How Much Does an English Cream Golden Retriever Cost?

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Owning a dog is a long-term responsibility that a person voluntarily commits to. Before committing to such a responsibility, it is completely natural for you to research the financial weight you are in for. And we completely support your thinking.

Awareness of basic necessities and other potential costs you must be prepared to incur during an English Cream Retriever’s lifetime will help you decide your stance so that you can give the best possible care for your pet.

So this article is dedicated as a price guide for an English cream retriever. We have comprehensively analyzed all the basic essential costs and optional costs you can expect during your dog’s lifetime.

Quick Summary

The cost of an English cream retriever from a reputable breeder can range from $1500-$7500.

The upkeep cost for the first year of owning an English cream retriever is around $3000, with subsequent annual years costing around $2000.

The estimated basic cost of owning an English cream retriever for 13 years is $27,000, with additional optional costs for sterilization, pet daycare, pet insurance, and emergency medical treatments.

How Much Does it Cost for an English Cream Retriever?

English Cream Golden Retriever lying on the sofa

In looking into many different breeders, we found that an English cream retriever puppy from a reputed and reliable breeder will cost anywhere between $1500-$4000.

However, you can expect outliers on the higher end of the range to go up to $7500 if the puppy is from show-quality champion parents.

That is just the sale cost of the puppy. It would be best if you also considered the upkeep cost of an English cream retriever.

Based on our groundwork, it was revealed that a sum of around $3000 will likely be the upkeep cost during the puppy’s first year. This includes many basic essentials like dog food, veterinary care, entertainment, comfort and grooming.

For the subsequent annual years, you should expect a $2000 expenditure for the basic maintenance of your English cream retriever.


Assuming your dog lives 13 years, you can expect an average of $27,000 to be the basic cost of owning an English Cream Retriever.

Sterilizing your pet, using pet daycare/ boarding/ dog walking facilities, acquiring pet insurance or needing emergency medical treatments have to be accounted for as optional costs in addition to the basic expenditure.

Keep reading to learn in depth the breakdowns of the costing mentioned above.

Factors Affecting the Sale Price of an English Cream Retriever

English Cream Golden Retriever standing on the ground

A reputable breeder doesn’t quote a high price for the breed’s sake. As a responsible outfit, they provide the puppy with many aspects of care and maintenance.

The factors that influence the sale pricing of each puppy include the following.


Most people prefer buying puppies over senior/ adult dogs. As dog owners, they want to witness the growth of their pup into an adult dog.

Due to this reason, puppies are priced at a higher rate. But note that highly trained show, field or service dogs are extremely expensive adult dogs.


An English cream retriever is pricier than other golden retriever colors. The cream coat color is rare hence the higher price. On top of it, the English line of descendance makes the English cream retriever costlier.

However, the American Kennel Club (AKC) does not officially recognize this breed variation.

Bloodline and Breed Quality

Puppies from champion English cream retriever parents cost three to four times more compared to a regular puppy. Such puppies are recognized for the closeness in the originality of their traits due to their direct lineage. 

Registration Papers

Registration papers certify your dog to be purebred. Since an English cream retriever cannot be registered at the AKC, be aware of any documentation that claims it to be registered. 

Health Screenings

Health testing is very expensive. Puppies already screened for health issues and cleared as healthy will cost more as the medical expense is accounted into the sale price. The sale cost will also include the price of the initial core vaccines given to the puppy. 

Breeder Reputation

Breeders with a long track record are recognized in the canine industry. And this recognition is reflected in the sale cost. Such reputed breeders ensure ethical breeding and health guarantee of the puppy. 

Training and Socialization

Most breeders socialize their puppies prior to putting them up for sale.

Some puppies will be provided with more socialization and/or professional training.

This will be accounted into the final puppy price.

To make an informed decision, we recommend talking to the breeder in detail to determine the factors influencing the puppy’s price.

This will help you decide if the price is reasonable and worth your investment.

English Cream Golden Retriever standing in the snow

Initial Setup and Supply Costs to Welcome Your English Cream Retriever

To welcome your puppy home, it is essential that you tend to its basic necessities to make it feel like home. 

You can start by getting a comfortable bed and creating a cozy corner for your puppy. Include pet-safe toys for its entertainment and get food and water bowls. 

The below list includes the items your English Cream retriever puppy will need. Post analyzing many products, we’ve collected the below price ranges.

We estimate the initial setup and supply cost for a large dog like an English Cream Retriever to be around $200- $1,045. During subsequent years, expect to spend $100-$740 annually on supplies.

Types of expenseCost Range
Food and water bowls$10- $35
Bed$40- $200
Crate$50- $500
Collars and leashes$15-$50
Toys$30- $50
Grooming essentials$40- $180
Miscellaneous supplies$15- $30
Total initial setup and supplies cost$200- $1,045

Note that the costs will vary based on your location and the quality of the products you choose.

