6 Best GPS Dog Fences (I Tested it All in June 2024)

Last Updated on June, 2024

The reason for me to piece together this content was because of the cheapskate charlie, that is my friend. He went through a nightmarish ordeal when his dog was hit by a car right in front of him due to an unreliable GPS dog fence he had bought from Amazon. 

Fortunately, the dog survived the incident unscathed, but it’s a stark reminder of how such incidents can happen to anyone….

So getting a GPS Fence that is cheap or seems fishy from the get-go is like you putting your dog’s life on the line, and it’s simply not a risk worth taking.

If you want the best GPS dog fence, hopefully, you can get that here. However, if you’re still unsure whether or not to trust me, keep on reading.

Editor’s Choice
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Halo 2+
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Extra Features





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#2nd Best Choice
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Why Trust Me?

Thomas Villalpando

I bought about ten GPS dog fences, tested them on my own dogs, and trimmed the list down to the top six.

Because of that, you can be assured that what you read here is what you actually find in real life, unlike most GPS dog fence reviews online.

That’s the kind of reassurance that would have saved my friend’s dog from getting a knock. Lucky for you, I have found what must be known, what they hold back, and all the info needed to make a decision.

6 of the Best GPS Dog Fences – Reviewed

1. Halo 2+ (Editor’s Choice)

Halo 2+ emerged as the winner in all of the testing I put it through, that’s the reason it’s here and all other GPS wireless dog fences “Look Below”!

It just does what it’s supposed to better than any GPS Fence Collars I compared it with; the consistency, the ease of use, the reliability are all a notch above and certainly what you need considering it’s a product engineered towards saving your dog from “GOD FORBID,” Accidents and even Pet thefts! 

Which, by the way, is on the rise every hour… 

All in all, I’d say only Halo collar acts as the PERFECT guardian angel for your dog, always watching over it and ensuring that it doesn’t stray into new horizons without you. 

That said, what are the features that make it the perfect GPS Fence?

Simple, I’d say everything, especially the technology that powers Halo, so powerful some might even consider it overkill.

But hey, anything can be done to keep our furry friends safe, right?

Since GPS is one of the essentials, here’s how Halo excels compared to the competition. 

It straight up sports the world’s most ADVANCED GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems), which provides The Best location tracking accuracy among any other collars available! 

That is also the technology used in all the modern drones and even on autonomous cars like the Mercedes-Benz EQS… 

A car’s navigation system is a dog collar, as mentioned above, Overkill, but I’ll take it…

Not just that, Halo’s GPS technology is far more powerful than your phone.

That makes its location tracking much more accurate, even within a few feet, which in turn will help make tracking your dog a breeze, instant location updates will be sent to your phone no matter where it is. 

Like I said, a GUARDIAN ANGEL…

To make things even more accurate, Halo downloads satellite data every night. That enhances the GPS location accuracy and is ready for tracking the second your dog steps out of the house. 

No GPS Fence does this, and most will take several minutes to actually connect to the satellites, which means your dog is not protected when it’s outside.

You can’t take chances like that when it comes to protecting your dog.

By the way, ​​Halo 2+ is completely controlled via the Halo mobile app, which is compatible with iOS and Android. 

Those state-of-the-art technologies also benefit the fences, another area where Halo dominates.

The GNSS tech provides all of the location data you need with a simple glance at your phone.

Every info that’ll show up on your phone will be real-time, whether your dog’s inside the fence or outside the fence. 

Halo app dog tracking screen shot 2

Most other fences only provide periodic updates when the dog moves out of the fence, which can make location tracking a big hassle since it’s not real-time. Halo is in a different league here. 

It does not end there; you can create up to 20 virtual fences with Halo. Each of them can be of any shape and can be as big as 6.2 miles; it’s adjustable though. That’s versatility for you which no other GPS Fence offers. 

Plus, the fences can be created wherever you want. The creation of the fences in Halo is also far better; you can take out your phone and draw the fences the way you like in seconds

This is different in many other devices though. You will need to carry the collars in hand and walk around where you want to create the fences. This can take a considerable amount of time.

For containment inside the fence, Tone, Vibration, and Shock is built into the collar, you can set the feedback to your liking, and that’s it; the collar will take care from there. 

Another feature that just separates Halo from its competition is the encouragement feedback. In case your dog slips out the fence, the collar will use the built-in commands and get your dog back to safety.

You’ll also receive notifications on your phone during that time so that you can take action. 

