9 Best Dog Training Apps [2024 Upd.] For iPhone & Android

Last Updated on July, 2024

Training your dog can be one of the most important things for dog owners. An untrained dog could have many behavioral issues and be difficult to manage.

Training apps are a GREAT way to train your dog. These apps are designed to provide assistance when it comes to training your pup.

Considering the fact that you don’t really want an UNTRAINED dog biting strangers and house guests, this list of the BEST 9 training apps could be VERY useful for you!

Hence, without further ado, here is the list of the 9 BEST dog training apps in the market. 

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9 Best Dog Training Apps 

The best training apps for dogs will have one thing in common. They will all be able to deliver EXCELLENT training, ensuring that dog owners have an obedient and well trained pup.

This list of the best 9 has been formulated after careful testing and research.

1. GoodPup (Editor’s Choice)

GoodPup is a RENOWNED dog training app known to foster a better relationship between you and your dog. It’s like having a personal dog trainer.

This training app provides dog parents access to LIVE 1-on-1 video call training sessions (basic training lessons.)

These 1-on-1 video calls are a GREAT way to teach your dog basic commands. This app can help your dog learn essential commands.

As I said, it’s like hiring a dog trainer; however, it is more cost-effective and accessible.

You also get UNLIMITED access to 24/7 CHAT with dog behavior and veterinary experts. 

A video exam can be arranged to work on specific behavioral issues and help you resolve unwanted dog behaviors.

The training session is a video call with a dog trainer, who will be able to communicate with the dog and instruct YOU on what needs to be done. It is the closest you will get to having access to a dog trainer without actually going and HIRING a professional dog trainer.

The TOP five dog training programs have one thing in common. They all ensure the delivery of training through professional training courses, allowing pet parents to trust the EXPERTISE of a trusted dog professional. 

Whether it be teaching your dog basic obedience or even leash training your dog, this training app gives you access to an actual ONLINE trainer. 

This app is also good for teaching advanced tricks. You can design your training program based on YOUR needs, with video exams and step-by-step instructions guiding the way. 

Here’s our complete review of Goodpup app.


Unlimited 24/7 Chat with dog behavior and veterinary experts
Video call training
Weekly video chats
Instructed by professionals
Daily progress check


No video database

2. Pupford (#2nd Best Choice)

When it comes to video lessons, Pupford is a BRILLIANT resource for any dog owner.

Video instructions such as those found at Pupford can help you in your dog parenting journey. 

The content on Pupford is split between both FREE and PAID. Premium courses (video content) will have to be paid for to access.

However, there are LOADS of FREE content on Pupford. Informing yourself is where training begins.

Pupford intends to provide you with the guidance YOU need to build a better relationship with your dog.

Things such as positive reinforcement in training, how to ensure safe and effective training, and all the information you need to train your dog will be found in the training videos of Pupford. 

Though they don’t offer personalized training, they provide the dog owner with the training material YOU need to train your dog yourself.

Training apps such as that of Pupford can provide you with the starting point for teaching your furry friend basic commands. 

If you are looking for video content on guidance to help you train your dog, Pupford could be the training app that provides a FREE solution. (In app purchases will provide you access to premium content.)


Free option available
Video content
A good number of courses
Premium content available
In app purchases


No access to a professional trainer

3. EveryDoggy (#3rd Best Choice)

This dog training app has been created by TOP canine experts and has over 70 EXCLUSIVE guided videos that will teach your dog socialization skills.

It will also teach YOU how to read dog body language. 

These guided videos will teach you everything about training your dog for basic commands. 

Qualified trainers conduct the instructional videos, and the guidance provided is EASY to follow.

From potty training to crate training, the EveryDoggy app is one of the BEST dog training apps on the market.

The app even has a built in clicker. You can use the built in clicker in positive reinforcement training. Simply click the built in clicker on the app when you want to reinforce behavior. 

The app also has a built in whistle, which will help you in the training process.

You can trust the information delivery in the video guides. The instructions are easy to follow, and they have a video for just about any command. 

This app can be a great way to teach your dog basic commands and ensure they are socialized. 

