6 Best Dog Training in Kansas City, MO (Updated in 2024)

Last Updated on July, 2024

Missouri’s Kansas City is a lovely area, especially because of its opportunities, vibrant community, food places, and popularity.

It gets packed to the brim during sports seasons, and there’s never a dull day. It’s a great place to live if you’ve got a family too. Plus, if you recently added a dog to your family, there are plenty of ways you can get it trained in the city too.

To make sure you can find the best options for your dog and get him the guidance he deserves, we want to help you out by pointing out some of the best dog training programs in Kansas City, MO.

We’ll go through all the options one by one, pointing out what’s good about each of them. That way, you can see which suits your needs best, as well as the one that suits your dog’s needs.

The Best Dog Training Programs in Kansas City

Before we dive deep into the details of every single option on the list, let’s quickly go over each one to give you an idea of what to expect.

Brain Training For DogsOnlineFlexibleIntelligence Training, Puppy Training, Behavior Conditioning, Obedience Training, Anxiety Conditioning, Tricks, Potty Training.$67
The Collar ClubIn-PersonFixedPrivate lessons, Obedience Training, Boarding, Daycare.$45-$400
SpiritDog TrainingOnlineFlexiblePublic Behavior Training, Obedience Training, Walking Training, Puppy Training, Focus Training, Socialising With Other Dogs.$49-$99
Midas Touch Dog Obedience SchoolIn-PersonFixedPuppy Training, Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Obedience Training, Socializing, Boarding, Behavior Training, Issue Assessment.Not Set
All Dogs UnleashedIn-PersonBothPrivate Training, Leash Training, Puppy Training, Walking Training, Bite-Training, Social Training, Tricks, Behavior Modification.Not Set
DogmanticsOnlineFlexibleDog Training Seminars, Behavior Training, Obedience Training, Self-Training Tips, Leash Training, Dog Training Video Courses, Puppy Training.$29-$125

We’ve narrowed down our most recommended options in Kansas City to six dog training programs. The list below will cover all six of them while talking about everything good about each one.

1. Brain Training for Dogs

Brain Training For Dogs is one of the best online dog training programs, simply because of how easy it is to go through and how much it can teach every new dog.

It’s exceptional for behavioral training and turning your dog into a friendly little guy, which is perfect for the crowded environment of Kansas City.

Taught by Adrienne Farricelli, who is a CPDT-KA certified dog trainer with over a decade of experience.

She is highly skilled at training dogs through a ‘neuroplasticity’ method.

It’s a strategy for training dogs that’s been heavily studied at Harvard and other great universities.

Her online program focuses on mental stimulation and helping your dog unlock his smart side.

By teaching him the basics of living obediently, he’ll listen to everything you say and get rid of bad habits like barking, jumping up at people, not listening to commands, or just making a mess. 

Brain Training includes complete potty training, so you don’t have to worry about that too. It’s a unique online course that focuses on helping your dog on a mental level.

The program takes time to help owners realize what exactly is making their pets behave the way they are and then teaches a way to get around this in a loving way instead of using dominance tactics.

This helps strengthen the bond between you and your pup while also making it much less taxing on the little guy.

With Adrienne’s proven techniques, certifications, and unique methods, Brain Training For Dogs is one of the best options for a dog that needs training. 

It’s also very reasonably priced, with the course costing only $67. Plus, you can get a free trial that gives you an idea of what it has to offer.

Even with all that security, you also get a complete 60-day money-back guarantee if you don’t find the program satisfying. 

Services/Training: Intelligence Training, Puppy Training, Behavior Conditioning, Obedience Training, Anxiety Conditioning, Tricks, Potty Training.

Contact: [email protected]

Price: $67

Online or In-Person: Online

Link to the Website: https://www.braintraining4dogs.com/

Interested in the BT4D, but want to know more? Take a look at our full Brain Training For Dogs review.

2. The Collar Club

If you prefer in-person training, The Collar Club is one of this city’s premium dog training centers.

They have a huge building where people can leave their dogs for training.

