EveryDoggy App Review [2024 Updated] Does it Really Work?

Last Updated on July, 2024

The EveryDoggy App is a good application that helps you train your dog. The application provides you with access to information that can help guide you through training your dog.

Considering there are so many dog training applications in the MARKET, you should ASK yourself the question; Is the EveryDoggy App worth it?

Everything you need to know about the EveryDoggy App is in this article. This JUST review will not only consider the Pros and Cons but will even provide you with a FREE alternative that may be EXACTLY what you are looking for!

The Good

EveryDoggy can be a valuable resource when working to train your dog. It contains videos with guidance on a range of training areas. 

The Not So Good

The free content on the EveryDoggy application is limited. If you really want to reap the benefits of this information source, you have to buy a subscription. 

The Bottom Line

The EveryDoggy App is a good dog training application. However, it isn’t free and most certainly is not the best in the market. (Check ‘Competitive Alternative’ for more information)

What is the EveryDoggy App? 

Created by TOP canine specialists, the EveryDoggy App is a RESOURCEFUL application that works on Android and iPhone.

The App allows you access to 70+ EXCLUSIVE guided videos that will help you better train your furry friend.

They rely on well-proven methods created by canine specialists who are at the TOP of the field. T

heir training programs are trusted and tested in practice by thousands of people.

EveryDoggy App logo

It doesn’t matter what age your dog is… this APP works GREAT! It works well on both puppies and senior dogs.

They use force-free positive reinforcement and are 100% dog-friendly solutions for training and socializing your dog. 

How Does the EveryDoggy App Work? 

The App gives you access to all the EXCELLENT video training content. These video courses cover various subjects, such as potty training.

They offer personalized puppy and adult dog training programs that match your requirements!

You also get access to various problem-solving GUIDES (Problems FAQ), which help you effectively solve behavioral problems. 

Chewing, pulling on the leash, excessive barking, all these issues could be addressed with the help of the informative content accessible through the App.

A human using EveryDoggy App and a dog lying on the ground

Further, there is information on teaching your dog TRICKS and GAMES, which can be exciting and FUN for both the dog and the dog owner!

Lastly, the App has an in-built clicker and whistle, which can come in handy when teaching your dog ANYTHING! 

Is the EveryDoggy App Free? 

Well, there is a FREE version and a Subscription which gives you access to much more content. 

Not everything on this App is free. You can download the application for free; however, only some courses are accessible on the free version.

You are more likely to find the subscription of the App valuable, for it gives you access to a lot more information on training coupled with added tricks and games you can teach your dog.

The free content is limited to a few basic commands, so the subscription makes sense. 

Inside the EveryDoggy App

On the free version, you can access the Whistle and Clicker.

In actuality, to understand the true value of this App, you have to BUY a subscription. The free version doesn’t provide much to prove as an amazing resource.

When ALL content is accessed through a subscription, you will have at your disposal a VALUABLE resource.

Pros and Cons of the EveryDoggy App 

A fair review would not be complete without looking into the Pros and Cons. It is important that you weigh the cons against the pros to understand whether the product is worth the fuss.

At the end of the day, there are so many dog training apps on the market, and if you are going to BUY a subscription, you should weigh out all the options.

The EveryDoggy App has a good list of guided videos; however, the role of the trainer is still very much in the hands of the dog owner.

Hence, though the list of content on EveryDoggy can be valuable, it is only USEFUL in the hands of a talented dog owner capable of delivering the commands and instructions. 

Though this may be the case, the Tricks and Games you find on this App vary from others in the market. This makes EveryDoggy a little different from other resources on the internet. 

Are there better options for the EveryDoggy App? Well, there is an alternative that is considered the more competitive between the two. 

EveryDoggy has a good list of problem-solving guides, which can be useful for people looking to resolve a specific issue.

However, there is no guarantee that the database of information on EveryDoggy will cover the content of the specific problem YOU are looking to fix.

Though it is created by canine experts, there are only a handful of 70+ videos. Yes, this can be considered a big number; however, in actuality, when it comes to how extensive dog training can be, 70+ videos don’t actually feel like a BIG number. 

Testimonials: What Do Customers Have to Say?

When it comes to customer testimonials, there are two sides to the equation. There are customers who found themselves happy and then those who found the App to be a waste of time. 

Firstly, many people expected this application to contain more free stuff. The free content on this App is limited, and you have to make in-app purposes to actually gain access to any real valuable information. 

This has be noted by many people to be annoying because they were probably misled to think the free content on this application was fabulous. This is far from the truth; if you want to test this App, you must BUY a subscription. 

This review left by this one customer says it all. 

