Findster Duo+ Review [2024 Upd.] Is This Discontinued???

Last Updated on July, 2024

I was in your shoes a couple of months ago; I knew my Lab, Buster didn’t deserve to be exposed to fatal risks.

Definitely not after a near-death experience.

Modern dog tracking cannot be done without proper pet trackers. But the problem is, there are so many on the market.

This was the background when I came across the Findster Duo+. 

I bought the Findster Duo+ and tested the product myself. And believe me, you need to hear what I have to say. 

So, let’s get into it.

The Good

Findster Duo+ is an excellent pet tracker for short-distance tracking, especially when walking your dog. Not having to pay a monthly fee is a money saver too. The battery lasts for around 7 days. You can track your dog in real-time all around the world, including its activity, with a user-friendly app — remember, this isn’t the same as worldwide or nationwide coverage.

The Not So Good

You cannot share your dog’s location or activity history with anyone via the app. In addition, the accuracy and the location refresh rate in the live mode depend on the obstacles in the environment. The presence of guardian modules and pet modules complicates the process. 

The Bottom Line

While the Findster Duo+ has several valuable benefits, the weight of “the not so good” is higher. So, I can’t really recommend the Findster Duo+ — not when there are relatively much better alternatives, such as the Fi Series 2, with better benefits and little or none “not so good” characteristics. It’s even available for a lower price. (Read about it at the end of the article)

UPDATE: The Duo+ is currently discontinued and no longer available for purchase.

About the Findster Duo+ — No Monthly Fees Tracker

The Findster Duo+ is a GPS tracker designed specifically to track dogs.

The “Duo+” part is in the product name because the tracker consists of two devices; the pet module and the guardian module (also known as the parent module). 

The “+” indicates that the tracker has so much to offer. 

I’ll explain the operational purpose of these two modules in a moment.There are several key features offered by the product.

Findster Duo+

But I personally think that these features should be appropriately elaborated. This Duo+ review has everything and more.

The package was impressive. What do you think I found in it?

What’s in the Packaging?

inside the package of Findster Duo+

I ordered directly from their website. So, ensure you’re getting these items wherever you’re buying from.

Here’s what I found in the package:

  • Pet module
  • Guardian module 
  • Charger
  • USB cable
  • Rubber belt
  • Quick start guide 

The Company Behind Findster Duo+

findster company logo

Findster Technologies is based in Portugal. The founders are the inventors of the product. 

They come from a background with a mix of experience in hardware, software, and design.

So, it makes sense that the pet tracker looks and feels really nice.

But let’s move on to the good stuff now. 

How do you think it works?

An Introduction to the Findster Duo+

a human holding Findster Duo

I told you why the product has the “Duo+” part in its product name. The combination of the pet module and the guardian module is the foundation of this GPS tracker. 

But there’s a third essential component. To complete the process, the Findster App.

Let’s see how these three components interconnect to help you track your dog better.

The pet module is supposed to be attached to your dog’s collar. You should keep the guardian module with you. 

How GPS Tracking Happens in Findster Duo+?

The pet module, consisting of GPS, transmits your dog’s location to the guardian module.

Then, the guardian module communicates the pet’s location to the Findster app using Bluetooth.

But it’s not only the location you can view; you can also check your pet’s activity.

There’s something quite special about the Findster Duo+; the tracker doesn’t need cell service to do its job, unlike many other pet trackers. There’s a secret to that.

I’ll tell you what it is in the next section; the notable features.

gps tracking of Findster Duo+ app

Notable Features of Duo+ ( Technical Spec Included)

Build Quality and Design 

The tracker is relatively small and rhomboid in shape with smooth curved edges.

It suits even the smaller breeds and pups. The dimensions are 5 x 5 x 1.3 (all units in cm), and it weighs only 0.74 ounces.

I absolutely loved its smooth and mildly glossy surface. The friction is terrific, and it fits amazingly around Buster’s neck.

The design makes my dog look so much better.

a dog wearing Findster Duo+

The guardian module comes in dark blue, and the pet module comes in light blue. RGB LEDs are also on the modules which show their connection status.

