Dog Care Dog Training Collar Review: Worth Your Money?

Last Updated on July, 2024

If you don’t train your stubborn pup on time, his mischief can get out of hand. This is where dog training collars come to the rescue.

Dog Care is a well-reputed brand and a top choice for many dog owners. 

But does the Dog Care collar live up to its hype?

What are the key features of this dog training collar?

What’s the feedback from other users?

To help you decide, I will take you through the features, benefits, and pros and cons of the Dog Care training collar. I’ll share an overview of the user reviews and give you a few alternative options so that you can make the best choice for your dog.

Keep reading to find out all about the Dog Care collar. 

What is the Dog Care Dog Training Collar?

Dog Care Dog Training Collar

Dog Care is a well-reputed brand that manufactures Dog Care and training products.

The company uses advanced technology to help dog owners have better relationships with their pets.

The Dog Care collar functions as a shock collar. You can use it to teach basic commands to stubborn dogs.

The shock collar with a receiver goes around your dog’s neck, and you can control the collar with handheld remote control.

With just one click of the remote, you can command your dog to stop his unruly behaviors.

How Does the Dog Care Collar Work?

The collar works by giving your dog a small static shock or a vibration. A low-intensity shock is just enough to get his attention. The electric collar has a couple of metal probes that come in contact with your dog’s skin.

Most stubborn dogs improve their behavior after just one shock. If you don’t want to use the shock button, you can command your dog with tone and vibration modes.

Who Should Buy the Dog Care Dog Training Collar?

Dog Care training collar is for all dog owners with stubborn pups that need more than traditional positive training.

This shock collar is quite affordable and effective.

It is also perfect for a dog owner looking to invest in their first dog training collar.

This dog training collar is ideal for curbing bad behaviors like excessive barking, digging, unnecessary biting, and running away.

All dogs between 15-and 100 lbs can wear this dog training collar.

It is suitable for pups over 6 months of age with a knowledge of basic obedience commands.

dog care dog training collar for all size dogs

How Much Does it Cost?

Dog Care collar is one of the most affordable dog shock collars. It costs just $46.97!

Where to Purchase?

You can buy the Dog Care Dog Training Collar online through Amazon and other similar websites selling pet training products.

Return/ Warranty

If you are not satisfied with the collar, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund or replacement.

What Do You Get When You Buy the Dog Care Dog Training Collar?

Here’s what you get when you buy the Dog Care Collar:

Collar Receiver: The collar receiver comes with two contact probes made to give corrections to your dog. 

Collar Strap: The Dog Care Collar strap is black and 27 inches long. This length is suitable for most dog sizes, but always measure your dog’s neck size before ordering.

The collar strap is fully waterproof, so you can wash it when it gets too dirty.

There is a plastic buckle to fasten the collar and a tri-glide to adjust the size.

Remote Control: The Dog Care remote control has buttons to select and adjust the training modes. There is also a security keypad lock on the side of the remote to make sure you don’t shock your dog by mistake.

Dog care collar with extensive control range

The remote also has an LCD screen. The screen shows you the exact settings to know the shock levels and settings you are using.

User manual: You will receive a manual that instructs you on the correct way to set up and use the shock collar. The user manual is easy to understand and follow.

Silicon Caps: The silicon caps prevent your dog from getting very intense shocks. You have to cover the electrodes on the collar receiver with the silicone caps before putting the collar on your dog.

USB Charger: You will receive a USB charger to charge the remote control and the dog shock collar. However, this is not a split charger, so you won’t be able to charge the collar and the remote simultaneously.

Main Features of the Dog Care Dog Training Collar

Long Range

The range of the Dog Care collar is 330 yards (1000 ft). This range is perfect for indoor and outdoor training. 

Multiple Training Modes

Dog Care Collar comes with three modes of training. Training modes are different features you can use to train your pup. Training modes include static, vibration, and beep modes.

You can opt to train your pup with just beep and vibration modes, but if your dog is rather stubborn, you will have to use a static shock.