This is a question that I get asked the most from dog owners, for Halo collar mostly; 

Will the collar use static feedback on my dog when heading toward the fence after leaving it?

No, Halo or most collars in this list will not use any type of negative feedback on your dog when they’re heading toward the boundary. Instead, most of them will use encouragement like feedback when heading back.

Those little things regarding dog safety go a long way, and considering everything, Halo is the master of tracking and containment; no collars does it better. 

Also, you could have seen on this page @Halo that the system also comes with a 21-day training program to train your dog to get used to the fence and the commands.

It’s put together by Cesar Millan, also the co-founder of Halo. I guess you know him… The world-renowned dog behaviorist.

Halo app dog tracking screen shot

Literally, there is not a single area in which Halo struggles with. If you want the best, you’ve got it here.

Key Specs:

  • Fits dogs with a neck sizes of 11 in. to A Maximum of 30.5 in.
  • Battery runtime of 21 hours 
  • Activity tracking to keep your dog’s health and activity levels in check
  • Fence containments static correction has 15 levels for you to choose from
  • Beacons included to create keep-away zones indoors
  • Supports WiFi, LTE, and Bluetooth
  • IP67 Water and Dust Resistant Rating
  • 12-Month Warranty

Learn more about this GPS fence, checkout this review of Halo smart collar here.


Connects to every satellite system on the globe
Uses the most ADVANCED GNSS for the best location tracking accuracy in the game
Real-time location tracking
Increases the GPS sensitivity and provides a stable connection based on the location you’re in
Variety of dog containment features
Instant alert on the phone when your dog gets near or out of the fence
Always-on Bluetooth, WiFi, and LTE connectivity for instant connection if one loses signal
Highly detailed and easy-to-understand training content
Straightforward fence creation
Multiple feedback options for containment
Allows to create keep-away zones for places you don’t want your dog to enter inside the house


Not made for small dogs

We’ve only looked at half of what Halo GPS dog collar has in store; you need to get your hands on it to experience everything it offers. However, being the best at everything comes at a cost, price, Halo 2+ is $599.

But if you consider the competition’s prices and what those offer, this is much better; I wouldn’t even say it’s expensive. 

Also, it’s better to stay away from cheap fences as most are unreliable and plagued with issues like unnecessary shocks, leading to stress and anxiety, plus half-baked containment, which’ll let your dog escape into dangerous situations.

2. SpotOn GPS Dog Fence (#2nd Best Choice)

Get 50$ off using coupon code: IPET (Exclusive for IPetGuides readers)

SpotOn is the only GPS Fence collar that comes close to Halo 2+. It gets a lot of things right but misses out on a few things compared to Halo.

Nothing too serious though; it’s still an excellent GPS Fence you can rely on!

Connectivity is an area where SpotOn and Halo are in a league of their own.

With SpotOn, you can connect with up to 128 satellites at once, that’s a whole lot of satellites, but the location accuracy will skyrocket, allowing you to get updates on your dog’s location every 6 seconds.

It is quick and enough for accurate tracking of your dog’s movement.

This 6-second connection accuracy and your dog’s location will be consistent throughout without fluctuations.

That’s thanks to SpotOn’s patented True Location™ technology. It’ll balance the GPS shift that occurs on GPS devices and allows for a more accurate and stable connection. 

A stable connection is the most important thing to look for in a GPS collar.

Connections that are not stable can, more often than not, give you a false sense of security, where you’ll be thinking that you are tracking your dog’s movements when, in reality, the collar is not working correctly.

And thankfully SpotOn virtual fence is spot on in that regard, no issues with connection. 

Moving on to the containment, it’s precisely what you can expect from a top-end dog GPS Fence collar. First of all, the fences are highly customizable, any size, any shape, zero problems.

On top of that SpotOn has the ability to set up over 1500 fence posts, allowing you to cover a vast range with every nook and cranny of your yard.

That’s exactly what you need from a containment system to contain your dog. Compared to Halo’s 20, 1500 on SpotOn is way too much, I mean, in a good way, and it is, from all the GPS Fences I’ve seen, the highest. 

SpotOn dog collar also supports overlapping fences that allow for the creation of multiple fences in a single property. It’s similar to the light and dark modes on your phone, a different fence for the day and a different fence for the night. 

Overlapping fences can be pretty useful when restricting your dog’s access to areas permitted during the day but not at night.

SpotOn’s fence creation was a nightmare at the early stages of our reviewing process.

To create a fence, you must carry the collar and your phone around the perimeter where you need to set up the fences.

