Dogmantics Dog Training Review (2024 Upd.) Does it Work?

Last Updated on July, 2024

Just as when you acquire a new vehicle, you promptly seek out the optimal insurance policy to safeguard it, the same mindset applies to acquiring a dependable dog training course to ensure your dog’s well-being.

Just as insurance serves a crucial role in safeguarding your vehicle, a trustworthy dog training course is equally vital for your dog’s overall development and safety.

If Dogmantics dog training is the course you are interested in enrolling in, stick to the end to find out whether it is worth your investment and time.

And if it doesn’t seem worth it to you, I’ve got you the best alternative in the market to save the day.

The Good

Dogmantics dog training promotes positive reinforcement techniques, which are less harmful to the dog. 

The Not So Good

The course practices obsolete training methods that don’t function well. Does not make a significant impact on the dog, and the trainer, even though is well known, is not a certified dog trainer.

The Bottom Line

Dogmantics dog training uses dog-friendly training techniques, which is good. However, the trainer is not qualified, which makes the program a hard sell. That does not mean there are no options, if you want to train your dog without spending a penny, checkout our alternative.

About Dogmantics Dog Training

Dogmantics website logo

Dogmantics Dog Training, guided by the experienced Emily Larlham, offers modern and caring education for dogs.

With a steadfast commitment to positive reinforcement techniques, this training approach transforms the learning experience for both dogs and their human companions.

At the heart of Dogmantics lies the philosophy that teaching and learning should be joyous endeavors, creating happy and interesting experiences for both teachers and learners.

This training is a convenient and adaptable way to enhance the bond and communication between dogs and their human companions.

The training methods embrace reward-based strategies, fostering a strong bond of trust and understanding between dogs and their owners. 

With patience and kindness as guiding principles, Dogmantics paves the way for dogs to thrive and showcase their full potential.

Dogmantics offers online courses that delve deeper into canine psychology and behavior modification. 

These courses provide an immersive experience, equipping participants with the tools to navigate various training scenarios.

Head Trainer of Dogmantics Dog Training 

Emily Larlham, also known as ‘Kikopup,’ is a prominent figure in the field of dog training and behavior. 

She operates Dogmantics Dog Training in San Diego, California.

She thinks that offering free training lessons without any harsh methods can influence how people treat animals and each other. 

She is known for her positive reinforcement-based training methods and her online presence through her YouTube channel and other resources. 

Emily Larlham sitting with dogs

Her YouTube channel, ‘Kikopup,’ provides a wealth of instructional videos covering various aspects of dog training and behavior, from basic commands to addressing more complex behavioral challenges.

About 19 years ago, Emily started her training journey working with animals in a shelter, where she met her mentor, Kyle Rayon. 

Using her artistic background and training expertise, she creates imaginative, quick, and dependable methods to fix behavior issues and teach both advanced behaviors and tricks.

Emily emphasizes force-free training techniques, using rewards and positive reinforcement to teach dogs behaviors and modify their behavior, as discussed above.

In addition to her online content, Emily offers online courses and resources to help dog owners better understand their pets and achieve effective training outcomes. 

Her approach centers on creating a positive and enjoyable training experience for dogs and their owners.

Price and Refund Policy of Dogmantics Review

Every membership plan provides you with exclusive weekly videos that delve into various training concepts, such as cultivating good manners in puppies and enhancing your dog’s focus. 

Membership options come at different tiers, ranging from around $39 to $99, catering to your preferences.

I don’t get why anyone would pay to watch these videos when you could watch them for free on Kikopup on YouTube.

Given the fact that these paid courses don’t cater to your dog’s individual needs, it makes no sense to pay for them. 

However, you have the option to access individual videos on different training subjects, allowing you to pick and choose according to your interests. 

Let’s say you changed your mind within 7 days of purchasing a video course or membership; you can get your money back! 

Just email [email protected] and ask them about getting your money back or if you need help with technical issues, like problems with the membership. They will help you with that.

Dogmantics Dog Training and Materials 

Self-Study Courses 

Dogmantics Dog Training allows you to learn and apply positive reinforcement-based training techniques for dogs independently.

These courses are designed for flexibility, enabling you to progress through the material at your own pace and convenience.

In these self-study courses, you can expect a comprehensive collection of instructional content, including video demonstrations, written guides, and interactive elements.

The focus is on helping dog owners like you understand and implement positive reinforcement methods effectively, covering various training topics ranging from basic commands to addressing behavioral challenges.

By enrolling in these self-study courses, you gain the advantage of learning from the expertise of Emily Larlham, a well-known figure in the dog training community.

Although the self-paced nature of these courses allows you to watch it at your own pace, it may not be tailored to your individual dogs’ needs (which is a BUMMER). 

The only self-study course currently available is ‘Leash Walking Connected.’


screenshot of the Dogmantics membership page

Currently, you get four membership packages to choose from.

Weekly Inspirations Membership – $99

The Weekly Inspirations Program aims to motivate you to teach your dog a fresh skill every week for an entire year. 1st week is a free sample for everyone!

What sets this program apart is its structure: during each 4-week cycle, they’ll guide you through 4 distinct exercises through video tutorials:

  • Trick Tutorial

Introducing new tricks helps develop your training abilities and your dog’s learning capacity.

  • Focus Game

Enhance your dog’s engagement in training by nurturing their interest in you. This strengthens the bond between you and your furry friend.

  • Body Awareness Trick Tutorial

Elevate your dog’s body awareness, balance, coordination, strength, and flexibility. This not only exercises their mind but also provides physical benefits.

