What Does an English Shepherd Cost? The Average Prices

Last Updated on July, 2024

Now that you have chosen the most hardworking and friendliest companion to be welcomed into your family, you are wondering how much it would cost to take care of them. Planning and budgeting are far better than going blind just because you found it cute.

Unlike choosing a new phone or smartwatch, this is a choice that you end up emotionally bound with (Like the Stark kids and their Direwolves – No, you are not getting them for FREE).

Yes, the name does suggest that this dog breed is native to England, making it hard to come by in the States. But the right breeder knows how to pair you up with the English Shepherd dog of your choice for a fair price.

The English Shepherd is pretty average in the price zone compared to the other rarer breeds.

We will be looking into the different ways you can get an English Shepherd and all the other costs that follow along. This will allow you to budget and plan accordingly (So that you don’t bite off more than you can chew – I hope I said it right).

Quick Summary

The price of an English Shepherd puppy varies depending on the quality and can range from $500 to $1000.

Craigslist may not be the most reliable source for purchasing an English Shepherd.

Getting a puppy from a reputable breeder is the best option for ensuring a healthy and well-trained dog, even if it may be more expensive.

Means of Getting an English Shepherd

English Shepherd standing on the ground

Getting yourself a new English shepherd puppy can come in many ways. Some have a more profound impact on your wallet than others. And the price usually depends on the quality.

Compared to others, the initial price of an English Shepherd is low (meaning you should go for higher quality).

The English Shepherd costs around $500 to $1000, even though it is a rare breed, as all the other breeds are not native to the United States.

The prices may begin from $500 and gradually increase to accommodate the features that come with it. The English Shepherd doesn’t have many types, which makes them vary in price.

From Craigslist

First and foremost, you should know that getting an English Shepherd puppy from Craigslist is something to be cautious of. The ones that are marketed on this site for pretty low prices are not you striking a pot of gold (If only we were that lucky).

The cheap English Shepherd dogs on display usually point toward shady breeders who haven’t invested as much in the care and breeding of the English Shepherd puppy.

Care can begin with the medical health check-ups the pet parents are put through before the breeding to ensure that there are no latent medical conditions. This will be costly, and this is added to the price. Therefore, the low price may point toward this case.

Then comes the first vaccinations that all puppies need, along with the vet visits they must be put through. Unregistered breeders try to keep down the vet bills to make an easy profit by omitting this.

They may sometimes cost it at the lower end of the spectrum below or equal to $500.

From a Rescue Center

If you are in the process of finding a purebred English Shepherd puppy, this place is the unlikeliest place that you might find.

You can check for sites that give you information on local animal shelters in the vicinity.

Rescue homes, as the name suggests, provide houses to all breeds, and breeds that are not native to the country do not simply end up in one.

But you can speak to some rescue centers and tell them that you are on the lookout for one.

English Shepherd sitting on the tree

If a rescue dog is available, they are usually priced after the medical bills incurred during their stay at the local animal shelters and nothing more. This applies to adult English Shepherd dogs who are costed within $300 depending on their vet costs.

Therefore, this is cheaper than getting one from either Craigslist or a reputable breeder. The case lies with being better in quality than the ones from Craigslist but below the well-reputed breeders.

From a Reputable Breeder

The best way out of the three is to get an English Shepherd puppy who is well taken care of and provides the security of value for money.

Depending on their bloodline and the breeder’s reputation, they will cost around $500 to $1000. In some instances, it may even begin from $800 onwards.

The parent English Shepherd dogs are medically tested to ensure they are not passing on any genetically caused ailments. The English Shepherd puppies are then vaccinated and routinely taken on vet visits, which means they will be healthy.

This method will lower the risk of unprecedented medical bills that you might face. Although finding a breeder well-versed in breeding English Shepherds takes time to come by.

You can find them by inquiring with veterinarians, local animal shelters, or even through dog shows.

You might also have to look into breeders overseas if you cannot find them within the US. This may cost additionally due to the cost of importing them, which means that you may have to pay an amount added on to the $500 to $1000.

Another advantage compared to getting one from Craigslist is that these English Shepherd dogs will be trained and socialized with the others, thereby making them a better-suited addition to families with kids.