That took too long. But thank god, they released a software update, and now you can draw the fences right on the app, and it’s so much better and easier than walking around the perimeter.

There are 3 here; Tone, Vibration, and Static Feedback, and all of them do an excellent job of preventing your dog from even nearing the fence line. 

a dog wearing spoton collar and lying on the ground

Similar to how Halo operates, SpotOn will also use the encouragement tone to prompt your dog to return to the fence if they have wandered away from it.

A nice little addition to SpotOn is its quick fences. While you’re out and about, you can efficiently create circular fences with just your phone; no need to carry the collar and walk around the perimeter. 

Regarding phones, SpotOn is wholly operated via the SpotOn app, available for Android and iOS. 

SpotOn, being the very first to the game of GPS Fences, gets all the essentials right for a GPS dog fence, from location tracking to containment; all of them are top-notch and precisely what you’d expect from a system like this. 

An excellent system to keep your fur bud safe and sound. 

Key Specs:

  • Fits dogs with neck sizes of 10 to 26 inches
  • Battery runtime of 22 hours
  • Fence containments static correction has 30 levels
  • Overlapping Fences
  • Supports LTE, and Bluetooth
  • IP67 Water and Dust Resistant Rating
  • One-Year Warranty

You can do so much more with this device, so check out our full review of SpotOn dog GPS fence.


Real-time GPS location tracking using 30 satellites among 4 global satellites 
True Location™ technology for super stable GPS connection
Unlimited fence size 
1500 fence posts, highest among every GPS Fences
Instant notification alerts if your dog escapes the fence
Forest Mode to increase signal connectivity in areas with low cellular connection
Variety of customizable feedback options for containment
Fast charging, takes just 1 hour to fully charge from dead


Addition of activity tracking would’ve been the cherry on top
Will not fit a lot of small dogs 

SpotOn provides everything to keep your dog safe, literally everything; you can no doubt rely on it.

Since its job is related to keeping your dog safe, it does it perfectly, so you can’t expect it to be cheap, and to be honest, none of the GPS Fences are affordable, and compared to those SpotOns $999 is rather reasonable.

Get 50$ off using coupon code: IPET (Exclusive for IPetGuides readers)

3. Wagz Freedom Smart Dog Collar (#3rd Best Choice)

Unfortunately, this product has been discontinued.

Wagz isn’t the best at everything, and it doesn’t want to be. It’s just a perfect budget GPS dog fence that does its job with zero problems.

Before I get into the collar’s GPS abilities, let me get this out of the way, Wagz is the only device that does not use any static feedback when it comes to containment. It’s basically shock-free.

Having static correction can be an advantage, but it won’t make a big difference compared to vibration.

With that in mind, Wagz is, at least on paper, the safest option when it comes to buying a GPS Dog Fence.

Wagz Freedom Smart Dog Collar

That does not mean that the systems with static are harmful; most, if not all, come with adjustable intensities, making them safe options too. 

Anyways, moving on, when it comes to Wagz’s GPS capabilities, it cannot be understated. This GPS Fence system connects to 3 global satellite systems. Those 3 satellites are able to send location updates to you on your dog every 10 seconds.

That is a solid third place out of all the systems I tested. 

Stability-wise, it was almost as good as Halo and SpotOn. I did not encounter any stoppages or issues with stability during my time with the collar. It was solid overall. 

That said, containment capabilities are impressive in Wagz. 

Creating a fence is just like Halo; download the Wagz app on your phone and draw the fences right from where you are, the size and the shape can be according to your liking.

That is the process I’d like to have in all the collars; it’s just too simple and quick. 

Wagz also supports multiple fences, but a specific number isn’t given, and it is not something that can be tested. However, I made 4 fences, and the collar worked just fine in all of them, no issues. 

You can also create fences inside the fences in Wagz, also known as “Keep out Zones” these allow you to create a small fence around a place that you consider is off limits for your dog, such as your garden. 

Great idea, and it works very well. I put one up in my garden, and it saved my dog from getting poisoned by the very dangerous cane toad.

Gosh, they’re everywhere… 

Feedback options in Wagz are different from any other collar; as mentioned, it does not come with an electric shock.

There are three However, in place of shock, there’s ultrasonic, the other two are tone and vibration.

All of them were super effective, especially ultrasound, which instantly got the dog’s attention. 

a dog standing on the ground and wearing wagz collar

Those are all the tracking and fencing capabilities of Wagz, but there’s an extra

Activity tracking, Wagz has the most advanced out of all. You’ll be able to see the number of calories burnt, the number of steps, walk mapping, and even temperature alerts.