Duo+ has a strap with velcro so the fitting part was quite convenient.

Durability and Resistance

You can say durability and resistance are the two sides of the same coin. That’s why the product comes with the IPX7 waterproof standard.

It’s also shockproof while being made out of quality rubber.

Battery Life

I like trackers with long battery life; who wants to charge things constantly anyway?

The other GPS trackers I’ve used in the past didn’t exactly exceed the 3-day mark.

So, in a way, I was impressed with Findster’s 7-day battery when I saw it in the product description.

So, I gave my own try to test the tracker; the battery lasted close to six and a half days. What’s most impressive is how fast the battery fully charges from 0 – 2 hours. That’s it.

Findster Duo+ on charge

Unlike most other pet trackers, the tracker will last close to a week.

I also checked whether the company’s battery draining destinations were accurate.

Here’s how the battery is supposed to drain by design:

  • For long hikes,
  • Findster estimation: 12 hours
  • My practical test’s results: 10h 45m
  • For regular walks (all-day activity monitoring and two 30-minute walks),
  • Findster estimation: Up to 3 days
  • My result: 2 and a half days 
  • For no walks but to track activity all day at home,
  • Findster estimation: 7 days
  • My result: 7 days

In conclusion, the battery can even exceed the 7-day mark if you use it even less. 

Tracking Compatibility with the Range

The company claims their record range was 5 miles, which is a lot for a pet tracker of this kind. 

But I realized there’s one key characteristic the Findster is not really open about.

The communication range depends on the surroundings. This problem extends to greater lengths, and I’ll tell you why when we get there.

However, I wanted to check if their by-design range actually works. This range is up to 3 miles. 

a human holding a phone and looking at the Range of pets in the Findster Duo+ app

I actually asked a friend to take my pet away for close to 3 miles.

But the longest range I observed was only close to 2 miles. 

This wasn’t even in an environment with tall buildings or thick vegetation. 

So, I can’t guarantee the range of Duo+ by first-hand experience.

  • The Role of Modules in Range (Pet Module and Guardian Module)

I don’t think any other Duo+ review mentions this, but despite the alleged 3-mile range, there’s one more factor.

The smartphone, in which the Findster Duo+ App works, and the guardian module cannot be too far from one another. At one point, I was a little frustrated with all these modules.

Because if the distance between the guardian module and the smartphone becomes farther than 2 yards, the Bluetooth will not connect.

Ultimately, tracking would come to a halt instantly.

  • How Does the Findster Duo+ Work Without Cell Coverage?

Unlike most GPS trackers, the Findster Duo+ can work without cell coverage. This is because they use MAZE technology, which is copyrighted to Findster Technologies.

The frequency in the sub is 1GHz ISM band, which complies with the FCC and CE regulations. But what exactly makes Findster Duo+ work without cell coverage?

MAZE technology is NOT affiliated with any telephone company nor receives services from any such company. That’s why these GPS trackers work worldwide, including in remote areas.

This independence makes the tracker free of any monthly fees.

Activity Tracking

Unlike typical GPS trackers on the market, you can track activity with meaningful stats. 

One such aspect is calories. You can view the number of calories burned whenever you want. 

The other most important aspect is sleep. Lacking or too much sleep/resting of a dog can signal too many negative consequences.

That’s why the Findster Duo+ lets you view the resting/sleeping time of your furry friend.

a human holding a phone and looking at the Range of the pet with Findster Duo+ app

The Findster App

The app is probably one of the best things about the Findster Duo+. 

The blue color palette is eye-friendly, and the layout and navigation are straightforward.

All you need to do is, download the Findster app and log into your Findster account with the credentials you receive.

The app lets you see both real-time location tracking and activity tracking. 

Findster Duo+ android app

The tracking mode shows the map and the distance between you and your furry friends. It also lets you line out different ranges. In case your pet leaves that area, you’ll get an alert.

I personally love the leaderboards feature, which is a community of Findster users. With this comparison, I know pet owners will be motivated to train their dogs better.

However, there’s one issue with both activity and location tracking. I’ll tell you that under cons. Nonetheless, integrating an activity tracking device into a GPS tracker is helpful.

