Dog Daddy Review (2024 Upd.) Is His Training Program Legit?

Last Updated on July, 2024

There is no shortage of certified and professional dog trainers with flying-colored credentials and years of expertise. Social media platforms are a great place to come across many of them. But you can’t let the millions of likes and comments sway you away.

Always do your research because if you are unaware of what or how these trainers approach dog training, you will not know what to expect, and it may even put your dog in a dangerous situation.

It is important to do research and read up on his Dog Daddy Review.

So, in this article, I will explore a social media star trainer, The Dog Daddy, who travels worldwide to offer his dog training services.

The Good

Dog Daddy physically trains and pays individual attention to each dog in the group training session. This training also gives you hands-on experience for you to train your dog. Plus, Dog Daddy will communicate with you the effective methods of maintaining training in the future.

The Not So Good

My research on Dog Daddy’s training approach revealed it was highly aggressive and punitive, unlike the website that claims it to be positive body language-based communication. The training rates are high and you get a very limited exposure to the training.

The Bottom Line

The training approach is definitely a no-go. Knowing that it could scare and build fear in a dog’s mind, no dog parent should put their dog through it. However, I recommend you try the K9TI, which uses a positive training method to communicate based on canine body language. Also, it is COMPLETELY FREE. So you won’t be taking a risk with your money.

About the Dog Daddy

The dog daddy logo

Augusto Deoliveira, also known as the Dog Daddy, is a dog trainer who helps dogs, owners, and aspiring trainers worldwide.

Dog Daddy has a heavy social presence and has become one of the most sought-after dog trainers in the world. He has gained millions and billions of YouTube and TikTok views and has a follower base exceeding hundreds of thousands.

Dog Daddy has also been featured on multiple platforms like Inside Edition, Newsweek, CBS, VoyageLA, Hulu, and more.

He travels from city to city, from Phoenix to Sacramento to Atlanta, and worldwide to offer dog training services. The classes offered cover basic to advanced obedience training dogs of any breed and personality.

Dog Daddy is known for his excellent work even with the most reactive, aggressive, and high-strung dogs. A message from Dog Daddy to pet parents attending his class: ‘Come to class with an open mind and ready to learn.’ 

Training Programs Offered By Dog Daddy

The Dog Daddy offers training classes for dogs and dog trainers. He also conducts live webinars on various topics, including Obedience/ Reactive Dog fundamentals.

1. Train the Dog

You can expect the dog training classes to cover two broad areas of training (but are not limited to) Obedience and Behavior Modification.

  • Basic and advanced obedience- leash manners, sit, down, stay, leave it, recall (all more towards advanced, more impressive level)
  • Behavior modification for leash pulling, other dogs or things, barking and lunging towards people, jumping up, excessive barking, anxiety, shyness, and much more

You can choose from three dog training options as below.

Private Training

The Private dog training sessions with Dog Daddy are available only within Los Angeles, California limits. You can choose a location within the limits to arrange for the training. This package covers all the dogs you own, and it costs $1500 per session.

Group Training

group training by dog daddy banner

This is the standard package that many dog owners choose. These are small group trainings where individual attention is given to each dog. This package is priced at $400 per session, and you can add more dogs at an additional cost of $100 per dog. 


This package is where you purchase a ticket for $100 to observe the group training led by Dog Daddy. So you can’t bring a dog. You can watch and learn the techniques to take home.

2. Train the Trainers

This is a 5-day course that is perfect for anyone who wants to work with dogs, groomers, aspiring dog trainers, or other canine professionals who want to unleash their potential to get a better handle on a dog.

In this course, you will be taught Dog Daddy’s approach and proven techniques to understand and transform the lives of dogs, even those deemed beyond help.

In just five days, you will learn to read a dog’s body language, anticipate their behavior, and effectively communicate with the dog and dog handler to ensure lasting results.

