How Much Does a Chow Chow Cost? (2024 Average Price Guide)

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Have you ever been envious of celebrities walking their chow chows around and wanted one for yourself? These beautiful dogs have rich and famous owners for a reason. 

You know what they say; higher demand can only mean a higher price! But how much does a Chow Chow cost? Are they hard to maintain? What are the yearly expenses like?

Lucky for you, I have the answers to all these burning questions. In this article, I will walk you through the price of Chow Chow and the annual cost to raise them.

Quick Summary

The price of a Chow Chow can range from $800 to $4000, depending on various factors such as age, training, and pedigree.

The cost can be influenced by factors like breed type, location, bloodline, age, and training. A purebred Chow Chow from a champion bloodline can cost up to $4000, while a mixed breed or a Chow Chow from a rescue can cost significantly less.

Chow Chow puppies are typically more expensive than older dogs, but purchasing from an animal shelter may result in a lower price. The quality and pedigree of the dog can significantly impact the cost.

How Much Does a Chow Chow Cost?

chow chow standing on the wooden floor

Chow Chows are one of the most expensive dog breeds in the world. Having such famous owners plus the high demand versus supply contributes to its high cost.

Usually, a Chow Chow can cost between $800 to $4000, depending on various factors.

Chow Chow Dog

Chow Chow dogs are relatively cheaper than a puppy. They usually cost $200 to $400 less than a six-month-old pup. 

The price usually depends on the age. The older the dog, the lower the price. However, if the dog has been neutered, vaccinated, and trained well, it can cost close to $1000.

Chow Chow Puppy

Chow Chow puppies can cost over $1000 if bought before six months.

As highly sought-after dogs, they only come cheap if you buy puppies from an animal shelter. Even then, the price would be close to $500.

The higher the quality and pedigree of the Chow Chow, the higher the price.

The prices can double if the dog is from a good bloodline and is very healthy.

Breeders will also charge a higher fee for a well-trained puppy, even if it is a bit older. 

a human holding a Chow Chow puppy

There are many aspects you need to take into consideration before buying a Chow Chow. Let’s have a look at some of the critical factors.

Factors That Will Affect the Cost of Chow Chows

Why does a Chow Chow cost so much with a significant price range? The answer is complex.

Many factors go into determining the retail price for this dog. So, let’s find out:

Breed Type: Mixed breeds will usually be cheaper than purebred dogs. As one of the most expensive dogs in the world, the mixed breeds will always be cheaper by at least $200 to $500 since the purebred Chow Chow is the most desired from the lot. 

Location: This boils down to supply versus demand. In regions of Asia, there is an abundance of Chow Chow breeders; therefore, the price will be less. However, in the United States and parts of Europe, there are very few breeders depending on the location. 

If you live in a location with many kennels and breeders, the price will be slightly lower, and you might get a Chow Chow even for $750.

However, if Chow Chow breeders in your region are scarce, the cost might be at least $2000. 

Bloodline: A dog’s bloodline matters when considering the price. If the Chow Chows are purebred show quality dogs from a champion bloodline, the costs can be up to $4000.

Higher quality means you will pay double the price of a typical pup. 

Unless you want a show dog, I highly recommend not investing in these types of dogs.

chow chow standing on the ground

If you are seeking high-quality Chow Chows, I suggest looking for professional breeders but be wary not to fall for scams and do a thorough background check on the breeder.

Age: The older the dog, the cheaper the price unless it is a Chow Chow! Unless the Chow Chow you buy is quite old, most adult dogs aren’t cheap since they have already been trained and vaccinated. 

A Chow Chow puppy will be more expensive as they are in high demand, but a trained dog or puppy of this breed can cost a lot more since Chow Chows are difficult to train. 


Training: Chow Chows are the most independent and stubborn dogs you will ever meet! They might seem obedient as puppies, but they can have a mind of their own as they get older. This is why Chow Chow puppies that have already been trained can fetch a high price. 

