Petsafe Wireless Fence Review [2024 Upd.] Is it Any Good?

Last Updated on July, 2024

So you’re thinking of getting a wireless fence. Regardless of how you came across PetSafe, you need to know, is it any good?

A FAULTY invisible fence is as good as NO fence, YOUR DOG COULD RUN AWAY! The trouble with trusting ANY brand of invisible fences is the RISK you run!

You are looking for an invisible fence to STOP your dog from straying and falling into harm’s way. (A FAULTY invisible fence system will not be able to GUARANTEE this!) 

So, does the PetSafe Wireless system DELIVER as an invisible fence system? Or, is it another FAULTY invisible fence system, which could lead to a LOST DOG?

The Good

Some of the features of the PetSafe Wireless fence, such as the lack of need to install boundary wire, is appealing.

The Not So Good

The product uses outdated and unreliable radio technology, which can be troublesome for many people who worry about lost pets.

The Bottom Line

The product is good but could be better. The various cons of this system makes you wonder, ‘Is this system worth the purchase?’(Take a look at it in the Better Alternative section.)

About the PetSafe Wireless Fence (Stay and Play)

Marketed as the Stay and Play Wireless System, this invisible fence is intended to train your dog to stay within a designated space and obviously PLAY!

The system is intended for people who don’t have physical fences (like yourself) and are looking for the means to ensure their pet’s safety. 

Well, the PetSafe Wireless Fence is designed to do just that!

The technology of the PetSafe Wireless Fence is simple. It is nothing so innovative that you can’t rack your brain around. 

PetSafe Wireless Fence

A wireless receiver collar paired with a wireless transmitter. It is just that simple.

The fact that it does need the installation of an underground boundary wire is the BEST feature of this product. Why? Because you can use it wherever. 

The system is PORTABLE. You can use it when you go camping (granted that you have access to a power outlet.)

PetSafe Wireless Fence comes with a receiver collar that is both WATERPROOF and RECHARGEABLE. These being apparent Pros to the product, what are the Cons?

But before that.

What’s in the Box? (Stay and Play)

PetSafe Wireless Fence box, transmitter, flags and collar on the table
  • Wireless transmitter with power adaptor
  • Waterproof adjustable collar
  • Collar charger
  • 50 training flags
  • Test light tool
  • Short and long contact points for short or long-haired pets
  • Contact point wrench
  • Mounting bracket with hardware
  • Product Manual

How Does the PetSafe Wireless Fence Work?

Using the PetSafe Wireless Fence is simple. Installing it is more straightforward. 

All you have to do is plug the transmitter with the power adapter into a power socket and adjust the settings. 

The transmitter is what is used to both create and adjust fences and adjust the correction level.

The boundary of the safe zone can be adjusted between 5 feet and a 105-foot radius using the transmitter.

This means you can create a safe area: 5 feet being the smallest and 105 feet being the largest.

a dog wearing PetSafe Wireless Fence collar

Once the settings have been adjusted, all that will be left to do is place the receiver collar on your dog’s neck. (It is as simple as 1,2,3)

If your dog leaves the designated safe zone, it will be corrected via a warning tone. The system also has a light static correction feature.

The system comes with training flags that can be used to train your dog. Place the training flags around the boundary set for the invisible fence.

Use doggy treats to reward good behavior when they react correctly to the correction (walks away from the invisible fence boundary.)

The system is relatively easy to set up or use. It comes with a manual which you should read if you OPT to buy this product.

Features of the PetSafe Wireless Fence

Wireless and Simple. 

No Underground Wire

The fact that you don’t have to bury any boundary wires is one of the key features of this product in comparison to other invisible fences on the market. You won’t have to get all dirty digging holes. There is NO DIGGING involved.

Radio Technology

The system uses RADIO technology to communicate between the transmitter and receiver. The simplicity of the technology means anyone can understand how this thing works. 