And that’s all you need to know about the app.

Superior Fencing Features

My dog, Buster, is the kind that listens to me all the time. 

But it’s that one time when all hell breaks loose. 

For all these occasions and more, the Findster Duo+ pet tracker comes with three major types of fencing:

  • Virtual leash
  • Safe zone 
  • Danger zone 

The leash is a dynamic boundary; it moves as you move, but the radius is constant.

Fencing Features of Findster Duo+ app

But there is a limit; the virtual leash radius cannot be smaller than 55 yards. 

In case your dog decides to walk past that line, you’ll get a notification as soon as it walks out of the boundary. The response time is almost instantaneous.

Both the “safe zone” and the “danger zone” come under the category of “virtual fence.” The idea of a geo fence or a GPS fence is simple.

You draw the boundary of a specific area. You get notified via the app if the dog walks out of or onto the perimeter. In the safe zones mode, you get the notification as the dog walks out of the zone.

In the danger zone mode, the notification comes when your pet enters the zone.

How Much Does the Findster Duo+ Cost?

The price of the Findster Duo+ is $149.99. But here’s where it gets interesting.

If you have more than one dog and are looking for a second or even a third, Findster gives you a fantastic discount.

If you’re buying two Findster Duo+ trackers, the price is $199.99. That’s a $200 save right there.

For 3 trackers, the price is $249.99, and that’s a $150 savings.

Pros and Cons 

Finderster Duo+ brings a lot of pros to the table, with a potentially large number of cons as well.


  • Dog Walking

I got the feeling that the tracker was designed for walking dogs. 

Why am I saying that? Because the battery life depends on the nature of the walk you take with the pet; hiking, regular walks, or no walks.

So, I think this design makes the tracker stand out from its competitors.

Doesn’t need no cell coverage: maze (free of monthly stuff)

Typical GPS trackers require a monthly subscription fee. This is because location tracking is enabled by satellites. But Findster’s MAZE technology has replaced the need for conventional GPS tracking.

That’s a lot of money you save as you go.

  • Findster Care Membership

Findster care service is that extra service for the extra cautious pet parent. Findster Duo+ designated a personal vet available 24/7 when you obtain the membership.

The current monthly charge for this service is $3.99/month. You can stop it anytime and continue using the Findster Duo+ without complications.

  • GPS Fences

I can’t begin to tell you how helpful these geofences are. If I had virtual fences in my old tracker, Buster wouldn’t have met with an accident.

The alerting time is almost real-time, as long as the environment is not too heavily obstacle-filled. 

The variety of the fences adds even more value to the tracker. 

The product would suit anyone who wants to keep the pet within well-defined boundaries such as houses, daycare houses, etc.

  • Ability to Connect Others to the App

You won’t be there all the time to track your dog. Or, there can be occasions when you want to keep someone constantly informed about the dog’s whereabouts.

Findster Duo+ figured it out at the design stage. That’s why you can share your live location with others connected to the app.

  • Can Add Several Findster Duo+ Pet Trackers

Other trackers on the market doesn’t let you sync many trackers or tags to one account. 

But you can add more than one Findster tracker to your account easily for no extra charge. That’s great news if you own multiple pets.

  • Free Shipping 

Who doesn’t like saving money on shipping, anyway? I know I do! 


  • Restricted Access Would Have Been Nicer

I do mind letting a one-time dog walker get full access to my account. But I’ve heard that there were tracker systems that gave restricted access. 

Having that instead of full access sharing would have been better.

  • Limited Coverage or Communication Range 

Would your dog run away more than 3 miles from your location? That’s extreme. What if I asked, “How would you be able to see what your dog is doing at home when you’re at work?”

The limited coverage area hinders that tremendously.

  • The Coverage Area Depends on the Environment 

Living in urban areas shouldn’t be a problem if it was a typical GPS tracker.

But the dependence of the tracking coverage on the surrounding environment is a significant disadvantage when you really think about it.

It took me a few minutes to re connect to the system when using the tracker in the town.

  • Cannot Export Location History 

I know! It’s a big downside, and it’s only fair for pet owners to document their dog’s behavior. Although Findster Duo+ lets you store history, you can’t export it.