Rescue vs. Breeder: Buying a Chow Chow from a rescue can cost you at least $300 less than a professional breeder. A reputable breeder will charge more for a Chow Chow due to the costs of breeding and taking care of the litter and vet and grooming.

About the Chow Chow Dog Breed

chow chow running on the ground

The Chow Chow is an arctic dog with a lion-like look and regal demeanor. It is one of the most ancient breeds in the world. Having a somewhat lion-bear hybrid appearance, this ancient breed has been around for thousands of years.

In the late 1800s, Chows made their debut at AKC dog events. The organization called the Chow Chow Club, Inc. was started in 1906.

When President Calvin Coolidge kept a Chow Chow at the White House in the 1930s, the breed first saw widespread appeal. In the 1980s, demand for the Chow Chow increased once more.

Appearance, Size and Weight

The Chow’s stiff walk and blue-black tongue are its most distinctive features. This is the only dog breed that is disqualified from the AKC for its tongue color.

If these features are not present, they are deemed unsuitable to be in the Chow Chow breed category. 

The Chow Chow can have a rough or smooth coat, depending on the breed. The most typical coat is longhaired. The undercoat is soft and thick. The outer coat can be quite rough, made up of long, coarse guard hairs. 

The other type is the smooth-coated Chow Chow. They have a distinct undercoat and a short, hard, “smooth” outer coat that is thick. The Chow Chow comes in two different varieties: rough and smooth.

The distinctive, silky coat of the Chow should not be mistaken with the numerous rough-coated Chow Chows with relatively short coats. 

The five hues of Chow Chows, from red and black to cream. The most popular color is the deep mahogany color.

Unlike other breeds, the value of a Chow is not at all affected by its color; while they are less frequent, blue or white, Chows are no more desirable than red or black Chows.

In terms of weight, it depends on the Chow’s size. A Chow Chow puppy can grow up to 20in in height. They are categorized as medium to large dogs.

A male Chow Chow can weigh 25 to 30kg, while a female Chow Chow is slightly lighter at 20 to 27kg.

Life Span

The lifespan of a Chow Chow is around eight to twelve years. This can vary depending on the breed type. If they are a mixed breed, the life expectancy can be shorter or longer depending on the breeds the offspring came from. 


The Chow Chow has a temperament that is very distinctive from other breeds.

They adopt distant, reserved, independent, dignified, and stubborn attitudes like cats. 

Although their cuddly fur is ideal for cuddling, they don’t often appreciate being fussed over by kids or strangers.

The Chow is extremely intelligent; however, like a cat, they lack most other breeds’ motivation to please their owners.

People who do not comprehend the distinctive nature of the independent Chow Chows, frequently have misconceptions about the breed’s temperament.

chow chow dog standing on the ground

They naturally take their homes and families extremely seriously and feel it is their duty to preserve what they love. They are also naturally distrustful of outsiders and possessive.

Types of Dog Breeds

As a purebred dog, the Chow Chow does not have varying types of purebreds. However, several mixed breeds of Chow Chows have emerged in recent times. These are a few of the popular mixed breeds. 

Chow Chow x Siberian Husky

This mix makes adorable canines with not only handsome features but also sharp minds. You’ll realize that these smart canines are frequently fairly independent canines who are very free-spirited. You’ll find that they are extremely trainable.

Given the name Chuskies, they are charming and funny dogs who will leave a mark on your heart if you can handle their characteristics. These vivacious sweethearts require houses that are active and provide lots of playing.

Chow Chow x German Shepherd

Costing below $750, I can guarantee your home and heart will be taken over by a Chow Shepherd puppy.

These independent furry buddies may require some direction as they develop into their finest selves, but they are sweet, sensitive pets hidden beneath their tough exteriors.

This crossbreed enjoys having fenced-in yards to play in, and they require a lot of exercise.

However, after returning from rewarding hikes or exhilarating games of fetch, these energetic puppies will shower you with lots of kisses.

