Southend Dog Training Review (2024) The Untold Truth Exposed

Last Updated on July, 2024

Southend Dog Training uses Dominance-Based Techniques to train your dog. If you’re okay with that, I’m not going to judge you, but keep in mind this type of training has downsides when it comes to its long-term effectiveness. 

Also, the reviews on Reddit do not do Southend any favor either, and on the other hand, it’s pricy; if you want to know everything about this program, keep on reading.

The Good

Southend Dog Training stands as a trusted training program, providing valuable resources and materials, including effective obedience training.

The Not So Good

The course promotes a dominance training routine and harmful dog training methods, which don’t work on all dog breeds. And it is also very pricey. 

The Bottom Line

The course provides plenty of online videos and materials. However, the training lessons aren’t helpful if the method used isn’t right. Considering the high price point here, I’d recommend you check out K9 Training Institute, as they provide a completely free comparable experience. (Look out for it in the Alternatives section below.)

About Southend Dog Training

Southend Dog Training presents itself as a comprehensive program led by seasoned trainers, claiming to offer diverse training services ranging from fundamental obedience to behavior modification.

The program boasts various features, including a user-friendly app, extensive training videos, personalized messaging support, private community groups, live Q&A sessions, and local meetups.

The platform endeavors to provide an interactive and impactful learning environment through its array of resources.

Southend Dog Training Logo

Whether through video tutorials, online discussions, or live sessions, Southend Dog Training aims to engage its users effectively.

The program emphasizes its dedication to enhancing the well-being of dogs and fostering stronger human-canine relationships.

It offers a wide range of services tailored to address foundational training needs and behavioral challenges, purportedly aiming to deliver holistic care and support to its clientele.

Head Trainer/Director of Southend

Adam Spivey, acclaimed author of “How to Raise the Perfect Dog” and “How to Train Your Dog,” is a renowned figure in the dog training world. 

With more than a decade of experience in dog training, Adam, in collaboration with Evan Norfolk, brought Southend Dog Training to life. 

This online training platform has achieved global recognition, boasting millions of followers and thousands of members.

Adam Spivey with dogs

Adam’s journey in dog training began in 2012, and his candid and effective training style fueled his rapid rise to prominence. 

His reputation for cutting through the fluff and delivering results has resonated with clients. 

From creating numerous informative videos to aiding individuals worldwide, the company’s success has been nothing short of remarkable.

Southend Dog Training and Materials

Southend Dog Training specializes in a comprehensive range of services designed to enhance your canine companion’s well-being and behavior.


  • Dog Training and Rehabilitation

From unruly behaviors to specific challenges, their expert trainers offer targeted training and rehabilitation plans tailored to your dog’s individual needs.

  • Obedience Training

Through proven methods and techniques, they help dogs develop strong foundations in obedience, creating a harmonious relationship between you and your furry friend.

  • Behavior Modification

Addressing problematic behaviors, their team employs effective behavior modification strategies to bring about positive changes, ensuring a more balanced and well-mannered pet.

  • Socializing Pack Walks

Recognizing the importance of socialization, Southend Dog Training offers enriching pack walks that expose dogs to new experiences and fellow furry friends, fostering confidence and positive interactions.


Southend Dog Training provides an immersive and interactive experience for dog owners through a range of innovative features.

The program offers a range of valuable features, including:

  • Charity Pack Walks: They organize charity-oriented activities benefiting both dogs and their communities.
  • Convenient App Access: A user-friendly app is readily available on both Android and Apple devices.
  • Comprehensive Training Coverage: Training videos from basic commands to advanced techniques. 
  • On-the-Go Support: A personalized messaging service, accessible through both the app and website.
  • Exclusive Community Engagement: Private WhatsApp Groups and dedicated Facebook groups foster a sense of belonging among members.

Price and Refund Policy

Southend Dog Training Membership plans

Southend dog training is good, with all the training materials you get with it. However, the cost is the primary concern, as it’s certainly not cheap!

Their monthly membership is priced at £11.99, offering flexibility for those who prefer a short-term commitment. 

However, the annual membership at £100 is the way to go for those seeking the best value. If you’re looking for something in between, the quarterly membership at £30 is the most popular choice among our members.

But here’s the deal – it’s a lot of money! 

Note that the membership is non-refundable. So, think twice before taking the leap.

Southend Dog Training Customer Testimonials 

While I was doing a little digging on the darker sides of the training program, I was shocked to come across some awful experiences shared by dog trainers.

Most trainers fall for the false marketing spread among social media.

If you need more than our homework to convince you, take a look at the feedback from customers who have invested in the system.

The main issue with SDT was the rigid and stressful training routine that didn’t suit all puppies, leading to negative outcomes for the dogs and their owners.
(Edited – Read the full customer review with the given link below.)

