How Far Can a Pet GPS Tracker Work? What is the Range?

Last Updated on July, 2024

The promise of a GPS tracker for your pet is that you’ll always know where they are, but in practice, the technologies behind such gadgets have their limits. 

Not all of them will function over extremely long distances, and some may not even work in all parts of the world or even your own country or region. 

Quick Summary

How far can a pet GPS tracker work? It depends on the type and manufacturer of the pet GPS tracker.

Cellular pet GPS trackers can work in one country or globally, but hybrid/multi-tech trackers have a limited range of several miles.

Factors such as hardware, software, and signal strength all affect the range of a GPS tracking system.

Classifications of GPS Pet Trackers

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The types and brands of pet trackers determine the communication range and coverage. 

There are two main types of pet GPS trackers: 

  • Cellular pet GPS trackers 
  • Hybrid or Multi-tech pet GPS trackers

Cellular GPS Pet Trackers

Cellular pet GPS trackers use GPS technology to pinpoint your pet’s whereabouts, but they rely on cellular networks to send that information to your phone. 

The cellular networks they can access determine where they can travel.

  • Coverage

We can use cellphone pet GPS trackers everywhere there is cellular coverage; the specific location will vary between networks. 

  • Distance of Communication

Using cellular pet GPS trackers at any distance is a major benefit. 

Other than the accessibility of cellular networks, there are no restrictions.

Hybrid/ Multi-Tech Trackers

While some pet GPS trackers rely on cellular networks to transmit data, others rely on other methods, such as Bluetooth or even proprietary technology. 

They have quite different communication ranges, yet they all claim outstanding coverage.

  • Coverage

The coverage area of most pet GPS trackers is not limited because they do not use cellular networks. 

This implies they are helpful to travelers no matter where they go, even in a distant location.

  • Distance of Communication

However, the communication range of most mixed-pet GPS trackers is relatively small. 

Their range is usually only a few miles, and they are utterly ineffective beyond that. 

What is the Normal Range of a GPS Pet Tracker? 

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Short answer? 

As long as the GPS signal is strong, there is no distance restriction.

In-depth answer? 

It highly depends on the system’s software, hardware, and signal. 

However, as a general rule, a real-time GPS tracking gadget with perfect line-of-sight cellular coverage can be precise within 6 feet. It will function anywhere cellular coverage is present.

Some GPS tracker models are also superior to others.

The frequency of GPS location data transmission between the device and the satellites it relies on is a crucial factor in this.

Factors Affecting the Range of GPS Tracking

The range reliability of a GPS system is affected by a number of variables, some of which we discussed before.

  • Hardware 

You’ll need a high-quality, high-amp battery and a tracker with low power consumption. 

You will only observe a decent range if even one is up to par.

  • The Software

The software also plays a role. The software serves as the device’s “brain,” and the tracking distance is determined by the device’s predetermined settings. 

Check that the GPS tracking program you’re considering has long-range capabilities.

  • Intensity of the Signal

Finally, the signal strength has a role in the precision of the tracking. 

The tracker will have trouble maintaining a connection if obstacles are in the way, like tall buildings or trees.

All three must work together for the GPS tracker to be reliable. 

Find a tracker with advanced processing power and a large antenna for optimal precision.

The Advantages of Using a GPS Pet Tracker 

a dog wearing gps tracker and standing on the ground
  • Helps you discover your lost pet from afar
  • Make sure you’re monitoring your pet’s health regularly
  • The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a trustworthy and simple tracking system

GPS Trackers With Best Range

There are a few GPS pet trackers that work efficiently and make no hassle to the pet owner at all. 

The Halo 2+ Pet Collar plus Invisible fence is an excellent tracker with the most accurate GPS.

A few of the Halo 2+ features are:

  • There is no need to install wires
  • Relies on GPS/GNSS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Long-Term Evolution
  • Having an ingress protection level against water (IP67)
  • The typical battery lasts for 21 hours
  • Up to a radius of 16 km (10 mi)
  • Warranty Period: One Year

The SpotOn Collar is another great alternative to Halo 2+. With almost similar features, the SpotOn Collar also provides an excellent tracking service.

Some of the SpotOn Features are:

  • Proof setup is quick because of the internal GPS
  • Highly adaptable and flexible to individual tastes
  • This is a comfortable outfit for your dog to wear
  • An extended battery life
  • Capability to keep tabs on and analyze progress
  • The best choice for hyperactive canine companions


There is no distance restriction for GPS trackers, and mobile service is available in over 175 countries for this technology, so you can keep track of your pet wherever you go (unlimited range).

It’s conditional. 

Satellites transmit GPS signals with a certain degree of precision. Still, reception is also affected by things like satellite geometry, signal blockage, weather, and the quality and characteristics of the receiver.


The range depends on the type and manufacturer of the pet GPS tracker. Cellular pet GPS trackers can function anywhere there’s a cellular network. 

They can work in one country or globally.

Unlike cellular pet GPS trackers, mixed pet GPS trackers provide international coverage but a limited range of several miles.

When buying a pet GPS tracker, examine its coverage and communication range, as these affect its effectiveness. 

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