6 Best Dog Training in Dallas, TX (2024 Updated Reviews)

Last Updated on July, 2024

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I know that it is VERY CHALLENGING to nurture your furry friend all by yourself amidst the busy schedules we’ve all got. Let alone in Dallas.

Sigh.With numerous choices to consider, finding the finest dog training options in Dallas can be a pivotal choice. 

I recognize the significance of this decision. 

In this article, after scrutinizing criteria like reliability, trustworthiness, and value for money, I have narrowed down some of the top dog training programs in DTX. 

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Quick Look at the Top Dog Trainers in Dallas

TrainerPrice RangeTraining TypesOnlineIn-Person
Brain Training For Dogs$67Behavior Training Games, Obedience Training, Trick Training, Potty TrainingYesNo
Sit Means SitAssessment Oriented

Dog Handling, Doggy Boot Camp, Therapy Dog TrainingYesYes
Petco Dog Training$99-$379Puppy Training, Adult Dog Training, Group SessionsYesYes
DFW K9 Trainer$300-$350Dog Daycare, General Dog Training, Good Manners TrainingNoYes
SpiritDog Training$49-$2,213Dog Games, Obedience Training, Reactivity TrainingYesNo
Park Cities Obedience School$24-$750Dog Boarding with Training, Obedience Training, Therapy Dog TrainingNoYes

The Best Dog Training in Dallas, Texas

As one of Texas’s most densely populated areas, Dallas stands out as one of the largest and rapidly expanding cities in the region.

Consequently, it’s crucial for dog owners in Dallas to ensure their pets receive the right training. 

Given that the last thing you’d want is an untrained dog nipping at strangers or guests, this compilation of the top six canine training courses in Dallas might prove incredibly beneficial for your needs!

So grab a cup of coffee (or your pup’s favorite treat) and join me as we explore the ins and outs of canine training, all wrapped up in a friendly way you can understand. 

1. Brain Training for Dogs 

Brain Training For Dogs by Adrienne Faricelli is an engaging video training course that includes ebooks catering to dogs of all ages. 

Before I tell you what the program offers, here’s some information on the trainer, Adrienne Faricelli.

First of all, she is a professional dog trainer certified by CCPDT and the Italian Association for Dog Trainers and Canine Consultants.

Next, she has over 12 years of experience in training dogs. All things considered, what else do you need from a trainer?

That said, what does the course bring to the table?

  • Behavior Training For Dogs 
  • 7 Trick training videos
  • Obedience 101 training
  • Polishing up training 
  • Adrienne’s archive
  • Brain Training For Dogs ebook 

You can join Adrienne’s Brain Training For Dog’s official social media community, where you can connect with fellow dog parents.

You’ll be amazed at how many share similar challenges with their dogs, mirroring your experiences. 

In addition to the online community, you will also gain entry to exclusive private forums, which are incredibly beneficial. 

This online program combines force-free dog training and scientifically based brain training, creating a positive and enjoyable training experience tailored to help your furry friend develop. 

Following the recommended stages outlined in the ebook, you can advance at your preferred speed. 


  • 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Enhancing Canine Intelligence with Included Brain Games
  • Contemporary Training Approaches
  • Positive Reinforcement Methods
  • Abundance of Valuable Content

Online or In-Person: Online

Types of training courses: Brain Training For Dogs ebook (328 Page PDF Format Manual), Behavior Training For Dogs (89 Page ebook), 7 Trick training videos, Obedience 101 training, Polishing up training, Adrienne’s archive

Price range: $67

Link to website: https://www.braintraining4dogs.com/get-btfd/


Very affordable (one-time payment)
Simple to follow
Works on all types of dogs 
Promotes positive reinforcement training 
Experienced dog trainer 
Money back guarantee 


Lots of reading is required. 

Click here read the complete review or,

2. Sit Means Sit

Sit Means Sit offers a range of diverse training programs tailored to accommodate various dogs, depending on specific training objectives and the type of dog. 

While the company primarily caters to the Dallas area, it’s noteworthy that Sit Means Sit extends its services to towns and cities nationwide, with the added convenience of accommodating suitable locations for dog owners.

What truly sets Sit Means Sit apart as Dallas’s foremost in-person dog trainer is its extensive range of courses and resources.

These programs encompass Day Training, Group Classes, Frequent Fido, Tune-Ups, Private Lessons, and Puppy Classes, ensuring a comprehensive array of options to address individual training needs.

Notably, Sit Means Sit has garnered national acclaim for its exceptional offerings.


  • Consistent positive behavior outcomes using e-collar training.
  • A supportive work environment with paid breaks and good healthcare.
  • Specialized training despite varying dog issues.
  • Focus on ensuring trainers possess proper skills to prevent injuries.
  • Addressing behavioral problems that might strain the owner-pet relationship.
  • Extended training hours, sometimes involving overnight sessions.

