5 Best Shock Collars for French Bulldogs (Tested in 2024)

Last Updated on July, 2024

French Bulldogs are known for their friendly, playful, and easily adaptable nature. Even so, some may have extreme temperaments or even develop bad behaviors over time. And that’s why owning a training collar with a shock feature is a wise decision.

This article reviews the 6 best shock collars for French Bulldogs to help gain clarity on choosing the best collar for your Frenchie.

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Top Best Shock Collars for a French Bulldog

1. Pet Resolve PTS 1200

The Frenchies are miniature toy breeds who are lively, playful, easygoing, and patient.

Although these dogs are comparatively easy to train, you will need the best shock collar to do that without intimidating it.

I rate the Pet Resolve PTS 1200 as the best collar to help you train your Frenchie.

First, let’s get the collar size sorted out. The average neck circumference of a French bulldog is 14″, and they weigh between 20-30 lbs.

This shock collar is adjustable to fit all dogs 15 lbs and over, so it is bound to fit your Frenchie comfortably.

The latest retailing version of the Pet Resolve 1200 has many upgraded features, making it a reliable pet training solution. 

The Pet Resolve PTS 1200 shock collar offers 3 correction types: Loud Beep, Vibration, and Shock. The static shock can be used on 10 intensity levels as continuous or momentary.

It allows you to try multiple combinations to create the perfect training course for your French Bulldog.

A new feature in this updated version is the ‘Remove the shock function‘ feature. This is where you swap the default prongs to the fake prongs (plastic) to convert the shock into a vibration correction.

This feature allows you to use this training unit as a beep and vibration-only system.

The remote transmitter has a super-long communication range of ¾ mile range. This distance can easily cover major outdoor areas. So you and your dog can train on the greater outdoors with consistent communication.

The memory function of this shock collar lets you pick up the training session where you left off. The anti-bark function will help you control your dog’s excessive barking. And the LED light on the night mode will guide you and your dog during night strolls.

Crafted using the highest quality materials, the collar receiver is 100% waterproof, so it is ideal for all water activities, including swimming.

Well, if you are still asking me why I chose the Pet Resolve PTS 1200 as the first best shock collar for a Frenchie, I say it’s the versatility it offers, allowing the trainer to opt out of using the shock function. 

Unlike other training units where you have to use the static correction in combination, you can simply convert it into vibration in this collar.

This is crucial because, with time, you may not need the shock function anymore, allowing you to omit it and continue using it as a tone and vibration-only collar.

Key Features:

  • 3 correction types: LoudBeep, Vibration, And 10 Levels Of Shock Modes for a versatile training session.
  • ‘Remove the shock function’ lets you use it with only a beep and vibration.
  • The memory function allows you to pick up where you left off.
  • The night mode is handy when you go on night walks.
  • Anti-bark mode helps correct unwanted barking behavior.
  • 100% Waterproof construction, making it ideal for swimming.
  • Upgraded by removing standby mode to ensure it is ready whenever you want.


‘Remove the shock function’ feature adds flexibility and choice
Long communication range allows outdoor training in large areas
Waterproof design suitable for water activities
Includes multiple and helpful additional features
No standby, so always be ready for training
Adjustable collar size fits comfortably for various breeds
Memory function for seamless training sessions
Versatile with multiple correction types for effective training
Anti-bark mode helps control excessive barking


Not suitable for extremely small dogs below 15 lbs.

2. Halo Dog Shock Collar

The Halo 2+ is a shock collar and an all-in-one dog safety solution.

Unlike other collars, the Halo collar activities are controlled via the user-friendly Halo app.

This shock collar offers you a wide selection of stimulations for training; Voice, Vibration, Sound, And Shock.

Adding to that versatility, the Sound and Shock modes can be used on 15 different intensity levels.

Using these variables, you can build a thorough training process suitable for your Frenchie.

And Halo 2+ lets you apply this training over a massive range of 6.2 miles.

This training system requires virtual fence creation through the app to exercise the functionality of the shock collar. You can create fences wherever you want: your backyard, the play park, the beach, the mall, etc.

The app also features a location tracker to allow you to keep track of your dog’s real-time location.

The collar gives you 20 hours of battery life per charge. A long battery life means you’ll have peace of mind knowing that the collar is active and your dog is safe within limits.

To ensure comfort and durability, the Halo 2+ shock collar is made of extremely durable material that is chew-resistant, slobber-proof, and waterproof at IP67.

The Halo 2+ collar comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large, so it can fit neck sizes ranging from 11 to 30.5 inches. The ‘small’ size will fit a Frenchie.

