Cheap Fencing for Dogs: 12 Cheapest Ways to Fence a Yard

 Last Updated on July, 2024

Dogs can be naughty, and they love to wander off. So, dog owners believe that building a fence is a smart idea to keep their dogs enclosed.

Sometimes, building a fence to keep your dog inside the yard can be expensive.

But you do not have to worry anymore!

There are plenty of DIY dog fence ideas that are inexpensive and effective in keeping your pup safe.

In this article, you will learn the cheapest way to fence a yard for dogs and the things to consider when fencing a yard.

So, keep reading to discover the cheap and effective dog fence ideas you can consider for your loving pup.

Let’s dive right in!

Quick Summary

The 12 cheapest ways to fence a yard include, invisible wireless dog fence, PVC netting dog fencing, chicken wire dog fencing, chain link fence, welded wire mesh fence, picket fence (Palisade), traditional wood dog fences, lattice dog fences, pallet fencing, vinyl dog fence, metal dog fence & poultry netting.

The most cheapest way to fence a yard for dogs is by using an invisible wireless fence.

Things to consider when fencing a yard for dogs include the height of the fence, the amount of space allocated for openings, and neighborhood rules and regulations.

What are the Cheapest Ways to Fence a Yard for Dogs?

Cheap dog fence building can be fun and make you creative!

However, the costs of the fences vary depending on the fencing material and the quantities you choose.

So in this section, we will discuss the cheapest fencing ideas to prevent your pet from roaming here and there.

1. Invisible Wireless Dog Fence

An invisible wireless fence is one of the most EFFECTIVE and ADAPTABLE fences you can install in your yard.

Plus, it is very easy to install and less expensive.

And this is an AWESOME option if you dislike physical fences obstructing the view. 

Wanna know why?

An invisible fence does not have a physical border. Instead, it uses radio signals to stop your dog from escaping the yard.

a dog sitting on the ground and looking the invisible fence flags

And most new invisible fences use GPS instead of radio signals which are far more reliable.

This makes it easier for you to use the fence without worrying about burying it in the ground. And it does not interfere with the natural landscape.

This fence consists of three components such as the transmitter, the receiver collar, and the fence perimeter.

The transmitter emits radio signals and creates a circular perimeter around your yard. And it is wirelessly linked to the collar, which is worn by your pooch.


Training is important to get your dog to understand how these fences work; otherwise, there is no point in getting one.

That said, most modern invisible fences come with all the essential training materials needed to familiarize your dog with the system.

The transmitter sends a signal to the collar if your dog comes near the boundary. As a result, it will guide your pet into the yard without allowing it to cross the perimeter.

Although there is no physical border, your furry friend will stay inside the yard safely.

Well, this sounds PERFECT, right?

So, I recommend the invisible dog fence as the BEST solution to keep your pup safe in the most reliable and cheapest way.

Cost: $957 – $1444

Being the cheapest option out of all, not all invisible fences are reliable, that is why I wanted to give my recommendation.

Halo 2+ is the system I use, and it is without a doubt, the best available. At $649, it is one of the cheapest options too. The device is GPS enabled, and when it comes to reliability, it is the best.

2. PVC Netting Dog Fencing

Did you know that you can use PVC Deer Block netting to make the cheapest dog fence?

Yes. You heard it right. 

PVC dog fence is a cheap dog fence that is highly flexible and customizable.

So, you can easily adjust the size of the fence according to your preference.

And if you move with your fur babies often, you can go for a PVC dog fence since it is one of the most effective temporary dog fences.

So it is a great reusable dog fence.

PVC Netting Dog Fencing

While this fence has excellent structural integrity, it also provides two-way visibility.

So this allows your pup to see outside without wandering off.

Cost: $2.50 – $4 (1m x 1m)

3. Chicken Wire Dog Fencing

Chicken wire is one of the cheapest and most effective dog fences.

You can easily anchor the fence by stapling it along the sides, bottom, and top of the poles forged into the yard.

And if your yard is smaller, a chicken wire fence is a GREAT option. It is also beneficial to keep your pup away from small gardens as well.

However, it may not prevent other animals outside from entering the yard.

Cost: $24.5 – $26.5 (1m x 30m)

Chicken Wire Dog Fencing

4. Chain Link Fence

Chain link fences use the most affordable materials to help you contain your loving pup.

Moreover, it is very easy to install. You can build the fence by yourself without hiring anyone.

Pet parents can also add a gate to this fence according to their preference. Chain link fence also allows you to modify it to fit your needs.

Chain link is durable, although it does not add beauty to your yard.

Cost: $68.5 – $82.25 (1m x 15m)

Chain Link Fence

5. Welded Wire Mesh Fence

If you are looking for a hefty, cheap, and effective fence to keep your dog contained, you can go for a welded wire mesh fence.

This fence uses welded high-tensile fencing materials that are more durable. Most of them use galvanized steel.

Welded wire comes in a roll and has a range of sizes from small to large.

Of course, you can rely on the welded wire mesh to keep your dog inside while providing clean lines without obstructing the view. 

Welded Wire Mesh Fence

However, you will need a wood frame to anchor the wire fencing.

And if you have two dogs, you can use wire fencing to keep them apart.

By the way, it is better to go for a wire mesh treated with anti-chew protection to protect the fence from your pup’s unavoidable chewing.

Cost: $36 – $40 (0.5m x 3m)

6. Picket Fence (Palisade)

The picket fence is a common and cheap choice to keep our four-legged friends enclosed and keep other creatures out of the yard.

You and your pet can still enjoy the view if you install a picket fence in your yard.

