A Taste Test and Review of Open Paddock Kibble+ Dry Dog Food: Did it Pass the Canine Palate?

Last Updated on July, 2024

Wide varieties of dog food are available in the market, so you may find it challenging to choose which one to give your dog. Among these foods, there are wet dog foods and dry dog foods.

Open Paddock Kibble+ dry dog food, is a renowned brand of dog food available out there. Many people have a lot of reviews and feedback to give regarding this brand of dog food.

Open Paddock is an Australian brand that produces a variety of high-quality dog food. This post reviews Open Paddock Kibble+ dry dog food, including whether it passed the canine palate.

Things to Consider Before Buying Dry Dog Food

Open Paddock Kibble+ Dry Dog Foods

Here are the things you need to pay attention to before buying dry dog food.

  • Ensure that the product provides guaranteed, complete, and balanced nutrition.
  • Don’t ignore byproducts or grains. Byproducts are ground-up parts of animal carcasses like bones and organs, which can be more nutritious than muscle meat.
  • Products that are popular, pricier, or marked as ‘premium’ may not necessarily be the best option for your canine.

About Open Paddock Dog Food Brand

Open Paddock is an Australian dog food brand, made in the Murray River Region.

A family owned company on a mission to change pet food for good.Open Paddock dry dog food products use at least 90% Australian ingredients.

Open Paddock has a number of products across various categories including:

  • Kibble + dry dog food
  • Toppers: bone broth and meaty toppers
  • Treats: jerky, natural skins, training treats, body parts & snack sticks
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Company Ethos

Here is the company ethos:


Everyone wants to know what’s in their pet’s food. They have questions like are these products made from fresh meat? Is the meat ethically sourced?

With Open Paddock products, you just scan the QR code on the packaging to learn what goes into making the product and where the ingredients are sourced from.


Open Paddock supports farmers doing their best to provide their animals with a healthy and happy environment.

It directly translates to RSPCA-approved chicken, pasture-raised beef, and ethically sourced wild meats.

Open Paddock pet foods are produced as thoughtfully as the food kept in your home fridge.


Fresh meat is the best meat for your pet. Open Paddock’s objective is to make it better for the environment. It starts with knowing how the meat is raised and preventing wastage.

They’ve built a custom air-drying facility in New South Wales, aiming to reduce their carbon footprint.

Why Buy Open Paddock Kibble+ Dry Dog Food?

dog food in bowl

There are many reasons why you should buy Open Paddock Kibble+ dry dog food.

  • Open Paddock Kibble+ is no ordinary kibble – with the inclusion of real chunks of air dried meat for bite & taste.
  • Open Paddock uses 75% fresh chicken and animal ingredients in their dry dog food products.
  • The products have no added wheat, corn, soy, artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.
  • The products are made with ethically sourced proteins such as RSPCA-approved higher welfare chicken, pasture raised beef or wild kangaroo.
  • They are nutritious, with natural sources of calcium and glucosamine.
  • They are boosted with antioxidants.
  • The products are sustainable.
  • They provide ethical, honest, and tasty pet food.

What’s in Open Paddock Kibble+ Dry Dog Food?

There are various products under Open Paddock Kibble+ dry dog food.

  • Higher Welfare Chicken Kibble for Puppies
  • Wild Kangaroo Kibble + Air Dried Meat for Dogs
  • Higher Welfare Chicken Kibble + Air Dried Meat for Dogs
  • Pasture Raised Beef Kibble + Air Dried Meat for Dogs

Open Paddock products use meat as the main ingredient. The company claims it uses “75% animal ingredients”.

For example, the Higher Welfare Chicken Kibble product contains fresh chicken meat and chicken as the main ingredients, followed by field peas and rice, chicken gravy, and chicken oil. Finally, it contains small amounts of beet pulp, brown rice, and salmon oil.

The products also contain a 1:6 ratio of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. It claims to exclude corn, soy, and wheat from its products.

Brown rice replaces corn or wheat in the products. Sunflower oil replaces the use of soybean oil in its ingredients. 

A Taste Test and Review of Open Paddock Kibble+ Dry Dog Food: Did it Pass the Canine Palate?

Open Paddock Kibble+ dry dog food claims to have a significant percentage of animal ingredients. The chicken recipe has chicken meat, air-dried meat, gravy (chicken digest), and chicken oil. Therefore, it’s no surprise that puppies love the taste of kibble products. 

Overall, Open Paddock Kibble+ dry dog food is a favorite among many dogs. Dogs like the taste of these products, and even the pickiest eater will do fine without a topper.


Here is what happy customers had to say about Open Paddock dry dog food.

“Our dogs love OPEN PADDOCK (kibble+) that much when we try to give them the old brand when we run out of OP they don’t want it anymore lol spoilt pups”
Holly Black
“Bailey finally got his paws on some open paddock!!”
Natalie Gill


Open Paddock Kibble+ dry dog food products are made of 75% animal ingredients. These dry dog food products are made of high-quality ingredients, of which over 90% are sourced from Australia. The company produces ethical and sustainable products with recyclable packaging.

Open Paddock Kibble+ dry dog food products feature a kibble plus the addition of real chunks of air dried meat for bite and taste. These products come in a variety of ethically sourced proteins, which are highly palatable, even the pickiest dogs like them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Air-dried meat pieces are highly nutritious and provide a complete and balanced meal for dogs. 

Open Paddock product packaging details how much you should feed your dog daily, and this amount can help your dog maintain a healthy weight.

Open Paddock, dry dog foods, are formulated for all stages of dog growth, including the puppy stage. 

Open Paddock Kibble+
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