Though they don’t provide you access to a professional trainer, the video guidance is delivered by seasoned professionals who have designed these videos to guide YOU through your dog’s training. 

Checkout the complete review of EveryDoggy App here.


Exclusive content
Great library of content
Reliable guidance from experts
Built in clicker
Built in whistle


No direct access to a professional dog trainer

4. Puppr

The Puppr training app is a mix of video content and live chat. They offer text and video lessons to help you TRAIN your dog.

Even a video exam cannot provide the BRILLIANT informational guidance of the easy-to-understand video instructions of Puppr.

Most of the videos are led by dog trainer Sara Carson. 

Trainer Sara Carson is a WORLD renowned dog trainer.

Trainer Sara Carson is known as one of the TOP international trick dog trainers. Hence, if you are interested in dog sports, Puppr could be your pick.


You can get Puppr on both Android and iPhone. The lessons feature a popular stunt dog team with dog trainer Sara Carson leading the way.

When it comes to dog training apps, the best dog training apps will provide you access to live chat with a trainer, who will be able to guide you on specific issues you may be facing.

Puppr provides you access to the trainer via chat, which can be useful if you ever face difficulty with potty training or crate training your dog. 

Puppr is a GREAT training app with a great mix of live and recorded content, sure to ensure results!


Led by world-renowned Sara Carson
Access to trainer through chat
Video guidance content
Easy video instructions
Can track progress


No video chatting with the trainer

5. Dogo

When it comes to training sessions, dog owners will tell you that having access to the right dog training app can mean the difference between success and failure.

The Dogo dog training app provides access to various courses to help you train your dog. The app delivers courses through guided videos.

The Dogo dog training materials are extensive, which means they cover practically everything from basic commands for a new dog to ways to strengthen your friendship with your dog.

Basic obedience courses are a great way to teach your dog basic commands and instructions. 


In the Dogo dog trainers review, it was mentioned that the trainers at Dogo encourage employing humane techniques when training your dog. 

This fosters a community of trainers and dog owners, which is EXACTLY what Dogo is. 

The Dogo training app will give you access to the new dog training program, which is PERFECT if you have a new dog. 

This training app is a good selection. Though it doesn’t provide you access to professional dog trainers, the guidance and instructions delivered by professionals are more than sufficient in helping YOU train your dog. 

Learn more about Dogo App here.


Variety of training courses
Perfect for new dogs
Community of trainers and dog owners
Guided content


No direct access to a professional dog trainer

6. Doggy Time

This dog training app is unconventional compared to other apps on this list. Doggy Time is a dog tracker.

That is right; Doggy Time is a walking tracker that monitors your dog’s activity to ensure good dog health. 

You can log puppy training activities, set reminders, and even create a dog training schedule. 

Doggy Time is a puppy training assistant, a dog walking app, and an activity tracker.

Though this app allows you to do many things, it doesn’t provide you access to a whole lot of training information compared to others on this list.

Doggy Time

Hence, this app is best used in combination with another program on this list. 

When it comes to training apps, Doggy Time made this list because it is different. It isn’t the conventional dog training app; however, it has training assistance built-in. 

Doggy Time is a useful application that allows you to monitor your dog’s activity and training. With the ability to track progress, Doggy Time could be a brilliant addition to your dog training arsenal.


Log puppy activities
Set reminders
Track progress
Training assistance
Create a dog training schedule


Information and guidance on training are limited 

7. GoDog Training App

The GoDog training app gives you access to a TON of information on training your dog.

You can train your dog anywhere at any time just as long as you can access this app.

This app’s extensive database of information can help you with specific behavioral issues such as biting, chewing and barking. 

The app also provides health and hygiene reminders, such as the upcoming vaccine shot.

This can be very useful for dog owners, who prefer having all the information about the dog stored in one place.

GoDog Training App

The GoDog training app enables positive reinforcement-based training with the help of a clicker, which is built into the app.

This app provides guidance on easy-to-follow steps on almost all dog training traits. From basic commands to more advanced resolutions to issues, GoDog is a VERY useful database of resources that can be EXTREMELY handy for any dog owner. 


