Doggy Time App Review (2024 Upd.) Is it a Dog Training App?

Last Updated on July, 2024

Doggy Time app was recommended by a fellow dog parent who wanted to track their pet while they were training the dogs separately.

Seeing some of the mixed reviews, I wanted to check it by myself as I also had a dog who could use some training.

You’re in the right place if you’re about to get a Doggy Time subscription.

This review has everything you need to know; read through and decide for yourself.

Why Trust Me?

Trust me, because I actually bought the subscription and used the app in full capacity.

I also went through several user testimonials to ensure I’m not missing what they might not want me to see. Don’t worry; I didn’t forget to check other reviews too.

That’s why what you find here is all you need.

The Good

The Doggy Time app is good if your requirement is to track your dog’s activities and progress. The interface is simple, and it works perfectly on any device and OS (Android and iOS). The ability to share details with vets also makes the app a safe haven for busy dog parents, amongst many other features.

The Not So Good

Many customers have negatively reviewed the platform after being misled, thinking it’s a dog training app; it’s not. It also doesn’t work for free that well, as the better features are behind a paywall. The Doggy Time app’s capabilities and requirements for dog parents who want to train their dogs are vastly different.

The Bottom Line

While the Doggy Time app (as a tracking track) is amazing, it’ll disappoint you if you pay and expect dog training. Conversely, you can opt for a proven solution like the K9 training institute. Not only is it comprehensive, but it’s also 100% free. More information at the end.

What is Doggy Time App?

Doggy Time app is essentially a tracking app (as the brand name itself suggests).

What’s impressive is what you can track with the app; it’s that comprehensive.

This app is made by KidPlay LLC; a company specializing in parenting tools; Potty Whiz is their second app that helps you potty train your child easily.

The Doggy Time app requires you to connect to the internet with an account. You’ll never lose any of the data as everything is cloud-based.

Doggy Time App Logo

Doggy Time App Features: Breakdown

It’s not merely the types of tracking aspects that make Doggy Time great; it’s the extent and the user-friendliness.

What are the features of the Doggy Time app? Let’s see.

Multiple Activity Tracking

We live busy lives, and it’s natural to forget some important activities regarding your dog.

The Doggy Time app understood it well.

The app will clearly show the exact time, one after another, on a very clear list.

There’s a horizontal slider on the bottom that lets you pick different activities.

You can track important aspects like peeing, drinking, walking, pooping, playing, eating, and even how long your dog stayed inside the crate.

It was easier for me to keep track of all these aspects thanks to the weekly calendar above the list.

Doggy Time app lets you see how many activities you have tracked each day too.

Multiple Activity Tracking feature in an app

Comprehensive Progress Monitoring

Even if you keep up with your dog’s grooming, you’re highly likely to miss a major aspect. It could be trimming nails or even giving a well-timed bath. 

Conversely, you aim to track these aspects because you want to monitor progress, right?

The Doggy Time app has got you covered there.

For instance, lets you see the week’s progress in a clear and vivid interface where you can see for how long your dog played, stayed inside the crate, trained, medications, and so much more.

It’s not merely the stats that make things easier; it’s the comparison.

Multi-People Concurrent Tracking

I have almost chosen several dog tracking apps in the past but gave up due to one critical flaw.

Only one person can track things at a time.

Even if you’re living alone with your dog, there always will be instances when third-party access is required. After all, several American couples now own more dogs and cats than children.

Doggy Time enables multiple people access to the app, and that brings several case-specific benefits. 

Not only that, you can even share important recorded data with other dog friends via the app.

Self-Reminding & Smart Reminding

It’s always better to set reminders as life does get in the way, and your dog doesn’t deserve it. The Doggy Time app is pretty comprehensive, as it lets you categorize all types of reminders in one tab.

Drinking, playing, crate time, pooping, sleeping, treat time, and even for walking. You can create these once, daily, weekly, or even monthly.

But you could do that with your phone too. So, what’s special about it?

That’s where smart reminders come into play.

Automatic reminders in Doggy Time are similar to logic or condition-based decisions. For example, smart reminders let you automatically create a reminder (say) 2 hours after you log a certain activity between a particular time period (for example, 6 AM and 10 PM).

Tap on Save, and you’re good to go!

Reminding feature in an app

Convenient Visibility With Your Vet

Doggy Time goes above and beyond compared to conventional time-keeping apps; visibility with your vet is great proof for that.

This section is divided into five areas: care notes, vet, insurance, chip, and share records.

Care notes are essential when handling any dog of any age. The app also lets you maintain your vet’s information easily. You can also view and confirm your insurance at any time. 

For me, the last two areas were the most important — chip and share records.

The Doggy Time app allows you to track your dog’s chip within the app easily. Synchronization is admirable and swift.

The app also lets you easily share medical records with your vet. Not only does this make everything much more efficient, but it also makes your life less complicated.

Multi-Device Compatibility

Being an iOS user, I have encountered enough issues with Android-popular mobile apps in the past. 

Doggy time was one of the occasions where it was pleasant.

Not only does it work perfectly on both Android and Apple, but it also works on multiple devices. I tried it on a regular Android tablet and also my iPad — it worked just fine.

This device compatibility is complemented by another factor: a highly user-friendly interface.

