How Much Does an English Mastiff Cost? (2024 Pricing Guide)

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The “English Mastiff”, AKA “Mastiff”, is a large dog breed from Great Britain. They are massive, beautiful, loyal, and robust dogs with dignified and loving natures. 

If you consider bringing this guard dog to your house, the first question you’d have to ask yourself is, How much does a Mastiff cost? What are the expenses that I should expect? Can I afford to raise and care for the Mastiff throughout his life? 

Here is the guide for you! We’ll look at every potential cost you need to expect for your English Mastiff Puppy and the factors determining the price. 

So let’s get started!

Quick Summary

The average cost of an English Mastiff is between $1000 to $1500, but can range from $800 to $3000 depending on where you acquire it.

Factors such as age, bloodline, breeder, and location can affect the price of a Mastiff puppy.

The average cost of raising a Mastiff over its lifetime is $19,560.

About the Mastiff Dog Breed 

Size and Appearance 

Being generally square in appearance, Mastiffs are enormous dogs.

They are still the natural cute dogs with massive bodies, droopy jowls, wrinkled brows with broad skulls, and heads with a sharp muzzle. 

The black mask around the eyes and nose and their dark floppy ears make the breed unique.

The eyes are small and dark hazel or brown, and the tail is high and reaches the dog’s hocks. 

They are giant dogs in terms of mass.

English Mastiff lying on the ground

The height of a female Mastiff is nearly 27.5 inches (70 cm minimum) at the shoulders, and the size of a Male Mastiff is almost 30 inches (76 cm minimum) at the shoulders. 

Generally, a Male mastiff can weigh about 150-250 pounds (68-113 kg), whereas a Female Mastiff can weigh about 120-200 pounds (54-91 kg). On the other hand, the weight can reach up to 300 pounds (140 kg) or more with some dogs. 

Speaking of the coat, generally, Mastiffs are short-coated dogs. Long-haired Mastiffs are seen occasionally caused by recessive genes.

The English Mastiff colors are; apricot-fawn, silver-fawn, fawn, or dark fawn-brindle, and the muzzle, nose, ears, and around the eye are always black. 

Though the color could be different, a black mask should occur in all cases. 


Following their role as guard dogs, who served as guardians to man since ancient times, their personality and temperament come with that dutiful DNA.

Mastiffs are dignified yet devoted and loyal, good-natured dogs.

Mastiffs are gentle dogs, affectionate and loving towards their family, and their tranquil gaze makes them good companions for older children.

They are also suspicious of strangers, and at the same time, they are shy towards strangers. 

English Mastiff sitting on the ground

Mastiff, by nature, is courageous and docile and will intend to bark and alert their owner when an intruder is present. It manifests its protective behavior, acts fearless toward any aggressor, and will do whatever it takes to safeguard its family.

These giant dogs tend to get along with cats, other dogs, and other pets only if they’re introduced while young.

Health and Trainability

Obedience training and early socialization for a Mastiff is a must. They tend to learn quickly and are eager to please.

They should be trained in mutual respect, consistency, and understanding. Praise them and use positive reinforcement. 

Raising your voice against a Mastiff could easily hurt its feelings.

Constant training could make them feel bored, and make sure you don’t repeat the same thing repeatedly, making them lie down and snore. 

Mastiff walking on the ground

Keep your training sessions short, fun, and exciting. Make sure you try different things in each session. Love and respect is key during training.

Speaking of health, they have a lifespan of about 9 to 11 years. Mastiffs suffer from health problems like; elbow dysplasia, cystinuria, and osteosarcoma and significant health issues like; gastric torsion and canine hip dysplasia.

Some may also suffer from issues like; cardiomyopathy, allergies, vaginal hyperplasia, cruciate ligament rupture, and obesity. They are also prone to Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), an inherited disease in which the eyes are genetically programmed to go blind. 