Chow German Shepherd lying on the beach

Chow Chow x American Pit Bull Terrier

Known as a Pitchow, they are really adorable! This charming and pleasant mixed-breed dog has a lot of energy, enjoys playing, and is constantly eager to go on adventures with its owner.

These dogs will probably give you and your family lots of affection, although they can be wary of strangers. However, if you’re looking for a trustworthy adventure partner, this dog is the one for you!

Chow Chow x Golden Retriever

When you breed an independent chow with a perpetually loving golden retriever, you get a four-footed, gentle, and clever canine who adores being a member of your group. 

These active dogs are not only some of the greatest dogs for jogging or trekking but also make wonderful all-around family pets.

The Golden Chow is highly devoted to and protective of its family, but like many Chow-mixes, it might be a little hesitant around outsiders.

However, winning over one of these adorable dogs shouldn’t take too long.

Golden Chow sitting in the car

Chow Chow x Labrador Retriever

The adorable dog is a crossbreed of a Labrador and a Chow Chow. These are some of the sweetest dogs you’ll ever meet, and they’re basically devoted, amiable furballs who love spending time with its family.

Known as Chabradors, they can be a little apprehensive of strangers, like their Chow parent, make sure to start their socialization training early on. Aside from that, these adaptive canines will thrive in almost any place they can spend with their loved ones.

Health and Trainability 

Eyelid entropion, hip and elbow dysplasia, allergies, and thyroid dysfunction are some of the main health issues that Chow Chows might face. 

Luckily, these disorders can easily be identified and treated through regular vet visits and reduced through health screening, breeding, and regular health care.

On the official sites, the Chow Chow Club and Chow Health, there is extensive and in-depth information about the breed’s health.

The Chow Chow is a lively, alert dog with average exercise requirements.

Chow Chow dog lying on the floor

The Chow needs daily walks and modest toy play, but not excessive rough play or vigorous activity. Exercise should be avoided during the hottest parts of the day because the breed is not well adapted to high temperatures or humidity.

The obstinate, strong-minded Chow Chows need equally strong-willed dog owners! If you let it, this breed can quickly become your master because it has its own thinking. Chow puppies are rarely destructive or unruly by nature.


Unfortunately, some dog owners get the impression that training is unnecessary because their Chow Chow behaves well when they are puppies.

However, when an untrained Chow becomes an adult dog, it might reject authority. Some owners of Chow Chows have behavioral issues with their dogs due to improper training and socialization.

The continual process of socialization involves teaching the Chow youngster to accept unfamiliar people, other canines, and situations away from his home with grace and composure.

Training tools dog owners must have for their dogs:

Where to Buy a Chow Chow Dog?

chow chow standing on the chair

Rescue Puppy

As an expensive dog, the best affordable options for purchasing a Chow Chow are animal shelters or a rescue. 

Reputable Breeder

First and foremost, there are many types of dog breeders you should be aware of. It would be best if you were wary of the first two types as the Chow Chow puppies might have unknown health problems.

Backyard Breeders: People who breed their own dogs but do not provide the same health guarantees and health tests as professional breeders are often referred to as “backyard breeders.” 

Because they have a cherished female dog and want to keep one of her puppies for themselves and sell the rest to their loved ones, some backyard breeders will produce one litter. 

It’s likely that the parents and puppies, in some cases, are adored, in good health, and receiving the best care and socialization.

Other backyard breeders are less morally upright and breed their dogs without the same superior care and treatment in order to make a profit.

Puppy Mills: Commercial breeders raise pups similarly to how livestock are raised: in large numbers in cages.

Due to their extensive dog breeding, these businesses are referred to as “puppy mills.” 

There are numerous horrifying tales of puppy mills where dogs are malnourished, dehydrated, and housed in cramped cages where they are repeatedly bred.

Puppy mill dogs frequently never run about or enjoy a typical existence.

Most of the time, local pet stores sell these puppies.

Chow Chow dog lying on the snow

Chow Chows raised in puppy mills can have serious health conditions as a result of neglect, poor socialization, temperamental or genetic problems, or even mental health issues from lack of care by the owners. 