Their programs are great for building the foundation of respect between you and your dog.

They teach important lessons that cover the basics, as well as more advanced things, to turn your dog into the obedient little pet everyone would love.

The Collar Club Program

Since they’re based in Kansas City, their training is tailored to the area and helps your dog settle into life in a crowded city.

Plus, you can even take your dog to their facility for extra things like grooming, medical care, etc. Being around other dogs in boarding will help your pup socialize and be more active too.

So, personal courses that focus on socializing and obedience while being targeted for the exact area you live in make The Collar Club an excellent option for any dog parent to train their pup.

They can be a little pricey though, with their various services costing anywhere between $45-$400.

Services/Training: Private lessons, Obedience Training, Boarding, Daycare.

Contact: (816) 832-8285

Price: $45-$400

Online or In-Person: In-Person

Link to the Website: https://collarclubkc.com/

3. SpiritDog Training

For those who prefer to do their training online, SpiritDog is a great option that focuses on getting rid of all the usual bad habits dogs tend to have.

Not having a trained dog in a place like Kansas City can lead to trouble and straight-up embarrassment.

But their lessons focus on preventing exactly that. This is pretty similar to in-person lessons.

But what makes them so different is that SpiritDog gives you the option to train your dog at any time, anywhere, whenever it’s convenient for you.

SpiritDog Training

You don’t need to worry about making appointments or anything. Regardless of how busy your schedule is, you can just take their lessons with your dog whenever it suits you.

All you need to do is give your dog 10 minutes a day with these lessons, and he’ll noticeably start to change their behavior for the better.

It’s easy to work with since you can go through the training on your mobile or computer, and it covers all the most important fundamentals.

To really seal the deal, they even have free trials so you can get an idea of their quality, as well as a money-back guarantee for those who aren’t satisfied within 60 days of buying SpiritDog’s lessons.

Speaking of buying, their price range is pretty affordable. You can currently get most of their courses for between $49-$99, which isn’t bad at all.

Services/Training: Public Behavior Training, Obedience Training, Walking Training, Puppy Training, Focus Training, Socialising With Other Dogs.

Contact: [email protected], (505) 278-5348

Price: $49-$99

Online or In-Person: Online

Link to the Website: https://spiritdogtraining.com/

For more information, head on over to our main Spirit Dog Training courses review.

4. Midas Touch Dog Obedience School

Midas Touch Dog Obedience School is another nice Kansas City-based in-person program you could try out.

They teach a plethora of things, from simple dog training centered around obedience to changing the behavior of particular moody dogs.

The concept behind their programs is that they teach the dog to respect and love its owner and realize that its owner loves it back.

Once that kind of trust is established, Midas Touch encourages owners to further train their pets themselves to develop a particular special bond.

Midas Touch Dog Obedience School

That’s certainly a different way to handle things and one that’s proven to be very effective. They’ll help you develop the essentials in your pup and change his behavior to be suited for life in Kansas City.

Once they’re done with that, you can take over and train him the way you want to.

Plus, don’t believe that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, as their trainers help dogs of all ages. So, if you’re just moving into town with your dog or recently bought a new pup, they have something for either scenario that’s sure to help out.

Their private lessons are also great for helping your dog get over social anxieties and helping him get used to meeting new people. As for their price range, they don’t have anything specific.

It depends on your dog, how much training he needs, how many sessions, and what exactly you’re looking for. However, they do tend to be a bit on the affordable side.

Services/Training: Puppy Training, Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced Obedience Training, Socializing, Boarding, Behavior Training, Issue Assessment.

Contact: (816) 621-0333, (417) 569-9661, [email protected]

Price: Non-Specific

Online or In-Person: In-Person

Link to the Website: https://midastouchdog.com/

5. All Dogs Unleashed

If you prefer in-person training but have a problem with setting meet-ups at locations, All Dogs Unleashed is a great option.

They’re based in Kansas City and have a great center for dogs to train in.

But they’re more than willing to set up private lessons with you and your pup at your place or at a public spot.

