Free Spirit Remote Trainer Review: Does This Collar Work?

Last Updated on July, 2024

Free Spirit collar is one of the many brands of remote dog training collars available. 

Does it live up to the expectations? 

Is it worth the price? 

What’s the feedback from other users? 

All these questions enter a dog owner’s mind looking for the ideal remote collar.

In this Free Spirit Collar Review, I will take you through all the features, benefits, and pricing of the Free Spirit collar. You will get a review from first-hand experience and an overview of reviews from other users.

Keep reading to find out all the positives and negatives. Then you can decide if the Free Spirit remote training collar is the best fit for your furry friend.

What is a Free Spirit Collar & How Does it Work? 

Free Spirit remote trainer is a set of a collar and a remote. All you have to do is fasten the collar on your dog’s neck.

Now you can control your dog’s unwanted behaviors with a click of a button. The collar has 2 contact points.

When you click your remote, your dog will receive either a vibration or shock via these points.

The remote allows you to manage the mode of training as well as the intensity of the shock (If you want to use the shock mode, that is).

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Free Spirit Collar and Remote

Who Should Use a Free Spirit Collar? 

A Free Spirit collar is for anyone who wants to remotely correct their dog’s behavior. The unwanted behavior can be barking or jumping to merely ignoring your commands.

The remote collar will also train your dog to behave without a leash. If you dread your dog running away when you unleash him or jumping on strangers, this collar is a good way to start training.

End of the day, we want our dogs to be well-behaved and free! The size of your dog is not an issue with the Free Spirit collar. The collar will fit a dog of any size above 8 lb.

How Much Does it Cost? 

The Free Spirit collar is priced at $48.62. And yes, this is relatively cheaper than most other remote collars out there.

Here’s what you get when you buy a Free Spirit remote trainer collar.

  • Remote: To control up to 2 collars at once. You have to purchase the second collar separately.
  • Receiving collar: This is the collar that your dog must wear.
  • USB charging cable: One USB cable to charge both the remote and the receiving collar.
  • Test light tool: To check the functioning of the collar.
  • Long probes: Probes are the contact points. The short probes are already installed in the collar. You have to screw in the long probes into the collar. You can use the long probes by using the test light tool.

You can find more details on setting up and operating the Free Spirit remote trainer on the user manual.

How to Buy The Free Spirit collar?

You can easily purchase the Free Spirit remote collar online.

Click here to purchase the Free Spirit collar from the Amazon store.

Return/Money Back Guarantee

The product has a one-year, non-transferable warranty. If your remote or the collar stops working within this time, you can reach the seller for a replacement.

You can also return the product and demand a refund or replacement if you are unsatisfied with the product. The time frame for return/refund is within 30 days after receipt. The refund is applicable only if you return the product in the same condition you received it.

Key Features of the Free Spirit Collar 

Let’s look at all the Free Spirit remote trainer features and how they will benefit you.


The Free Spirit remote trainer has a range of 330 yards. The 330-yard lets you use the collar and remote within your backyard and on strolls and hikes. The 330-yard range is the straight, clear distance between the remote and the collar.

The range does not account for obstacles on the way. So the actual range may be quite lower.

Rechargeable Batteries

Both the training collar and the remote are fixed with charging ports. There is a USB charger included in the package. It takes about 2-3 hours to fully charge the collar and the remote. 

The remote holds the charge for about a week. There is a battery-saver feature in the remote which puts it into stand-by mode after 15 minutes of inactivity. 

The charge in the collar will drain faster. Using shock mode will drain the battery very quickly (You might have to charge it 2-3 times daily!).


The collar is said to be waterproof. So you can allow your furry friend to take a swim or play outdoors without worry. 

3 Training Modes

The Free Spirit collar has 3 types of stimulation. Tone, shock, and vibration. And that’s not all; there are 99 levels of shock. You can work with the shock level that works best for your dog. 

Tone: The tone mode gives a beep to grab your dog’s attention. 

Vibration: This mode makes the collar vibrate. (A vibration works most of the time, and you may not have to shock your dog after all!)

Shock: You can use the shock mode to administer shocks of 1-99 levels of intensity.

Two-Dog Capability

You can pair the Free Spirit remote with 2 collars, and this lets you control 2 dogs using the same remote. You have to buy the additional Add-A-Dog collar separately.

Free Spirit Collar

The Add-A-Dog collar is priced at $31.45 on Amazon.

LED Light/Display

An LED light on the collar indicates when the collar is charging. The light will shine red when the collar is charging and will turn off once the collar finishes charging. They will let you track the charging, but there’s no way to know the charge remaining on the collar.

