Are GPS Dog Fences Effective and Reliable?

Last Updated on July, 2024

YES, GPS dog fences are very effective. 

It is compatible with different terrains, so you can use it in many places.

It is portable, so you can easily move it wherever you go. 

And most importantly, there is NO wiring involved. It means installation is hassle-free and less time-consuming. 

Quick Summary

Yes, GPS dog fences are very effective in keeping your dog safe and contained.

They are also very flexible and customizable, and can be easily installed and taken with you wherever you go.

However, they do have some downsides, such as a range of error and battery life issues.

The Concept of GPS Dog Fences

Concept of GPS Dog Fences

A wireless GPS (Global Positioning System) dog fence creates a geo-fence. Radio signals from orbiting satellites are used to build this virtual fence. GPS coordinates let you map the wireless dog fences through cellular technology.

The dog’s receiver collar is connected to the GPS program. This program is accessible through your smart devices. The GPS program communicates with the receiver device on the collar.

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How Do GPS Dog Fences Work?

When your dog approaches the fence line, the receiver collar plays a beep tone warning your dog to stop. If your dog ignores this and crosses the fence line, a mild shock is delivered to the shoulder muscle to bring your dog back into the safe zone.

With proper training, your dog will learn to stay within the fences.

How Effective are GPS dog fences?

a dog wearing GPS dog fence collar

GPS fences provide many benefits that make them very effective. They provide safety to your pet via the GPS tracking feature. Their customizability, portability, and signal system are highly flexible.

Not only does the GPS fence collar serve as a tracker, but it is also a great option to train your dogs for the fence boundaries.

Many dog owners rely on them because of their accuracy and cost-effectiveness.

Below I have discussed in detail the factors determining its effectiveness as pros and cons. It will help you decide how it meets your definition of “effectiveness.”

Pros of GPS Dog Fences 

1. Safety for Your Pet

A GPS invisible fence assures the safety of your pet. Your pet’s GPS dog collar keeps your dog within the invisible dog fence. 

The dog tracker feature lets you keep track of your dog’s location at any time using GPS signals.

In case your dog escapes the fence or goes missing, you will receive a notification to your smart device with the location of your missing dog. It is IMPOSSIBLE with other invisible electric dog fences.

2. Flexibility

GPS fences give you a lot of flexibility in choosing, creating, and adjusting your invisible fences. 

Customizable Setup

Easily set and adjust the invisible fence based on your property area. Find the best settings for you around any obstacles or irregularities in your yard. 

And for the best part. You can do all this through your smart device, just like that. Cool right?

There is no need for any buried boundary wire system. DEFINITELY saves plenty of time. 

Note: The GPS technology works off the global position of your property. So the more extensive the yard, the better the fence will work.


Not only is it easy to install, but it is also portable. So you can easily take it with you when you move around or go on vacation—no need for a transmitter or buried wire. 

No physical change is required to the ground area to accommodate the dog fence. It makes it the perfect setup for your pet to enjoy a vacation along with you.

Signal System

There won’t be any ground-level radio signal interferences from any electrical appliances you may have around. The GPS collar is operated through satellites. 

It doesn’t require a transmitter mounted or buried wire for communication with your dog’s collar. GPS dog collars will never have to be reset. As long as your dog is outside, the invisible fence will continue to work.

3. Great for Training

The wireless GPS systems come with training options. It will help owners train their dogs to use the electric dog fence. 

The GPS dog collar comes with customizable settings. Choose between versions that 

sounds a warning alert, provides vibrations, static corrections, or a combination of the above. 

Program the collar to sound the warning alert if your dog gets too close to the electronic dog fence.

Set vibrations and static corrections if your dog chooses to cross the fence. Train with your desired program settings. It will help your dog train and understand the invisible fence.

This is ideal for dog owners who want their pets to have fun outside. And remain safe at the same time.

Keep your dog from straying away and getting into dangerous situations.

4. Cost Effective

Traditional wired pet fences require immense labor, time, and material due to underground wire installation. Some electric dog fences can be hard to install, even on rough terrain. 

But GPS fences fit on any plot without any fuss. The GPS technology lets you create an ideal invisible fence of your choice. 

It is UNACHIEVABLE with regular electric dog fences.

5. Reliable 

Wireless GPS systems are among the market’s most reliable pet containment systems. 

It keeps you updated on your pet’s location when in the yard. And should your dog cross the pet fences, an alert is sent to you with coordinates of your dog’s current location. 

All this is accomplished through the convenience of cellular service.

You do not have to lose sleep over the safety of your dog. The GPS technology gives it the security it deserves.

Cons of GPS Dog Fences

The GPS technology does not work on a fixed radio signal like other electric dog fences. The GPS wireless dog fence relies on radio signal triggers. The radio signal from satellites varies throughout the day as they keep orbiting. 

1. Range of Error and Interference Issues

The flexibility of the GPS technology and how it works comes with a range of errors. This means the boundaries you set will not be as exact as you choose. 

It may lead to your dog not receiving the alert immediately when nearing the boundary. Based on the device you choose, the error range can vary upto 30 feet. So this compromises its accuracy. 

Due to this range of error, GPS fences only work well on properties larger than 5 acres. You must consider the error of margin when picking your boundaries. So your dog does not end up escaping or getting hurt.

Although minimum ground-level signal interference can occur, nearby tall buildings, lousy weather, and thick canopies can affect the dog fences. It can create shadow areas in the fence boundary.

2. No Physical Protection

The GPS fence will prevent your dog from getting out. But it won’t keep intruders and animals from entering your yard. 

This means you can’t purchase this fence expecting to secure your home. This is specifically built to protect your dog. 

3. Battery Life

GPS dog collars use a rechargeable battery. This means short battery life. So make sure your unit is recharged routinely or when required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Given that it is used under the right circumstances where all fence requirements for optimal function are satisfied, it can be accurate. Many brands available in the market provide both alerts and corrections with a minimal margin of error.

No, you do not need WiFi or any external internet services as it uses satellite radio systems for communications.

A GPS invisible fence typically costs from a minimum of $957 upto a maximum of $1444.

The maximum range of a Bluetooth dog tracking collar is upto 200 feet. However, the signal strength relies on the distance between the tracker and your GPS device.

Final Thoughts

GPS dog fences provide great strengths making them an excellent option to give your dog the freedom it deserves. With the right-sized yard and few obstructions, your dog can play around and have fun even while you are out.

Do your research. Weigh the pros and cons to determine if this is the best option for you and your pet. Check out our article on the best GPS dog fence to guide you with your purchase.

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