Super User-Friendly User Interface

The user interface is a crucial factor in modern mobile apps, and Doggy Time is a great example of that.

It’s very easy to switch between any menu, thanks to the navigation panels. You don’t have to tap the same button four times to reach a different panel; all it takes is one tap.

That’s how it should be

With that, we have covered all the features of the Doggy Time app. 

Let’s look at the pros and cons next.

Pros and Cons of Doggy Time App

Even for a feature-packed smart app like Doggy Time App, there are ups and downs. Let’s check the pros and cons now.


Centralized mobile app for monitoring your dog
Well-categorized app with multiple monitoring aspects
Single-tap switching between different monitoring aspects
Smart reminders for easier keeping up
Allows multiple people to monitor your dog
Easier in-app record-taking
Easier to share records with vets


Has a monthly subscription
Mostly a tracking app

How Much is Doggy Time App?

The Doggy Time app is free to download but operates with subscriptions. The monthly subscription is $3.99, and the annual subscription is $32.99.

In my experience, I also noticed that the app suddenly stopped working unless you bought the subscription after around 15-20 events with no warning. I didn’t like that,

With that covered, let’s see what customers are saying.

Customer Reviews: Doggy Time App

The app has mixed reviews, and I picked a well-balanced sample space.

It’s an extremely good app, worth the annual price. My only issue is that it sometimes is slow or laggy, and I occasionally have to restart the app.

I agree with this user as I’ve noticed that the app lags a little bit despite its highly user-friendly design. However, I don’t recommend you lock yourself in an annual plan.

I absolutely love this app! It helps me remember so much for my little Molasses, and I also get to document the things that happen like walks, eating, this is very helpful for finding unusual patterns. Overall 4 stars hust vecause you need to subscribe for a plan in order to do a lot of things.

As I said under cons, you should understand that this is more of a tracking app with little or no exposure to training. While I agree with this review, I came across several unhappy dog parents who thought they were misled when they clearly didn’t read what they were purchasing.

Below is one of them.

More a journal app than a training app. Since it’s labelled as a training app I thought it would help plan my dog’s training but I could only find a few articles. It is more of a journal. If I found this when I got my first puppy I’d be all over it as tracking really helps identify potential health and behavior issues, but it’s not what I was expecting/wanting now.

The company does market it as a training app, although one could argue both ways.

However, I must tell you that I didn’t come across any training directions or even hints that would have helped me train my dog. 

A Great Supportive Solution to Doggy Time App: K9 Training Institute

I still use the Doggy Time app because I have tracking requirements. However, I knew that my dog required training.

So, if you’re looking to train your dog too, I’d recommend you pick K9 Training Institute.

I know how expensive training schools (even online ones at present) can be.

So, when I discovered it was 100% FREE, I was both surprised and skeptical at the beginning.

K9TI logo

After enough research, I realized that if I really wanted to train my dog, I could have done without spending a penny from home, with industry experts.

I quickly understood that both these services complement each other very well.

K9ti’s lead trainer is Dr. Alexa Diaz brings 20+ years of experience with a doctorate in animal behavior. The best thing is that she has been training service dogs; not the typical pet dogs. I trust that’s why these measures are more effective.

Alongside her is the lead presenter (and also a trainer) of K9ti, Eric Presnall, who hosted the hit Animal Planet show “Who Let The Dogs.”

In a nutshell, your dog or puppy is in safe hands.

I also love how their training content is based (and developed) on research conducted at Harvard and Stanford. The real question is, what exactly does K9ti teach?

Here’s a full list:

  • Potty training from the start
  • Behavioral correction to stop unnecessary barking
  • Silent alarming tricks around strangers
  • Distraction management 
  • Boost overall obedience
  • End-to-end leash training
  • Body language training
  • And this list goes on.

It still baffles me how this all can be free. 

I assume that it will not stay forever free as the institute is rapidly expanding, and I was lucky enough to discover it on time.

I would say I was very lucky, and I hope the institute doesn’t charge still by the time you’re reading this review.

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Conclusion: Doggy Time App Review

Doggy Time App is, without a doubt, one of the best-performing time-tracking mobile apps for dogs. It offers you multi-person tracking with several features that keep your mind safe.

The issue is that the app is simply for tracking various activities of your dog; it’s not a training app at all, not even with subscriptions.

So, if you want a time-tracking app with a monthly subscription, Doggy Time works.

While you do, you can train your dog for free with K9 Training Institute. Ideally, it’s best to explore free options before the paid ones.

I hope this review was helpful. Feel free to share this review with your family and community to raise awareness.


No, you cannot train dogs with the Doggy Time App because it is designed for tracking the dog’s activities, not for training.

No, the Doggy Time app is not free; it requires a monthly or annual subscription.

Yes, K9Ti is legitimate, backed by research from Stanford and Harvard, and led by a Ph.D. trainer.

K9 Training Institute (K9Ti) is free.

K9 Training Institute
k9 Training Institute logo
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Overall Score


It is suitable for any type of dog with behavioral issues.
The institute has a free online dog training workshop.
The K9TI offers unlimited personal coaching for specialized training.
Training works well for both puppies and adult dogs.
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The paid dog training program can be a bit expensive, but there is a free workshop too.

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