Good Dog Dog Training Review (2024 Updated.) Is it Legit?

Last Updated on July, 2024

“Your dog is so annoying; teach it some good discipline.” “My kid is scared of your dog; please don’t leave it alone outside.” 

“We are old people; we can’t tolerate your dog’s excessive barking every day.”

Are these complaints increasing day by day? Is that the reason you started searching for a good dog training Institute?

The ‘Good Dog Dog Training’ offers many exciting options for you and your dog to address almost all issues through proper training.

You know what, when I do my research, I ALWAYS pick the best to ensure that I’ll not regret it later.

The Good

They have experienced trainers, flexible services, and customized comprehensive and social dog development training options.

The Not So Good

Some of their programs require a time commitment and limited offerings for highly specialized training needs.

The Bottom Line

Overall, this is positive for general training, but the limited time commitment and specialized options may impact suitability for some dog owners.

About Good Dog Dog Training

You can have a fantastic time with your dog in ‘Good Dog Dog Training. ‘Why? Because they want you and your dog to be happy. 

They teach you how to train your dog using suitable methods. At first, they use treats, but then they switch to other real-life rewards, so your dog doesn’t always need treats.

The ‘Good Dog Dog Training’ offers different services like one-hour visits to solve specific problems and group classes for all dogs, from puppies to those who want to compete.

Good Dog Dog Training Logo

GUESS WHAT? There are even fun classes like ‘Rally Obedience’ and ‘K9 Nose Work’.

Donna Sodestrom is the BEST boss lady and head teacher. She’s super qualified and has been training dogs since 1995. The team also has Sarah Johnson and Jennifer Mangels, who know much about dogs and love helping people and their pets.

The good news is that they have happy customers, like Elise, whose dog became an indoor champ after getting their training. You know what inspired me? The trainers care about shy or scared dogs and help with problems like dogs being TOO PROTECTIVE over toys and foods.

So, ‘Good Dog Dog Training’ is a friendly place where they make sure you and your dog can have the best time together.

However, it’s important to note potential drawbacks. Some clients may find the transition from treat-based rewards to real-life rewards challenging. Plus, the effectiveness of the training might vary based on individual dog personalities. 

Types of Services

Consultations and Virtual Classes

The ‘Good Dog Training’ is like your dog’s excellent online school! For $100 and $60, you get a whole month of virtual doggie classes.

They will send you a handy handbook and fun video lessons every week for four weeks. And GUESS WHAT? You can rewatch those videos for six whole months! (Wow!)

These classes cover everything from basic commands like ‘sit’ and ‘fetch’ to cool stuff like loose leash walking and staying chill. Listen, if you ever get stuck, no worries! The instructors are just an email or phone call away.

Note: You can even show them a video of you and your dog rocking the training to keep training more engaging.

However, wait, there’s more! If you’re more of a one-on-one learner, they offer $70 for remote consultations. It’s like having a dog expert in your living room – ALMOST.

Plus, you can chat with them on the phone or through Zoom, whichever you prefer. They’ll help you with anything from puppy problems to dealing with shy or reactive dogs.

Private Sessions

If you prefer private sessions, ‘Good Dog Dog Training’ has two options for you:

  • Face to face
  • Via Zoom

Remember! If you want a face-to-face meetup, it’s $95 in person or $70 on Zoom for an hour of training. 

Now, if you’re into regular sessions, they’ve covered you. The ‘Tune-up’ plan is four weeks long and 40 minutes each week, and it’s just $240. 

Need a bit more? The ‘Beginner Obedience’ plan stretches over six weeks for $360. And get this: they’re FLEXIBLE with locations.

You can meet at 1605 Timothy Ave, Modesto, CA. They’re up for a Local Modesto Park vibe if you want fresh air. TRUST ME. You’ll have a great experience.

Next is their puppy program.

Puppy Program

If you have a question, ‘What is their puppy program all about?’, this will help you understand a lot. I mean, a LOT. Their puppy program is to ensure your puppy grows up well-behaved and confident.

Puppy Kindergarten (9 – 14 weeks)

  • This lasts 4 weeks. Starts on the first Wednesday of every month.
  • Teaches basic stuff like house training, crate use, and simple commands like ‘give.’ 
  • It helps your pup get used to being handled and groomed and prevents bad habits like chewing.