Key Features:

  • 4 types of stimulations for training: Voice, Vibration, Sound, And Shock, with Sound and Shock modes usable on 15 different levels of intensities. These options let you explore many possibilities to curate the best training for your French Bulldog.
  • The 6.2 miles range gives you a massive area to work with, regardless of terrain.
  • The easy Halo app set-up allows fence creation with the tap of a finger. 
  • The extremely durable construction ensures it withstands the dog test for long-term use. 
  • The 20 hours long battery life ensures it is ready for daily use.
  • Waterproof rated IP67 so your dog can enjoy the water. 


Versatile training options: Voice, Vibration, Sound, Shock
Accurate fence boundaries
The saved fences work even without WiFi or cellular connection
Reliable GPS tracking 
Large range of 6.2 miles for training flexibility
Long 20-hour battery life for extended use
Waterproof at IP67 for water-loving dogs
Durable and chew-resistant construction
Easy to take on adventures
One-year warranty
Customizable intensity levels for Sound and Shock modes



3. Petspy Dog Shock Collar

The PetSpy P620 Pro is a field training system with multiple features to facilitate your dog’s training requirements using the latest technology.

The remote transmitter features a blind design with easy-to-use buttons that allows the trainer to focus completely on training. 

This dog shock collar offers 3 training stimulations: static, vibration, and sound, which can be applied over a long-distance range of 650 yards.

The static shock and vibration modes can be used on 1-16 adjustable intensity levels.

Using these options, you can try various correction combinations to determine the perfect sensitivity of your dog. 

This shock collar’s durable and waterproof quality makes it great for all outdoor enthusiasts. The high-quality construction ensures frequent use even in the rain. Also, the collar is adjustable for dogs weighing 10 lbs to 120 lbs.

Rechargeable Li-ion batteries featuring fast charging technology power the collar and the remote, so you have a long-lasting battery ready to use whenever.

Key Features:

  • 3 humane training modes: sound, 16 vibration, and static shock levels to allow versatile training.
  • 650 yards of long-distance control for effective communication in large areas.
  • Blind design featuring distinguishable buttons to allow easy use
  • Rechargeable lithium batteries provide stable power and long-lasting battery life, so they are ready for training whenever you want.
  • Durable and 100% Waterproof ensures reliable and frequent use even in the water.


Easy-to-use blind design
Versatile training modes (sound, vibration, static shock)
Durable and 100% waterproof construction
Long-distance control (650 yards)
Rechargeable lithium batteries with fast charging
Long-lasting battery
Both vibration and static can be operated on 16 levels


The prongs are a bit short
No beep volume adjustability

4. eXuby Shock Collar

The eXuby shock collar facilitates training through 3 correction methods: sound, vibration and shock.

The shock and vibration modes allow intensity setting from 1-100 levels.

And with the included clicker, you can try out various training combinations for faster results.

With the help of the memory function, you start training where you left off. The transmitter can communicate over a distance of 1000 ft.

eXuby Shock Collar

Both the transmitter and receiver are powered by high-capacity batteries for long runtimes. With automatic standby, you can save more power.

For dependable quality and longevity, the system is made of durable materials that give the receiver its water-resistant nature.

The LCD screen of the transmitter has a blue-black light for nighttime use. And with the auto-protect mode, the collar will always be safe and effective.

This training system comes with two collar sizes, and the small size will perfectly fit a French Bulldog. 

Key Features:

  • 3 correction methods: sound, 1-100 levels of vibration, and shock to obtain effective training results.
  • The memory function allows you to continue training from where you left last.
  • It covers a long distance range of 1000 ft for effective connection over greater outdoors.
  • The auto-protect mode prevents overcorrection that can harm the dog
  • The high-capacity batteries ensure long run times.
  • The automatic standby mode saves more power when not in use. 


Long distance range
Both vibration and static can be used on 100 intensities
Helpful additional features


Run times reduce after a few months of use
Since the static stimulation button is on a loop; the trainer may unintentionally hit 100 when reducing intensity levels
Often goes into standby mode 

5. Dog Care Dog Shock Collar

The Dog Care shock collar offers up to a 1000 ft control range with 3 safe training modes: beep, vibration, and static.

The static mode is adjustable on 1-99 levels to help you find the perfect sensitivity of your Frenchie. 

To ensure the safe use of the collar, the transmitter comes with a safety keypad lock that prevents the mis-pressing of the shock button.

Also, the micro-current static output only lasts 4 seconds, so your dog is not intimidated.