What you can expect from this course;

  • Highly effective dog training techniques, from basic and advanced obedience to behavior modification
  • How to work with more challenging dogs.
  • You will be equipped to handle situations confidently and easily, regardless of breed, personality, age, or dog background.
  • Work with a large variety of dogs.
  • A deep understanding of dog body language and behavior. And learn how to translate your understanding into the best approach for each individual dog and situation.
  • Establish a stronger connection with each dog and tailor your training methods to each dog’s unique needs for the best outcome.
  • Learn how to calm a dog’s mind and get them in tune with you quickly by minimizing fear, frustration, and resistance as much as possible.
  • Learn the art of communicating with clients to help them maintain training and achieve the best results.
  • Certificate of course completion.
  • Opportunities to become a potential future Dog Daddy certified trainer.

Due to the close-knit setting and immersive experience you’ll get from Dog Daddy, this course costs $5000.

Key Considerations to Make Before Choosing Dog Daddy

pictures of dog daddy with his customers

Dog Daddy is very popular among many dog parents, including those who have lost hope in their dogs. But before you train with Dog Daddy, you must consider a few variables to understand if this training will fit your stance and circumstances.

The Teaching Technique Used in Dog Daddy Training

According to the website, Dog Daddy’s approach to dog training is based on effective communication. He is known for his refined ability to read a dog’s mind and body language.

This ability, combined with proven techniques and effective communication, is what he uses to transform a dog’s life.Training is conducted in small groups and open view.

Pet parents can learn, observe, question, and work hands-on in training their dogs. So, training is for both the dog and the dog owner. This is all that I could find based on the information on the website.

Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Dog Daddy Program

  • Scheduling a class with Dog Daddy can be challenging as he often travels to many other cities, and his time per city is limited. 
  • This is a physical one-on-one learning setup, so you must determine the logistics.
  • You pay per session and choose the number of sessions.
  • My research shows Dog Daddy uses a controversial teaching approach (more on this covered below).
  • You get to work hands-on in training your dog.
  • Although group classes, individual attention is given to all dogs in the group
  • The trainer’s course allows you to work with a large variety of dogs.
  • You get to observe and learn techniques to take home.
  • Dog Daddy will effectively communicate tips on maintaining training for lasting results.

Cost of Training Through Dog Daddy

pricing of dog daddy  - 1

Unlike other dog training service providers, through Dog Daddy, you don’t get class options where different specialty areas are covered. Dog Daddy only offers overall training in a combined class.

The way it is offered is priced at different levels.

  • Private training- $1500 per session (includes all dogs of the family)
  • Small Group Training- $400 (+$100 for each additional dog)
  • Observer (without a dog)- $100
  • 5-day train the trainer course- $5000

So, the pricing segregation solely depends on the extent of interaction you get with Dog Daddy. Dog Daddy follows strict no refunds, and all sales are final policy due to the extensive planning and significant costs involved in setting up these physical events.

However, you may be entitled to a credit towards a future training session if the cancellation notice is provided at least 14 days before the scheduled training session.

When choosing a dog training class, most parents prefer private sessions where the sole attention can be given to their dog alone. But Dog Daddy’s private sessions are priced at $1500 and are limited to within Los Angeles areas.

Similarly, the group training, although priced less and claims to give individual attention to all dogs, can be difficult to book because it is unavailable whenever you want. 

Many factors such as this restrict the need for a dog parent to train with Dog Daddy. So below, I have discussed an excellent option you can explore in place of Dog Daddy, that is guaranteed to give you effective and lasting results.

User Reviews on Dog Daddy Training 

The Dog Daddy website is plastered with positively glowing user reviews. There is not a single negative review in sight. 

However, when you dig deeper and know where to look, you’ll be surprised by what users say. Below are some users claiming to have had a negative experience;

Maltreating dogs, Worsening the situation, Breaking the bond with the owner and dog if they implement these methods
Abuse,Pain and lesions have been proven that are a result of his rough handling, He has no heart, Old aversive methods, No positive reinforcement, No freedom or chance to grow value in positive behavior, Creating more fear, more aggression, more chances of bad outcome as his methods are simply a like quick fix in his eyes BUT HIS METHODS ARE CRUELTY, INHUMANE, ABSURD, UNACCEPTABLE…

Figure 1. A detailed 1-star review of a user’s experience with Dog Daddy.