Here are some of the health conditions that are common to English mastiffs; 

Hip Dysplasia 

This is where the thigh bones of the dog no longer fit correctly to the hip joints. Pain can occur either in one leg or both legs.

Most of the time, dogs show a small sign of dysplasia. Affected dogs also may develop arthritis. 

Make sure your breeder has health tested the puppy’s parent and provides proof that they are free from this issue before you get one for yourself. 

Any canines subjected to this problem must be taken care of very keenly.

Mastiff lying on the table

Provide them with a low-calorie diet while you ensure no risk of harm to their environment. Soft surfaces and smooth floors could not be good options. (1)

Elbow Dysplasia 

Similarly to hip dysplasias, this problem occurs due to weight imbalances that push the elbow out of its socket. A checkup from the vet is compulsory as the pain is inevitable. Forelimbs grow stiff, and an impediment to walking can develop. 

Surgery can sometimes be possible, but it depends on the dog’s degree of dysplasia. (2)

Set your dog on a correct diet and maintain his weight while taking the relevant measures to protect him from the issue.

Wobbler Syndrome 

This is a disease affecting the dog’s gait by compression of the spinal cord. Affected dogs tend to take short steps with the appearance of swaying their limbs back and forth. This also makes them hobble. (3)

Excessive pressure on the neck due to being overweight wears down the rounded shape of the spinal cord.

Once the condition develops, it will slowly worsen. In extreme cases, surgery is compulsory. Medical management is the only course to cure this complication.

Dilated Cardiomyopathy

Refers to a disease that weakens the contraction while impairing its pumping ability. Most commonly occurs in large dogs like English Mastiffs, who have been overweight for most of their lives. Reduced exercise performance can be a sign. (4)


A primary threat for Mastiffs can be cancer. Cancer can cause continuous trouble and distress for a Mastiff in ill health, such as Bone cancer (osteosarcoma) and lymphoid tissue cancer (lymphosarcoma). (5)

This is why most vets recommend spaying or neutering your Mastiff, as this eliminates the risk of testicular/uterine cancer and many other diseases connected to the reproductive system. 

Recommended health tests from the AKC:

  • Hip evaluation
  • Cardiac exam
  • Elbow evaluation
  • Ophthalmologist exam

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How Much Does a Mastiff Cost? 

English Mastiff running on the ground

Mastiff Puppy 

An English Mastiff’s average price could range between $1000 to $1500. However, some puppies might fall as low as $800, and some might drive up to $3000. The price tag entirely depends on where you are going to acquire him. 

Some factors could also affect the price of a Mastiff puppy. It depends on the Age, Breeder, Bloodline, and location. So the selling price of each owner will fluctuate. 

  • Age: As many people want to take advantage of the puppy stage, most families intend to bring their puppies soon after eight weeks. Breeders usually charge higher prices for young pups as their demand grows, and those that take longer to sell will be reduced in price.
  • Bloodline: If the litter’s parents are purebred and show quality dogs from reputable breeders, the price is higher. These breeders also invest more money in taking care of their breeding dogs and puppies. 
  • Breeder: Some breeders are members of highly recognizable kennel clubs. They can have their dogs registered which would also add to their fees. 
  • Location: Small dogs are more prevalent in metropolitan areas where people live in smaller places. If you live in an area where English Mastiffs are popular, the breeders can charge a higher price due to the increased demand.

Where to Buy a Mastiff Dog? 


Most rescue homes rarely have purebred Mastiff puppies available. Mostly you will be able to find a Mastiff mix puppy.

The cost of adopting an eight-week-old puppy would be $150-$350. 

These costs include; deworming, vaccination, and microchipping. Some rescues neuter or spay the puppies before being sent to their forever homes.

On the other hand, some dog rescues may give a voucher for the dog owner to get it done later. 

Mastiff puppy standing on the ground

Sometimes there are also chances for an adult dog to get surrendered in a rescue. If you see them have no problem with their temperament and behaviors, you can think of adding an adult Mastiff.