Yes, the English Shepherd is friendly. But I just meant that it would be better suited.

Factors That Influence the Price

English Shepherd standing on the ground and holding a ball in mouth

The factors that affect the English Shepherd are not that of coat or their types within the breed. These factors affect the price due to the incurred procuring and sub-costs.

Yes, their pedigree is one crucial factor that has a say on the price. The ones that are crossbred with other breeds usually stand at the lower end of the price range, whereas the purebred ones with medically tested parents are on the higher end.

The reputation of the breeder also plays a role in the market prices. This happens for most, where the breeders who have specialized in breeding a particular breed have a higher price 

then the ones with little experience.

Another factor is the medical check-ups and care that they are subjected to. This will ensure that you will not face expensive medical bills. Failure to do this is why some shady breeders price their puppies at a lower price on Craigslist.

If you can’t find an English Shepherd puppy within the country, getting one from abroad will significantly increase the cost of an English Shepherd. The further they are, the higher your price is going to be.

One-Time Costs That are Incurred at the Initial Stage

English Shepherd sitting on the snow

The usual materialistic costs that all English Shepherd dog owners must incur when bringing a pet home comes under this. They are products that can be reused in the long run without any subscription basis for months or even lifelong.

A few such costs that are one-time in nature are mentioned below (doesn’t mean you will never incur these costs again);

Bed – As larger-sized dogs, English Shepherd usually needs a giant bed to sleep in. This is a cost that goes without any say as a one-time cost due to its re-usability. This will cost you around $80 to $110 due to its size.

Collars and Leashes – English shepherd dogs are outdoorsy and need their fair share of walks and play in the park. Collars to identify your pet English Shepherd and a leash to keep them controlled and safe is a no-brainer choice for all dog owners. This may cost $25 to $35 on average.

Bowls for food and water – The usual bowls for food and water would also fit an English Shepherd. These would only cost you around $20 max. Unlike some long-eared breeds that require unique bowls, English Shepherds can manage with the traditional ones.

Toys – Toys are another must-have when you bring an English Shepherd puppy home. These help them with their anxiety and help them be active by only costing you less than $25 on average (Unless you go for something expensive).

Nail clippers and Brush – English Shepherd dogs are not a breed that needs professional grooming at all. We can groom them in a budget-friendly manner like most breeds that sport a short coat (Unlike the ones that put shampoo ad models to shame).

Other toiletries – The usual shampoo and maybe an ear cleaner or even a paw cleaner gadget (you might need one with this breed because they love playing outside). It will cost you a measly $30 to $50 in total.

Recurring Costs That Come With Owning a Dog

All English Shepherd dogs have their basic needs that are routinely done, things that you and I need, like nutrition, safety, and health.

Unlike materialistic products like beds and such, that will only be a one-time cost (Although it may end up being a repeated cost if your dog rips it – shrug).

These are incurred annually or monthly, depending on each. For example, a large dog food pack may last you a month or more, whereas training sessions would only last for several months.

And the food is a lifelong cost, while training is a finite cost that wouldn’t go beyond a specific time.

Food and Treats

These active English Shepherd dogs need nutrition to keep them healthy and sound. Dog foods are an obvious cost that all dog owners face daily (We are not buying a ROBOT here!).

This will be pretty high compared to other smaller breeds like Chihuahua. Cost-cutting should never be a point to be considered when it comes to healthy nutrition.

This will cost you $25 to $50 per month, depending on whether they are still an English Shepherd puppy or an adult English Shepherd dog.

dog Food and Treats

This can be seen as an investment instead of an English Shepherd cost because being healthy means you will not suffer from sudden vet costs.


This is another English Shepherd cost, just like food, that will be increased gradually in most cases. The puppies and their vaccinations are usually covered with the initial English Shepherd cost if it’s from a breeder. And these costs are routine in nature.

On average, it will cost around $300 to $400 at the beginning disregarding any medical emergencies. But this is bound to increase as the English Shepherd dog grows bigger and older.

The bigger they are, the more dosage they end up needing. And this, in turn, is why your vet bills increase.

Being one of the larger breeds comes with the additional baggage of higher vet bills.

