Kong Dog Crate Review (2024 Upd.) Is it Worth Your Money?

Last Updated on July, 2024

There would be at least one Kong toy in your home if you have a dog; that is how popular they are. As far as I know, they manufacture some of the safest and most durable dog toys.

Can the same be said for their dog crates?

I’ve been using the Kong dog crate for the past few months, and without a doubt, this crate is the clear definition of “You get what you pay for.”

In this Kong Dog Crate Review, I’ve covered everything you need to know, from design and durability to portability and price. I’m pretty sure by the end of this review; you will be able to decide whether to purchase the crate. 

The Good

Kong Dog Crate has many beneficial features. Dual doors provide versatility in the placement of the Crate. The triple lock keeps your dog safe and contained inside the Crate. Easy to set up and fold design makes it ideal for storage and traveling.

The Not So Good

Kong Dog Crate is made of heavy steel wires. But this Crate is not sturdy enough to hold a heavy chewer or a dog who is not crate trained. So you can’t use this for crate training. Looks wise, even when compared to other wire crates, this is not great. 

The Bottom Line

Sturdiness is the main factor we expect in a crate as dog owners. Therefore, I suggest you check out the Lucky Dog® Dwell Crate below. Lucky Dog® Dwell Crate is designed with the same features as Kong Dog Crate but much sturdier with a pleasant look. 

About Kong

Kong Company logo

The Kong company, founded by Joe Markham, is based in Golden, Colorado, USA. 

KONG is a well-known brand that has produced a wide range of premium cat toys, dog toys, and pet treats since 1976. Their product line aims to provide mental and physical stimulation to keep your pets happy and healthy. 

Apart from pet toys and treats, the company also manufactures dog crates.

Key Features of the Kong Dog Crate

Below are the main features of the Kong Dog Crate that you should know.

Design and Dimension

The Kong Dog Crate is made of rust-proof thick gauge wire and comes in a sleek black color. 

It’s got dual doors with triple lock safety for extra security.

The remarkable thing about the doors is that they are wider than the traditional metal crates. Therefore, your pup can move in and out quickly. 

This Crate comes with a divider. So you can adjust the crate size to fit your growing puppy. There is a built-in plastic tray to prevent sliding and easy cleanup.

Kong dog crate product image

In addition, there are detachable handles to help carry the Crate. Next, about the crate locks, we all know latches are the most annoying things in a wire crate.

But the Kong Dog Crate features angled slide bolt locks for smooth opening and closing. So, no more fiddling with metal latches. 

Also, there are rubber feet to protect your floor from scratches and damage. 

Kong Dog Crate comes in four sizes to accommodate medium to extra large breeds of dogs.

Below are the dimensions of the crates:

  • 30”(Small) – 30”L x 19”W x 21”H
  • 36” (Medium) – 36”L x 23”W x 25”H
  • 42” (Large) – 42”L x 29”W x 31”H
  • 48” (Extra Large) – 48”L x 31”W x 32”H

These are a good range of sizes and will probably fit most small and large-sized dogs, but it’s important to measure your dog before making any decisions.


The Kong Dog Crate is made with rust-resistant heavy gauge wire to be used for a long time. 

But the steel is not strong enough to hold a heavy chewer or a dog who is not properly crate trained.


Kong Dog Crate is made out of wire, so obviously, it has better air circulation and light from all five sides. 

This Crate is spacious and has enough room for your dog to rest comfortably. 

Door Quality

There are two front-lift doors on the Kong Dog Crate. The front lift doors don’t require additional space to open up like the hinged swing-out doors. 

You can lift the door with the handle and lay it on top of the Crate.

This feature provides the Kong Crate with versatility in placement. You can even place this crate in a tiny space. 

Kong Dog Crate has triple lock protection. This lock is impossible to open, not even by a master escape artist. You can leave your dog alone at home without worries.

A Fluffy Dog sitting inside the Kong dog crate


The Kong Dog Crate is easily portable. What are the reasons? 

First, they can be set up and folded down within seconds. Secondly, there are detachable handles to carry the crate. 

In addition, the Crate folds in one piece, so you don’t have to worry about losing parts while taking it here and there. 


Setting up and folding down a Kong Dog Crate is a breeze. It’s like a pre-assembled crate. All you have to do is pull all the sides up and snap the metal clips into place.


Is the Kong Dog Crate Suitable for Traveling?

kong dog crate on a road image background

Kong Dog Crate is very easy to fold down and set up. You can carry the crate easily using the detachable handles that flip quickly onto the folded crate. 