Beep mode: The beep button sets off a tone that immediately gets your dog’s attention. You can use voice commands with the beep to let your dog know he’s doing something wrong.

Vibration mode: Vibration mode is effective for most dogs, and you might not have to resort to a shock after all.

Shock mode: Shock is the next option if both the beep sound and the vibration doesn’t get your dog’s attention. 

Dog care collar with 3 training mode

99 Shock Levels 

Each shock level gives a shock of different intensity. 

With 0-99 shock levels, this collar allows you to start with the lowest shock setting and work your way up until you get the best intensity for your dog. 

All shock levels are safe and low voltage, so you don’t have to worry about hurting your dog.

Expandable To Include 9 Dogs

Most shock collars will let you train multiple dogs (usually 2-3 dogs), but Dog Care enables you to train up to 9 dogs with one remote controller. So if you own more than a couple of dogs and want to train all of them from one remote, this dog shock collar is your best bet.

You’ll have to buy the additional collar receivers separately. 

Rain-proof And Dust-Proof

The Dog Care collar receiver is rainproof and dustproof. This means the collar can withstand rain or a splash of water, but you must not submerge it in water. So your pup can wear the collar outdoors, regardless of the weather. But remember to remove the collar if your dog will dip in a pool or take a bath.

Being dustproof, the receiver will not get dirty quickly, so it’s perfect for outdoor dogs.

Speaker System

A handy feature of the Dog Care collar is the independent speaker system. The audio system allows you to give clear commands to your pet.

This feature makes training sessions more effective and fun, and your dog will learn to associate your orders with his behavior.

Security Keypad Lock 

The remote controller has a lock button. Once you’ve pushed the lock button into place, the other buttons will not respond to your clicks. This safety feature keeps your dog safe from accidental shocks.

Because of the security lock, you can even carry the remote controller in your pocket without worrying about pressing the buttons by mistake.

Rechargeable Batteries

Both the collar and the remote have lithium rechargeable batteries and built-in micro USB charging ports. You can quickly charge the system from a power bank or laptop, so it’s perfect for taking with you on vacations.

The batteries are rapid charging and have long battery life. The remote control has a standby battery life of 45 days, while the collar has a battery life of 15 days on standby.

Easy To Use

Dog Care training system is very user-friendly. It’s pretty simple to learn to operate the remote correctly.

The remote control has an easy-to-use format. The buttons are tagged, and you can quickly navigate your way through the different options.

You have to pair the remote with the collar to set up the remote.

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Pros & Cons of the Dog Care Dog Training Collar

Dog Care shock collar is amongst the most popular shock collars, but there are both pros and cons of using this product.


1000 ft range, so that you can train both indoors and outdoor
99 shock levels to choose from
Can train up to 9 dogs at once
Rain-proof collar receiver that lets you train outdoors 
There is a battery indicator on the remote screen to see when the device needs charging
Audio system that lets you command your dog
Dog care collar is very affordable


The collar is only rain-proof, so you must take it off if you want to allow your dog to swim
The collar receiver is a bit heavy. A heavy receiver can be uncomfortable for small dogs
Battery life is not as good as advertised. The collar requires almost daily charging

User Reviews

Dog Care collar has mainly positive reviews, but some users have faced issues with the standby feature and. So let’s take a closer look at what customers have to say.

The Dog Care training collar has 4.3 / 5 stars on Amazon. Here’s what the happy users had to say.

dog care dog training collar customer Positive review
dog care dog training collar customer Positive review 2

Here’s what an unhappy user had to say.

dog care dog training collar customer negative review 1

Is the Dog Care Training Collar Worth Buying?

This depends on what you mainly expect from the shock collar. If you want an affordable, easy-to-use shock collar, and the ability to train 9 dogs at once, this fits the description. 

However, if you want a completely waterproof training collar that works even after it’s dropped in water, with anti-bark and night light function, you have to keep looking. 