But most importantly, you can track your dog’s sleeping time too. Activity tracking may not seem that beneficial until you use it. 

These can help identify changes in a dog’s activity levels which can be an early indicator of health problems, such as arthritis or other joint issues. By monitoring activity, you can catch these issues early and seek veterinary care.

That makes Wagz an excellent activity tracker too.

All in all, Wagz, like I said earlier, is a solid third place in my book; it’s not the best out there with cutting-edge technology like Halo and SpotOn; it does what’s needed in a way that most will be satisfied with.

Key Specs:

  • Fits dogs that are 15lbs or larger
  • Battery runtime of 24 hours, removable and replaceable battery
  • Tone, Vibration, and Ultrasonic feedback options
  • Keep out zones
  • Advanced activity tracking
  • Night light
  • Supports LTE, WiFi, and Bluetooth
  • Heat Map
  • IP67 Water and Dust Resistant Rating
  • Alexa integration 
  • One-Year Warranty

You can learn more about wagz freedom collar here in this review.


GPS location with 3 global satellite systems
Stable connection for worry-free tracking
Easy fence creation
Multiple fences can be created
Keep out zones for extra security 
No shock
Effective ultrasonic
All-in-one activity tracker


If your dog is stubborn, the system is not for you
Location update speed could’ve been a little faster

If you can bear the 10-second location update, this can be an excellent system for you to keep your dog safe. There’s nothing better in its price range; at just $299, this is a system you can’t go wrong with.

4. Tractive GPS Tracker

Tractive dog tracker, the GPS dog containment system, has been made by an Austrian company since 2012, and pet owners love it.

The tracker is 2.81 inches long, 1.1 inches tall, and 0.68 inches wide, weighing only 1.2 ounces.

The Practice collar fits dogs 44lbs(20kgs) and above.

It’s available in five colors; dark blue, light blue, light pink, coffee, and snow.

This is a waterproof smart collar, with an IPX7 waterproof rating, and the durability is further certified with the build quality.

Tractive GPS Tracker

This smart collar is shockproof too. The Tractive GPS dog collar brings seven days of battery life; mine lasted for 5 and a half days with moderate use.

With one of the famous GPS systems, this pet containment system delivers 2-3 seconds of location updating rate, with worldwide unlimited GPS tracking. 

You can store and export the GPS data too. Not only that, but you can also share the pet’s location with family and friends.

All you need is the free Tractive app installed on your mobile.

You can’t customize the shape of Tractive’s wireless fence. The minimum radius of a circular, wireless fence is 160 feet. If it’s rectangular, it is 330 feet by 330 feet. You can define wireless fences as safe or no-go zones.

While the collar has no corrective feedback, you will receive real-time alerts if your dog crosses the boundary.

This tracker lets you track your dog’s activity in terms of calories burned, time spent at a location, and even sleeping time.

Since it uses GPS data, you need a subscription plan to use the Tractive dog’s collar.

Key Specs:

  • Lightweight 
  • Seven days of battery 
  • IPX7 waterproof collar
  • 2-3 seconds location updating rate 
  • Circular or rectangular fences

Read more about tractive GPS tracker and fence here.


Track your dog better with real-time tracking
Store, share, and export your dog’s location history
Predict health complications with activity tracking
Increased safety with a virtual fence
The convenience of long battery life


No corrective feedback by the collar
Lack of customizing shapes for the fence

5. Garmin Alpha 100 Bundle

Based in the US and killing it since 1989, Garmin is one of the pioneers in location-tracking devices for multiple industries.

Their Alpha 100 bundle is next in this GPS dog fences list.

Almost all Garmin devices would work with no mobile app if you didn’t know. Instead, you should buy a handheld locator.

In the Alpha 100 bundle, Alpha 100 is the handheld locator, and the TT 15 is the collar.

Garmin Alpha 100 Bundle

The Alpha 100 comes with 2.5 x 6.5 x 1.5 inches and a weight of 8.8 oz, including the standard antenna and battery. Its waterproof rating is IPX7. Maximum battery life is 20 hours, and mine ran for 17 hours and 30 mins with intense use.

The TT 15 collar is 3.5″ in width, 1.75″ in height, and 1.85″ in thickness. It weighs 10 oz with the collar. The waterproof rating is 1 ATM. The expected maximum battery life is 40 hours.

The screen resolution of the handheld is 240 x 400 pixels with a TFT touchscreen.