Inhumane, unethical, abusive treatment of animals and published online for unsuspecting public to watch and replicate.
So many people fooled across the world and so many dogs suffering because of their treatment

Figure 2. A review talking about the abusive teaching techniques Dog daddy uses.

You can also check out the following results for a thorough understanding;

  • In this YouTube video where K9Tay reacts to a Dog Daddy training video, a lengthy evaluation breakdown is discussed. K9Tay also has a few other reaction videos that discuss the methods used by Dog Daddy.
  • This Facebook group, “The Truth About The Dog Daddy Trainer And Breeder,” highlights the abuse and neglect involved with Dog Daddy’s history with dogs.
  • In this TikTok video, you can see a negative review about Dog Daddy being taken down based on being against content guidelines.

My Thoughts: Is Dog Daddy Training Worth it?

You can watch many Dog Daddy training videos before choosing to train with him.

You would have already spent a good amount of time watching and observing your dog daily. You must have an idea of its likes, dislikes, what it does when it is happy, how it shows affection to you, and so on.

Additionally, if you are aware of canine body language and reliable training techniques, it can be difficult to watch these videos that demonstrate Dog Daddy in action.

Since there were no specifics on the training philosophy elaborated anywhere on the webpage. I found this YouTube video on Dog Daddy’s channel from a year ago. In the video, you can see dog daddy working with reactive and hyperactive dogs. 

The video starts with Dog Daddy saying he does not know the dog’s background or what the dog owners want from him. I’d say any good trainer should analyze the dog’s full history.

Everything has to be considered, from past training to medical conditions, when you choose certain techniques unless it is guaranteed to be purely positive techniques suitable for all dogs.

I found it a bit concerning because Dog Daddy uses a slip leash to control the dog through the “pressure and release” method. He is also seen using prong collars to repetitively tug on a dog’s throat to gain and direct the dog’s attention.

However, as per Dog Daddy, he uses a positive approach.

After subduing, when Dog Daddy affirms the dog by saying ‘good boy,’ you can see the dog does not appreciate or reciprocate the same feeling.

The dog was licking lips, so it only felt like the dog was scared and tense. (1)

This behavior is considered as a sign of stress in dogs.

I have still not seen a video where the dog is happily compliant and relaxed with techniques used by Dog Daddy. So I’d say this is not positive training.

A group of people posing for a photo with dog daddy

Several Dog Daddy promotional videos showcase Dog Daddy in action. In most of these videos, you can see him approaching muzzled and aggressive dogs who are trying to escape.

In all these videos, I observed that Dog Daddy confronts the dogs with strong, defensive leash-handling skills that deprive them of oxygen and make them feel exhausted.

So inevitably, the dog sits or heels by Dog Daddy’s side. In these dogs, you can observe extreme stress signs including wide eyes, continuous panting, low or tucked tails, low and flinchy movements, and pinned back ears.

So it’s clear the training methods exhaust the dog to give up and become compliant.Also, it is important to highlight that these dogs start as super active, barking and lunging messes, so they do look scary.

However, the choking approach to subdue the dog cuts out this behavior. These techniques have been considered cruel and abhorrent in the animal behavior world for decades. 

dog daddy pictures with his training dogs

You should also note in these videos, you don’t see any clips showing the dog has learned anything from these techniques other than being forced.

So, how exactly do you think these techniques will reflect on the dog in the long run? Obviously, the dog parents will have to maintain the same techniques they observed when training their dog with Dog Daddy if they want their dog to be obedient. 

All that the dog has learned is to obey out of fear. It’s a scary way to keep an animal under control. My research only revealed that Dog Daddy uses highly confrontational, punitive, aggressive, and control-based teaching with dogs.

There is no way to sugarcoat this, but my thoughts on Dog Daddy training: it is NOT WORTH it, especially after seeing the controversial techniques used in training a dog.