Apart from the grooming essentials, other items on this list will only need to be replaced sometimes. Other miscellaneous supplies include poop bags, poop scooper, carpet cleaner, potty inducers, harness, muzzle and odor removal sprays.

If you plan to use a playpen and/or yard fence to restrict your dog to its boundaries, it will be an additional cost to the basic supply cost.

Annual Cost of Owning an English Cream Retriever

Food Cost

English Cream Retrievers are large and energetic dogs requiring larger food amounts as they grow.

Looking into many high-quality fast selling dry dog food brands nourished with meat and protein, we estimate an average of $280-400 for first-year food costs.

During consecutive adult years, $450-600 will likely cost you food. As your dog ages, food consumption increases, hence the higher rate.

But always remember not to overfeed your dog. You can discuss relevant food quantities with your vet, as it can vary for each dog.

Dog age groupAnnual cost for food
Puppy English Cream Retriever$280- $400
Adult English Cream Retriever$450- $600

The above data was collected by analyzing high-quality food brands. So the price can vary based on the quality of food you choose. We do not recommend you opt for lower-quality food brands because it is important that your dog gets the required nutrition to stay healthy.

Treats are important too. Appreciating your dog with a treat for good behavior serves as a reassurance to your dog. It will help your dog stick to its manners if we reassure its actions.

Scanning through multiple best-selling dog treat brands, we found that an average of $320 will cost you annually for treats.

So together for food and treats, you can allocate $450- $1200 every adult dog year.

Medical Care Cost

So on average, during your puppy’s first year, you should expect to spend around $500- $700 on medical bills.

This initial cost includes all the core vaccines, necessary preliminary tests, and health screenings to ensure your dog has no hidden health issues. Spaying or neutering your dog during the first year will be an additional cost. 

In the subsequent adult years, you will likely spend $200- $400 on vet bills. This will include all the routine care and testing to ensure your dog is in good condition.

The table below summarizes the basic medical costs obtained from a veterinarian concerning an English cream retriever. 

Life stage/ Medical costsAverage cost
First year vet visits- Puppy$500- $700
Neuter/ spay (optional)$50- $500
Every adult year$200- $400

Veterinary Care During the First Year

The first year of your puppy’s life is very important. A dog’s healthy growth is determined based on the level of care given during the initial years. 

On your first visit to the vet, the vet will suggest a range of tests and health screenings for your dog. This will include the basics such as physical examination, fecal sample tests, vaccines and parasite prevention treatments.

The vet will request further testing and schedule follow-up visits based on the test results. All this will likely cost you anywhere between $500- $700 on medical bills for an English Cream Retriever during its first year.

Ideally, a large breed dog like the English Cream Retriever is ready for sterilization when it is closer to 12 months of age.

So if you want your English cream retriever spayed or neutered during its first year, you can add a cost of $150- $500 to the first year’s medical bills. 

Some veterinary clinics will perform the procedure for a lower cost without any post-op care. So be mindful of what you choose. Note that spaying or neutering your dog is an optional cost.

So you can choose to do it when you want or not do it all. But performing this surgery can prevent any reproductive-related issues from developing.

Veterinary Care During the Adult Years

Visiting the vet during the first year to ensure your puppy is alright and returning to the vet only when your dog gets sick again is not how proper veterinary care works. 

You have to commit your time and finance to veterinary care.

This will ensure your dog is maintained in a healthy state.

So when the vet recommends follow-up visits, do the needful and visit the vet for proper updates of your dog’s health.

a English Cream Golden Retriever with a veterinarian

For an average dog in good health condition, the vet will recommend around 1-2 follow-up visits throughout the year. These visits together will cost you between $300- $700.

These visits will cover the basics like physical examinations, vaccine updates and any required blood work. Depending on the findings, your vet may request further testing if required.

Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is one of the most essential investments you make for your pet. Pet insurance will cover major medical bills due to emergencies and expensive medical procedures. 

Based on the insurance coverage plan you choose, the cost will vary between $500- $1500 annually. Many companies offer affordable and extensive plans for accident and illness coverage. Some even extend to complete health coverage which will cost much heavier.

No matter what breed your dog is. Having pet insurance means not having to bet on your pet’s life.

Grooming Cost

English Cream retrievers are easy to groom dogs. You will likely have to spend $150- $400 annually on grooming essentials and professional grooming sessions.

Trimming nails once every 2-3 weeks, brushing twice every week and bathing once every three weeks using a dye-free shampoo and conditioner will keep your dog’s fur silky and dirt free. 

