Canine Dimensions In-Home Dog Training Review [2024 Updated]

Last Updated on July, 2024

A polite and well-mannered dog is a pleasure to own! 

But to own such pleasure, the dog has to be trained appropriately using the correct methods and techniques that guide and teach the dog good manners. And you can easily achieve this by enrolling in a dog training program.

But is that good enough? No. 

Before you choose a dog training program, it is wise to research the program you are interested in.

To help you with that, this article reviews one such dog training program, the Canine Dimensions, to help you understand what you are getting into if you are interested in this program.

The Good

The Canine Dimensions offers a customizable training process considering the needs of both the owner and the dog. And since it’s done in the dog’s home environment, the dog learns more freely without the restriction of getting used to a new background setting. Also, the training systems use effective teaching techniques derived from natural dog communications.

The Not So Good

Although expected out of in-home training, the prices are pretty high per session. Since the training is custom for every dog, there’s no telling that you will need this many sessions, and this is how much it will cost. It will take as long as it takes and cost as much as it does. Also, many variables have to be accounted for in the cost.

The Bottom Line

I wouldn’t recommend Canine Dimensions because of the cost. A more cost-effective alternative is the K9 Training Institute, which gives the same in-home training experience using most of the same teaching techniques while letting your dog learn from you at its own speed. (Check ‘Better Alternative’ for more information)

Overview of the Canine Dimensions: In-Home Dog Training

Canine Dimensions is a premier in-home dog training system.

It was established in 1997 by a nationally known trainer and animal behavior expert, Phil Guida. 

Based on years of research and study, Phil Guida built a system that blended nature-derived observations of dog communication and the best elements from existing training programs. 

This fusion resulted in a powerful and naturally balanced 3-phase model providing astonishingly fast results.

And this gave birth to the canine dimensions dog training system.

Canine Dimensions In-Home Dog Training logo

The Canine Dimensions program is focused on creating a proper balance and strengthening the human-dog relationship by building loyalty and trust. 

The training system is proprietary, so only a Canine Dimensions certified trainer can conduct it. And their certified professional dog trainers have gained thousands of 5-star reviews on google and yelp.

This system is also recognized and recommended by many veterinarians, animal shelters, foster groups and dog rescues across the U.S.

The training program has been featured in Dog Fancy, Pompano Today, Modern Dog Magazine, Denver Dog, and numerous TV and radio programs.

It is the only national dog training company authorized by the American Association of Veterinary State Boards (AAVSB).

The Canine Dimensions says,” Every dog is unique. But regardless of age, breed, background, temperament, drive, or personality -, any dog can be trained!” So let’s dig deeper to understand how it is exercised.

Training Courses By Canine Dimensions

Training Courses of Canine Dimensions In-Home Dog Training

The Canine Dimensions offers training courses focused on different aspects of dog behavior.

Whether you want to set the foundation on basic obedience for your pup or work on advanced commands and behavioral issues of your dog, the Canine Dimensions has an option covering what you want.

Dog Training

This program is for puppies 8 weeks and older. It covers behavior modification, problem-solving and obedience training.

Puppy Training

This comprehensive in-home puppy training course begins with a hands-on evaluation by an experienced and certified trainer. It covers many areas like house training, manners, basic obedience etc..

Fear and Aggression

Using excellent training and counter-conditioning protocols, Canine dimensions help rehabilitate dogs with aggression, fear, phobias, generalized anxiety disorder, separation anxiety and shyness through this course. 

Board and Train

This program is for those hectic environments or busy work schedules. This course will allow you to board your dog for 10, 14 or 21 days.

Your dog will live at the trainer’s house, learning good manners and having fun. The dog is never kennelled in this board and train program.

Considerations Before Signing Up for Canine Dimensions

a human Training dogs

Before you decide on any dog training program, you must research how these programs from various centers work.

Different training academies take different approaches. Some you may be agreeable with, and some you may not. One such important consideration is the teaching method implemented in the program.

