Dogtra Pathfinder 2 Review [2024 Upd.] Pros, Cons, & Verdict

Last Updated on July, 2024

When Dogtra Pathfinder came out, its features were nothing but a statement. It was clear that the folks in Dogtra targeted every dog tracker and trainer in the market and tried to one-up everything.

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this bad boy and try it on My Labrador. After a month of placing my order, I finally received the package. 

Has their GO ALL OUT formula really worked or is it just another lame dog tracker and training device. 

Keep on reading, Let me tell you all the titbits about this device down the line.

The Good

A go to product for dog trainers who wants to train your hunting dogs. The interesting part is that the collar works well without cellular data plus you can activate offline maps feature when in remote areas. The fast charging batteries are what I am thankful for. The best of all is, no monthly subscriptions. 

The Not So Good

The biggest problem with the collar is its remote, you’ll need to carry it everywhere you go to get the collar to work even though it has an app. What really feels unpleasant about this collar is the antenna, making the dog feel uncomfortable. Plus the shock on some occasions can be a little bit strong.

The Bottom Line

When there’s much to talk about the downside, I really cannot recommend Dogtra considering my personal experience with the collar. But give me a moment to explain about my go to product: Halo collar with much superior benefits. More info below.

About Dogtra Pathfinder

For over 30 years of collaboration with industry professionals, this company has equipped the e-collar Dogtra Pathfinder with patented accurate and intuitive controls for the users to experience the better world of e-collar.

The product brand is trusted by K9 officers, hunters, and professional dog trainers, supporting them to train their strident dogs and bring out their best habits.

This two-in-one GPS collar helps you track and train your dogs remotely and monitor them through google maps, and you can easily find your dog’s whereabouts via the pathfinder app. 

Dogtra Pathfinder

Your difficult journey of training your puppy pal might be like a walk in the park with the Dogtra GPS tracker.

Let’s see how it works. 

How Does the Dogtra Pathfinder Work? 

Dogtra pathfinder works with your smartphone along with the app for both android and iOS.

The device connects very quickly with all the smartphones and has a Bluetooth range ranging for 33 feet maximum. 

A pathfinder GPS connector/receiver (remote) is the intermediate between the collar and the app.

This receiver connects your smartphone with the Dogtra GPS collar through the MURS band, ranging up to nine miles maximum. 

Once you connect your device to the mobile, it starts working with the tracking aspect showing map functionality. 

labrador wearing Dogtra Pathfinder

You may have to carry the Pathfinder GPS connector with you every time for the system to work. But, you will never have to worry because this receiver is tiny and lightweight, which will not even make you feel whether you are carrying it. 

One of the great features of this system is that this Pathfinder works well without a cellular data connection. All you need to do is download the maps on your smartphone and activate the offline maps feature. 

This feature helps track your pets on time, wherever you are. The collar kept my dog on track while we were in the woods.

The interesting factor is, you are eligible to track and train upto 21 dogs at once. The collar uses 151 – 154 MHz MURS band frequencies.

Dogtra Pathfinder Technical Specification


It was a row to hoe task for me to fit my dog into any collars just because he was 32lbs. But with the Dogtra collar it was just a child’s play. 

This suits dog’s with the neck size from 12’’ to 22’’ and is best fit for dogs weighing 35lbs and above.

The collars weigh approximately, 10 oz with the transceiver and the GPS connector weigh approximately, 4.0 oz. 

The receiver comes in four bright colors; Green, Orange, Blue, and Black.

a human holding Dogtra Pathfinder


All pet parents out there wish to give the best out of all to their furry friends. Dogtra has been very promising, providing the users with a quality model. 

This device is fully waterproof with an IPX9K rating making it safe for your pup and durable enough to use in any water-related activities.

Both the Dogtra pathfinder collar remote and the transmitter are waterproof; therefore, you will never need to worry if your canine friend is water addicted. 


You will need the app to get the whole experience. You can connect with Android 4.2 and up and iOS 8.1 and pair with any device with Bluetooth 4. 

The app displays a map screen that uses google maps showing all modes like terrain, satellite, etc., along with a compass screen and an e-collar screen.

Compared to other GPS e-collars, Dogtra pathfinder does not require you to pay for additional navigational packages or even download additional software to use the map. 

Dogtra Pathfinder android app

Get the offline map downloaded and you can keep track of your dog even when there’s no cellular data. 

This Pathfinder Application also allows you to record the history of your dog’s hunting and training performances.

Battery Life 

Dogtra Pathfinder uses lithium polymer batteries which has the ability to fast charge rapidly within 2-3 hours and lasts upto 8 hours.

Considering the battery, I’d say it’d be much better if they had more working on it.

As far as my concern, just 8 hours of battery runtime in a tracking device is like a sunroof on a submarine. 

