Resolve collar is fully waterproof, and you know how beneficial that can be, plus the remote is splashproof. 

There’s more, but this itself is enough to justify why Pet Resolve is the best. You can learn more here.



Here is what you need to know about Dog Vibration Collars. The Vibration Collars are useful in dog training, and they are also used as bark collars. These collars are very beneficial in training hearing-impaired dogs.

Few things to consider when purchasing the right collar: Waterproof, made of durable material, a long range remote control, and the right size for your dog. 

Vibration Collars are easy to use and cheaper than E-Collars. It is always important to keep in mind not to cause high vibration levels to your dogs. High vibration levels could cause too much heat on the dogs leading the skin to burn. 

If this tool is used correctly, your dog will learn many commands in such a short time, and he will be a good boy!

And Hey! With all the factors mentioned above considered, we’ve reviewed and picked a set of the best no-shock collars there is.

So if you’re in the mood to purchase a vibrating collar for your dog. Going through this guide can help you save a lot of time while also helping you to get the best-vibrating collar on the market.



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