If you think Dog Care collar is not the best option for your dog, you can check out the alternatives below.

What Are the Alternatives to Dog Care Dog Training Collar?

1. Sportdog 425x Remote Trainer

Sportdog 425x Remote Trainer is an excellent alternative to the Dog Care collar.

If you are looking for collars with a better range and complete waterproof ability, this is the best fit. 

Sport dog collar fits dogs of 8 pounds and larger with neck sizes of 8-22 inches. With 1500 ft range, this collar is ideal for outdoor training.

Like the Dog Care collar, sportdog 425x has 3 training modes of beep, vibration, and static shock.

In addition, there are 21 shock intensities of static shock to pick from.

SportDOG FieldTrainer 425X-2

This training collar is best for dogs that love water. Because the collar is made with DryTek technology, it’s completely waterproof. In addition, it is submersible up to 25ft. This feature gives your dog the freedom to swim while wearing the collar.

Compared to the Dog Care collar, you can only train 3 dogs at once with the SportDog 425x remote. 

2. Pet Resolve Dog Training Collar

Pet Resolve Dog Training Collar is amongst the best dog training collars. The Pet Resolve collar is suitable for small, medium, and large dogs over 15 lbs. 

This dog training collar has an exceptional range of 3960 ft, making it the best option for field training.

Three modes of training (beep, vibration, and shock) with 10 continuous and momentary shock levels give you the option to choose a suitable training mode and intensity.

You also can remove the shock mode altogether by using plastic prongs instead of metal ones.

You can train 3 dogs at once with one Pet Resolve remote. 

Pet Resolve Dog Training System

The LED night light in the dog training collar is handy for locating your dog in low visibility conditions. Another perk is that you can use this collar as an anti-bark collar.

Pet Resolve is fully waterproof, and your dog is free to swim or bathe while wearing the collar. 

As you can see, Pet Resolve Dog Collar is a pretty good alternative with many additional features. However, this dog training collar is comparatively more expensive than the Dog Care collar.

3. WOLFWILL No-Shock Remote Dog Training Collar

WOLFWILL No-Shock Remote Dog Training Collar is a good choice if you don’t want to shock your dog at all.

The WOLFWILL dog training collar is also a popular choice for deaf dogs that can respond to low-intensity vibration.

Since there is no shock mode for use in emergencies, this collar is not for stubborn or aggressive pups.

This collar fits dogs between 22-and 88 lbs with neck sizes 8.7-19.3 inches. 

The WOLFWILL dog training collar is IPX7 waterproof, so your dog can wear it even while swimming.


You can train your dog with either sound or vibration modes. There are 16 levels of vibration to choose from, so you can work with the most suitable setting for your dog.

This remote is made for blind operations, the buttons are easily identifiable, and the remote control is user-friendly. 

The WOLFWILL dog training collar is a practical, affordable option for anyone who doesn’t want to buy a shock collar.



So is Dog Care the best collar for your pup? It’s totally up to you to decide.

Dog training collars are a long-term investment, and it is essential to pick the right one that’s comfortable for your dog while meeting your training needs.

Dog Care collar is a great collar with widely positive reviews. Compared with its competitors, this collar has the massive advantage of training 9 dogs at once. To add to that, it’s pretty affordable. A drawback is that the receiver is only rain-proof.

Sportdog 425x Remote Trainer and Pet Resolve Dog Training Collar are great alternatives. And if you are looking for a humane, shock-free option, the WOLFWILL No-Shock Remote Dog Training Collar is the way to go!

So pick the best collar and get ready to start training. A properly trained dog is the most loyal and faithful companion you’ll ever have.

Dog Care Dog Training Collar
Dog Care Dog Training Collar




Overall Score


1000 ft range, so that you can train both indoors and outdoor
99 shock levels to choose from
Can train up to 9 dogs at once
Audio system that lets you command your dog
Rain-proof collar receiver that lets you train outdoors
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of July
The collar receiver is a bit heavy

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