Dog Care Collar Product Image

This shock collar can recharge quickly in 2 hours and last up to 15 days with the standby mode, making it super convenient for travel. Also, this collar is adjustable to fit dogs weighing 15- 100 lbs.

Key Features:

  • 3 safe training modes: beep, vibration, and static on 1-99 levels to find the response from your dog
  • The 1000 ft control range allows effective training in large outdoor areas.
  • The safety keypad lock ensures safe training without intimidating the dog.
  • With 2-hour quick recharge and standby mode, you can extend the runtimes of the collar.


Great battery life
Great keypad locking feature
Good range coverge


The transmitter is comparatively large
Overall build quality could be better
Delay in corrections due to standby mode

A Buyer’s Guide to Choose the Best Out Best for Your French Bulldog

A french bulldog with a collar looking at the camera.

In this buyer’s guide, I will discuss a few variables of a shock collar to clarify how each of these variables contributes to the effectiveness of the overall training result.

Purpose of Purchase

Always remember a shock collar is supposed to be used only as a training tool and not a punishment device. Keeping that in mind, you must first figure out why you need a shock collar for your French Bulldog to initiate the purchasing process.

The most common reasons include basic obedience training, aggression, and excessive barking management. 

When you determine a valid intention, you can align your purchase with a suitable collar accordingly. The Pet Resolve PTS 1200 will be ideal for thorough training and bark management.

Size and Temperament of Your Dog

Although French Bulldogs are toy-sized, they all come in different temperaments. Some can be aggressive, some sensitive, and some mild-tempered.

So considering your dog’s overall size and temperament scale, go for a collar that delivers what is suitable for the dog. 

For example, a mild-tempered dog may not need the shock feature, and some sensitive dogs will actively respond to beep or tone correction alone. 

Range and Effectiveness

A long-distance range often allows effective and consistent communication over the greater outdoors.

This means your dog gets to explore the greater outdoors and have fun training; all the while, you have control over your dog’s behavior. 

For a French Bulldog, a super long range is not necessarily required since they are small dogs, but it depends on the owner’s preference.

So choose a range that suits you, keeping your dog’s outdoor fun time in mind.

a french bulldog with a collar running in the grass

Efficient Training Modes With Adjustable Intensities

A French Bulldog is a miniature, playful dog.

Although these dogs are easily adaptable, having a collar offering the 3 basic correction types: beep, vibration, and static is always a safe choice, especially if the vibration and static can be used on different intensities and styles to train your French Bully effectively.

Quality of the Collar

The quality of a shock collar is measured on variables like the durability and flexibility of the materials used for the collar, the waterproofing and shock-resistant ability of the receiver and transmitter, etc.

You should consider the overall build quality against how you expect it to be used. For example, if your dog loves water, a collar like the Pet Resolve PTS 1200 is ideal due to its completely waterproof receiver.

Battery & Run Times

A high-capacity rechargeable battery is always a good power supply option for a shock collar because it eliminates the need for timely battery replacements and often provides long run times on short recharge periods.

This, in turn, ensures that you don’t need to constantly worry about recharging the collar since it will last a few days.

Price to Function Ratio

There are many dog training shock collars with various features available on a wide price range based on quality and brand reputation. So it’s not difficult to get a cheap shock collar.

At the same time, cheap shock collars are not necessarily low quality either. So consider the overall features and build quality to decide if a particular shock collar is worth the investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, shock collars do work on French Bulldogs when used in conjunction with positive reinforcement training and appropriately set intensities.

No, it is not hard to train a French Bulldog. They are adaptable and eager to learn, so with the right guidance and attention, they can be trained easily.

The Pet Resolve PTS 1200 is the best shock collar for training a French Bulldog, as it offers multiple features and can be used as a tone and vibration-only system.


Although certain dogs require shock collars to correct unwanted behavior, always remember a shock collar is to be used only as a training tool to guide your dog out of the behavior. It should never be used to intimidate your dog.

I recommend the Pet Resolve 1200 as the best shock collar for a French Bulldog, as it can provide effective results with consistent training.

This system can be mild enough to handle sensitive and moderate-tempered dogs using tone and vibration corrections. At the same time, it can also be strong enough to handle aggressive dogs using static correction when required.

Pet Resolve PTS 1200
Pet Resolve Product Image




Overall Score


Adjustable collar size fits comfortably for various breeds
Long communication range allows outdoor training in large areas
Anti-bark mode helps control excessive barking
‘Remove the shock function’ feature adds flexibility and choice
Waterproof design suitable for water activities
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of July
Not suitable for extremely small dogs below 15 lbs.

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