The location update speed is 2.5 seconds, and that’s because of the GPS and GLONASS receiver. You can track multiple dogs(up to 20 at once) in a range of 9 miles.

The virtual fence is equally impressive; you can set custom wireless fences using multiple points. If the dog crosses the boundary, you will receive alerts on the handheld, and the collar will emit either sound or vibration. With 18 levels of intensity, you can choose what suits your dog.

You also use rescue mode to find a lost dog easier.

It requires no monthly subscription.

With advanced features such as a compass, auto-routing, and custom maps, the Garmin Alpha 100 bundle is a pet GPS tracker for hunting dogs with invisible fence features.

Key Specs:

  • Comes with a handheld and a collar
  • IPX7 and 1 ATM waterproof rating
  • 2.5 seconds location updating frequency 
  • 9 miles of radius
  • Comprehensive geofencing


Track multiple dogs in real-time
Increased durability
Increased safety with custom dog fences and alerts 
Store and export location data 
The convenience of the touchscreen


Very expensive
Lacks activity tracking
Need to have the handheld locator all the time
No connection to mobile phones

6. Pawious GPS Wireless Dog Fence

Pawious is a company based in Canada, and its pet containment system is another excellent product.

Weighing 11.68 ounces, the tracker that enables the invisible fence has these dimensions; 6.81 x 4.69 x 2.09 inches.

The company doesn’t recommend the collar for smaller dogs like Chihuahuas, but it works fine with medium to large dogs.

Durability is assured by the resilient design and IPX7 waterproof rating.

Pawious GPS Wireless Dog Fence

With 2 hours of charging time, the maximum expected runtime is 36 hours; mine worked for 32 hours with continuous use.

The GPS system is impressive since the accuracy is up to 5-10 yards. Pawious recommends using the tracker in medium or large yards. 

The Pawious shock collar does a magnificent job regarding the dog fence features. All you need to do is set the origin and position the invisible boundary

However, the virtual fence has no custom shapes; it’s circular and has a maximum radius of up to 1000 yards. The collar will give out beeps when your dog comes near the boundary.

If it crosses the boundary, you can have vibrational corrective feedback in 6 levels or static shock in 6 levels in this GPS e collar.

Either way, your furry friend is certified to be safe.

But what’s interesting is that this dog fence tracker requires no mobile phone or handheld device; the collar controls everything. So, there is no monthly subscription because of that. 

Overall, the Pawious dog fence is very reliable.

Key Specs:

  • 36 hours of maximum runtime with one charging
  • IPX7 waterproof rating
  • Circular GPS fence with 1000 yards maximum radius 
  • Multiple types and levels of corrective feedback


Requires no phone, handheld, or subscription plan 
Simple operation 
Adjust the radius by the collar 
Average GPS technology
Keeps your dog safe with corrective feedback 


Cannot view any of the location data
Lacks activity tracking
No customizable maps
GPS location rate can be as high as 20 seconds 

#1 Tip to Make Maximum Use of a GPS Dog Fence

It is none other than training your dogs to know what they need to do for each corrective feedback; sound, vibration, or shock. The better the dog training, the better the results will be.

Related article: Are GPS dog fences effective?

Factors to Consider When Buying a GPS Dog Fence

golden retriever wearing halo collar

Location Accuracy and Updating Rate 

The location accuracy must be within at least 50 feet; the lower the number, the better. You’re unlikely to find a GPS tracker with real-time updating GPS technology. So, even if it comes to 2 seconds, you should remember that you’re buying a GPS dog fence, not just a GPS tracker.

The Durability of the Collar 

Most high-end dog collars, which enable virtual dog fences, are designed to be resilient. So, it’s better if the dog collar also has an IP waterproof rating.

There also should be at least 1m of impact resistance. Other than that, the better the design and the quality, the longer it will last.

Battery Life 

What’s the point of a dog fence that lasts longer as a product but drains the battery in an hour? So, ensure you’re okay with the runtime and charging time.

In addition, it’d be better to check whether you can operate the tracker in different modes. Typically, this allows you to elongate the battery runtime with one charge.

Type and Range of the Fence

Some invisible dog fences are circular; this means the range is radial. If so, you should know the maximum radius. Similarly, some trackers let you draw the fence, and the range matters in this case too. It’s up to you to decide which type you need.

Respond When the Dog Crosses the Boundary 

Dog fences are supposed to stop dogs from running away further. But how can they stop the dogs if the fence can’t be seen?

