7 Best Dog Training in Los Angeles, CA (2024 Updated Guide)

Last Updated on July, 2024

“$100 per hour, sir.”

“Starting at $1500/month.”

“We don’t have anything online, sir. Sorry.”

I was initially discouraged to find a training school for my brother because I had not researched the LA territory. 

Naturally, I stepped in.

That’s why I managed to break down the list of absolute best dog training in Los Angeles, CA. You’re in the right place if you’re looking for the best.

But why trust me?

Why Trust Me?

Because I did the research the hard way.

I personally filtered out so many dog owners in LA, used enough AI-powered search engines, and took trials for some to reveal 24 of the best courses.

Out of them, I brought the list down to the top 7 for you.

Let’s start with the best: the K9 training institute.

Top 7 Dog Training in Los Angeles, CA

1. K9 Training Institute

What if I told you that you could train your dog with a PhD-bearing dog trainer for FREE?

That’s pretty much the unparalleled advantage of the K9 training institute.

This is a free workshop delivered by two well-qualified and experienced professionals. One is Dr. Diaz, and the other is Eric Presnall.

They confidently recommend their workshop to all ages and breeds.

At the K9 Training Institute, you’ll be able to resolve the majority of your dog’s behavioral problems.

These include issues such as toilet accidents, anxiety, excessive barking, jumping on people, digging, pulling on the leash, and disobedience to verbal commands.

The secret to their success is the mixed approach with positive reinforcement and body language-based training. 

That gives dog parents perfect control of their dogs.

The BEST flex of this course is that the K9 workshop is based on research conducted at Harvard University and Stanford University.

That’s why my brother and I decided to take THIS class. Now, he has a well-trained GSD, free of charge. That’s as good as it gets, not only in LA but worldwide.


Completely free training class
Operates fully online
Delivered by a PhD-bearing trainer with another well-qualified one
All behavioral and obedience aspects are covered
Training based on research conducted at Harvard and Stanford University
Training strategy based on both positive reinforcement AND body language


No real-life interactions

Online or In-person: Online

Types of Training Courses: Behavioral classes, obedience classes, puppy training, anxiety training, body language training, specialty classes (separation anxiety)

Price Range: Completely Free

Link to Website: https://k9ti.org/free-workshop/

Does this sound like the right training program for you? Check out our full K9 Training Institute review.

2. It’s a Dog’s World K-9 Academy

If you’re still considering options, the best alternative to the K9 institute is the “It’s a Dog’s World” academy.

Let’s see why so.

Backed by a lot of associations in the USA, this K9 academy provides free consultations.

When I called, it was mostly about course recommendations.

It’s a Dog’s World Institute that offers Board and train, private lessons, group lessons, and off-leash lessons.

Its a Dogs World K9 Academy Program

Across all these lessons, dog owners can fix issues like the following:

  • Barking excessively 
  • Jumping on you or guests
  • Disobeyance to verbal commands 
  • Pulling on the leash
  • Digging
  • Stealing and running

And so on.

It’s a nice gesture for them to offer a FREE introductory class at their location, followed by a registration. However, remember that they’re closed on Sundays and holidays.

I also love the Yappy Hour solution, where you can let your dog play around in a safe and clean environment; the first session is free. 

One last thing: all classes can be booked online for your convenience.

All things considered, how can I not recommend It’s a Dog’s World for dog parents in LA?


All behavioral and disobedience issues are covered
Led by an experienced team
Multiple training courses to choose
Has a board & train option with a playtime
All prices and times are fully public


Closed on Sundays and holidays 
Lacks any online training classes

Online or In-person: In-person

Types of Training Courses: Behavioral training, obedience training, private training, boarding training, puppy training

Price Range: $5/hour – $130/lesson

Link to Website: https://www.itsadogsworld.biz/

Phone Number: 909-548-3150

3. CANIS – Behavior and Training

13+ years of training. 4000+ dogs trained. 100% real dog training.

That’s how Canis dog training introduces itself.

Led by Bred Labrada, a dog behavioral and training expert, Canis training goes with 4 class types. 

One is a group dog training class. Level 1 is mainly for leash training and manners, and level 2 is for obedience AND control.

Both span for 6 weeks, and the class calendar is public for convenience.