Although the claimed runtime is said to be 8 hours, with constant GPS usage and tracking, the battery can drain a little faster. 

a human holding Dogtra Pathfinder charger

Key Features of the Dogtra Pathfinder


Geo fencing feature of dogtra pathfinder app

This dog collar also gives you a geo fence option similar to all other GPS trackers. This feature allows you to restrict your dog from going to places he is not supposed to.

You can set up boundaries by selecting parameters, and have optimal peace of mind having everything under your control. You will receive warning prompts whenever your dog gets closer to the restricted area.

Tracking Only Mode 

Tracking Only Mode feature in dogtra pathfinder app

Tones and stimulations are prohibited during field trials or competitions. In that case, you could easily disable the e-collar tab in the setting and select tracking-only mode.

Nick and Constant Stimulation With Audible Tone 

The system is contained within the smartphone. The level of stimulation can be selected for each dog individually. 

There are two types of stimulation: Nick and Constant. 

Nick stimulation is a momentary rapid burst that drags your dog’s attention. 

You could use constant stimulation for demanding training situations or stubborn dogs. 

You are allowed to adjust the power output of the simulations.

Nick and Constant Stimulation With Audible Tone  feature of Dogtra Pathfinder app

For mild depositions, you could choose the option of low/medium output units, and for stubborn dogs, you could select low/high output units.

Flexible Range 

Dogtra Pathfinder offers you a good range of accuracy. Your terrains might vary, sometimes high or low, and spaces might be vast, and there are possibilities for your pup to go out of reach.

In such cases, Dogtra pathfinder has a range of 9 miles, and you could easily track your pup even if the place is big and open or if your hand signals fail to reach it.

When Do You Need Dogtra Pathfinder, And Who is it for?

labrador wearing dogtra pathfinder

You need Dogtra Pathfinder, if you are a dog lover who is always in for wildlife adventures and camping trips and is out for hunting seasons.

This product is specially designed for pet parents who train their hounds for hunting, but at the same time, the geo-fence device can be used by regular dog owners who need to monitor their canine partners outdoors.

Dogtra Pathfinder Pricing Plans

Dogtra Pathfinder costs $429.99 and has no subcription plans, it a one time fee. This GPS pet hunting training system comes with a two-year warranty and 30 days satisfaction guarantee

Customers may return parts or devices within 30 days of purchase for a refund. All the product contents returned should be in mint condition and consist of proof of purchase and original packaging.

Customer Reviews and Reputation 

Personally, I was a bit disappointed with Dogtra and when I checked the other client reviews, I understood the device did not live up to the hype with its poor performances.

Users complain the tracking lines of your dog do not turn off, which turns out to be a scribbled mess on the map, and also, the application randomly dims for about 20 seconds. 

Don’t get me wrong. The antenna was a bummer. My dog had no way out of it.

Take a look at these reviews! 

I was a bit surprised as to what I received. The antenna is loose hanging above the dog’s head like a horn or antler or something, bouncy all around annoying the heck out of him. No way to secure it. You can only have the collar attached to 1 phone at a time, which is extremely inconvenient for us, we have multiple people taking the dog out. The battery life is very short. And you cannot turn the collar off, or you’ll have to re-sync to your phone, which takes a few minutes. Very frustrating for the $$$. Returning and looking for an option that makes more sense for us.

This makes sense, so close to the frustration I had! 

This product work 1 time as it was supposed to, and after that I can not get a range of more than 1/4 of a mile with it. I contacted the seller who said they had no idea please contact Dogtra so I did that was two weeks ago and still no reply from Dogtra.

A best customer service = A best business! I’d say. 

Pros and Cons of the Dogtra Pathfinder


Offline maps can be downloaded for use in areas without cellular coverage.
Ranges up to 9 miles and updates GPS location every 2 seconds.
Compatible with iOS and Android devices.
Fast charging batteries. 
The ability of geofencing options.
Constant stimulation plus the tracking-only mode.


It consists of a long antenna on the collar, which might be a hindrance for your dog.
You need to carry the Pathfinder remote everywhere.
Shock can be strong at times
Extremely poor battery life
Smart phone app is not optimized properly

Is the Device Worth the Investment?

labrador wearing dogtra pathfinder

Of my concern, Dogtra is worth it at a 50 out of 100 mark. I’ve personally felt the frustration of the antenna and I had no way out. 

Sometimes, when I really want to know where my dog is, I don’t get his accurate location. And also it takes time for the product to get connected to the phone.

And not to mention the vow full battery, it’s so poor to the point where you might even have to charge it half way through the day. 

The app on the other hand is extremely poor, it can crash and sometimes freeze which’ll need you to restart your phone. 

It made me lose the reliability of the product and at the same time I realized that the product worked only depending on certain conditions. 