Levels of Correction

The system has FIVE LEVELS of static correction. You can use as strong of a correction as you may find necessary with your dog. This feature works well with HARD to train dogs.

Waterproof and Rechargeable Collar

If your dog likes playing in water or getting wet in the rain, you won’t have to worry about your invisible fence system malfunctioning.

The receiver collar is WATERPROOF!

You also won’t have to keep a stock of batteries piled up to ensure your invisible fence is always working.

The receiver collar is RECHARGEABLE! (With runtime up to 3 weeks)

The collar fits dogs with neck sizes between 6 and 28 inches. 

a human holding PetSafe Wireless Fence collar

Extra Collars

The system also has another nice feature. If you have more than one dog or want more dogs, you can always buy EXTRA COLLARS and integrate them with the transmitter. 


And you don’t have to bury underground wire, which means it is PORTABLE. You can use this product anywhere, just so long as you have access to a power supply. 

Simple Design

The design of the product is simple. (It is nothing FLASHY.) However, the product does look FLIMSY, which begs the question of durability. (Will the system break down?)

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The system covers an area of up to ¾ acre.  

Users can use it in a small backyard or a bigger space, however the system is limited to ¾ acre.

Price, Warranty and Refund Policy Of Petsmart Wireless Fence

Priced at $319.99, the system is on the more affordable end of the spectrum. 

Though they don’t have a refund policy, the system does have a ONE-YEAR WARRANTY. (This should place your mind at ease, if at least a little.) 

PetSafe Wireless Fence Customer Reviews

The trouble with this system is there are only some happy customers. In our experience, the product has some good features and is easy to use. However, there are a set of cons that outweigh the good stuff. 

This is why you question it when it comes to value for money.

Just have a look at what this person had to say.

PetSafe Wireless Fence Customer Review 1

This is NOT a happy chappy. It begs you to ask, is the PetSafe Wireless Fence worth the money?

It’s perfectly understandable. You don’t want to spend money on something that won’t work. $319.99 is not nothing. It is still quite some money for some people. 

With some customers expressing frustrations over a faulty product, others have found themselves satisfied with what the system offered.

PetSafe Wireless Fence Customer Review 2

Though it’s not all bad with this system, in our experience, the Cons outweigh the Pros of this product.

Once you buy the product, you have to live with the decision. Unless the system COMPLETELY stops working, you may find yourself settling though you aren’t 100% satisfied. (You learn to live with it)

The system does not have a 100% clean track record of happy customers, so you need to look at the Pros and Cons of this system so you can make an INFORMED DECISION.

Here’s how to troubleshoot PetSafe Wireless Fence if it stops working.

Pros and Cons of the PetSafe Wireless Fence

This product has a balance of both Pros and Cons. Though the product has some great features, the Cons of this system outweigh the Pros.

However, let’s stay positive here and look into the Pros of this product first.


At $319.99, the product is on the lower end of the spectrum when it comes to invisible fences. It can be considered AFFORDABLE.

The system is a ONE-TIME payment. You will only have to spend more money on this system if you add more collars for more dogs. 

Installing the system and using it is SIMPLE. It doesn’t require a lot of thinking, and the manual is easy to read and understand. 

The receiver collar is WATERPROOF, so you won’t have to worry about your dog getting the device wet. It’s also RECHARGEABLE, so you won’t have to keep replacing batteries every so often. 

If the system does break down, it is worth knowing that the PetSafe Wireless Fence comes with a ONE-YEAR WARRANTY. This should place your mind at further ease. 

With five levels of static correction, the system will work well for HARD TO TRAIN dogs. You can always increase the level of static correction based on need. 

The system’s COVERAGE is good at a max range of 105 feet. This can be sufficient for most people who don’t live on a huge farm. 

There is also NO DIGGING involved in the installation of the system. There are no boundary wires to install, and setting up the system is EASY.

Lastly, it is sort of PORTABLE. However, you will need access to a power supply when you choose to use this system away from home (camping.)