Teaching Methods Used

Canine dimensions derive their training system from modern science. Inspired by top training methods and natural dog communications, the system exercises a more humane, effective and scientifically reliable training method. 

The Body language communication of the training system is applied through operant conditioning, systemic desensitization, and classical conditioning.

Things to Keep in Mind if You Want to Buy a Course

  • It is an in-home-based dog training system.
  • They also offer a board and train option.
  • They work with dog behavior problems regardless of breed, size or age.
  • They follow proprietary teaching that can only be taught by certified canine dimensions dog trainers.
  • Most trainers are certified CGC evaluators by American Kennel Club and are Red Cross certified in Canine CPR and first aid.
  • Training revolves around using humane, dog-friendly, balanced and reward-based teaching derived from nature and modern science.
  • The training is focused on strengthening your relationship with your dog.
  • The owner will be taught how to use the communication and teaching system. 

Inside Canine Dimensions: In-Home Dog Training

Training Techniques

The Canine Dimensions training system is easy for dog owners to learn and apply.

The system works with dogs of all breeds, sizes and ages. It is proven to provide great and lasting results with all behavior problems.

The training is approached on the modern science of balanced and reward-based training.

The system employs humane and dog-friendly training methods instead of using shock collars or clickers for corrections.

a dog jumping on the ground

The training system was developed based on how dogs communicate with each other. Dogs communicate mainly through body language. So the trainers at Canine dimensions also “speak dog” and teach the owners also to speak this language.

Canine dimensions teach the owner how to use operant conditioning that uses rewards and punishment to modify behavior. This learning method refers to behavior that is rewarded and is likely to repeat, and behavior that is punished will rarely repeat.

Operant conditioning, in combination with systemic desensitization and classical conditioning protocols, is how canine dimensions solve all dog behavior problems.

Dog Training

The canine dimensions training is focused on developing a stronger relationship bond between the dog and its owner.

This relationship has different dimensions, like what you would like your dog to do or what you would like your dog to stop doing. 

To evaluate all these variables, a certified canine dimensions dog trainer will visit your home to work with you, your family and your dog.

Based on the evaluations, a custom training program will be designed to cater to you and your dog’s needs. Eventually, this will help you have the polite, obedient, well-mannered dog you desire.

a human training a dog

The 4 training services offered by Canine Dimensions will help you with your out-of-control dog. Some of the major areas addressed through these services include;

  • Housebreaking
  • Pulling on the leash
  • Not coming when called
  • Darting out through open doors
  • Hyperactivity
  • Destructiveness
  • Aggression
  • Nipping and mouthing
  • Fear 
  • Jumping on people
  • Excessive barking
  • Counter surfing

Giving Back

The dog trainers at Canine Dimensions provide foster care for homeless, abused and neglected animals. They also volunteer at many local dog rescues, animal shelters and other animal welfare organizations nationwide.

On a large scale, they support the mission of not having any cats or dogs killed in a shelter again, simply for not having a home. On this journey, they have also trained and rehabilitated over 50,000 dogs to keep them safe at home and out of shelters.


The pricing of canine dimensions services per session can vary anywhere between $50-$400 based on the variables such as the trainer’s level of expertise, the levels of issues that need to be tackled with your dog, the distance and other relevant factors.

Canine Dimensions: Customer Testimonials

Below attached are a few client-rated reviews explaining their experience with Canine Dimensions.

As you can see, there are both positive and negative experiences, meaning among the 5-star reviews, you also have to consider the negatives to weigh what you are getting into.

Canine Dimensions Customer Testimonial 1
Canine Dimensions Customer Testimonial 2
Canine Dimensions Customer Testimonial 3

Review Wrap-Up: Would I Recommend Canine Dimensions?

I am someone who has been through a few dog training programs to address various aspects of my dog’s upbringing.

So based on whatever I have learned so far about dog training and my experience through the programs I’ve gotten involved in, I believe that a dog needs a dominant figure to take commands from. 

It is also important to me that the commands be communicated most effectively without involving any punishments or harmful behavior that can end up in frustration and fear in my dog.

I was glad I found Canine Dimensions because they also back this approach.

