6 Best Dog Training in Rochester, NY (Reviewed in 2024)

Last Updated on July, 2024

Rochester’s scenic mountains and pristine lakes all call for fantastic opportunities for adventure. Therefore, if you have a dog, it’s best to get it trained well so that you can take it on hikes and other adventures that are plenty in Rochester, NY.

If you are worried about getting your dog trained in this large and populous city, look at this list of the best dog training in Rochester, New York.

The list consists of reputed and qualified trainers who can train even the toughest dog you bring along.

Summary of the Best Dog Trainers in Rochester NY

Here is a look at the best dog training organizations in Rochester, New York, along with their price ranges and training types.

Product namePrice RangeTraining TypesOnline/ In-Person
K9 Training InstituteFree WorkshopBehavior modification, basic obedience, positive reinforcement trainingOnline
Tuxedo’s K9 Training Camp$100-$175Dog handling, basic obedience, puppy socialization, group classesIn-person
Tails of Success$55-$500Basic obedience and advanced obedience, behavior programs, puppy classesIn-person
Petco Online Dog Training$99-$229Behavior modification, dog obedience courses, off-leash trainingBoth
Home School the Dog$47Behavior modification, positive reinforcement training, basic and advanced obedienceOnline
Regional K-9$1000-$2500Behavior counseling, behavior modification, dog hikingIn-person

The Best Dog Training in Rochester, New York

If you are looking for a way of training your dog in Rochester, it is recommended to start with online training. That way, you can test how it goes before committing to it entirely.

Online training is ideal for beginners as it allows dog owners to schedule training according to their availability.

The choice between online and in-person training also depends on each person and their schedule. Some trainers are available both online and in person.

Here’s a look at some of the best dog training in Rochester, New York.

1. K9 Training Institute

K9 Training Institute is the best dog training organization in Rochester, NY.

The institute conducts a free dog training workshop that is very informative to dog owners.

It performs the following types of dog training programs:

  • Behavior modification
  • Basic Obedience
  • Positive Reinforcement Training

As a completely online dog training program, you can take it up anywhere. It promises to transform your dog using secret techniques that are specific to the institute.

The program also covers the following training modules:

  • Puppy training
  • Potty training

An experienced lead animal behaviorist conducts the program, Dr Alexa Diaz. Dr. Diaz has a Ph.D. in animal behavior with over 20 years of experience in training service canines to help individuals with mental and physical disabilities. 

The lead presenter and trainer of the program is Eric Presnall, who used to host the popular Animal Planet TV show “Who Let the Dogs Out”.

The combination of experience and knowledge of the people at K9 Training Institute ensures your dog gets the best training that it can get from a dog training program.

You can checkout the complete review here or,

2. Tuxedo’s K9 Training Camp

Tuxedo’s K9 Training Camp is an in-person dog training program comprising the following training courses.

  • Dog Walking
  • Dog Daycare
  • Dog Boarding
  • Dog Boarding and Training
  • Basic Obedience
  • Puppy Socialization
  • Dog Care Facilities
  • Animal Care
  • Animal Rescue
  • Dog Handling
  • Group Classes
  • Private Lessons
  • Pet Massages
  • Puppy Training

It’s located at 892 East Ridge Road, Rochester, NY 14621 and can be contacted at 585-429-0320

The price of the training program ranges between $100 and $ 175, which is an average amount for a dog training program.

Tuxedo’s K9 Training Camp provides a variety of training options. However, its primary focus is on-site training, with the dog physically available during training sessions.

The academy has programs focused on working with a dog’s behavior by designing their facilities.

The best example is soundproofing the facility so that dogs don’t get distracted when other dogs are training. It keeps them from getting anxious hearing how other dogs respond to training activities.

The crumb rubber flooring also assists this feature as it keeps the dog from hearing the pounding footsteps of other dogs. 

If you are looking for a board and train program, Tuxedo’s K9 Training Camp is one of the best on-site training programs available at a reasonable price.

3. Tails of Success

Tails of Success is an in-person dog training program focusing on the following aspects:

  • Dog Boarding and Training
  • Behavior Programs
  • Basic Obedience
  • Dog Training and Grooming
  • Advanced Obedience
  • Puppy Classes
  • Private Training
  • Real-Life Training

Tails of Success is located at 999 East Ridge Road #200, Rochester, NY, 14621 and can be contacted at 585-360-0030.

Its training costs between $55 and $500.

It is an all-rounded training program that focuses more on giving the dog owner more power. 

Tails of Success focuses primarily on teaching your dog manners and how to respond to several basic commands.

On the other hand, many dog training programs focus on altering a dog’s behavior. It is where Tails of Success stands out among the rest. 

Teaching dogs manners and how to respond to basic commands allows owners to use these commands and expand them with methods that trainers teach to others.

Tails of Success also conducts private classes, which greatly benefit dogs that have been through trauma. The private setting and individual attention help them feel secure and comfortable in that setting.

The training program also provides owners with a list of essentials required to successfully train their dogs, including the type of dog leash and other basic training accessories.

4. Petco Online Dog Training

Petco Dog Training functions both as online and in-person sessions.