CANIS Behavior and Training Program

The next is 1:1 private coaching with custom plans. Similar to a few earlier, Canis coaches will pay extra attention to specific issues like separation anxiety and even impulsivity.

The third is Exclusive Takeover Training, where the Canis team will also coach you. It’s clear that customization is higher in this as not all families are the same.

Behavioral consulting is the last, and this typically leads to classes. If you’re unsure which one to get, you can call them for a free consultation. That’s why Canis Dog Training is also a dependable dog training school in LA.


Simple training approach for both puppies and dogs
Led by experienced and professional trainers 
Has a dog boarding
Coaches dog parents for better dog management
Free consultations


Prices aren’t public
Lacks online training

Types of Training Courses: Behavioural classes, private classes, owner teaching, group training, puppy training, reactivity training

Price Range: Not openly disclosed, but not free

Link to Website: https://canisdogtraining.com/

Phone Number: 424-398-8690

4. South Park Doggie – Waterland LAX

Southpark Doggie LAX offers multiple services and is another great dog training school. Let’s check it next.

Dog obedience training here is straightforward and divided into 4 categories across 2 main types. 

Under obedience training, you get a 5-session refresher and 10-session obedience training.

This is where basic commands and foundational understanding are reinforced.

The second type is behavioral training. Here, you get a 20-session behavior modification class and 30-day board & train behavior modification. 

South Park Doggie Waterland LAX

Each session lasts for one hour.

One clear downside is the high price of behavior training. But I’ll let you be the judge of it as all prices are public.

One special characteristic of Southpark Doggie LAX is its bespoke mobile app. Here, you can have your own account book and manage all your classes conveniently.

Additionally, you can also get dog grooming, dog play care & stay care, with several other services.

Situated close to the LA airport, I know this is a great alternative for the K9 Training Institute.


Training is categorized into 4 levels for better training
Pricing and session details are public
Staycare and daycare facilities are available
Receive a certificate after successful completion
Bespoke app for convenient class management


Higher pricing
Lacks private sessions

Online or In-person: In-person

Types of Training Courses: Obedience training, behavior training, dog grooming, dog socialization, playcare and stay care training

Price Range: $550 – $3950

Link to Website: https://www.southparkdoggielax.com/

Phone Number: (310) 417-3649

5. “I Said Sit!” School for Dogs

The next alternative to the K9 Training Institute is the “I Said Sit!” school for dogs; it’s such a unique name, I know.

I admire how they have a long list of health requirements for dogs to enroll in, such as timely vaccinations.

This is not typically mentioned in other schools. I Said Sit! School has several training types.

The first type is group classes. Their group classes have 8 categories; the first starts when the puppies are under 20 weeks.

I Said Sit School for Dogs

The adult manners class comes after the first puppy preschool (beginner) class. Then comes the Canine Good Citizen prep class, followed by the Feisty Fido class. There are some more classes, and all the details are readily available.

But the key takeaway is that I Said Sit! will cover all behavioral and obedience issues across 1-hour sessions. Remember that no makeup classes are available.

Dog parents can also enroll in private, puppy, and boarding training classes besides group classes.

It’s unfortunate that the school doesn’t provide any free consultations and lacks online training.

Not considering that, I Said Sit! is definitely another dependable dog training school in LA, CA.


Step-by-step dog training sessions are available
Comprehensive puppy boarding classes for better focus
Convenient 1-hour sessions for each class
Behavioral and obedience training classes for the needed


No makeup classes available
Strict health requirements for enrolling

Online or In-person: Online

Types of Training Courses: Behavioral classes, private training, daycare training, obedience training, group classes, puppy training, socializing training

Price Range: $90 – $3,795

Link to Website: https://www.isaidsit.com/

Phone Number: (310) 558-9037

6. Fun Paw Care

For the next substitute, let’s look at Fun Paw Care.

I liked their training approach and taking care of your dog; that hints a lot of positive reinforcement.

This training school has four categories. These are:

  • Dog training
  • Puppy training
  • Puppy boot camp
  • Dog Boarding
Fun Paw Care

Underdog training, pet parents receive 3 options such as:

  • Option 1: Dog Boot Camp (Boarding & Training)
  • Option 2: Dog Behavior Modification, Troubleshooting & Obedience Training (Members Only)
  • Option 3: Online Dog Training Classes & Answers to All Pet Questions

All courses are conducted based on positive reinforcement.

