5 Best Dog Training in Orlando, FL (2024 Updated Guide)

Last Updated on July, 2024

Orlando, Florida, is a pretty big city and is filled with people almost all the time. It’s a pretty popular tourist spot because of the Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Orlando Resort that families like to visit.

Plus, the city is pretty crowded even during the winter season since it’s a relatively warmer area people can come to relax in if they live somewhere cold.

Because of the big crowds, there’s lots of traffic and noise around the main parts of the city too. That can make it hard to keep a dog unless it’s properly trained.

But, with all the dog training programs in Orlando, it can be hard to decide the best one for your dog.

So, if you’re struggling to choose a training program for your dog’s growth, here are a few of our recommendations to get the little guy used to life in a big city like Orlando.

5 of the Top Dog Training Programs in Orlando, FL

Orlando is a big city, and that’s why it has plenty of options to choose from when it comes to dog training. Let’s quickly go over each one to give you an idea of what they offer and at what price:

Brain Training For DogsOnlineFlexibleObedience Training, Behavior Conditioning, Puppy Training, Intelligence Training, + More$67
Diversity K-9 ServiceIn-PersonFlexibleDaycare, Evaluation, Behavior Training, Private Lessons, Boarding$35-$270
Orlando Dog Training ClubIn-PersonFixedObedience Training, Conformation Training, Show Prep$45-$150
Walking Dog TrainingBothFixedPrivate Virtual Tutoring, Leash & Off-Leash Walking, Boarding Program, Bonding$65-$2900
Bark BustersBothFlexibleBehavior Training, Separation Anxiety, Obedience Training, In-Home Training$150-$600

That’s a general summary of what all 5 of our recommendations have to offer and how much these services might end up costing you. Now, let’s take a deeper dive into things if you need to know more before choosing one.

1. Brain Training For Dogs

At number one, we have Brain Training For Dogs.

It’s a varied program for disobedient dogs that focuses mainly on helping dogs become more intelligent. 

Adrienne Farricelli, the CPDT-KA certified dog trainer behind this program, spent over a decade perfecting her training strategy.

Instead of punishing dogs or conditioning their behavior in a specific way, her program helps owners tap into their pup’s brain to make them smarter.

A smarter pup is a pup that’s much easier to train and condition because you can easily tell the difference between good and bad.

Thanks to this, it becomes so simple to train your dog to behave in public, around the house, and make it a better part of your family.

It’s a really cheap course too, being the most affordable one on the list when it comes to value for money. The entire program is currently priced at $67.

For that price, below are some of the problems the program helps you get rid of:

  • Potty accidents
  • Barking uncontrollably
  • Digging 
  • Jumping
  • Pulling 

Brain Training For Dogs will help your dog be much more obedient and won’t get overwhelmed when many people are around.

On top of that, his behavior around the house will be much better, and the exercises in the program can help you train his mind to be more intelligent too.

Plus, all of this comes with flexible timings. You can go through the course at your pace whenever it’s convenient for you.

Services/Training: Intelligence Training, Puppy Training, Behavior Conditioning, Obedience Training, Anxiety Conditioning, Tricks.

Contact: [email protected]

Price: $67

Online or In-Person: Online

Free Trial: Yes

Link to Website: https://www.braintraining4dogs.com/

Want more information? Read our full BT4D Review.

2. Diversity K-9 Service

If you want to have your dog’s training done in person, one of the best spots in Orlando is Diversity K-9 Service.

They offer all kinds of helpful things that a dog owner in the area could need.

For starters, they do evaluations that study an owner’s dog and establish just how much work is needed to train them.

This helps the trainers understand the dog’s biggest strengths and weaknesses.

Then, they have private training, boarding services, and even a daycare for your little buddy if you’re leaving town.

Diversity K9 Service Program

They also have weekly classes, lectures, and other in-person programs that dog owners can attend to get a better idea of things. It’s a nice service and not too much on the expensive side either, as tutoring usually costs $60 an hour.

You can take your pup to their center to socialize with other dogs too. The variety of training, affordability, and services make Diversity K-9 Service an option to consider for anyone living in Orlando. 

Services/Training: Daycare, Evaluation, Behavior Training, Private Lessons, Boarding

Contact: (407) 461-4415 (Can also be contacted online through their website)

Price: $35-270

Online or In-Person: In-Person

Free Trial: None

Link to Website: https://diversityk9.com/

3. Orlando Dog Training Club

Orlando Dog Training Club features a wide range of lessons, ranging from training for puppies to classes that can teach new things to both dogs and their owners.

