Why is My Dog Shock Collar Stopped Working? (Steps to Reset)

Last Updated on July, 2024

I know the feeling of buying something with high expectations and when it turns out to be defective. That is a total bummer. Dog shock collars are often criticized due to their technical confusion.

But in reality, it is a simple glitch that you had no idea about! 

Dog shock collars are lifesavers to dog parents and dog trainers. It allows you to train your dog. To use this gadget, you need to be smart when handling the e-collar. This article might be the solution you have wanted all this time! 

Quick Summary

Technical errors can cause dog shock collars to malfunction and it is important to understand the components and proper usage to avoid any issues.

There are common mistakes that dog owners or trainers may make when using a shock collar, such as not syncing the transmitter and receiver or not adjusting the stimulation level for their specific dog.

Proper maintenance of the shock collar, such as cleaning it regularly and fully charging it, can help prevent technical issues. If all else fails, replacements can be found with options such as the Halo collar.

Know Your Shock Collars! 

Shock Collar components

Knowing what comes with your shock collar and the functions of each element is important. The picture below covers most of the important components of a shock collar. 

It is most likely that any shock collar will consist of the above 6 components. 

The remote control is the transmitter that will operate the shock collar according to your needs during training sessions. 

A receiver is an electric gadget that will emit a static sensation to your dog. 


A collar is a fabric or plastic strap that will be around your dog’s neck with the receiver attached to it. 

USB cable is provided to charge the receiver collar when the battery is low. 

Lanyard and the user manual are accessories that come with your e collar set for you to use when necessary.

Top Reasons Why Your Dog Shock Collar Does Not Work

Dog shock collar stopped working

There can be a thousand reasons why your dog shock collar does not work. Below are the most popular mistakes made by dog parents or dog trainers. 

Both the Transmitter And The Receiver Are Off

As funny as it sounds, this is a real-life situation. Even a most professional dog trainer can make these types of mistakes. This dog training equipment only works when the transmitter and the receiver are both on. 

If both the transmitter and receiver are switched on, both devices will indicate it with light. If there is no light on the devices, you are most likely making a silly mistake.

Is The Receiver Collar Synced With The Transmitter? 

If you feel the static stimulation is not functioning properly, it is often because of synchronization glitches. It is not hard to sync the transmitter and the receiver of an e-collar. There are many sources for you to go through to sync the devices and the most recommended is the user manual. 

If you do not understand the technical terms or complicated procedures in the user manual, you could seek help from this video and have a properly synced e-collar:

Does The E-collar Fit Your Dog’s Neck?

Better contact or direct contact is crucial when handling an e-collar. Effective training can be expected only if the collar fits your dog’s neck. If the collar does not touch the dog’s skin, the chances of your dog not feeling the static stimulation is high. 

A dog’s fur is thick. Thick fur helps the dog to resist extreme weather conditions. Sometimes the e-collar will not fit your dog’s neck properly because of its fur. If the contact points are not touching the dog, the dog does not feel the stimulation.

Even if there is good contact sometimes with your dog’s movements, the collar might get loose.

Is The Level Of Stimulation Enough For Your Dog?

The level of stimulation differs for every dog. Levels of sensitivity are subjective; every dog is not born with the same neurological reception. Shock levels can start very low at the beginning. The e-collar is going to be a brand new experience for your dog. 

Bigger dogs might need a higher level of stimulation than other dogs. The size of the dog and the thickness of the fur coat are decisive factors in determining the best stimulation level for your dog.

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The Strap Or The Clasp Is Broken. 

When the collar’s strap or the clasp is broken, the collar will lose. As a result, the receiver collar might not fit properly. When the receiver has not fitted, the dog will not get the static sensation.

When the strap or the clasp is broken, fix it immediately. It is no rocket science; get a similar version of the broken part and attach it. VIOLA!

Are the Transmitter and the Receiver Adequately Charged?

Another common reason for inconsistent functioning is the device not being charged. It is a common mistake among many people. The display on the receiver will indicate the charge levels of the device. To preserve your device’s battery, make sure to switch off the transmitter and the receiver when you are not using them. 

Simple Steps to Reset Your Shock Collar 

When your e-collar stops working and if you think none of the above mentioned are the reasons for inconsistent functioning of the device, try to reset your shock collar.

Most of the time, tech gurus suggest a simple reset can vanish all your technical glitches from electronic devices.


Every shock collar comes with a reset button. Press and hold the Upper Button on the Remote Transmitter until the Receiver Indicator Light flashes 5 times. You may need to hold both units 2-3 feet from each other before this occurs.

Once the Receiver Indicator Light has flashed 5 times, the Collar Receiver has been reset and normal.

How to Maintain Your Shock Collar? 

Dog wearing a remote training collar

Technical devices are better performed with good maintenance. If the maintenance is poor, the chances of your device causing issues are high. Maintaining a collar is a little difficult because a dog uses it. 

Though collars are waterproof, make sure to clean the device whenever it contacts water. The same applies to dog saliva. Dogs tend to drool a lot when they are tired; therefore, always wipe the receiver collar well after training sessions.

If there is mud or grass on the collar, immediately clean them. Training your dog involves a lot of ground activity, and you cannot avoid mud getting all over the receiver collar. 

It is recommended to continuously charge the e-collar. Every time you remove a device before it gets fully charged is not advisable.

What if None of Those are the Problems?

Then your collar or the remote might’ve probably malfunctioned, that’s super rare, but it can happen, and this time, it seems like you’ve been a victim.

If the device is still eligible for a warranty, send it back to claim that first. If it is out of warranty, I’m afraid you’ll have to get a new one. 

Not to worry though; I’ve got a good alternative that’ll LAST this time. 

Halo 2+ is an all-in-one dog training and wellness system that is built to last. This dog shock collar has excellent build quality, all of the materials used to put together this piece of tech are top-notch.

The collar is completely made of rugged thermoplastic elastomer along with metallic plastic components, all of that make the collar super lightweight, flexible, and highly durable at the same time. 

That is just the receiver; the strap, on the other hand, has a whole different layer of quality materials that makes the strap extremely durable while also making it easy to clean. 

The system is also IP67-rated, making it completely resistant to dust and water. 

All that means only one thing, a high-quality, durable collar that can stand up to everything its put through. 

That is about the build; what does the collar offer feature-wise?

A lot, you can not only train your dog with Halo collar but use its GPS tracking system to keep an eye on your dog 24/7 and contain it using the collar’s wireless fence capability. What’s more special is that everything is controlled via your mobile phone through the Halo app, so no remote. 

Purchasing Halo is completely risk-free, as you get a 60-day money-back guarantee and, on top of that, a one-year warranty. 

If your old collar has bitten the dust, this is the one you should go with; it’s the most durable and the most advanced dog collar available on the market; you can’t go wrong.


Final Thoughts! 

A shock collar is a great tool if you know how to handle it correctly. But do not use the shock collar at all times because excessive use of this device could cause skin irritations on your pet. 

Also, do not forget to praise your dog with treats when training using a shock collar. If you are having trouble making the collar work even after reading this article, it is advisable to take it to a good technician to check the device. 

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