This fence provides complete visibility enabling you to monitor your pet even from the outside.

The gaps between the fences let your dog see the outside world. It may offer distractions to your pup when you leave them alone.

Picket Fence

While these fences provide a protective barrier, they are decorative as well. Of course, they will increase the curb appeal of your home.

Cost: $54 – $90 (1m x 4’)

7. Traditional Wood Dog Fences

Wood fences are excellent for keeping your pooch safe and preventing stray animals from entering your yard.

And it is a more permanent fence that adds an aesthetic look to your home.

Wooden fencing is sturdy, durable, and heavy, and its material is inexpensive.

If you install this solid fence, your furry friend won’t be able to climb out, dig through, or escape the yard.

Cost: $1000 – $4500 (2m x 45m)

a dog lying on the ground in front of Traditional Wood Fences

8. Lattice Dog Fences

Are you looking for a visually appealing, cheap fence to keep your dog safe?

If so, opt for a lattice dog fence, a brilliant option to contain your dog and make your yard pretty.

This fence is similar to a traditional wood fence. But it consists of vertical and horizontal lines at 90 degrees.

These lines create tiny squares in between.

Unlike traditional wood fences, a lattice fence provides more visibility and airflow.

Lattice Dog Fence

Moreover, pet owners can customize the size, height, and length according to their liking.

And you will have to use premade lattice panels to build the fence.

Lattice dog fences have a more solid feel. So, it is more suitable for a large yard.

Cost: $132 – $135 (70cm x 160cm)

9. Pallet Fencing

Pallet fence is super affordable and can handle cool and warm temperatures.

They are eco-friendly wood fences made from second-hand wood. And you can furnish it the way you love.

And this fence is suitable for any garden arrangement. So, this will work fine in both small and large yards.

You can purchase pallets at home improvement shops and grocery stores.

Cost: $45.5 – $47.5 (1m x 200m)

Pallet Fence

10. Vinyl Dog Fence

If you want a classy modern dog fence, which is also cheap, you can go for a vinyl dog fence.

This fence provides privacy because it has taller solid panels between the fence posts. 

Dog parents can add a plain or decorative top to the fence to give it a more aesthetic look. It will maximize your home’s curb appeal.

And your pup cannot see anything beyond the border. So, it gives you total privacy.

However, make sure not to put the supporting posts too close together.

Vinyl Dog Fence

It will ensure that your fence is flexible and not too stiff. Keep in mind that flexibility increases the durability of the fence.

So first, you will have to place the corners and then distribute the posts between them. Also, the posts should be deep enough into the ground.

So, it is better to dig six inches deeper than the recommended amount.

Cost: $100 – $110 (2m x 2m)

11. Metal Dog Fence

Metal dog fences are one of the STRONGEST fences you can put up for dog enclosures.

These fences can be all metal, or you can add other accent materials too.

And metal fences will give an industrial look to your yard.

If you build a metal fence in your yard, you do not have to worry about your pooch escaping or strangers entering the yard. 

a dog putting the legs on the Metal Dog Fence

These fences will keep your pet enclosed and guarantee your pet’s safety.

Corrugated metal may be a great choice for building up a metal fence. Also, you can upcycle old metal to create your DIY metal fence.

Some metal fences may offer full visibility, while some do not. This will depend on how you put up the metal stakes and fence panels.

Cost: $81 – $109 (62.8” x 31.4”)

12. Poultry Netting

Poultry netting dog fence is super affordable, easy to put up, and durable.

But, it is not effective to enclose larger dogs since it is lightweight. However, it works great for small furry friends.

And they are available in different sizes to fit your garden.

These fences come with tapered eye holes on both ends. So, it is extremely easy to build up by yourself.

Cost: $19 – $29 (50’ x 50’)

Poultry Netting

Note: Best backyard dog fence ideas

Things to Consider When Fencing a Yard For Dogs

Now that you know the cheapest dog fencing ideas, it is time to learn some important tips to fence a yard for dogs. 

So, let’s check them out!

Height of the Fence

You should consider how high your pet can jump before building up a fence.

Most highly active and large dogs are good jumpers. So, these dogs will need a fence tall enough to be contained inside the yard

However, small dogs will not need taller fences to stay inside the yard.

Allocate Enough Space for Openings

a fence gate

The openings of the fence, which is the gate, and the gaps in between should be spacious. Our loving dogs should not feel constricted inside the fence.

Keep in mind to provide a good view and air flow to keep your pup safe and happy.

Check Neighborhood Rules and Regulations

In some housing schemes, there can be several rules regarding dog fences.

These include fence materials, dig fence styles, and other restrictions. So, you should have to consider these rules when planning to install a fence for your pet.

In this case, an invisible dog fence is the best fence you can think of.


Visual Barrier

Dogs are attracted to and sensitive to visual stimuli.

Specifically, aggressive dogs may be triggered by other dogs, strangers, and critters.

In such cases, it is better to go for a non-see-through dog fence to keep the distractions away.


The easiest fence to build is an invisible fence, which is easy to install for dogs.

A dog fence should typically be about three times the height of the dog’s shoulder.

Training a dog to learn an invisible fence typically takes at least 2 weeks.

Yes, wireless fence does work and is a reliable option for preventing pets from leaving the yard. Additionally, it is also effective in keeping other animals out.


Dog fences are essential to keep our loving dogs safe inside the yard. However, pet parents do not have to spend much money to build up a dog fence.

There are plenty of cheap and effective dog fencing ideas to ensure our fur babies’ safety.

Out of all, an invisible dog fence is the best option. It is a cheap and reliable way to keep our dogs protected, checkout the best ones right here.

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