Tweens 1 (12 weeks – 7 months)

  • This is also 4 weeks, starting on the first Monday of each month.
  • It covers rewarding your pup right, leadership basics, and keeping your dog in check.
  • Include games to boost confidence and motor skills.

Tweens 2 (16 weeks – 10 months)

  • It builds on Tweens 1 and runs for 4 weeks, starting on the first Tuesday of each month.
  • Get your pup used to various situations.
  • Takes things up a notch with leash walking, advanced commands, and games.

Note: Your dog must be in your home for at least a week and start vaccinations from a VET. (each class is strict about this).

However, this program will help your furry friend grow up well-mannered and ready for anything.

Group Classes

  • Puppy Classes

The ‘Good Dog Dog Training’ institution offers puppy classes with three different levels:

  • Puppy Kindergarten
  • Tweens 1
  • Tweens 2

Puppy kindergarten provides a safe environment for pups without complete vaccination.

Tweens 1 focuses on basic obedience like leash walking and recall.

In contrast, Tweens 2 further develops skills like leash walking, memory, and basic commands for older puppies needing more time to be ready for beginning obedience.

  • Obedience Classes

Obedience classes have a program for puppies called ‘Essential Skills .’It’s in two parts: essential skills A and B:

  • Essential Skills A: Teaches inside stuff like sitting, waiting, and more. This is all about practicing house manners.
  • Essential Skills B: This covers outside skills like walking on a leash and coming when called.

After that, there’s more advanced training in Intermediate Obedience. Your pup should learn some basic stuff to move up, like sitting and coming when called with distractions (It’s an excellent way to teach dogs good behaviors!).

Do you know? They even have an AKC competition obedience for mixed breeds. 

  • Fun Classes

Your dog will experience some fun time with them – for sure! This dog training institution offers the ‘K9 Nose Work’ class, which introduces scent detection. This is IDEAL for all dog types and even suitable for those reactive to other dogs.

The ‘Trick Class’ in the summer camp enhances cognitive stimulation, requiring basic obedience skills. NEXT is my favorite – the ‘Coming When Called’ class, which will be conducted in a secure fenced area.

This class focuses on refining recall skills and amid distractions. Puppies, at least 5 months old, can benefit from these fun and educational programs. Did you get me?

Inspired? Wait, I’ll tell you about one of their OUTSTANDING group classes. 

Keep reading.

  • Beyond Beginners

This group class is for dogs that know the basics but want to learn more. The BEST part? Your dog will get a cool AKC CGC certificate after completion. This is open to all kinds of dogs. 

This class is good if you’re thinking about therapy dog stuff. However, after CGC, there’s more fun with Urban CGC and CGC Community Canine courses for better manners in PUBLIC.

Note: If your dog is more on the intermediate side, they can join the Rally Obedience gang for some titles or to have a good time.

But what I’m thinking is the range of programs offered can be overwhelming for casual dog owners. The emphasis on diverse training levels and classes could make it challenging to navigate for those seeking an easy and uncomplicated training. 

Training Tools and Supplies

A black and white object with a handle.

GUESS WHAT? The Good Dog Training Institute cares a lot about your dog. That’s why they suggest some essential tools for you and your dog.

Check them out!

  • Long Lines (Palomine Lines): 

These Palomine Lines are custom-length lines made of Biothene. They provide a good grip and are helpful for Nose work, Tracking, or Obedience.

  • Sturdy Screens (Breeze Guard):

Breeze Guards are strong mesh panels customized to fit your car window. They allow air to flow freely when your windows are down.

  • Silver Shade Cloth (Greenhouse MegaStore):

This cloth helps to keep your car cool.

  • Bait Bag (SnapDog Designs):

This bag is deep and easy to use for training treats. It closes with a snap instead of noisy velcro or tricky toggles.

  • Best Training Treat (Braunschweiger):

The recommended treat is ‘Braunschweiger’ from the Oscar Mayer brand. It’s sliced, diced, and microwaved until crispy for a treat your dog will love.

  • Nose Work Harnesses (Clean Run):

The Julius K9 Original Power harness is comfortable and easy to put on. It’s a favorite among Nose Work students.

The Good Dog Dog Training: Pricing

I know this part is IMPORTANT. So, let me be straightforward. 

At this dog training institution, group classes include kindergarten, Tweens 1 and 2, Beginning Obedience, Rally Obedience, and Nose Work. The price ranges from $150 to $250 for 4 to 7 weeks.