Good collection of information
Extensive database of information
Reminders can be set
Guidance on resolving specific behavioral issues


No direct access to a professional dog trainer

8. Pup to Date

Pup to Date is an Apple-only app that only works on the iPhone. 

Pup to Date is also a dog tracker that works similarly to Doggy Time.

It works to provide you with access to a reminder service, which will help you stay on track with your training. 

The reminders, as scheduled, will tell you when to take your dog to the bathroom or start the next training session.

That being the case, this app does not provide informational content on training; however only helps dog owners with the training process.

Pup to Date

You can track your dog’s events throughout the day, ensuring timely delivery of food and meds apart from ensuring daily exercise. 

It offers a calendar view to show you all the dates that have been scheduled. It’s like a diary for your dog. 

It offers live tracking of training sessions. You can log events of multiple dogs, which can be useful for people with more than one dog. 

Though Pup to Date does not directly provide access to training information, the app is a useful training app to track and record your dog’s progress. 


Reminder for scheduled events
Calander of events
Can log details of multiple dogs
Track training sessions


Limited access to training information
Only works on Apple

9. iTrainer Dog Whistle & Clicker

This app is a simple whistle and clicker app that will help you in the training process.

Unlike other apps on this list, the functionality of the iTrainer Dog Whistle and Clicker is varied. 

It contains 50+ animal sound effects, which can help you in training. 

Furthermore, it has an intuitive clicker with 5 different sounds. This clicker could be very useful when trying to train your dog.

Clickers are extremely important in positive reinforcement training.

iTrainer Dog Whistle & Clicker

The dog whistle has a customizable frequency between 100hz to 35kHz. This is an effective range for almost any dog. 

The app also provides information on clicker training, whistle training and positive reinforcement obedience training, which can be very useful for any dog owner.

You can even record sounds, especially if your dog responds to a particular sound. 

This dog training app differs from others as it does not have the same informational value as others on this list. Nonetheless, this is a very USEFUL training app that could be useful when training your furry friend. 


50+ animal sounds
Whistle and clicker to help in training
Customizable frequency 100 hz to 35 khz
Can record sounds


No training instructional guides provided

How to Find the Best Dog Training App: Guide for Pet Parents?

a human holding a phone and checking dog training apps

When looking for the best dog training app, you need to consider what exactly you need from the app. Are you primarily looking for an app that will guide you or one that will provide you ACCESS to a trainer? 

The features of the app are very important. You need to consider whether you want access to a simple clicker app or one that provides access to 24/7 unlimited chat with a trainer.

The choice of the BEST dog training app will depend on what exactly you are looking for as a pet parent. If you want to train your dog yourself, various apps on this list will provide varying degrees of assistance, support and guidance. 

Finding the best dog training app means finding the app that provides the most assistance, support and guidance in training your dog.

How are Dog Training Apps Useful?

Dog training apps can help you better train your pup.

Some dog training apps provide access to informative guides, while others allow you to chat directly with a trainer.

Access to these training apps could be very useful because they could help you train your dog and save money. 

Hiring a professional dog trainer can be EXPENSIVE, which is why in comparison, these cheaper or even FREE options are a lot more desirable.

A dog jumping on the ground and a human checking the dog training app

Training is an important aspect of well-being for dogs, and training apps are VERY useful in helping you train your dog. 

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Final Thoughts

Dog training apps are a great way to find the direction and guidance to help you TRAIN your dog. 

Training is an important aspect of well-being of dogs. Thus, a training app such as those mentioned on this list could provide you with the support and assistance you need to ensure you have a well-trained dog.

With regards to the selection of the best of the best, GoodPup, at the top of this list, with the ability to access a professional dog trainer through a video call, takes the TOP pick for the best dog training app for dogs. 


Yes, training apps can be useful for providing helpful information and instruction to assist in training one’s dog.

When selecting a training app, it is important to consider the value of the content offered, as well as the level of support and guidance provided. A good training app should provide comprehensive support and guidance to ensure users are able to make the most of the app.

It is recommended to have three short training sessions per day for puppies.

GoodPup app logo




Overall Score


Unlimited 24/7 Chat with dog behavior and veterinary experts
Video call training
Instructed by professionals
Daily progress check
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of July
No video database

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