It consists of the following types of dog training courses:

  • Dog Boarding
  • Dog Boarding and Training
  • Dog Grooming
  • Dog Daycare
  • Behavior Modification
  • Dog Obedience Courses
  • Dog Walking
  • Off-Leash Training
  • Online Training 
  • Private Sessions
  • Video Calls
  • Separation Anxiety
Petco Dog Training

Petco Dog Training is one of the few programs that follow online and in-person training techniques. It comes at a moderate price range of between $99 and $229, which is well worth it.

More details on the training program could be obtained by dialing 1-800-222-1111.

Although Petco provides both online and in-person training options, it has now moved many dog training services to be delivered virtually.

One of the major drawbacks of its in-person training program is the costs involved, which are greatly eliminated via the online program. You can get the same great benefits at a lower price through online training sessions.

Petco offers one-on-one sessions with trustworthy trainers and flexible programs to be arranged according to your schedule.

Petco offers you a chance to work along to train your dog with a reputed large company at an affordable price.

It means there is less risk regarding where you’re putting your money, and more reviews to read and access to more trainers and training resources.

Petco also has an excellent online store where you can get products to help your dog with training.

Here’s our complete review if you want to learn more or,

5. Home School the Dog

Home School the Dog is a fully online dog training program with several different training courses available, including the following:

  • Dog Walking
  • Dog Training
  • Dog Games
  • Positive Reinforcement Training
  • Basic Obedience
  • Advanced Obedience
  • Behavior Modification
  • Tutorial-Based Training
  • Off-Leash Training
Home school the dog logo

The training costs $47, and they can be contacted via email: [email protected]

Home School the Dog is a distinct dog training program that makes the entire dog training process much fun.

There is a huge collection of games owners learn to play with their furry friends. It also consists of video tutorials that open up a completely different experience in dog training.

The training videos consist of professional instructors who can train dogs and provide positive reinforcement through a virtual platform. 

Home School the Dog is an inexpensive and fun way to train dogs by doing things like playing games. It has proven to be an effective method of training dogs.

It is one of the best online dog training sessions to participate in, especially if you want fun and are less serious about the entire process.

6. Regional K-9

Regional K9 supports in-person training that consists of the below types of training:

  • Behavior Counseling
  • Residency Programs Behavior Modification
  • Dog Hiking
  • Private Lessons
  • Leash Training
  • E-Collar Training
  • Urban Agility
Regional K-9 logo

The Regional K9 training program costs anywhere between $1000 and $2500.

However, it provides unique programs that most other dog trainers don’t offer.

In-person training is conducted at 116 Landing Park, Rochester, NY 14625. You can also contact them via their contact number: 585-789-7323.

Pat Curran, a certified dog trainer, manages Regional K9. He’s been in the dog training industry for a long time and has mastered the technique of obedience training in almost any type of dog.

Curran makes the program at Regional K9 extra special by teaching dogs about hiking and urban navigation, all within the same course.

Regional K9 is a relatively small dog training organization in Rochester, yet with many positive reviews. The high ratings prove he is one of the best in the business.

Online Vs. In-Person Training

In-person and online are the main types available for dog training in Rochester, New York. Some organizations offer both these types of training.

Both types of dog training programs aim to provide your dog with the best in obedience training. The difference lies in how these training programs are conducted.

Benefits of Online Training and In-Person Training

Online and in-person training methods have perks and may suit each dog owner to various degrees. These types of training are far more successful than owners trying to train their dogs by themselves.

Online training has several excellent benefits, including the following:

  • It’s affordable.
  • It’s flexible.
  • You can do it at your own pace.
  • Sometimes, it provides you with video calls and instructors.

Benefits of in-person training include the following:

  • It allows you to bring a trainer down to your home or a training facility.
  • It strengthens the bond between the dog and the trainer.

However, online training is preferred as it allows you to test the waters without risk.

How Much Does Dog Training in Rochester, NY Cost?

The cost of dog training in Rochester varies depending on factors like the training method, facility, etc.

The cost for dog training in Rochester, can start from something as low as $55 and go up to $2,500.

Can Aggressive Dogs Be Trained?

Any dog, aggressive or not, can be trained given the appropriate training methods and applications.

Professional trainers can detect signs of aggression, including excessive barking, and adjust training accordingly.

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There are two primary types of dog training in Rochester, NY: online and in-person. Some institutes offer a single variety of movements, while others provide both. 

The top three dog trainers in Rochester include K9 Training Institute, Tuxedo’s K9 Training Camp, and Tails of Success.

Dog training in Rochester, begins from as low as $55 and can go up to $2500 depending on the organization and training methods.


In Rochester, NY, the top dog basic obedience trainers are K9 Training Institute, Tuxedo’s K9 Training Camp, and Tails of Success.

In Rochester, the top certifications for dog trainers are Jean Donaldson’s Academy – CTC certification, CPDT- KA, IAABC, Karen Pryor Academy – KPA certification, and Fear Free Certification.

Dog trainers in Rochester, NY use positive reinforcement training, which does not employ fear, force or intimidation as a method of dog training.

K9 Training Institute
k9 training institute logo
Ease of Training




Overall Score


The institute has a free online dog training workshop.
Training works well for both puppies and adult dogs.
It is suitable for any type of dog with behavioral issues.
The K9TI offers unlimited personal coaching for specialized training.
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of July
The paid dog training program can be a bit expensive, but there is a free workshop too.

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