It DOES NOT work for all pups, and the routine may not seem very practical. It leads to the puppy having to suffer from separation anxiety. 

This is because the training promotes a harsh routine, which isn’t the best way to train a pup. 

Awful experience with this training company. Some of the SDT trainers promote harmful training methods such as leaving dogs crated for 10 consecutive hours. When members speak up and say this is wrong they have their comments removed and are blocked. This company also takes repeat payments without notifying you and good luck trying to contact them because you won’t get a reply at all.

Again, another customer admitted the fact that the training methods used by Southend are harmful. 

This customer was also scammed by being charged repeatedly without getting access to training videos.

I have followed the puppy routine set in place by SDT since we brought our puppy home at 8 weeks. Nearly a year on I am having to rehome him after months of useless advice that has done nothing but made issues worse, issues that may not have ever occurred if I hadn’t have followed SDT. The advice isn’t catered for individual dogs (they say it is) but it isn’t! Too much crate time, too many corrections with prong collar, my dog never really got much of a chance to be a dog. If you want the nicest dog going – do not follow SDT!

This customer defines the training as “USELESS ADVICE” even after eight weeks of training.

It also mentions that it has only made things go from bad to worse. And faced issues that could have been avoided if she hadn’t followed this training.

I paid £400 for a 40 min assessment, waited 5 months for a training session that never happened.

This customer had to pay 400 euros for a training session that never happened. This explains the UNRELIABILITY of the training program. Don’t be fooled.

Don’t pay a hefty amount of money for a system that does not work.

Is it Worth Buying the Southend Dog Training?

As mentioned earlier, if compulsion techniques are not an issue for you, you can go for it; otherwise, I’d recommend you to look elsewhere. The program might be effective, but at what cost?

It would have been fine even if the trainers were balanced, but that’s not the case; it’s harsh methods through and through. 

Next is the price; this program is expensive, and if you’re willing to spend that much, I’d say, do it on one of the better training programs than this. 

Pros and Cons of Southend Dog Training


Experienced trainers 
Provides online training with comprehensive videos 
Home visits to assess the needs of the dog 
One to One consultation
It suits best for aggressive dogs


Harsh training methods 
Appointments keep delaying 
It does not work on all dogs
It is way too pricey 

A Great Alternative: K9 Training Institute

Southend Dog Training can work, but the training won’t last long, considering the techniques used. That is the reason why I’m providing you with this option: K9 training institute.

First of all, it uses force-free positive reinforcement techniques, and the surprise is that the program is completely free.

Yes, you don’t need to spend a penny to get access, which means Free Dog Training.

Which dog owner would refuse a deal like that?

Don’t get deceived though; everything Sountend covers, this covers it too.

K9TI logo

I’ll list some of those:

  • Toilet training techniques
  • Approaches to reduce incessant barking
  • Methods for teaching your dog to alert to strangers without excessive barking
  • Tips for leash training and reducing pulling tendencies
  • Steps to ensure your dog consistently obeys recall commands
  • Strategies to discourage jumping on people
  • Procedures to help your dog stay focused amid distractions
  • Techniques to familiarize your dog with interpreting body language, reducing dependence on verbal commands or loud tones in public environments
  • Comprehensive training for fostering obedience and comprehension beyond fundamental commands

I’m not sure about you, but even if I’m going to go ahead and purchase Southend, I’d actually give this a shot before doing so because why not? 

It’s completely risk-free. 

Other dog training program reviews:


The value of Southend Dog Training doesn’t match its cost. Given the price point, higher expectations for results are natural.

Regrettably, the outcomes don’t align. The decision becomes quite clear, especially when you consider the availability of a free option like the K9 Training Institute.

If you’re uncertain about which program to choose, I’d recommend giving the K9 Training Institute a shot.

It’s cost-free, and you have nothing to lose.

The K9 Training Institute encapsulates the ideal dog training experience and will likely yield positive results.


No, Southend Dog Training is effective for a limited set of dog breeds, not all.

Yes, Southend Dog Training is effective for dogs of all ages, including older dogs, although it may require more time and patience.

No, attending in-person Southend dog training classes is not necessary; online or remote training options are available.

Southend Dog Training is owned by Adam Spivey.

Southend Dog Training is not a “force-free” training service. The head trainer, Adam Spivey, employs a balanced training approach, which includes the use of corrections alongside rewards. This differs from a strictly force-free philosophy, which avoids all forms of physical corrections.

K9 Training Institute
k9 Training Institute logo
Ease of Training




Overall Score


It is suitable for any type of dog with behavioral issues.
The Master Class offers unlimited personal coaching for specialized training.
The institute has a free online dog training workshop.
Training works well for both puppies and adult dogs.
Get the FREE ACCESS valid until the end of July
The paid dog training program can be a bit expensive, but there is a free workshop too.

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