However, the private options include a $95 in-person consultation, a $70 via Zoom call (online training), and $240-$360 for 40-minute weekly private lessons or a 4-week beginning obedience and 5 weeks for Obedience tune-up.

Good Dog Dog Training Pricing

Their pricing structure offers flexibility, meeting diverse needs and emphasizing the necessary training options. 

However, this can seem a little too much for some dog parents. (Yes, it is.)

Pros and Cons of ‘Good Dog Dog Training’


Professional Guidance
Structured Programs
Socialization Opportunities
Customized Training Classes


Time Commitment
Not All Methods Suit Every Dog
Limited Programs

However, If you prefer a better option, I cannot SKIP ‘K9 Training Institute’. WHAT? Yes, everyone likes their training. 

My Personal Opinion on the Good Dog Dog Training

Listen, If you’re considering ‘Good Dog Dog Training,’ it’s essential to understand the pros and cons for a balanced decision. 

While this institution offers professional guidance, structured programs, and customized training classes, it needs more time commitment and has limited program options.

But wait a second. If the drawbacks of this institution are your biggest worry, I have an alternative for you. 

K9 Training Institute: An Alternative

Good Dog can work, but the lack of options is something to consider, so if the training you’re looking for does not exist, you can check out K9 Training Institute, my go-to program when it comes to dog training. 

They just bring everything you need to teach your dog for absolutely FREE; yeah, you don’t need to pay a single penny to train your dog.

K9TI logo

Below’s everything K9TI covers:

  • Learn how to make your dog go potty at the right place.
  • Ensure your dog always comes to you when called.
  • Stop your dog from jumping on people.
  • Help your dog focus and ignore distractions.
  • Teach your dog to understand your body language without yelling in public.
  • Train your dog to follow your commands and more.
  • Stop unnecessary barking and teach your dog to alert you without barking.
  • Train your dog to walk properly on a leash and avoid pulling.

Why Choose K9 Training Institute?

  • Real Life Demonstrations:

Do you know? This course includes lectures and real-life training demonstrations, allowing you to witness practical applications of the teachings. This visual component is invaluable in understanding how your dog should respond in various situations.

  • Proven Success:

The effectiveness of the K9 Training Institute is evident in the success stories of numerous dog owners who have experienced positive changes in their pets’ behavior. The course’s strategies, grounded in behavior and psychology, are designed to work for all dog breeds.

  • Expert Instructions:

This is my favorite part. The K9 Training Institute is led by renowned dog trainers Dr. Alexa Diaz and Eric Presnall. Dr. Diaz brings a wealth of knowledge to the program, with over 20 years of experience training service and therapy dogs.

So, the training will be both comprehensive and practical. (who doesn’t want their dog to get trained by reputable trainers, right?)

  • Holistic Approach:

They focus on a wide range of essential skills, from basic commands like ‘sit,” down,’ and ‘stay’ to more advanced behaviors like walking calmly on a leash and greeting guests without jumping.

The focus is cultivating a well-behaved dog that builds a good relationship with you and your guests.

Who Would Benefit From the K9 Training Institute?

Remember this! The K9 Training Institute is IDEAL for dog owners committed to actively participating in their dog’s training journey. 

If you want to create a strong bond with your dog and are willing to invest time and effort, you can prioritize this program.

Even if you’re dead set on going with Good Dog, I’d say you at least give K9ti a shot before doing so. It’s free, so you’re not going to lose anything; plus, if it works, dog training is completed for free. Who wouldn’t want that?

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All clear? What’s your CHOICE now? 

The ‘Good Dog Dog Training’ or ‘K9 Training Institute’?

It’s up to you. However, I advise not to SKIP the benefits the K9 Training Institute offers. Finding a reputable, trustworthy training institute is not as easy as buying candy.


Yes, Good Dog trainers are experienced.

Yes, Good Dog offers online training through Zoom and Facetime.

K9 Training Institute
k9 Training Institute logo
Ease of Training




Overall Score


It is suitable for any type of dog with behavioral issues.
The Master Class offers unlimited personal coaching for specialized training.
The institute has a free online dog training workshop.
Training works well for both puppies and adult dogs.
Get the FREE ACCESS valid until the end of July
The paid dog training program can be a bit expensive, but there is a free workshop too.

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