Online or In-Person: Both

Types of training courses: Dog Boarding with Training, Obedience (Advanced and Basic), Reactive Dog Training, Day Camp Training, Dog Handling, Doggy Boot Camp, Free Evaluations, Hunting Dog Training, Protection Dog Training, Therapy Dog Training, Puppy Training, Private Training

Price range: Evaluation-Based

Link to website: https://sitmeanssit.com/dog-training-mu/dallas/ 


Flexibility to adapt training sessions to your schedule.
Collar with adjustable pressure levels catering to various dog types.
Consistent achievement of desired behavior through e-collar treatment.
Positive work environment, including paid breaks, quality healthcare, and strong employee relationships.


Regardless of the specific issue, primary reliance on shock collars might not be suitable for all dogs.
Some trainers lack the necessary skills, potentially leading to injuries during training.
The “Sit Means Sit Collar,” marketed as harmless, can lead to dog injuries and strained pet relationships.

Here’s our complete review if you want to learn more about this program.

3. Petco Dog Training

Speaking of dog training, Petco undoubtedly stands out as a prominent option worth considering. 

Renowned for its widespread presence across the United States, Petco consistently ranks among the top choices for training. 

The company offers comprehensive resources to kickstart your training journey. 

Petco’s availability extends to its online store and physical retail outlets, where you can find various items, including toys, treats, beds, collars, and leashes.

Furthermore, Petco has expanded its offerings to encompass online dog training, featuring diverse courses ranging from fundamental obedience training to advanced leash techniques. 

The company backs its services with guarantees and the possibility of refunds in case of issues.

Petco boasts an extensive range of animal supplies and options like private lessons and an intermediate training program. 

Engaging in pet classes also provides an opportunity to connect with fellow dog owners, fostering friendships within dog lessons.


  • Convenient And Flexible Learning
  • Variety Of Classes On Diverse Topics
  • Experienced Instructors
  • Positive Reinforcement Training 
  • Interactive Lessons
  • Access To Materials
  • Live Q&A Sessions

Online or In-Person: Both

Types of training courses: Puppy Essentials, Puppy Complete Package, Puppy Level 2, Adult Dog Basics, Adult Dog Intermediate, Private Lessons, Group Sessions

Price range: $99 to $379

Link to website: https://www.petco.com/shop/en/petcostore/c/online-dog-training-courses


Flexibility to adapt training sessions to your schedule.
Collar with adjustable pressure levels catering to various dog types.
Consistent achievement of desired behavior through e-collar treatment.
Positive work environment, including paid breaks, quality healthcare, and strong employee relationships.


Regardless of the specific issue, primary reliance on shock collars might not be suitable for all dogs.
Some trainers lack the necessary skills, potentially leading to injuries during training.
The “Sit Means Sit Collar,” marketed as harmless, can lead to dog injuries and strained pet relationships.

Want to learn more about this training program? Check this review out.

4. DFW K9 Trainer 

DFW K9 Trainer is a reputable canine training service that offers personalized and effective training solutions.

With a team of experienced trainers well-versed in canine behavior, the focus is on using positive reinforcement methods to achieve desired outcomes.

The training programs cover a wide spectrum, catering to various skill levels and training requirements.

From obedience training to behavior modification, DFW K9 Trainer addresses a range of training needs.

DFW K9 Trainer 

Additionally, in-home training provides convenience, while group classes encourage socialization and shared learning experiences. 

With a specialization in puppy training and a commitment to problem-solving, DFW K9 Trainer aims to create well-behaved and confident dogs. 


  • Personalized Training Programs
  • Experienced Trainers
  • Positive Reinforcement
  • Variety Of Classes
  • Behavior Modification And Puppy Training
  • In-Home Training And Group Classes
  • Obedience Training And Problem-Solving

Online or In-Person: In-Person

Types of training courses: Dog Boarding, Dog Walking, Dog Daycare, General Dog Training, Good Manners Training, In-Home Training, Leash Manners, Leather Leashes, Private Lessons

Price range: $300-$350

Link to website: https://www.dfwk9trainer.com/


Personalized Approach
Comprehensive Programs
Convenient In-Home Training
Problem-Solving Approach


Limited Availability
Not Guaranteed Instant Results

5. SpiritDog Training

This training program offers a combination of user-friendly instructions, adaptability, and convenience, making it accessible to a wide range of individuals. 

Steffi Trott is the trainer behind SpiritDog; she is well-known in the world of dog training and has been training dogs ever since 2013, so you can put your money on her to train your dog without a doubt.

That said, the affordability of the courses ensures that valuable training is within reach for many.

The training stands out for its top-notch quality, designed to effectively address various issues that dogs and their owners might face.

 SpiritDog Training

To further assure, the program backs its offerings with a 100% money-back guarantee for all bundle purchases, underlining its commitment to customer satisfaction.