For example, you lose chances of providing proof of the behavioral history of the pet because of the lack of the feature.

  • Relative Dependence of the Modules

As mentioned earlier, tracking depends on the relative dependence of the modules. 

As soon as you start to exceed the maximum permissible range, the live tracking update speed drops drastically.

I noted the updating speed was dropping to around 10 seconds of latency.

That’s not acceptable for live tracking if you want to market a live tracking feature.

Customer Reviews of Findster Duo+ 

Findster Duo+ Customer Review 1

This makes sense because the tracker is definitely not for the smaller dog breeds. 

Findster Duo+ Customer Review 2

I felt a sense of rushing when I called, so I completely understand where this is coming from. 

Is Findster Duo+ Worth it?

The product is worth it at a 50/50 level. 

I’m saying that because I felt the tracker’s performance greatly depended on certain conditions.

As soon as those conditions aren’t satisfied, the performance drops. What’s irritating is that maintaining these ideal situations might not always be possible.

So, based on all of these issues, I chose to go with an alternative for long-term use.

The Best Alternative: Fi Series 2

I ended up discovering the Fi Series 2.

Fi is a USA-based company founded in 2017.

Their all-new Fi Series 2 tracker is dominating the dog tracker market right now.

It was definitely a good sign when I got a $70 discount; I guess my timing was quite nice.

The Fi Series 2 collar is made for all breeds and sizes as it comes in four main dimensions:

  • Small: 11.5″-13.5″ neck
  • Medium: 13″-16.5″ neck
  • Large: 16″-22.5″ neck
  • Extra large: 22″-34.5″ neck
Fi Collar GPS tracker

It comes in four colors: gray, blue, yellow, and pink. I chose to go with yellow.

It’s also IPX7 waterproof.

The Fi collar also works with a smartphone app of its own. That’s where you’d find all the operational modes; the live mode, activity tracking mode, including its own community and content from the Fi company itself.

The Fi system stores the location and health tracking data and lets you share it with as many people as you wish via the app.

Tracking is much more accurate and faster because the tracker has all three Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, and LTE tracking. 

The battery life can last up to 3 months, and mine lasted for 2 months and 27 days.

You can track your dogs as long as they’re inside the USA.

What About the Subscription Plans?

Subscription Plans of fi series 2

The Fi Series 2 is a GPS tracker, so there’s a subscription plan to choose from. But it comes with a 30-day trial period.

The subscription costs $99/year or monthly fees of $8.25. This is the situation as of now.

Does Fi Series 2 Work Without a Subscription?

But the collar works without the subscription as well. 

Here’s a comparison of what you get and what you don’t get with and without the subscription.

Fi Series 2 FeatureWith GPS/LTE SubscriptionNo Subscription
Today’s Health Activity YesYes
Past Health Activities YesNo
Location When Connected to Base/ WiFi (Series 2 only)YesYes
Location When Connected to Owner (Fi Mobile App)YesYes
GPS LocationYesNo
Walks with Owner YesYes
Walks Without OwnerYesNo
Notification When Dog Exits Safe ZoneYesNo
Lost Dog Mode YesNo

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In Conclusion

Findster Duo+ is not a terrible tracker; it has some nice features. But Fi Series 2 brings the same types of features and more, but with a much greater impact. That automatically makes Fi Series 2 the better option objectively.

After all, we just want a better working tracker.

I’m sure you’ll make the best decision now that you know everything you need to know. It’s the last milestone before you can track your beloved furry friends as they should be tracked.


No, Findster Duo+ does not have worldwide coverage as advertised. It is only capable of tracking locations within certain geographic regions.

The Findster Duo+ has received negative reviews due to customers feeling misled about the trackers’ performance capabilities.

Yes, the Fi Series 2 is worth the money as it offers features that are not available in other similar products.

BETTER Alternative
Fi Collar
Fi Collar GPS tracker Product Image




Overall Score


Great battery life
Superior in terms of its features
It comes with a stylish collar available in different sizes
Better water and dirt resistance
Extremely easy to set up and use
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of July
It requires a rather hefty monthly subscription

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