And they may also be affected by size-induced health issues that lead to surgeries. These factors play into increasing the cost beyond $400.


You might need some training for the English Shepherds and very much so if this is your first time owning a dog.

This training is usually done in grouped sessions to promote socialization as well. On average, they will cost between $100 to $300, spanning sessions for a few months.

This will help your newest member – an English Shepherd, smoothly settle into your life (especially if you have young children in the household). As large dogs, their training goes a long way, as any problems caused may have severe repercussions if not properly trained.

As a fair temperament dog breed, private trainers would not be required. This costly venture would end up costing $100 to $150 per session, leading to a comparatively higher cost than the group sessions.


Any breed of significant value is always in the sight of kidnappers waiting for their opportunity. Dog snatchers in the United States have risen in the past few years.

These thieves usually steal dogs and sell them off for a lower price through Craigslist, or they sell them off to shady breeders (None of them are great scenarios for your English Shepherd).

To protect them from these threats, you will have to spend some money on procuring microchips and GPS tags. Or, you can even invest in an invisible fence if you have a vast land.

English Shepherd standing on the ground

The microchipping method is quite popular among dog owners, where they insert a chip just beneath the dog’s skin. On average, this will only cost you $50 in general.

The other option for keeping track of your pet’s whereabouts is through GPS trackers. This safety cost is also around $50 on average. Although it may increase in a subscription model, based on the features, you are interested in.

Finally, you can bear the cost of a dog license in the unlikely scenario of lost pets. This will allow the authorities to search and identify your pet from their unique ID. This is a norm that everyone follows and would need to be updated yearly. This will cost you around $25 or less.

Pet Insurance

Another of the most needed costs you must spend on is the insurance for your English Shepherd.

Just as much as you need vehicle insurance to safeguard yourself from the fallout after a sudden accident, pet insurance is necessary when you are getting a breed like this.

These English Shepherd dogs are of medium to large build and are also prone to ailments that come with age and size. English Shepherd dogs may suffer from elbow or hip dysplasia, among other disorders.

As large dogs, English Shepherd, amongst other larger breeds, has the chance of suffering with age. The only cure is through surgery, and surgeries are quite expensive. Paying for one would even have an impact on your emergency savings.

Another incident may be sudden accidents that warrant a visit to the vet with costly medical bills. These can be covered (at least partially) accordingly through the assistance of pet insurance.

This may cost you around $15 to $50 monthly or $500 to $600 annually. These amounts may vary based on what would be covered by the insurance.

In an all-around sum of costs, you may end up spending around $1500 per year, excluding the initial year’s medical expenses and initial costs.

This amount has arrived at the conclusion that only the prices mentioned above would be incurred (Can increase or decrease depending on your choices).

Price Considerations

English Shepherd puppy lying on the wooden floor

The English Shepherd has a relatively average initial cost compared to other high-end breeds. Some dog breeds have a high initial price but comparatively low and affordable annual costs.

But this may be on the opposite side of this type with a lower initial cost but high yearly costs.

As a larger dog breed, English Shepherds also have a higher cost due to the higher quantity in which they need every other thing—for example, being; food and vet bills.

Some expenses arise in general, like the dog sitter costs or emergency costs which cannot be evaluated as quickly.

But English Shepherds are low-maintenance breeds, meaning they will not need unnecessarily over-priced professional grooming (At least this is a plus for you).

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English Shepherd dogs are relatively cheap to buy, being only $500 minimum or going up to $1000 sometimes. The only issue that would arise is if you can’t find one within the country, which may lead you to import one.

Importing an English Shepherd will come with an additional cost of around $500 or more, depending on the distance. Leading it to have an initial English Shepherd cost rivaling other expensive breeds.

After the initial year, they will rack up an average cost of $1500 to $2000 yearly. This excludes emergency medical expenses or a special grooming session.

Finally comes the genetic ailments that affect most large dog breeds. A hip or elbow dysplasia that is not cared for will lead to other conditions like osteoarthritis leading to other surgeries. These can be mitigated and curbed within budget by investing in pet insurance.


As English Shepherd dogs are large and well-known as a working breed, they require large spaces to thrive in. An apartment would be more suitable for some smaller breeds.

It should be at least six months old.

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