Canine Dimensions logo and a dog sitting on the ground

I noticed my dog started showing signs of fear around other dogs on one of our walks to the park. But I didn’t make much of it.

Later on, he also seemed to get startled easily by noises that he was familiar with. It was a bit concerning to me because my dog, by nature, wasn’t like that. 

I knew I had to address this issue, so I chose the fear and aggression training. I liked the fact that the training was done at home. My dog seemed more comfortable with the training since he was already familiar with the environment.

I also liked how the trainer approached my dog to build his confidence. The teaching technique was working for my dog.

But unfortunately, it was taking a lot longer than I anticipated, and I couldn’t afford the skyrocketing cost. So I stopped pursuing it after the 3rd session. Because of the cost alone, I wouldn’t recommend choosing Canine Dimensions.


In-home training
They use natural and humane training methods
They work with all behavior problems and any dog size, breed and age 


Does not involve the owner in the training process
Your dog learns from the trainer and not from you
The cost can be high due to customized and in-home training
Based on the service you choose, you will have to board your dog

A Better Alternative to Canine Dimensions 

The only way I could carry on with my dog’s progress so far with the Canine Dimensions training while maintaining an in-home environment was to do the training myself. 

In my quest to find a feasible and affordable option, I came across the K9 Training Institute, which claimed to be free of charge.

Since the cost was an issue for me, when I learned that it was free of charge, I wanted to try it no matter what caliber it was on.

I must say, and I can’t stress this enough, the amount of information you can access through the K9 TI website for free is so underrated.

In addition to plenty of helpful information on dog training, the K9 TI offers a workshop video and a total transformation masterclass. I watched these video-based lessons to help guide the training process of my dog.

I even ended up teaching my dog some new skills. Most importantly, I had fun spending more time with my dog while letting him learn at his own speed.

Also, the K9 TI allows you to consult with expert trainers for personal coaching. You can get the coach to clarify any issues concerning your dog or the training process.

What made the K9 TI more appealing to me was the fact that it was developed by an animal behaviorist, Dr Alex Diaz, who has over 2 decades of experience in the service dog industry. That speaks for the caliber and reliability of the content available through K9 TI. 

The training method taught through the K9 TI is similar to the Canine Dimensions. That incidentally worked out for me because my dog was already in the initial stages of comprehending body language enforced through operant conditioning. 

Free Workshop page of K9 Institute

The content available on K9 TI will help you work on many training aspects, including;

  • House training
  • Loose leash walking
  • Tuning out distractions
  • Basic commands, including coming when called back
  • Training to stop unnecessary barking and alerting you of a stranger’s presence without barking
  • Body language commands
  • Training on pleasant greeting 
  • And so much more

The K9 TI is a worthy consideration if you also want to spend more time with and enjoy the learning process without overwhelming your dog.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Canine Dimensions offers customized training services to meet the needs of owners and their dogs, including obedience training, puppy training, rescue dog training, aggression issues, separation anxiety, and more.

Canine Dimensions has an excellent rating of 4.5 stars based on thousands of positive reviews from Google and Yelp customers.

There were 26 Canine Dimensions locations in the U.S. as of 2022, in addition to the corporate locations.


Training a dog is a time-consuming task that requires effort, consistency and patience. But it doesn’t end at training. Maintenance training is also required to refresh your dog’s memory on all the new skills to strengthen the foundation of training.

Like the saying ‘practice makes perfect,’ continuous use and practice will ensure your dog stays rooted to the training.

To help train your dog effectively with no cost involved, the K9 TI is an excellent option. With the help of plenty of resources available through their site, you also can train your dog to be polite and well-mannered.

k9 Training Institute
k9 Training Institute logo
Ease of Training




Overall Score


The institute has a free online dog training workshop.
It is suitable for any type of dog with behavioral issues.
The Master Class offers unlimited personal coaching for specialized training.
Training works well for both puppies and adult dogs.
Get the FREE ACCESS valid until the end of July
The paid dog training program can be a bit expensive, but there is a free workshop too.

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