Don’t get confused or discouraged seeing how long their web pages are; Fun Paw Care just wants to be thorough.

In summary, some of the key dog issues resolved will be:

  • Dog biting
  • Leash pulling
  • Over-arousal
  • Jumping on people
  • Excessive barking
  • Separation anxiety

And this list goes on.

Although the rest of the trainers aren’t public, it’s a specialist, Russell Harstein, who leads clear Fun Paw Care.

But it would have been amazing if the prices, rest of the trainers, and class schedule. Even without that, Fun Paw Care is recommendable.


Three comprehensive dog training plans
Online training is available
All dog behavioral and disobedience issues will be resolved
Has a dog boarding just in case
Uses positive treatment 


Lacks pricing publicly 
No group class schedule

Types of Training Courses: Behavioral training, obedience training, boarding training, therapy dog training, camp training, anxiety training

Price Range: Not publicly available – however, not free

Link to Website: https://www.funpawcare.com/

Phone Number: (424) 341-0166

7. Rosewood K-9

My last suggestion is Rosewood K9.

This training school doesn’t bring that professional vibe from the K9 Training Institute.

But it brings 3 core training/services to the table:

  • Training 
  • Boarding (not yet available)
  • Daycare 
Rosewood K9 Training Program

Rosewood K9 provides separate training sessions for puppies (0-5 months) and dogs (5+ months), with 4 hourly sessions

In these lessons, the Rosewood K9 trainers cover several areas.

Some of these are potty training, crate training, obedience training, and confidence training, including correcting common issues such as excessive barking, whining, and so on.

I absolutely love how they resemble one crucial technique used by the K9 training institute: training the dog owner to handle the dogs after training is completed.

What’s the training method they use? 

It’s the balance between positive and negative reinforcement, praising and disciplining. Personally, I’m not the biggest fan of negative reinforcement. 

Remember that Rosewood K9 has only a boarding; this isn’t the same as a board & train.

It’s a clear downside that they’re not open about who their trainers are and what their schedules and pricing are.

If you’re alright with that, Rosewood K9 is another great dog training school.


Simple training approach for both puppies and dogs
Uses positive reinforcement at 50%
Covers all key behavioral and disobedience issues
Coaches you to maintain your dog after Rosewood training
Covers all necessary dog behavioral issues


Trainers’ qualifications are questionable
Uses negative reinforcement at 50%

Online or In-person: In-person

Types of Training Courses: Behavioral training, obedience training, house training, boarding training

Price Range: Not publicly available; not free

Link to Website: https://rosewoodk9.com/

Phone Number: (310) 902-5999

Trainers vs. Training Schools: Which is Best for You?

trainers vs. training schools for dogs

There’s a fine line between trainers and training schools, and the best out of the two is neither; it’s the midpoint.

You should be looking at training schools with about 2-3 trainers so they’re laser-focused on your dog.

But well-established and globally known dog training schools are clear exceptions. But choosing them will push you for higher prices, and you will have to adjust to their timelines.

However, the best-case scenario is when the considered training institute operates online for a lower price. After all, online classes are cheaper as they require less operational infrastructure.

That’s why K9 Training Institute is unarguably the best option in LA.

Other dog training programs in other regions:

In Conclusion

So, it’s clear that online dog training is a bit more effective in the present. That’s one major reason why K9 Institute made it to the top.

Finding an affordable AND dependable dog training school or a trainer is a challenge, especially in this economy. 

But why should you pay around $60 per HOUR when you can get all that and more for COMPLETELY FREE?

Trying out the free option before you try out any of the paid options is the best approach — K9 Training Institute really is the best, whether I like it or not.

So, take my advice and get it done the smart way.


In Los Angeles, CA, the average cost for dog training per hour is approximately $60, however prices can vary.

The best dog training solution in Los Angeles, CA is K9 Training Institute. This free school covers all aspects of dog training.

Yes, online dog training courses can be worth the money, but it is important to ensure all training aspects are met.

K9 Training Institute
K9Ti Product Image
Ease of Training




Overall Score


The institute has a free online dog training workshop.
Training works well for both puppies and adult dogs.
It is suitable for any type of dog with behavioral issues.
The K9TI offers unlimited personal coaching for specialized training.
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of July
The paid dog training program can be a bit expensive, but there is a free workshop too.

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