So you can take the crate with you while traveling with your canine companion and then set it up wherever required. 

However, carrying the crate after assembling is a challenging task because it is not lightweight. In addition, there are no wheels at the bottom to drag them easily. So, an assembled Kong Crate is not an ideal option while traveling.

Price, and Warranty of Kong Dog Crate

Kong Dog Crates are priced similarly to most other wire crates and are not too expensive.

For anyone looking for budget crates, Kong is an option:

  • 30-inch (small) 59$
  • 36-inch (Medium)- 74$
  • 42-inch (Large)- 104$
  • 48-inch (Extra Large)- 129$

All Kong Dog Crates come with a one-year warranty starting from the date of purchase. 

Customer Testimonials on Kong Dog Crate

After digging through various customer reviews on multiple websites, I found positive and negative comments about Kong Dog Crate.

The customers are satisfied with the vast opening dual door structure, easy opening, ease of assembly, and versatility in placement.

Most of the negative comments were related to the product’s finishing and the Crate’s sturdiness.

Below are some customer reviews for you to check out.

This dog crate is made great. It’s easy to assemble as well as easy to take down. It’s a perfect size for my doggie. It’s Madewell. I definitely recommend this product.

Marybk appreciates the size and easy assembly of the crate. 

So we have a 7 month old Staffordshire Terrier and we bought the biggest one. We have had to reinforce it numerous times as he as bent the frame around the door in and gotten out. we had to make the crate where it cannot fold anymore just to try to keep him in it!! NOT THE STRONGEST CRATE

Lucy says the crate is not strong enough to hold her dog.

Bought 4 months ago. Trays have raised texture pattern which is very difficult to clean. 2 of my crates have already broken on tray where the “ultra strong” tray pushes on the floor of the metal crate bars. Nobody has been willing to assist with this concern after I spent over $400 on Kong crates as I thought that would hold up better being manufactured by Kong. 

This customer has a complaint about the poor quality of the tray. 

So, as you can see from the customer reviews, the build quality is not up to standards. So, if Kong is the only option you want to go with, ensure your dog is properly crate-trained; otherwise, it won’t turn out well.

Things I Like About the Kong Crate

There are a lot of things I very much like about the Kong Crate, and the first one out of all would be the portability.

The detachable handle for carrying makes transporting the crate from one place to another a breeze. 

Adding to that is the foldability and setting up; you can do these in seconds.

Most crates take up to or more than a minute to set up after disassembly, so the Kong crate is excellent in that regard.

The Kong crate has a double-door design and the placement of both doors is great.

A black dog sleeping in side the kong crate

Not only that, both the doors are also wide with low thresholds. That provides plenty of space for the dog to enter and exit the crate, no fuss. 

The angled locking tips are another excellent thing about the Kong dog crate, it’s more than strong when it comes to handling any small and some medium sized dogs, however I would not rely on it to handle a large dog as it can be finicky at time. 

Things That Need Improvement

There were many rough, unfinished metal edges, and my pup got a few lacerations while trying to put his paw in between the wires. The injuries were nothing serious. Still, it could have been prevented if the finishing was better. 

Here’s another thing I noticed:

The sturdier steel is present only in front and on the sides where the doors are. The other parts of the crate (top, bottom) contain thin gauge steel that you would see on cheaper wire crates.

That is where Kong crates seem to rear its ugly heads. Yes, it’s $130, but cost-cutting in these key areas is not great. I’ve seen these materials used in crates half of the price as this. 

After extensive research, I discovered that some customers complain the built-in tray breaks easily within a few days of use. So, the quality of the tray material could have been better. 

The subsequent major complaint was about the sturdiness of the crate. Many people have claimed that their dogs chewed through the wires and escaped. The sturdiness needs improvement.

Finally, like every other metal crate, the Kong Dog Crate also looks unpleasant with my furniture style. 

If you are someone who cares about appearance like me, then it’s not suitable for you.

All in all, the Kong crate is a good pick if you own a small dog, but I would not recommend it for medium and large-sized dogs. 

Pros and Cons of Kong Dog Crate


Dual doors provide versatility in crate placement.
Triple lock ensures the safety and containment of your dog.
Triple lock ensures the safety and containment of your dog.
Made of rust-proof thick gauge wire.
Includes a divider for crate size adjustment as your puppy grows.
Angled slide bolt locks for smooth opening and closing.