Right off the bat, the PORTABILITY of this product is questionable. You can’t even use it in the park. For it to be portable, you will NEED a POWER SUPPLY.

This makes you wonder, is the PORTABILITY even a pro to this product?

The system also uses radio technology which is OUTDATED and UNRELIABLE. (Do you need a system that works one day and doesn’t the next?)

The unreliability of this product is a major reason to worry. Sure, you can go out and trust an invisible fence, buy and use it. However, what if the invisible fence you bought isn’t very good, and your dog manages to stray? Do you want to LOSE YOUR DOG?

The battery, though rechargeable, does have to be replaced. Though they say that a single charge lasts up to 3 weeks, it barely lasts that long. (FALLS SHORT ON PROMISE)

Considering this product’s durability, though it gives the impression of a sturdy system, the device is quite FLIMSY.

The system has a less than 100% happy client base. Much like us, many unhappy customers have expressed frustrations over the product – including LOST PETS! (I would sue if my dog got lost due to a faulty device!)

Furthermore, in our experience, the static correction feature could BURN your dog’s neck when used in the highest setting. Hence, if you ever use this product, you should be careful with the static correction feature. 

The UNRELIABILITY of this product makes you wonder, is this system worth the purchase?

Is it Worth Buying the PetSafe Wireless Fence? (Stay and Play)

At $319.99, the product, though affordable, is still a good amount of money.

With such a purchase, you should ask yourself if the features of this product work for you or not.

For instance, if you need an invisible fence system that you can carry around wherever you go, the park, shopping market or even school, this system will not work for you. 

This system requires a POWER OUTLET, without which it is entirely useless.

Though the product boosts the system’s portability, if you can’t use it without a power socket, is it actually portable?

a dog wearing petsafe collar and sitting on the ground near the petsafe flag

Our verdict is simple: this device’s Cons outweigh the product’s Pros. The features are USELESS if the product is UNRELIABLE.

The point is, you are looking for an invisible fence because you need something to assure and ensure your dog’s safety. Otherwise, you could go with NO FENCE at all.

However, a POTENTIALLY FAULTY DEVICE is almost as good as NO FENCE

You could end up losing your pet, and that is not something we can recommend. 

There are BETTER options in the market that are considered more reliable products. Hence is it worth the purchase? NOT in our eyes!

A Great Alternative: Halo 2+ Dog Collar

A much BETTER alternative that can be TRUSTED!

Brought to you by the WORLD-RENOWNED dog behaviorist, Cesar Millan, this system is BRILLIANT. (Yes, that is the CORRECT word to define this invisible fence. **TRAINING VIDEOS INCLUDED**)

Halo 2+ is INNOVATIVE and INTELLIGENT. It’s easy to set up, and there are no wires to bury, so you won’t have to spend a day digging holes.

That being the case, the most attractive feature of this product is RELIABILITY.

halo 2+ gps tracker

Unlike the PetSafe Wireless Fence, Halo 2+ uses wireless GPS technology. In comparison to the radio technology of the PetSafe system, the connectivity of the Halo 2+ collar is much more RELIABLE.

You can leave worries about a FAULTY CONNECTION leading to lost pets behind. 

The technology of the collar works to minimize stray signal interference, which makes it EVEN MORE RELIABLE (It’s why we call this product a GREAT ALTERNATIVE). 

There is no doubt the Halo 2+ Dog Collar is considerably more reliable, making it the BETTER choice. (And DOGS love it!)

The design is simple at its finest. A smart WATERPROOF (rated IP67) collar is paired with a smartphone app, enabling you to keep an eye on your pooch’s whereabouts.

Not just that, it has a ten-square-mile coverage, allowing you to define safe zones for your dog!

There are 15 LEVELS of static correction, allowing you to adjust the correction level based on preference.

Most importantly, unlike the portability of the Petsafe system, Halo 2+ is actually portable.

