5 Key Reasons to Get Your Dog a GPS Tracker

Last Updated on July, 2024

There are a lot of reasons as to why you should get a GPS dog tracker. As pet parents, we should be grateful for devices like this.

GPS trackers do an excellent job in keeping your dog safe. They help contain your dog inside a safe zone (virtual fence), they help to keep track of your pet’s movement and health and on top of all that, they help to keep an eye on your pet’s whereabouts 24/7. 

From what I’ve seen, there are no devices that are as useful as this for pet owners. It’s just heaven-sent for our beloved pets. 

If you’ve been thinking of getting a dog GPS tracker but don’t know how beneficial it can be for you, continue reading. In this article, I’ll go through the reasons as to why you should invest in a GPS tracker for good.

Quick Summary

The 5 key reasons to get your dog a GPS tracker include, safety, convenience, health monitoring, peace of mind & user-friendly and reliable.

GPS trackers are more useful for pet owners than other devices and have advanced features such as activity tracking and waterproofing

Getting a GPS tracker for your dog can provide convenience, safety, and peace of mind for pet owners, especially in situations like traveling or losing their pet.

Glimpse of GPS Pet Tracker

a dog wearing gps tracker and sitting on the ground

What’s a dog GPS tracker? Here’s what it typically means. A GPS tracker is a technology used to track the whereabouts and movements of a person or an animal. 

A GPS pet tracker is a small tracking device hooked to your dog’s collar or harness which uses GPS and other technology to track your dog’s exact location in real time.

The process simply involves linking the GPS tracker with a mobile phone. And as the name suggests, the device uses GPS and cellular signals to keep you updated about your dog’s whereabouts. 

What’s interesting about the trackers is that the system is wholly based on a mobile device, and looking into the app will show you what real peace is. Plus, you’ll be notified about your dog’s location now and then.

Why Does Your Dog Need to Wear a GPS Tracker?

To mean it precisely, your dog needs a GPS tracker for convenience and safety. People scratch their heads between what’s a microchip and what’s a GPS tracker. 

Microchips with the help of radio frequency, displays the dog owner’s contact information upon scanning, so that they can be contacted in order to return the lost pet. 

In contrast, GPS trackers are used to track your dog in real-time using satellite networks so that the owners can pinpoint the exact location of their pet.

On the other hand, microchips don’t require batteries and can be implanted under your dog’s skin.

As we all know, even if your canine partner is well-trained and is well behaved, we cannot assure you that there will not be any accidents. 

If your furry buddy is an escape artist, who digs out yards, is known to climb fences, and is ready to break away from and open the door to explore on his own, YOU NEED A GPS TRACKER!

Speaking about the GPS trackers, they are absolutely second to none, and at the same time, these trackers can have an extensive range, making it easy for you to let your dog roam off-leash even if there are acres of yard.

a dog running near the sea

Manufacturers being on the ball, have included additional features like; ACTIVITY TRACKING FEATURE, which is excellent.

Plus, GPS tracker can come in useful for dogs of any size, and the features like waterproofing will prove their reliability when your dog ventures outdoors.

And remember, GPS dog trackers can be the best fit for large athletic animals who can run through a large area if they wander off.

How to Get a GPS Tracker for Your Dog?

When there’s a pretty good count of tracking device brands in the market, I know picking out the best is like finding a needle in a haystack.

You must choose the best product to fit your budget when you’ve got many options for GPS dog collars.

You can buy a brand new or used tracker by looking at the online stores, or if you want to check the product in person, you can visit stores like PetSmart or Petco, selling different items from many other brands. 

At the end of the day, we all need the best for our furry friends! Don’t we? 

How Does a GPS Tracker Track Your Beloved Pet?

a dog wearing gps tracker

Each manufacturer has made their product work in different ways. GPS or Global Positioning System helps you keep track of your dog when you know they are out of your hands. 

Depending on how you set up your system, you’ll receive an SMS, email or text about your dog’s movement when he’s lost.

On the other hand, the GPS tracker will be hooked up to your dog’s collar, transmitting your dog’s location; as mentioned before, you can check the precise location of your dog through the mobile phone app. 