Not sturdy enough for heavy chewers or dogs who are not crate trained.
Can be an eyesore due to its appearance.
Some customers reported defects, rough edges, and unfinished finishing.
Plastic tray may be chewed or broken easily by some dogs.
Thin gauge steel used in parts other than the front and sides.
Complaints about gaps in the doors that can be dangerous for puppies.

A Better Alternative

As I mentioned earlier, the Lucky Dog® Dwell is a metal crate with an aesthetic look

That’s something rare to find when it comes to metal dog crates. It has a bronze finish and blends seamlessly with your wooden furniture.

When it comes to looks, Dwell is miles ahead of Kong, even though it’s a wire crate, the way it’s crafted makes a huge difference. 

Now, let’s talk about the size of the Crate. Lucky Dog® Dwell comes in 6 sizes all of which can hold small, medium and large dogs without any problems.

I have listed down the crate sizes with dimensions for your convenience:

  • 22 inch- 22”x13”x16”
  • 24 inch- 24”x18”x21”
  • 30 inch- 30”x21”x24”
  • 36 inch- 36”x24.5”x26”
  • 42 inch- 42”x28”x31”
  • 48 inch- 48”x30”x33”

As there is an extensive range of sizes, you can buy this Crate no matter your dog’s breed. 

Lucky Dog® Dwell can be assembled and folded down in seconds. Additionally, it comes with a handle on top for moving the Crate. Hence, this Crate is perfect for traveling and storage.

The crate has two doors for the entry and exit of your dog. One is a traditional swinging door, and the other is a double-panel sliding door. 

This double-panel sliding door opens in patio style, eliminating the extra space required for opening a swinging door. These door features allow you to place the Crate anywhere in your house, even in tight spaces.

a dog laying inside the lucky dog crate

The wireframe has a rust-resistant E-coating. It’s pretty durable and saves you money in the long run. The Crate also consists of a leak-proof slide-out tray for easy cleaning. Unlike the one in Kong, this is pretty durable.

There are four corner stabilizers to place on the top four corners of the Crate. You can fit the corner stabilizers easily with a snap. They strengthen the steel frame more. You can be at peace as the Crate will not collapse on your puppy. 

Corner stabilizers also protect your fingers and walls from damage due to sharp metal edges—so no more injured fingers like the Kong Dog Crate. 

So with all that said, how much does the Dwell dog crate cost? 

  • 24 inch- 112$
  • 30 inch- 136$
  • 36 inch- 199$ 
  • 42 inch- 229$
  • 48 inch- 248$

Yeah, the price of the Lucky Dog® Dwell Crate is nearly double that of the Kong dog crate. But it is worth the price due to its innovative features, such as sliding doors, secure latches, rubber feet, handles for moving, durability, and the unique bronze finish. 

You also get a limited manufacturer warranty period of one year from the date of purchase.

Lucky Dog® Dwell Crates don’t come with a puppy divider. Either you have to change multiple crates, or you can buy a puppy divider separately. The latter is a better option. 

Pros and Cons of Lucky Dwell Crate


Aesthetic design with bronze finish
Various size options for different dog breeds
Quick and easy assembly and folding
Two-door design for convenient entry and space-saving
Rust-resistant E-coating for durability
Leak-proof slide-out tray for easy cleaning
Corner stabilizers enhance crate stability
Protects fingers and walls from sharp edges
Innovative features like sliding doors and handles
One-year limited manufacturer warranty


Higher price compared to Kong crate
No included puppy divider, must be purchased separately

Other dog crates we’ve reviewed:

Final Verdict

Kong Dog Crate has many benefits. But it is not sturdy enough to hold a dog who is not correctly crate trained or a heavy chewer. Meaning it’s not sturdier than a standard, less expensive wire crate. Consider this before buying. 

Lucky Dwell Dog Crate is a better choice. The price is much higher than a kong crate, but its unique features make it worth every penny. 


Yes, a divider panel is included when purchasing the Kong Dog Crate.

No, you can’t use a Kong Dog Crate for crate training a heavy chewer puppy. The wires can be easily chewed off, making it an unsuitable choice for crate training.

To increase comfort in the Kong Crate for the pup, you can put a crate mat for additional cushioning. Additionally, keeping their favorite toys, a separate water area, and a food bowl inside can provide a sense of familiarity and comfort for the pup.

Lucky Dwell Dog Crate
Lucky Dwell Dog Crate product image
Build Quality






Overall Score


Aesthetic design with bronze finish
Quick and easy assembly and folding
Rust-resistant E-coating for durability
Corner stabilizers enhance crate stability
One-year limited manufacturer warranty
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of July
Higher price compared to Kong crate

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