EveryDoggy App Customer Testimonial 1

The EveryDoggy team even apologized and mentioned that they are doing their best to improve the user experience with videos. They themselves know there are shortcomings when it comes to this App and are in the midst of improving it.

That being the case, there are those happy customers who actually valued the use of the App and left a testimonial expressing gratitude. 

EveryDoggy App Customer Testimonial 2

Hence, when it comes to testimonials from people who used this App, there are both good reviews and bad. Not everyone is happy with EveryDoggy, and this App’s effectiveness in assisting your dog’s training may be QUESTIONABLE.

My Personal Opinion: Is the EveryDoggy App Worth it?

Having tested the App myself, my personal opinion is satisfactory. The EveryDoggy App is a good dog training app with a good content database that can prove valuable to anyone looking to train a dog.

I used this application for 2 weeks with my dog Spike and well, the application was, I guess, useful. Like, my dog didn’t actually really learn much in those 2 weeks. Not anything it didn’t already know, such as NOT to pee on the rug. 

So yes, the EveryDoggy App, in my personal opinion, was good, but not the BEST. The information accessed through the subscription can be valuable.

For instance, if your dog has a chewing problem, accessing the subscription to solve chewing will give you access to more than just chewing problem videos. 

So, in actuality, the effectiveness of this App in training a dog has to be questioned.

There is no actual contact with the trainer, nor is there any real assistance on helping you train your dog, except for the guidance on the video. 

Hence, this App proved to be a great information database for informing yourself.

It is a good application that most certainly CAN train your dog; however, that solely depends on YOU, the dog owner. 

Is the EveryDoggy App worth the purchase? Though I was satisfied, I wasn’t blown away, so NO!

A human checking EveryDoggy App

Is the EveryDoggy App a Satisfactory Product? 

Yes, the EveryDoggy App is a satisfactory product; however, it isn’t the GREATEST dog training app.

It has a good database of information that can be useful in training your dog and guiding its growth. Though the information database of this App is EXCLUSIVE, it isn’t very extensive.

It covers most of the basic areas of dog training but doesn’t go beyond the norm to cover more extensive areas.

Furthermore, the videos are only guides, and there is NO further assistance when training your dog. It’s like they gave you the videos, showed you the whistle and clicker and expected YOU to take over and do the training. 

Hence, though it can be a valuable product, it doesn’t ALWAYS guarantee results. Buying the subscription in NO WAY guarantees that you will have a well-trained pup on your hands. 

Hence, though the EveryDoggy App is satisfactory, it isn’t the MOST USEFUL application or resource for training your dog. 

The More Competitive Alternative: K9 Training Institute

If you were originally looking for FREE stuff, this more competitive alternative could be the PICK for you!

You may have already heard of the K9 Training Institute; they are actually very popular.

Apart from offering Masterclasses that completely TRANSFORMS your dog, they also provide access to a FREE workshop that will guide you on training your puppy or adult dog.

Compared to the EveryDoggy App, a free app with in-app purchases, this FREE workshop by the K9 Training Institute provides you access to a WORLD CLASS institute known to GUARANTEE success.

The K9 Training Institute’s Masterclass program is known to GUARANTEE results and completely transform the behavior of the dog.

Hence, compared to the EveryDoggy App, this FREE alternative is a WORTHY competitor with a more reliable service.

This FREE workshop brought to you by the K9 Training Institute covers potty training and fixates on fixing 11 common dog behaviorial problems. 

This first-of-a-kind online workshop is sure to help you HOUSEBREAK your dog and will help you stop bad behaviors. It will help you train your dog to be more obedient and as obedient as a service dog. 

This workshop will teach you to transform your dog into a service dog, relying on SECRET methods developed by service dog trainers.

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Final Thoughts

Though the EveryDoggy App is a good application that can help you train your dog, it is misleading to think you could do this for FREE.

You are now covered if you are looking for a FREE alternative to the in-app purchases-based EveryDoggy app. 

The FREE TRAINING WORKSHOP by K9 Training Institute is a VALUABLE alternative that you can TRUST that will help you BETTER train your dog!


The EveryDoggy App is free to download, but it has in-app purchases.

Yes, the EveryDoggy App is good when the premium content is accessed through a subscription. It can be a valuable resource.

To cancel your EveryDoggy subscription, go to your account settings or email [email protected].

Competitive Alternative
K9 Training Institute
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The Master Class offers unlimited personal coaching for specialized training.
It is suitable for any type of dog with behavioral issues.
Training works well for both puppies and adult dogs.
The institute has a free online dog training workshop.
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The paid dog training program can be a bit expensive, but there is a free workshop too.

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