Many dog owners will likely purchase and get their puppies from local classified ads such as Craigslist. Here the prices are relatively lower, costing around $250 to $300 for a mastiff.

But these come at an additional cost. Most puppies sold in these ads are prone to health complications. 

Breeders here usually don’t health-test their breeding dogs. They don’t invest in medical checkups for the puppies; they also have not even been dewormed and vaccinated, making them prone to several health issues at an early age. 

Unfortunately, because of being such large dogs, Mastiffs are not the healthiest as they can be easily affected by various breed-specific conditions.

If you buy a dog from local classified ads, ensure that the litter’s parents are healthy, or you need to spend thousands of dollars on vet costs. 


Purchasing a Mastiff puppy from an AKC Breeder could be the most expensive option out there, and the one in which the parents and the litter will have no defects.

Usually, a reputable breeder will have his breeding dogs tested and don’t pair dogs with congenital diseases. 

These breeders are highly experienced and have a lot of commitment to raising their puppies, from providing them with quality dog food to taking them to vet clinics regularly. 

A Mastiff puppy from a reputable breeder will cost around $1200.

Mastiff puppy standing on the floor

The cost may fluctuate if the parents of the Mastiff puppy are healthy mastiffs. Expect to pay about $2800 if you purchase a quality show dog. 

Steps to Adopt a Mastiff Dog 


The American Kennel Club (AKC) charges $37.99 to $54.99, depending on which package you want to go for. You need to expect an additional fee for late registration papers. Register online for an easy registration method, where fees range from $35 to $65. 

Cost of Raising a Mastiff Dog


Considering the size of these large breeds, An English Mastiff will need a large amount of high-quality food, which is the main reason for the food to cost you a few hundred dollars. 

Usually, a Mastiff puppy consumes close to 580 lb of dry food for the first year, where the price could range from $440 to $880.

When an English Mastiff reaches maturity, they eat up to 610 lb of dry food for a year, costing you $300 to $945. 

With an average 30lb bag costing $50, you will likely spend $100 per month. The larger the Mastiff is, the more nutrition he needs.

dog Food and Treats

What comes with his size is his need for a more significant amount of food. So ensure that he meets his daily requirements. 

Since puppies eat less, the price intends to be lower than for adult Mastiffs. However, the costs are much higher if you prefer feeding your Mastiff a raw diet or a prescription diet. 

Health and Vet Visitation

A Mastiff puppy needs three vet visits in the first year, which cost about $150 each, for physical exams, vaccinations, and other treatments.

You also need to put your Mastiff on flea and tick prevention medication, which costs an average fee of $15 per month.

The cost may fluctuate as each vet clinic will charge differently. You also need to neuter or spay your pup, which could cost anywhere between $150 and $450.

You should save monthly money to cover yearly checkups and other routine veterinary expenses.

a Veterinarian writing

Like any other adult dogs, English Mastiffs are also prone to certain health complications and are prone to different types of health conditions, Commonly hip dysplasia.

They must be checked by a vet frequently. Treating dogs with this health concern can cost between $500 to $13,000. 

As you can see, the amount is huge, and many dog owners won’t be able to pay for this. This is why taking out pet insurance is a cost that can benefit you in many ways. 

Pet insurance is the best way to cover all the unexpected vet costs you have not taken into account. There are a good number of pet insurance companies and several policies to consider.

While some puppies can get insurance for as little as $15 or $20, Mastiffs are expensive.

Most companies charge about $50 a month for pet insurance, but when it comes to adult mastiffs, the price could cost you an arm and a leg. But pet insurance is well worth the investment. 


They shed, so brushing them or taking them to a groomer is vital. Speaking of the English Mastiff’s coat, they are easy to groom because of their short hair.

They don’t need many grooming sessions but require only quick brushing every few days. They also need to be bathed occasionally, and their teeth to be brushed a few times a week. 