Through GPS technology, you can use this product anywhere and even on the go. (You won’t need a power socket to use this product.)

Functionality-wise, the Halo 2+ Collar is EXCELLENT!

Installing and using this product is simple, and it looks and feels like it was designed in the 21st century and uses a smartphone app to function.

(Unlike some other products in the market. Radio technology. Really?) 

Miniature Schnauzer sitting on the grass and wearing halo collar

The collar battery is RECHARGEABLE (charges fast), and the battery life is AMAZING (3 to 5 years.)

BRILLIANT is the word to define this product. Though it isn’t as affordable as the PetSafe system (or CHEAP, in other words), at $649, the VALUE FOR MONEY of this product gets a 5 out of 5! TOP MARKS!

A wireless fence is intended to keep your dog within a designated safezone. Halo 2+ uses GPS technology to draw geofences to limit your dog’s movements to a specific area.

If your dog leaves this boundary of this safe zone, you will not only receive notification on your phone, but your dog will be corrected (tone and static correction.)

If the price of the product does worry you, ask yourself, do you want to spend $319.99 on the UNRELIABLE PetSafe system or spend a little more money on a product that is known to be more TRUSTED and RELIABLE.

Note: Faulty products could lead to lost dogs, and the Halo 2+ is NOT FAULTY.

You can define boundaries on your phone with a single touch, and you can define multiple boundaries, which means multiple fences (up to 20 geofences).. What’s best is that you can save these fences or change them as you go! 

If you have more than one dog or are thinking of getting more dogs, you can buy MORE COLLAR

The collar fits most dogs with neck sizes provided for between 11 inches and 30.5 inches (28 cm to 77.5 cm).

Activity and healthy tracking is inbuilt into the collar and you will be able to track your dog’s vital information on your smartphone. You can use this to improve their wellbeing. 

Unlike radio technology used by the PetSafe system, Halo 2+ uses LOCATION-ENHANCED TRACKING, relying on GPS and GNSS technology. The two products look like night and day regarding RELIABILITY and ACCURACY

All you have to do is glance at your phone, and you can locate your dog, who will be wearing the Halo 2+ collar. This can be an extremely USEFUL feature if you ever lose your dog. 

The Halo 2+ Dog Collar looks and is MORE DURABLE than the PetSafe Wireless Fence. Though the price of the Halo 2+ collar is higher than the PetSafe system, the Halo 2+ Collar is more DURABLE and RELIABLE.

It is well WORTH the money you pay! Great VALUE FOR MONEY!

Unlike the PetSafe system, the Halo 2+ Dog Collar has some EXCELLENT customer reviews by an ever-increasing pool of happy customers; the QUALITY, ACCURACY, and RELIABILITY of this product are unrivaled. 

All in all, the Halo 2+ Collar is incomparably BETTER than the PetSafe Wireless Fence.

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The PetSafe Wireless Fence has many gaps such as the limited range of coverage. It simply doesn’t match up to better products in the market such as the Halo 2+ Dog Collar. 

The technology used by PetSafe isn’t the most advanced and has been noted to be FAULTY. 

You are picking an invisible fence for your dog because you care about your dog’s safety. A faulty system will only lead to a LOST PET, leading to obvious heartache. 

The PetSafe system falls short on our satisfaction scale. The system does NOT prove to be 100% foolproof.

With other options in the market that are more reliable (such as the Halo 2+), we do not think the PetSafe Wireless Fence offers good value for money and do not recommend this product!


There are a variety of PetSafe Collars that work with this wireless fence. Just match the model number on the transmitter to the collar you need.

2 to 3 hours.

Great Alternative
Halo collar
Black and White Color Halo Collar products image




Overall Score


No wires to install.
Easy to set up and great for tracking your pet’s activity.
Offers a magnetic key in case of emergency release.
Offers Customer service along with live zoom sessions.
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of July
Collar is too large for small dogs.

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