Every 3-4 months, it is recommended that you get a professional grooming session to trim your Retrievers coat at the ears, feet, neck and tail to keep them smart.

a human Grooming a English Cream Golden Retriever

Training Cost

English Cream retrievers are sociable and friendly dogs who are relatively easy to train. Although they have a friendly nature, we recommend professional training sessions for house manners, potty training, basic behavior and command training during the early stages.


This will help you manage your Cream Retriever with ease. All this is easily achievable with 5-7 group class sessions that will cost around $100- $200.

English Cream Retrievers rarely need private sessions. They are ideal for dogs who lack socialization around other dogs. 

Other Potential Costs

English Cream Golden Retriever walking on the ground

Apart from the basic costs listed above, it would be best if you were also prepared to face additional costs in raising your English Cream Retriever.

You may not necessarily be in a situation where you have to incur some of these expenses. But at the same time, some of these costs are unavoidable in certain circumstances.


Microchipping your dog comes in super handy if your dog happens to get lost. A microchip has all the essential information, including your dog’s medical history, stored in it.

When your dog is found and returned to a shelter, a vet can easily identify the owner using the microchip scanner. The microchip and the microchipping procedure will cost you around $30- $60.

Dog License

A dog license serves a similar purpose as a microchip. Many states require you to license your dog to let others know that your dog’s rabies vaccinations are up-to-date. Licensing your dog will cost around $10- $20.

Pet Boarding/ Day Care

If you can’t take your dog with you or don’t have anyone to take care of your dog when you travel or go on holiday, you should consider using the service of a dog sitter, daycare or pet boarding facility. 

A dog sitter will charge you around $15- $50 daily. But a pet boarding facility will cost you $45- $80 per day since they are handled by professionally trained animal handlers.

Dog Walking

Your English Cream retriever will definitely benefit from exercise as they are energetic and playful dogs.

So on days, you cannot take your dog for a walk, you can hire a dog walker. 

A dog walker will charge you around $15- $25 per 30-minute walking session.

If you expect to use this service in the long run, you can multiply and add the respective cost to the annual basic total cost.

a English Cream Golden Retriever walking with a human


If you want your dog to accompany you on your travels, there are options for that too.

Many airlines, train companies and hotels do allow the facility of accommodating your pet with you. But this will no doubt come at a hefty price. So check ahead of time and plan your travels accordingly. 

Training tools dog owners must have for their dogs:

Summary: Total Cost of Owning an English Cream Retriever

First Year Cost 

During the first year of owning an English Cream Retriever puppy, you should expect to spend a sum ranging from $2,770- $7,125. This cost range includes the sale cost of your puppy.

And since cream retrievers are rare, the cost is high. Hence the daunting higher end of the range. So if the puppy you are to purchase is costly, you should expect to reach the higher end of the range.

All expenses considered in the range are unavoidable if you want to maintain a healthy and happy English cream retriever puppy. To make it affordable, you can split the total expected expense into monthly costs apart from the one-time costs.

The table below summarizes the overall expenses you should expect during your puppy’s first year.

First Year ExpensesCost range
Sale price of your English Cream Retriever$1500- $4000
Dog supplies$200- $1,045
Food and treats$280- $700
Medical$500- $700
Grooming$150- $400
Training$100- $200
License$10- $20
Microchip$30- $60
Total cost during the first year$2,770- $7,125

So apart from these, if you opt to go ahead with spaying/ neutering, pet daycare/ boarding or walking facilities and/or get pet insurance, you can add the respective amounts to customize your grand total for the first year.

Every Adult Year Forward 

So moving forward, you need to expect a basic expense range of $1,010- $2,700 for each adult dog year, which is $84- $225 monthly.

The table below summarizes the overall expenses for the subsequent dog years.

Adult year expense typeCost range
Dog supplies$100- $380
Medical bills$300- $700
Dog food$450- $1200
Grooming $150- $400
License$10- $20
Total cost for each adult year$1,010- $2,700
Monthly cost$84- $225

As mentioned above, if you choose to go ahead with optional costs, you can add the respective expense cost to the total of the adult year cost.

The Total Cost Ownership for an English Cream Retriever

The life expectancy of an English Cream Retriever is 10- 12 years. Presuming your English Cream retriever lives an average of 11 long, happy and healthy years, the total cost of ownership will be $12,870- $34,125.

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Final Thoughts

Owning a dog and providing for its life-long needs is a meritorious deed. But before you do so, being aware of the financial aspects will help you decide the best way to approach it. So you can provide the ultimate care your English Cream Retriever deserves.

By maintaining a proper lifestyle, you can ensure your golden Retriever is hearty and healthy. And employing practical money-saving tips will ease the task of raising your pooch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is expensive to own an English Cream Retriever, but it can vary based on your affordability.

The English line of descendance and the rare coat color make an English Cream Retriever more expensive than other golden retrievers.

A sum ranging between $1,010- $2,700 is the estimated basic annual upkeep cost of an English cream retriever.

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