The remote has a LED display as well. The display indicates charging, the mode you are using, and which collar you control.

Test Light Tool

This tool is for checking the functioning of the collar. Turn the remote to shock mode and press the test light tool against the contact points on the collar. Now click on the action button on the remote. The light should flash, indicating that the collar is working.

Pros & Cons of the Free Spirit collar

Here’s a summary of the pros and cons of the Free Spirit collar.


Easy to use and set up. 
Effective training tool. Dogs will almost always respond to the vibration mode. You will rarely have to use a shock. 
Relatively cheap. Buying this remote collar won’t burn a hole in your pocket.
You can control up to 2 dogs with the same remote.


Short battery life. The collar has to be charged multiple times a day.
The remote is not equipped with a safety lock. This feature is offered in most modern remotes. Sadly it is not a feature of the Free Spirit collar. A safety lock is necessary to prevent your dog from getting accidental shocks.
It’s not 100% waterproof. A walk in the rain is fine, but the collar can stop working if your dog takes a dip in a pool.
The range (330 yards) is quite low compared to other products. Even collars priced lower than this have higher range.

What are the Customers Saying? (User Reviews)

The user reviews of the Free Spirit remote trainer are pretty mixed. The most common complaints from the users are low battery life and the not-always-waterproof claim. These are the biggest cons I observed as well. 

The short battery life is problematic if you are traveling outdoors with your dog. I used the Free Spirit collar on my dog during a hike, and the battery lasted just 3 hours. The super-short battery life ultimately made me switch to a different product.

The Free Spirit collar has 2.3 / 5 stars on

Here’s one critical review. This user also faced an issue with battery life.

Free Spirit Collar User Negative Review

There are very positive reviews as well. Surprisingly some users have not experienced any troubles with battery life!

Free Spirit Collar User Positive Review

Are There Any Better Alternatives? 

Yes, there are quite a few better alternatives. Here are some alternatives you must check out before making up your mind to purchase.

1. Educator E-Collar Remote Dog Training Collar

Educator Collars is a great alternative e-collar. They offer a range of remote collars with varying ranges (⅓ mile – 1 mile).

You can pick the collar based on the maximum range, the size of your dog, and the temperament of your dog. The prices are high, ranging from $169.99 to $269.99

Some great features of this collar include, There is also night light tracking that lets you locate your pet in the dark.

You can use one remote to control up to 2 collars. Both the remote and the collar have a battery life of 40-60 hours. The lock and set feature lets you retain your settings.

And that’s not all, there 3 training modes are 100 levels of corrections.

Educator Dog Collar

You also get a free dog training e-book with each e-collar you purchase.

All their e-collars come with a 2-year warranty.

2. DOG CARE Dog Training Collar

DOG CARE Dog Training Collar is another option you must check out. 

It is priced at just $29.99! This collar also has 3 training modes: Beep, vibration, and shock. Like the Free Spirit collar, the remote can control up to 2 different collars.

The DOG CARE Dog Training Collar is equipped with a keypad lock. The lock is a great feature, and it prevents your dog from getting any accidental shocks. A disadvantage of this collar is that there are only 10 shock levels (1-10).

Few shock intensities mean you can’t vary the intensity of the shocks that much, but it is very simple to use. This collar has a range of 333 yards.

DOG CARE Dog Training Collar

The notable difference from the Free Spirit collar is the battery life. The receiving collar’s battery can last up to 15 days on standby mode! Given all the additional features, this is a great alternative to the Free Spirit Collar.

3. Slopehill Dog Training Collar

Slopehill dog training collar is another one you must check out.

Slopehill Dog Training Collar is priced at $33.98 and has a range of around 866 yards.

This collar also has a pretty good battery life and a keypad lock on the remote.

There are 3 training modes and 99 shock levels to choose from.

A great feature of the Slopehill Dog Training Collar is the LED light available in the collar.

Once you long press the light button, the light will remain on. The LED light feature is very helpful to locate your dog if you are letting him out in the dark.

Slopehill Dog Training Collar



Now that I have taken you through the Free Spirit collar along with a glimpse at some alternative options, it’s time to make a decision. A remote training collar is a long-term investment, and there are many things to consider before you choose.

If you pick the right collar, both you and your dog will have a great training experience.

Btter alternative
Educator ET-800 The Boss




Overall Score


Ergonomic design
100% pet-friendly stimulation feature
Collar light to locate the dog in the dark
Titanium contact points that avoid irritation
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of July
Relatively short battery life

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