Pros & Cons of Training With Dog Daddy


Physical, one-to-learning environment
Training based on body language communication
You get hands-on experience during training


Uses prong collars and punitive methods
Very limited learning duration
Private sessions and ‘train the trainer’ courses are costly
Not many course varieties
Classes are not readily available as and when you want
Dog Daddy doesn’t seem to have any credentials

A Better Alternative to Consider: The K9TI

Instead of Dog Daddy, you must try out the K9 Training Institute (K9TI)

The K9TI is an online dog training service provider about creating a strong bond with your dog to get it to compliance.

They follow more of a ‘positivity and love’ can achieve anything.

The experts behind the K9TI are Dr. Alex Diaz, Ph.D., and Eric Presnell.

They are both highly experienced personnel who have developed the K9TI to offer the secrets of the service dog industry for pet parents to train their dogs to become as calm and obedient as a service dog.

Dr. Alex Diaz is a lead animal behaviorist with over 20 years of experience training service dogs to assist people with physical and mental disabilities. Her extensive research on animal behavior has been published in many academic journals. 

On the other hand, Eric Presenell is a lead presenter and trainer. He has gained much attention for being the host and judge of an Animal Planet TV show. He has also worked with animal rights activists.

This amazing duo has brought K9TI to life to help dog parents develop and nurture the perfect relationship to achieve their desired behaviors.

The K9TI offers a FREE dog training online workshop and a total transformation class. These two, in combination, will completely transform your and your dog’s life.

The teaching techniques used in the K9TI courses are focused on the three key aspects derived from scientifically proven canine behaviors and interactions;

  • Canine body language
  • Operant conditioning
  • Acknowledgement of the fact that dogs need a task to keep them occupied

The free dog training workshop offered by K9TI will improve a dog owner’s relationship with the dog and prevent poor behaviors, including;

  • Barking
  • Accidents
  • Leash Pulling
  • Jumping on people
  • Not coming when called
  • Chasing cars or animals
  • Running out of the door
  • Chewing
  • Begging
  • Nipping and biting
  • Getting too excited
  • Ignoring commands

The K9TI offers video-based lessons with clear demonstrations and voice guidance. Also, when you need additional help training your dog, you can contact an expert trainer with your issues and questions and seek guidance on better navigating forward.

So here are some transformations you can expect from your dog as a result of the K9TI class;

  • Listen to you even without treats
  • Listen to you – even at a distance
  • Current behavioral problems, like barking and leash-pulling, will be things of the past
  • Look to you for directions at all times.
  • Extraordinarily well-behaved in public
  • Remain calm and well-behaved in the presence of extremely high levels of distractions
  • The entire mindset will change to wanting to please you, just like service dogs
  • And so much more

It only gets better from here. All this top quality and reliable content is offered to parents COMPLETELY FREE of charge. No Catch there. Trust me.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dog Daddy offers a variety of training courses for both dogs and dog trainers. The dog training courses range from basic to advanced obedience and behavior modification, while the dog trainer’s courses cover the essential techniques needed to successfully train a canine.

No, completing the Train the Trainer Course does not make the participant a certified Dog Daddy Trainer; a selection process based on qualifications and passing the training is necessary to become certified.

End Thoughts

Training a dog becomes much easier with the right guidance. Before you choose any dog training service provider, you must research reliable canine training techniques. There are many cruel and outdated techniques still used by many trainers.

Consider the welfare of your furry companion and choose wisely.And that’s why, without a doubt, I would recommend you go with the K9TI for the cruelty-free yet effective training techniques derived from canine body language.

Dogs are also living beings who rely on us for protection. With the K9TI being free, you have nothing to lose, only to gain valuable knowledge you wish you had known earlier.

I hope you and your dog have fun training while strengthening your bond. 

K9 Training Institute
K9Ti Product Image
Ease of Training




Overall Score


The institute has a free online dog training workshop.
Training works well for both puppies and adult dogs.
It is suitable for any type of dog with behavioral issues.
The K9TI offers unlimited personal coaching for specialized training.
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of July
The paid dog training program can be a bit expensive, but there is a free workshop too.

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