  • Proofing Game

Advance your training skills by learning how to solidify reliable behaviors. This empowers you to take your training efforts to a higher level of consistency and mastery.

Weekly Manners Membership – $49

The concept driving this program is to motivate pet dog owners, trainers, and individuals involved in dog sports. 

The primary focus is on improving the manners of dogs. 

Rather than simply reacting to situations as they arise, the program encourages actively addressing these behaviors during training sessions. 

This proactive approach enhances the quality of living together, resulting in a more pleasant and less stressful experience for both dogs and their human counterparts.

Weekly Puppy Insights Membership – $49

The insights provided in this program are delivered through various mediums, including written content, training session videos, and instructional tutorials.

The content is designed to be relevant to those raising a new puppy and anyone who owns a dog, regardless of their age.

Moreover, even advanced concepts will be broken down in a way that newcomers to dog training can easily grasp. 

The focal point of these insights is to cultivate a well-behaved and well-adjusted canine companion.

The program’s ultimate goal is to equip dogs with the skills to thrive in various contexts and strengthen their bond with their human companions.

Ten Kikopup Members Videos – $39.99

Emily has curated a selection of her top 10 favorite Kikopup Members Only Videos, exclusively available through a one-time fee membership. 

Each video has a duration of approximately 6 minutes, ensuring concise yet comprehensive content. 

Emily’s approach ensures that the information is presented in an easily comprehensible manner, even for individuals who are new to dog training.

This membership opportunity provides access to valuable insights and training techniques to enhance your understanding and skills in working with your canine companion.

Video on Demand

They have a library of training videos for dog owners and enthusiasts to access at their convenience. 

This on-demand platform likely provides a range of instructional videos related to positive reinforcement-based dog training techniques. 

You can watch these videos anytime you wish, allowing you to learn and practice training methods at your own pace.

This format is ideal for individuals seeking flexibility in their learning journey, whether they are new to training or looking to refine their skills in working with their dogs.


A collection of written content that focuses on various aspects of dog training and behavior provided by Dogmantics Dog Training free of charge. 

These articles cover various topics related to positive reinforcement-based training methods, addressing common behavioral challenges and teaching tricks.

You can learn about effective dog training strategies and behavior modification approaches by reading these articles. 

Pros and Cons of Dogmantics Dog Training


Free training on YouTube.
A wide range of paid training tools is accessible.
Trains dogs through progressive reinforcement strategies.
Experienced trainer.


No one-to-one dog training courses.
In-person dog training courses are unavailable.
Lack of self-study courses.
Outdated training techniques.

Is it Worth Buying the Dogmantics Dog Training?

Dogmantics Dog Training doesn’t hold up to its perceived value.

The system is unreliable and questionable, especially considering the price point. 

One might reasonably anticipate a more dependable product for the amount paid.

When you can find a bunch of promising dog training courses for free, it is fair to DEMAND a major impact the paid versions have. Which, in my case, is very reasonable. 

not recommended tag

If you really are a fan of Larlham’s training techniques, I suggest you first give a shot at her YouTube channel ‘kikopup.’

But, if you ask me if it is worth paying for her course.


A Great Alternative: K9 Training Institute

Hmm, you’ve decided to check out the alternative, great!

Even though Dogmantics has some good reviews, the fact that it’s put together by a trainer with no certifications ruffles a few feathers. That is the main reason why I recommend K9TI. First of all, the trainer here is certified and highly experienced. 

Dr. Alexa Diaz, the head trainer, has a Ph.D. in animal behavior and over two decades of experience training service dogs. That’s the first green light, the other one is, to access the training, you don’t need to pay a single penny, yes you heard it right.

k9 dog training institute program image

K9 training institute is completely free.

The third green flag is the amount of behavioral issues it helps address in your dog.

Here’s a sneak peek:

  • Potty training
  • Techniques for reducing excessive barking
  • Training your dog to signal the presence of strangers without barking
  • Leash training and methods for minimizing pulling behavior
  • Ensuring prompt response to recall commands
  • Discouraging jumping on people
  • Maintaining focus amidst distractions
  • Teaching your dog to interpret body language
  • Comprehensive obedience training beyond basic commands

Fourth is the training method; Alexa uses positive reinforcement for training, so there are no issues there too. 

This is why I recommend K9ti over any other dog training program: completely risk-free; who wouldn’t take that?

Even if you are leaning towards a paid program, give this a shot before doing so. By following everything taught by Alexa and spending a little time each day, you’ll be able get dog training done for absolutely free. 

Other dog training program reviews:


I am not a fan of the dogmatics dog training course. The return on investment is not impressive. 

I’d rather go with the K9 training institute.

They adopt service dog training techniques and adapt them for a wider scope of dog training. 

This approach is also versatile enough to be employed for training rescue dogs.

The brains behind K9ti, Alexa, explain things in a way that works well and is easy for everyone to understand.


Yes, Dogmantics’ online dog training courses are self-paced.

Yes, paying the one-time membership fee grants you complete access to the Weekly Manners section on

Kikopup puppy training is run by Emily Larlham, a professional dog trainer known for her positive reinforcement and clicker training methods.

K9 Training Institute
K9Ti Product Image
Ease of Training




Overall Score


The institute has a free online dog training workshop.
Training works well for both puppies and adult dogs.
It is suitable for any type of dog with behavioral issues.
The K9TI offers unlimited personal coaching for specialized training.
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of July
The paid dog training program can be a bit expensive, but there is a free workshop too.

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