They have specialized lessons for dogs in the competitive scene whose owners want to teach them more about some advanced tricks, show preps, and more.

These can help experienced/grown dogs develop their skills, socialize with other similar dogs, and hone their biggest strengths.

Whether you’re looking for lessons to tailor your dog’s skills or just help the little guy get used to life in your city, this dog training club is sure to have options for you.

Orlando Dog Training Club

Plus, everything they offer comes at a pretty affordable price, with a price range of only $45-$150. 

Services/Training: Obedience Training, Conformation Training, Show Prep, Puppy Training

Contact: (407) 310-3782, [email protected]

Price: $45-$150

Online or In-Person: In-Person

Free Trial: No

Link to Website: https://www.orlandodogtrainingclub.com/

4. Walking Dog Training

Walking Dog Training is a bit more peculiar than other options on this list.

It doesn’t have lessons that are necessarily just about helping your dog behave better or teaching him to obey you.

Instead, Bethany Johnson, the one behind this program, helps you and your little friend develop a deeper bond with each other.

Her teachings focus on developing trust between you and your dog while also giving him off and on-leash walking training so it’s easier to navigate the busier parts of Orlando.

Walking Dog Training

The methods for this involve e-collar training. Her platform has services for people all around the world, but Bethany herself is based in Orlando.

The main training program they offer is an in-person boarding camp, where your dog can go for two weeks to learn all about the basics of behaving and living in a city like Orlando.

But, other than that, Bethany also has virtual private lessons that focus on helping owners work on training their own dogs.

While the service is definitely a good one, it comes at a hefty price range of $65 (for an hour of virtual tutoring) to $2900 (for the boarding services).

Services/Training: Private Virtual Tutoring, Leash & Off-Leash Walking, Boarding Program, Bonding

Contact: (407) 341-6032

Price: $65-$2900

Online or In-Person: Both

Free Trial: No

Link to Website: http://walkingdogtraining.com/

5. Bark Busters

If you’ve been searching for a dog trainer for a while, Bark Busters is a name that’s probably shown up a couple of times.

They’re a large-scale brand with trainers in almost every state, including Orlando. 

This lets them give both in-person and online training to dogs across the country.

Speaking of training, theirs usually focuses on psychologically training dogs to behave better.

Instead of using harsh punishments, they use humane tactics to give pups an idea of how they should behave.

Bark busters home dog training

Their tactics are known to work on puppies and grown dogs with aggression issues, as well as the ones that have certain fears or anxieties. But, their prices are as big as their name.

Their hourly rates are quite high, and you can expect to pay around $150-$600 to get their services.

Services/Training: Behavior Training, Separation Anxiety, Obedience Training, In-Home Training

Contact: (877) 500-2257

Price: $150-$600

Online or In-Person: Both

Free Trial: No

Link to Website: https://dogtraining-orlando-winterpark.com/

Online or In-Person Dog Training? What’s the Best Choice?

Online and In-Person dog training

Both online and in-person dog training have quite a few perks. A lot of people prefer the latter because it’s a more personal experience for their dogs, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that online lessons are worse.

With online training, you get a lot of freedom in the way your pup is trained. Plus, the timings are much more flexible, and you can take online courses anywhere, unlike in-person sessions.

Plus, any good online course will give you all the tools and tips you need to help your dog thrive and live his best life in a city like Orlando, FL. They also tend to be a lot more affordable while providing more training and content.

But it’s true that your dog might miss out on socialization and experienced personal care. So, at the end of the day, the decision is yours to make, depending on what sounds best to you and your dog.

Other dog training programs in other regions:


All the programs in our list above are your best bet for the best dog training in Orlando, FL. Each one is great in their own way and has specialties that they’re especially good at teaching to dogs.

Our personal favorite is Brain Training For Dogs, thanks to its unique approach and affordability.

The route it takes and the tips it discusses are ideal for keeping a dog in Orlando, as it has a huge focus on using intelligence training to perfect behavior and attitude.

Whatever you’re looking for regarding your preferred dog training programs, hopefully, our list was able to make the search easier for you!


The cost of dog training in Orlando can vary based on factors like type, trainer experience, and duration. Group classes are more affordable, while private sessions and specialized programs are pricier. Researching and comparing different training services can provide a better understanding of current pricing.

In Orlando, Florida, the types of training a dog needs most are behavior conditioning and leash training.

When looking for a dog training program, make sure to research the certifications of the trainers, read user reviews, get references from friends, and look for other pertinent information.

Brain Training For Dogs
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