To set up the GPS, all you need to do is download the app and follow the step-by-step instructions provided in the app. 

A dog GPS tracker also allows you to define boundaries where your dog can play around, and if he goes beyond the bounds, you’ll be given a red alert to watch out for your dog. 

You should remember that GPS is to acquire your pet’s location, and you NEED CELL COVERAGE to receive the coordinates and visualize your partner’s location on your smartphone. 

Without cell coverage, the device would still tend to acquire the coordinates but couldn’t transfer them to your smartphone. 

And moving on, we have activity tracking features on some brands that allow you to track how much your furry friend has slept and exercised throughout the day. 

You can also get a dog activity tracker with our guide here.

Potential Benefits a GPS Dog Tracker

a dog playing on the ground

All Eyes on Your Canine Partner!

This is where you rest when you know your furry friend is under watch. You can locate your dog in real-time and rescue him quickly before anything happens. 

There are many instances where your dog gets lost. When you leave him alone at home, when he’s taken to a dog park or when he’s hyperactive and runs all over, there are chances for your dogs to be stolen. 

On the other hand, when your dog is startled by noises or other stray dogs, he tends to run off with fear. 

This is the most apparent reason why we need a GPS pet tracker. We always need to monitor them when we are away. There’s no handy alternative to GPS trackers when locating your lost dog

This tracking device can pay off well in every way. 

One Device, Multiple Benefits 

What’s just awesome about these GPS dog trackers is they provide the liberty to track your pet’s activity and health over time and allow you to ensure that they get enough exercise throughout the day.

Many dogs suffer from diabetes, and they need frequent monitoring and need to be checked up all the time. When that is the case, a GPS pet tracker is second to none.

The activity tracking feature is one of the most essential feature that helps you spot every step of your dog and help you identify any difference in health conditions if there are any.

Understand Your Furry Pal Better Than Anyone

You’ll be able to know what your pet does throughout the day, and you’ll be on hand about your dogs’ favorite spots and where they like to explore.

You can also know when and when your dog needs to be exercised, and it’s much easier when visiting a vet when you have all the crucial details about your dog.

And on the other hand, you can also know whether your dog is given all the care he needs. 

Worries While Travelling? NO!!!

When you’re too concerned about your dogs being lost while hiking and afraid about potential danger in unfamiliar places, stop worrying, GPS tracker is here to give you a hand. 

To know where your pet is exactly, you can set up the GPS dog tracker and hang it on your dog’s collar or harness. 

And then, when your dog returns, the tracker will update every bit of information about what and how your dog managed to be outside. 

The device immensely reduces the chances of having a heavy heart, fearing our escape artists might escape in the blink of an eye.

a dog in the car

User Friendly and Reliable 

GPS trackers offer you whatever you need. It does its job perfectly in every way. You don’t have to break your bank spending too much on professional training or installation. 

You could hand the tracker onto your furry buddy’s collar and let him roam off leash with utmost peace, then know where your pet is on time.

Some trackers also had geo-fencing options alerting you with a notification when your dogs reach the virtual barrier. 


A GPS tracking system nowadays has no distance limitation thus, can work over any range. 

A GPS tracking Device increases the chances of retrieving your runaway dog drastically.

Most high-end dog GPS tracking devices provide the luxury to create virtual fences that’ll contain the dogs and alert owners if they escape the designated zone. 

Of course, they are. Every dog parent considers this to be a life-saving device. You will never have to worry if your pet goes missing because before it does, you can stop that from happening to your furry friend. 

Conclusion: Can Pet Trackers Be a Life-Saving Alternative?

For every pet owner, losing their pet can be a significant liability and not only that, any injury to them can make you worrisome. 

This is where a pet tracker comes in. it’s not only a sense of peace for you but also keeps your pet healthy and happier. 

GPS trackers are the real Game changers. It’s evident that they genuinely can be a life-saving alternative.

When there’s good competition for the brands in the market, choosing the one which fits your needs and budget is quite confusing.

I’ve made it easier for you! Check out our best GPS pet tracker article herein

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