Therefore, please do not buy Chow Chows puppies for sale from puppy mills.

The last two types are the best breeder types you should be looking for before purchasing. Yes, they might be pricy, but you will be guaranteed a healthy dog!

Professional Breeders: Professional dog breeders typically have in-depth knowledge of genetics, bloodlines, and prevalent health issues specific to the breed and breed since they are dog lovers. 

Good groomers are very committed to upholding the breed standards to maintain healthy, active dogs. All of the stud dogs and dams used by reputable breeders are subjected to the required tests for their breeds.

Show Breeders: Lastly, as the name suggests, show breeders are professionals that breed show dogs. Show breeders are the type to be involved in conformation shows in kennel clubs. 

These reputable breeders also participate in common sports and activities for the breed. They are well known in the community and work professionally as dog trainers or run dog boarding services in their region.

Online Websites

There are many sites, such as Petfinder, that you can utilize to buy a Chow Chow. However, ensure they are legitimate websites with reputable breeders registered under kennel clubs such as the American Kennel Club (AKC).

Make sure to do thorough research on the breeder before buying your pet, and NEVER travel to shady places or buy them for low prices that seem too good to be true.

Steps to Adopt a Chow Chow 

chow chow puppies on the ground

These are the five steps to follow if you want to adopt a Chow Chow:

Step 1: Fill out the proper adoption application from our two options: Application for Chow Adoption or Application for Repeat Adopter.

Step 2: References are screened, so kindly give your veterinarian permission to exchange information and advise them that their contact information will be used to check your references.

Step 3: The Chow Chow rescue organization or a local designee will conduct a home visit. As soon as they reach this stage of the procedure, you will be informed.

Step 4: The rescue does not transport the chows since they prefer to meet our adopters and think that picking up your Chow from them is an essential last step in the adoption process.

They will have dogs in foster care in a few different locations, but pickup will need some travel. You can also become a foster home if you like; fill in the foster application from that rescue. 

Step 5: The rescue works hard to concentrate on a successful adoption and makes an effort to match the pets with the home based on a number of parameters. 

In instances where the Chow Chow you are most interested in isn’t the best for you, they will make recommendations for other Chows.

You can always bring the adopted canine back to the rescue if it turns out that it isn’t a suitable fit for your family.


These are the steps to follow to register your Chow Chow after gaining dog ownership under kennel clubs such as the AKC.

Step 1: Your dog needs to have a distinctive name to be registered with the AKC.

See if the name you have in mind is available and if it complies with AKC standards.

Step 2: Each distinct dog breed has its own set of Standard (S) color and marking codes, and some breeds also have Alternate (A) codes. 

You must decide on a color that has been designated by the National Parent Club in order to register your dog with the AKC. A complete list of acceptable hues and markings is available for each breed.

Step 3: Obtain a registration form from the breeder of your dog. The breeder of your dog should have registered the litter with the AKC and assigned registration numbers to each dog, so ask them for a puppy registration form.

Step 4: If the breeder didn’t provide you with a registration form when you originally obtained the dog, get in touch with them for more details. Find out the bare minimum about the breeder and the parents of your dog.

Step 5: Fill out the registration form provided by the breeder, or register online at the AKC website. Describe the color and markings of your dog and include your contact information.

Step 6: The next step is the payment. The basic registration-only fee for the AKC, including paper application, is $39.99. If you want to get basic registration with a pedigree, the cost will be slightly higher at $64.99

You will receive your official AKC certificate once you register your dog with the AKC. This certificate will include comprehensive details on your dog. You’ll get access to tools and services throughout all phases of your dog’s development.

Cost of Raising a Chow Chow Dog

chow chow dog standing on the ground

The first year’s expenses will always be a lot more as you need to buy the initial dog supplies for your pup such as food and water bowls, toys, leashes etc. The rest of the expenses will monthly. 