Like most in-person training courses, they’ll cover everything from start to finish with a pet.

That means teaching them the fundamentals if they don’t know them already or just helping them adjust to a different environment.

All Dogs Unleashed Program

Whatever the task is, they’ll take your dog to the level where you don’t even need a leash to walk him around the city.

Their courses regarding dog walking are particularly exceptional. That’s great because walking your dog around in a crowded place like Kansas City can be a chore.

But their skilled trainers can fix that for you in under a month of regular sessions. You can also get your dog groomed or babysat for some time at their center.

They don’t have set prices, so you must consult them to get a specific figure. They can be on the expensive side a little, but their quality is considerable. They’ve even had a lot of celebrity clients from the city that are happy with the service.

Services/Training: Private Training, Leash Training, Puppy Training, Walking Training, Bite-Training, Social Training, Tricks, Behavior Modification.

Contact: (816) 656-8933, [email protected]

Price: Non-Specific

Online or In-Person: In-Person

Link to the Website: https://www.alldogsunleashed.com/kc/

6. Dogmantics

If you don’t want to break the bank getting lessons for your dog but still want him to be in trustable hands, Dogmantics online courses are really nice and affordable.

Their website features all the information you could need about training dogs with the basics, as well as more complicated things like behaving around people.

They’ll even help you change bad behavior or do things like finding the best equipment for your dog.

There are hundreds of lessons on the site that can be accessed to teach your dog specific things.

Dogmantics Program

That offers a huge amount of variety, meaning you should be able to find the perfect tips for your dog, no matter how specifically troublesome the little guy’s behavior is.

All of this is on the website for a very low price range of $29 to $49. There are some more expensive options that reach up to $125 too, but even the lower price range lessons are packed with important things.

Services/Training: Dog Training Seminars, Behavior Training, Obedience Training, Self-Training Tips, Leash Training, Dog Training Video Courses, Puppy Training.

Contact: [email protected]

Price: $29-$125

Online or In-Person: Online

Link to the Website: https://dogmantics.com/

Online and In-Person Dog Training

Kansas City has dozens of options for dog training in person, all of which are tailored to the needs of a dog living in the area. Plus, you have endless online options that can be taken anywhere.

That leaves you with a lot to choose from, and it can be pretty tough to decide what to go with.

We’ve helped narrow the options down to some that are great in particular, but should you pick online or in-person courses between them?

Which is Better?

Online and In-Person dog training

With in-person dog training, you can get private programs tailored to the needs of your dog. They also help your dog interact with new people, and programs in this area are especially good for getting a pup used to life in the busy city.

But, it can be expensive, and timing can be an issue. With online lessons, you should be able to find lessons that fit any particular need. They might not give your dog hands-on experience with trainers, which isn’t that good for social interaction.

But they’re really flexible with timing, usually much more affordable, and cover any topic related to dog training.

Our personal pick is online training because of those reasons. Plus, if you’re worried about your dog missing out on socializing, Kansas City has loads of parks where you can take the little guy to meet new people or other dogs and get used to them.

Other dog training programs in other regions:


That’s our list of the best dog training in Kansas City, Missouri. Hopefully, it helps you pick out something suitable for you and your pup!

Brain Training For Dogs is our number one pick because of its variety, range, and flexibility.

Plus, it offers a unique experience compared to other online dog teaching lessons and even gives you the option to contact the tutor to ask specific things about training. Plus, it’s super affordable.

The final decision, though, is up to you. We’ve covered all the best options and hope you end up loving whichever option you pick.


The type of training most important for a dog in Kansas City typically varies depending on the individual dog, but typically behavior, obedience, and anxiety training are key components for any pup living in the area.

The cost of dog training in Kansas varies based on factors such as the type of training, trainer experience, program duration, and individual dog needs. Group classes tend to be more affordable, while private sessions can be more expensive. To determine the exact cost, it is best to reach out to local dog trainers in Kansas for their rates.

Brain Training for Dogs
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