Ideally, there should be three features; alerting you via the phone, warning the dog, and emitting shock, vibration, or sound when the dog leaves the boundary. The response always matters.

Performance Dependence on the Location

GPS tracking technology theoretically shouldn’t be able to work without GPS signals. But some trackers work without cell service, too, just not in the same operational conditions.

So, you need to check whether the chosen GPS fence device would work at the intended location. 

Whether it Requires a Buried Fence

A handful of GPS dog fences require you to bury a physical fence along the boundary.

That way, GPS works separately, and the fence acts like an invisible dog fence. This might be a little difficult. So, make sure whether you need to bury a fence for the GPS dog fence to work.

Benefits of GPS Dog Fences

golden retriever walking near the beach
  • Track your dog’s location accurately and remotely
  • Protect your dog from leaving and entering specific areas
  • Enjoy your camping adventures with your dog on board
  • Save a little fortune you spend on dog daycare centers
  • Free your dog from the feeling of being caged 
  • Replace a space-consuming traditional fence in your yard and inside your house 
  • Focus better on your work life 
  • And much more!

In Conclusion

GPS dog fences are not cheap; if you find one for less than $50 or even $100, STAY AWAY FROM IT!

You can’t afford a collar that has GPS along with a fully-fledged wireless fence for that much; if you do, remember that you’re putting your pet’s life at risk.

That said, Halo 2+ becomes the top recommended device thanks to all the outstanding features it brings to the table. That’s what my friend and I use right now. It does everything it needs to in the best possible way.

What matters is keeping our dogs safe in a financially sustainable way. That’s why I use and recommend efficient solutions.

At the end of the day, investing in these systems is an investment that makes pet parents feel relieved and proud.


No, not all GPS trackers have dog fences. It is important to make sure both features are available before purchasing a GPS tracker.

Yes, GPS Dog Fences are effective. They are a two-in-one device that provides enhanced safety for your pet.

No, not all GPS dog fences come with a subscription; however, their operational methods and prices can vary significantly.

Halo 2+
Halo 2 collar product image
Battery Life
Extra Features





Overall Score


Works anywhere in the word
Adjustable collar as your dog grows
Increased safety with feedback features
Extended range up to 10 square miles
Increased durability with an IP67 waterproof rating
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of June
Unsuitable for extremely small dogs

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  1. THOMAS,

    • Hey William! Yes, the collar will detect when your dog is heading back to the boundary and will stop any ongoing corrections right away.

  2. I have two Pugs, one of them is about 15# the other about 13#, their full weight will probably be about 20#, maybe 25# if they get really big, it seems like the SpotOn system would be the best for them ? we have two acres and one of them is a runner, the other one not so much, but will follow. what do you think ?

    • Hey Colette,
      SpotOn is a good choice, just make sure you measure both of your Pugs neck sizes before purchasing, if the fit isn’t great, the effectiveness won’t be good.

  3. Hi Thomas –
    Quick question. I am leaning towards Halo or SpotOn. With either of these GPS collars, once my dog is trained on the system, can I use the collar as an e-collar for hikes, walks, etc.? I do not want to get two different collars so was hoping I could just buy a GPS collar and use the same commands and tones for recall, leave it, etc.
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    • Hi Erika, Yes, you can no doubt use both Halo and SpotOn for those activities as an e-collar. It’s up to you to decide which one fits you.

      • Hi Thomas,

        This was very helpful and helped narrowed my decision to Halo or Spoton!! Can you expand on 1) the fence/fence posts features and if it can be used on multiple properties, 2) can you ‘turn off’ the collar when you leave the property (for a walk or drive) but allows you to keep the tracker features on , 3) do you have an article about your perspective/value on the different subscriptions offerings for each of the collars.


        • Hey there Larry,

          Here are your answers:
          1. Yes, you can create fences on multiple properties, not just on your property. SpotON even provides the luxury of creating quick circular fences.
          2. No, both Halo and SpotON cannot track your dog if you turn them off. However, you can turn off the fences when heading out and turn them back on once you’re back. This will not disable the tracking features.
          3. You can check out our article Halo Vs. SpotOn for that (LINK BELOW).

          Hope your doubts are cleared.

  4. We have a German Shepherd. My question is whether the collars work on dogs with lots of fur…German Sherpherd versus Boxer for instance.

    • Certainly! The collar is designed to be effective on dogs with varying hair lengths. For instance, the halo collar comes equipped with both short and long contact tips. This ensures a proper fit and effective contact with the dog’s skin, regardless of the thickness or length of their fur.


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