Commercial dry and wet dog diets are widely available; all you have to do is select a good quality brand for your pet. Many pet owners decide to feed a diet low in grains. 

Even if your Chow Chow’s diet is the same every day, make sure to examine the Chow’s skin for any redness or other allergy symptoms, as dog food manufacturers frequently alter their formulas.

Be cautious, as even dog treats can also cause gastrointestinal and allergic problems. 

Give table scraps infrequently, if at all, and steer clear of cooked bones and items with a lot of fat. Discover which foods a Chow Chow can consume and which they cannot. Consult your vet if you want to make a diet plan or have any worries about your dog’s weight.

Chow Chows can weigh more than 60 lbs on average if they are on the larger side, which places them in the category of large dogs.

Chow Puppies can eat approximately 190 lb. of dry food during their first year of life. This places meal costs between $150 and $300.

Adult dogs often consume more food (almost 280 lb. each year), so they need $140-$400 worth of food annually. Dog food does have a short shelf life; however, it can be kept in storage for a long time. 

Buying in bulk is a sensible course of action and will provide you with the best value. So, after checking with your veterinarian to determine which kind of puppy food would be best for your Chow. It would be best to buy bulk for your Chow Chow.

Health and Vet Visitations

A Chow Chow owner will usually have to pay around $600 in vet bills for the first year, including vaccinations and checkups. 

Additionally, other procedures like spaying/neutering might cost at least $50 to even $300, depending on the location.

A gastropexy procedure should be considered if necessary, which might cost $200-$400.

If we consider yearly vet visits, expect to spend about $600. This also includes additional meds that may be required, such as heartworm or flea prevention medication.

Chow Chow dog sitting in front of a car

After the first vet visit, when it is about eight weeks old, you will need to take them at least three additional times for their first year to make sure they are healthy with no underlying conditions.

The vet bills will cost between $60 and $180; these are needed to look after the puppy’s general health.


Location and the size of your dog can significantly impact your grooming expenses. 

Regular grooming is necessary to maintain your dog’s comfort and best appearance. It would be best if you planned to devote one to two hours weekly to brushing your Chow’s coat down to the skin. 

Seasonal undercoat shedding occurs in Chows. Regular bathing and grooming will keep your Chow in good health and reduce the amount of excess hair in your home. Chow Chows can typically be groomed by their owner at home.

If not, it is advised to bring the dog up to six times annually; each appointment will cost between $70 and $120.

Taking your Chow Chow to a professional groomer will greatly benefit your dog’s health and well-being.

Most professional dog grooming services will provide a bath, shampoo your Chow and do hair removal if necessary. Besides washing your pet, groomers will also style, brush the coat and teeth, trim the nails and clean the eyes and ears. 

The cost will vary depending on the type of services you select as well as the size, health, age, and coat condition of your Chow. If you would like to do the grooming at home, the average cost of a grooming kit is $70 on sites like Amazon. 


When your puppy reaches the appropriate age, you should sign up for dog obedience lessons with a trained trainer. You can get recommendations for nearby kennel clubs that hold these classes from the AKC or your vet. 

The training should continue at home, and your Chow should be exposed to obedience orders regularly. Chow Chows are a one-person breed that typically does not get along well with children.

She would strongly advise extensive professional training.


Crate training, toilet training, house etiquette, barking, jumping, and positive leadership are all things that may be addressed in private classes. It’s also a fantastic chance to work through any training problems the Chow could have.

Additionally, group lessons for socializing outside the house and fundamental obedience are required.

Depending on where you live, you should expect to pay anywhere from $900 to $1200 for 7-9 private sessions and up to $200 for 5 group courses.

You can also consider the best virtual dog training course to cut down the expense.

Overall Annual Expenses

Besides the main expenses listed above, some additional fees need to be considered, such as pet insurance, dog walking services, etc.

The average cost of insurance for a dog is reported to be around $500 per year for both accident and illness coverage, while accident-only plans can be as low as $150. 

It is entirely up to the dog owner to purchase pet insurance, which can reduce the financial risk associated with unforeseen medical costs.