  • Courses optimized for mobile devices
  • Diverse training course categories are available
  • Positive reinforcement training 
  • Registration grants lifelong access
  • Utilization of positive techniques accompanied by detailed instructions
  • A 100% refund guarantee on all bundle acquisitions

Online or In-Person: Online

Types of training courses: Dog Games, Listening, Fantastic Focus, Loose Leash Walking, Obedience, Puppy Training, Reactivity

Price range: $49-$2,213

Link to website: https://spiritdogtraining.com/online-dog-training/


Provides professional training that is significantly more affordable
Embraces positive reinforcement-oriented training
Facilitates interaction among dog owners
Experienced dog trainer 


Inconsistent training, leading to confusion for your dog 
The volume of information might feel a bit overwhelming
Course price can vary based on behavior issue

Interested to learn more? Read our review here.

6. Park Cities Obedience School

Park Cities Obedience School is known for its experienced instructors and commitment to positive reinforcement techniques.

Their unwavering commitment to maintaining cleanliness and prioritizing dog hygiene sets this canine training course apart.

With personalized training plans, they offer comprehensive in-person dog training services such as obedience training, behavior modification, and specialized programs for puppies. 

Park Cities Obedience School

From group classes to private lessons, their approach emphasizes real-world application and continued support, making them reliable for fostering well-behaved and confident dogs.

Moreover, they provide advanced training options like boot camp, boarding and training, and leash training to cater to various training requirements.


  • Positive reinforcement training 
  • Customized training plans
  • Group classes
  • Real-world application
  • Private lessons

Online or In-Person: In-Person

Types of training courses: Dog Boarding, Dog Boarding with Training, Dog Grooming, General Dog Training, Basic and Advanced Obedience, Dog Boot Camp, Puppy Play, In-Home Lessons, Therapy Dog Training

Price range: $24-$750

Link to website: https://parkcitiesobedienceschool.com/


Experienced instructors 
Tailored training programs to suit individual dog needs


Limited Availability
Rude staff 

Online vs. In-Person Training 

Online Vs In-Person Training  in one image

In Dallas, Texas, dog owners have the choice between two distinct training methods.

Online and in-person canine training. Notably, there are notable distinctions between these two approaches. 

Online dog training courses primarily revolves around video-based instruction, emphasizing flexibility and the rapport between an owner and their dog. 

On the other hand, in-person training centers on building a strong connection between the trainer and the dog. While both approaches have their merits, it’s advisable to initially consider online training. 

This recommendation stems from its affordability, reduced risk factors, and the firsthand opportunity to gauge your dog’s response to the training technique.

Perks of Online and In-Person Training 

Online Dog Training


Convenience: This can be done from anywhere with or without an internet connection, providing flexibility to download and watch offline.
Cost-Effective: Often more affordable than in-person classes due to reduced overhead costs.
Diverse Resources: Access a wide range of training materials, including videos, tutorials, and written guides.
Self-Paced Learning: Learn at your own pace, revisiting lessons as needed.
Suitable for Introverted Dogs: Shy or anxious dogs may find online training less intimidating.


Lack of Personalization: Limited personal guidance and feedback compared to in-person training.
Distractions: The home environment can be distracting for both the owner and the dog.
Less Socialization: Limited interaction with other dogs and people which is essential for socialization.
Hands-On Skills: Some training techniques may require physical demonstrations that are harder to replicate online.

In-Person Dog Training


Direct Guidance: Instructors provide immediate feedback and hands-on assistance.
Socialization: Dogs have opportunities to interact with other dogs and people, aiding in socialization.
Structured Learning: Controlled environment for training, reducing distractions.
Real-Time Problem-Solving: Trainers can quickly address specific challenges and adapt techniques.


Scheduling Constraints: Fixed class timings may not suit everyone’s schedule.
Location: Requires travel to the training facility.
Costs: In-person training can be more expensive due to facility and instructor expenses.
Limited Flexibility: Less flexibility in learning at your own pace, as classes are typically scheduled.

Ultimately, the decision between online and in-person dog training hinges on your dog’s preferred learning approach and personal inclinations.

Online training offers convenience and cost savings, while in-person training provides direct guidance and socialization opportunities. 

Combining both methods might also be considered for a well-rounded training experience.

Other dog training programs in other regions:

My Final Verdict

Finding the right dog trainer in Dallas can be a daunting task, with numerous options claiming excellence. 

In summary, when it comes to choosing the best training course in Dallas, “Brain Training For Dogs” stands out as the top choice. 

This program offers a unique and comprehensive approach that focuses on mental stimulation, positive reinforcement, and strengthening the bond between you and your dog.

Say goodbye to frustrating behavioral issues and hello to a harmonious life with your furry companion by choosing Brain Training For Dogs.

A decision both you and your dog will appreciate.


Consider trainers with proven expertise, satisfied clients, and a compatible training philosophy that resonates with your objectives and beliefs.

Yes, several training courses in Dallas include behavior modification programs that can effectively address problems such as aggression, anxiety, and fear in dogs.

Yes, various methods are used, including positive reinforcement, clicker training, and traditional obedience training.

Brain Training for Dogs
brain training for dogs review
Ease of Training




Overall Score


Extremely Inexpensive
Easy To Follow
Positive Reinforcement Training
Professional Dog Trainer
Money-Back Guarantee
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of July
Tons of Reading Involved

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