Beginner’s Guide to Choosing the Right Bark Collar for Dogs

Last Updated on July, 2024

Dogs bark naturally, but excessive barking is usually due to behavioral issues. 

If you have been trying to find a solution for your dog’s non-stop barking, you would have come across the option’ bark collars’. Bark collars are used to control a dog’s barking behavior. It is also called no-bark collars or anti-bark collars.

Keep reading to find out how to choose the right bark collar for your dog.

Quick Summary

Before using a bark collar, it is important to have your dog checked by a veterinarian to rule out any health issues that could be causing excessive barking.

When choosing the right bark collar for your dog, it is important to consider factors such as type of collar, dog’s weight and neck size, adjustability, accuracy, water resistance, rechargeability, budget, and dog’s personality.

Dogs bark naturally, but excessive barking is usually due to behavioral issues.

Does My Dog Need a Bark Collar?

a dog wearing bark collar and lying on the floor

If you have concerns regarding your dog’s non-stop barking, you might need to use a bark collar.

Dogs usually bark for two main reasons, one could be due to health issues, and the other is due to behavioral issues. 

If it is due to behavioral issues, you should train your dog with the help of a trainer. If you have already trained your dog and still the issue seems to persist, using a bark collar would be the best solution, as it trains your dog not to bark. 

How Does a Bark Collar Work?

A dog bark collar could sense the dog’s barking and interrupt the dog while it’s barking by sending either a vibration feedback or a static correction. You do not have to watch over your dog all the time. It will do the job for you. 

Some bark collars must be operated using a remote, where the owner’s remote button sends the stimulus when the dog barks. If the owner is absent or the remote is not around the collar’s effective range, the collar will not work. 

However, with time, using these collars will cause your dog to learn to associate with the stimulation and gradually avoid the behavior. 

Are Bark Collars Effective?

Bark collars are actually effective and also reliable when you have fitted them perfectly to deliver the stimulus. 

You do not have to keep an eye on your dog every time to make sure it is working. You will have to consider the effective range only for those collars with remote.

When Shouldn’t You Use a Bark Collar?

a dog wearing bark collar

Bark collars should not be used to discourage a dog’s barking. A dog continues barking not only due to behavioral issues.

They sometimes bark excessively due to certain pain or health problems like brain diseases or cognitive problems. They could also be barking due to deafness. 

You need to take your dog to a veterinarian for a full checkup before using a bark collar for any behavioral issues. 

Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Bark Collar

Choosing the right collar depends on your dog. Below are a few tips you should consider before getting a bark collar.

Type of Bark Collar

There are three main types of bark collars which are – Electric static collar, Citronella bark collar, and Ultrasonic bark collar. All three of these have a nylon collar similar to a regular nylon dog collar.

  • Electric Static (Shock) Collars: These static collars are also known as dog shock collars, as they sit against the dog’s neck and send a static shock to the dog’s neck. It starts with a gentle shock and increases the intensity of the shock level as the dog’s barking increases. If you are worried about the intensity of the shock level, you can test it on your hand before using it on your dog. 
  • Citronella Collars: The Citronella Collars are spraying collars that work by spraying citronella-scented liquid after picking up the dog’s vocal cords. Most dogs find the scent of citronella spray unpleasant, and therefore they reduce barking when they smell that scent. 
  • Ultrasonic Collar: An ultrasonic collar is an anti-bark collar that uses ultrasonic sounds that grabs the dog’s attention and interrupts the dog’s nuisance barking, which can be heard only by the dog, and eventually, the barking stops. Some of these collars use vibration as an added stimulus. These ultrasonic collars are good for young and small dog training.

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Your Dog’s Weight and Neck Size

Knowing your dog’s neck size and weight is important before buying a dog bark control collar, as the collar must fit your dog’s neck perfectly.

You may use a measuring tape to find the right size.This way, it will be comfortable for the dog and sit snuggly around the neck. 

Manufacturers have a weight restriction on their collars. If your pooch weighs less than 8 pounds, you must refrain from using a bark collar. 

Some collars specifically fit only a certain size of dogs, like small to medium and medium to large dogs. So it is important to be aware of your dog’s size. 

bark collar on a dog's neck

Adjustability and Flexibility

Only static bark collars and certain vibration collars are adjustable. Other collars, like citronella and ultrasonic collars, are not adjustable. 

Collars with adjustable levels of stimulation allow you to find the right intensity level you could use.


It would help if you got a collar with an accurate bark sensor technology or a false trigger feature to get the best results from training your dog. 

There are chances that a bark collar could pick up other sounds (other dogs barking) and give its correction to your dog.

So it is important for the unit’s bark sensitivity to be accurate and filter other ambient noises if your dog’s bark collar works without your control so that it could prevent any false correction.

Water Resistance

a dog in the water and wearing bark collar

Getting collars that are Waterproof can save your replacement costs. Most collars are usually waterproof these days, and some are even submersible. 

If your dog loves water, loves to dunk its head into a water bowl, frolic in the rain, or likes to play rough, you can allow him to have all the fun he needs without interrupting your dog’s lifestyle when you choose a water-resistant collar.


Rechargeable collars save you from additional costs for replacing batteries later. 


Most cheaper bark collars lack many important features, and collars with more features cost higher. It might not always be the case. 

You may purchase a collar with all the necessary features and one that suits your budget.


As pet owners, it’s important for you to know your dog’s personality before investing in a bark collar, as your dog must respond appropriately to the correction and not be over-corrected. 

Sensitive Dogs: If yours is a sensitive dog and you feel that he might react negatively to the static collar, it is better to go for a citronella spray collar as it would be able to provide the necessary distraction without making your dog more anxious.

Stubborn Dogs: A static collar is the best training method if yours is a stubborn dog or a rescue dog from an abusive environment.

Most dogs learn from static shock collars quickly, and they allow your dog to correct its behavior without getting into any worrying situations. 

a dog wearing bark collar and sitting in the vehicle


Bark collars work effectively and are safe to use if your dog continues barking due to behavioral issues.

It will not take much time to associate with the stimulus. Now that you know how to pick one amongst the variety that’s available in the market, it’s time to get going.

If you need further help, check out this article on the best bark collars available for all types of dogs


It typically takes a few weeks for a dog to get used to a bark collar. With consistent use and supervision, most dogs can become accustomed to the collar quickly.

The maximum recommended length of time for a dog to wear a bark collar is 8 hours.

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