During the season of heavy shedding once or twice a year, it’s recommended to comb them frequently with a firm-toothed brush to remove dead hair. You also need to check their ears, eye, and muzzle frequency and get them cleaned.

Keep their nails trimmed short, and make sure your Mastiff smells his best. Since Mastiff needs low maintenance, most owners could groom the dog themselves at home if they wanted to. 

You will need some equipment to make the process effective and easy, costing about $25-$290. The grooming kit would cost $75 on average. 

Or otherwise, if you opt for a professional groomer, it would cost anywhere between $55-$75 for a Mastiff. Professional service usually includes; hair removal, bath, and shampoo. Teeth brushing, styling, nail trimming, and eye and ear cleaning. 

The price may vary depending on your dog’s size, age, health, coat condition, and behavior.


Though Mastiffs are extra large dogs, they aren’t aggressive and challenging to train but easy to manage and friendly with humans.

If you are an experienced dog trainer, you might not need private training classes.

Puppy training classes can be an ideal option for all dogs.

You could raise a correctly socialized pup by incorporating a few group lessons, which would generally cost $150-$200 for five one-hour sessions.

Consulting a puppy training class is advisable even with an easily manageable dog.

Mastiff running on the ground

It does not cost you much, as little as $30 to $80 for each class, and this can ensure that you grow up a dog with an outstanding personality.

You can also get virtual dog training video programs that are cost-effective. If lucky, you can get 1 for free.

Yes, there’re free training programs. Here’s a free online dog training course called K9 Training Institute (K9TI). It’s one of the most effective dog training programs out on the market.

Overall Annual Expenses 

After the first year’s expenses, the overall yearly cost for Mastiff includes; food costs, grooming, supplies, medical costs, vet costs, and license renewal will run you anything between $1065 to $3765 per year or $89 to $314 per month. 

Once you become a Mastiff parent, be ready to spend a few hundred dollars, which would be pretty big, depending on your Mastiff’s size. English Mastiffs need a large amount of high-quality food. 

Your first-year expenses are around $3880 and will cost about $2240 in the following years. Through the dog’s lifetime, the average cost of owning a Mastiff is $19,560. 

These expenses for the first year are vital, including supplies, training, medical, grooming, heartworm and flea prevention medication, treats and food, and license registration.

Here’s a short summary:

Food and water bowls$20
Dog collar $20
Leash $15
Dog food (30 lb bag)$50
Dog bed and crate $100
Poop bags (1 year supply)$55
Toys $90
Treats $25
Brush $15
Nail clippers $15
Harness $30
ID tags $10
Puppy training pads (75-100)$25
Stains and odor removal spray$10
First-aid kit $30
Tooth-brushing kit $10

As you all can see, you’ll need to spend $685 on average to purchase everything required for your puppy to start his new life. 

On the other hand, the additional costs, including; dog walking, dog boarding, sterilization, and insurance, could add up to these amounts.

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Yes, Mastiffs are friendly dogs and can typically get along with cats and other dog breeds when introduced while young.

Maintaining and grooming a Mastiff pet does not cost a lot, but it does require frequent grooming sessions and daily brushing to remove excess hair. Additionally, shampooing and bathing them is necessary to keep them smelling their best.

These gentle giants are known for their gentle behavior and patience. Mastiffs are lovable companions, gentle around small kids, and can be eternally loyal and protective of family.

The price of a purebred Mastiff is typically higher than that of a mixed breed.


Mastiffs are massive so are their expenses too! There’s no way around it. Owning an English Mastiff is much higher than most other breeds. You need to consider the ongoing costs before bringing a new dog home cause they are really huge!!!

However, as a dog owner, you must ensure you are getting the best Mastiff puppy out there. Avoid getting a Mastiff puppy from Craigslist. A certified reputable breeder or rescue, is the way to go. 

With all the possible recurring prices and factors that make up the cost, are you still in a feasible position to afford it? If so, an English Mastiff is worth this much and more! 

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