To learn more about coverage and costs, contact pet insurance providers.

Chow Chow dog standing on the snow

Total health coverage is also provided by some insurance companies but can be significantly high due to the equally high medical costs. In the USA, license prices typically range from $10 to $20, depending on the locality.

The price is greater if your dog is not spayed or neutered. Since it may be against the law to own an unlicensed dog, depending on the state, we strongly advise licensing. Additionally, it makes locating and identifying people in an emergency much simpler.

With the help of a microchip, your dog can be explicitly identified and added to databases used for medical and emergency purposes.

Microchips in various areas in the United States are compulsory and cost $25 to $50. Therefore, I highly recommend microchipping as it is a one-time price.

Chow Chows require regular exercise. If you do not have the time to devote yourself to caring for the dog, hire a professional to walk it at least once daily.

For 30-minute group walks, expect to pay $15–$25, and for 1-hour ones, $20 to $50. The owner might have to pay for private walks if the dog is not properly socialized.

The minimum annual cost of raising a Chow Chow is $2500 if you can cut down on the grooming and training expenses. However, if you plan on raising quality dogs with high-quality dog food and training, you are looking at at least $ 3500 annually.

Cost of Raising a Chow Chow Compared to Other Dog Breeds

chow chow dog lying on the beach

It is a difficult comparison as there are many factors to consider. Compared to other medium to large dog breeds, the Chow Chow can be pretty expensive in its initial purchase cost. 

However, there might be other aspects, such as grooming and training, where the cost of a Chow chow might be cheaper.

In contrast to most dog breeds, the Chow Chow is very stubborn; therefore, training costs will be higher than other, more obedient dogs. 

Nevertheless, after this dog is well trained, the price of raising it is similar to other breeds. Furthermore, this dog does not need much exercise, which will enable you to save on dog walker fees.

Other Dog Breeds Pricing Guides:


Managing multiple Chow Chows can be challenging due to their stubborn nature, so it is recommended not to buy many at once. However, once trained, they are known to be relatively low-maintenance and easy to manage.

Chow Chows can make good family pets with proper training and socialization, but they may not be naturally friendly or patient. Buying a puppy and early training is recommended to help create a bond with family members.

Maintaining and grooming a Chow Chow pet can be costly. However, a kennel club can help you find affordable grooming options, and if you are a good groomer, you can do it yourself with the right equipment.

Chow Chows are not aggressive towards humans but may exhibit aggression towards other dogs. Socialization training is important for ensuring they can coexist peacefully with other dogs.

Before purchasing a Chow Chow dog, consider factors such as home life and location. Young children and other dogs in the home may not be suitable for a Chow Chow, and training by a professional may be necessary. Additionally, Chow Chows are arctic dogs and may overheat in certain locations.

Chow Chows are considered expensive pets due to their high demand and popularity among the wealthy.

No, reputable breeders for Chow Chows are easy to find if you go through a kennel club such as the AKC. Chow Chow dogs can be hard to find, however, if your region has few breeders. In this case, the price for one will be high as well.

It is advisable to buy a Chow Chow dog if you are on a budget and looking for an already-trained pet. The decision ultimately comes down to your preferences and budget.

The monthly cost of owning a Chow Chow can range from $200 to $300 depending on the quality and type of food, grooming, training, and other costs.


We have come to an end! Did you get all the information you need about how much the Chow Chow cost?

Labeled as an expensive and rare breed, it might seem like a scary commitment to buy one, but do not fear; there are many alternatives to help you cut your budget.

Chow Chows are pretty stubborn dogs. Therefore, the first few years are crucial in shaping your dog to adjust to its new family.

Since they are not the most family-friendly dogs, it is advisable to spend more on training at just the beginning with professional trainers. 

Once your Chow Chow is well trained, they will be your most loyal life companion. Furthermore, most of the additional expenses are one-time ones; therefore, if you can do most of the grooming and exercises at home, this is truly an affordable dog.

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