The negative side of it was, you cannot maintain those conditions all the time. 

This was the background when I wanted to look for other alternatives. 

A Great Alternative to the Dogtra Pathfinder: Halo Collar

After testing the Dogtra Pathfinder, I just realized how good the collar I’ve been using for about a year is! 

Halo has been my go to for everything tracking related. There’s nothing it can’t do as far as I’m concerned, it just does its job perfectly. 

If you want one of the best dog training and tracking collars on the market, I highly recommend checking out the Halo collar.

Here’s why! 

halo 2+ gps tracker

The Halo collar is designed by Ken Ehrman, his brother Micheal along with the world renowned dog behaviorist Cesar Millan.

The two-in-one collar gives you the best opportunity to contain, track and even your canine companion.

Here’s everything that makes Halo standout from the rest:

  • Multiple fence options allow you to set up 20 virtual fencing areas, giving you a vast space for your four-legged friend to roam. 
  • Not only tracking and training, but you can also check your pup’s health and day-to-day activities using the activity tracking feature. (cool!!) 
  • This GPS tracker works well in all terrains, uses IP67 water-resistant rating, retaining from water, dust, and suiting swimming dogs. 
  • The battery power lasts up to 21 hours which in itself is excellentand takes only two hours to fully charge.
  • GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, Cellular are all used for tracking.
  • This GPS tracker uses multiple satellite constellations, which makes the accuracy more reliable and updates the precise location of your dog every 1 to 15 seconds depending on the mode you’re connected to.
  • Halo GPS trackers can fit dogs with neck sizes from 11″ to 30.5″. 
  • The decent customer support is what made me more comfortable. They conduct live zoom sessions to solve any problems regarding the product. 
  • The factor that kept me hooked was the 21-day Halo program.Trust me, everything about this program was just awesome. Moreover, it was pretty useful for my dog.
  • Furthermore, the expert behind the collar, Cesar Millan guides you descriptively through the training methods. 

Pricing Plans of the Halo Collar 

This is what puts off many dog owners, Halo is not a cheap collar, it starts at $999, which is not cheap by any means. However, if you decide to get it from their website, you’re bound to get a discount of around $300 to $400. 

And with the discount added, the price comes to around $699 and for that, the Halo collar is well worth it considering everything it offers. 

And since the collar uses cellular service, you’ll need to go for a subscription package to enjoy the collar at its maximum potential. Below’s everything you need to know:

Features Price 
Basic plan 
20 automatic fences, basic tracking and training content and unlimited cellular data.
$.15 per day, billed monthly at $4.49
Silver plan 
All the features of basic plan including, advance tracking of your dog’s activity and related historical data and customized features. 

$.33 per day, billed monthly at $9.99
Golden plan 
The best plan which includes all the features of basic and silver plan along with training classes launched every month, live video session with specialized trainers and Q&As with experts. 

$.99 per day billed monthly at $29.99 

I’ve subscribed to the silver plan as it provides access to almost all the features the collar has to offer. 

On top of all this, Halo offers a 60-day satisfaction guarantee, and a one-year warranty. All these, with the excellent customer service make the Halo a completely risk-free purchase 

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Final Thoughts

Dogtra’s idea seems good, but executing those does not seem so, I’ve used the collar enough and have nothing positive to say about it. The experience was shambles and nothing went well.

If you’re still considering purchasing Dogtra, I’d say go ahead, it’s up to you. But make sure to at least take a look at what halo offers compared to it before making the decision. 

Yes the price might be something to think about, but at the end of the day, it’s about your dog’s safety. So make sure to make a wise decision.


The Dogtra Pathfinder should be tight enough to not allow the receiver to rotate around your dog’s neck, but not so tight that you can’t insert your finger between the collar and your dog’s neck.

Yes, Dogtra Geo Fence works with iPhone as the Pathfinder application is compatible with iOS 8.1 and above.

The Pathfinder battery has a standby life of 34 hours, but its battery life can decrease to 20 hours with frequent use.

Yes, the Dogtra Pathfinder works without cell service as the device only needs cellular service to access google maps, but offline maps can be downloaded and used instead.

Great Alternative
Halo 2+ collar
Black and White Color Halo Collar products image




Overall Score


Storing up to 20 GPS-enabled geo-fences
Precise and fast real-time location tracking
Multiple feedback mechanism
Enables dog training
Built-in App
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of July
Pretty expensive

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    • Hi Joe,
      First of all, thanks for your comment. Pathfinder 2 can be great when tracking your dog, but the same cannot be said for it’s fencing capabilities as the options are quite minimal. The device is only able to alert you once your dog gets near the boundary, there will be no corrections. This can be a hassle since there are still possibilities that your dog can exit the containment. Petsafe Guardian can do a better job I guess, I haven’t tested it yet, but on paper, it looks promising.


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