GPS Tracker vs Samsung SmartTag: What’s Better for the Pets?

Last Updated on July, 2024

None of us want to lose the pet we love and care about, right? Yet, we can’t keep the dog leashed and tied up to keep it safe. 

In this tech-savvy era, tracking your dog is possible, and trackers are also conveniently available.

“Sometimes you have to let go of the things you love, and it would come back if you have a tracker on it” – Pet owners who already use them.

A tracker is your security for your loved ones with tails.

And the question plaguing all pet owners is, “Which one do I choose?”

Devices are abundant, so you must choose the most suitable out of the lot. Here in this article, we will compare and understand the features of two such devices.

Quick Summary

GPS trackers are more expensive but offer more features such as virtual fence alerts, health alerts, and real-time monitoring. They also have a wide range and can work with any device.

Samsung SmartTags are small, compact, and affordable, but only work with Samsung devices and have a limited range.

Smart Tags are cheaper and only work with Samsung devices. Overall, GPS trackers are the better option for pet owners.

Why Do You Need a Tracking Device for Your Pet?

a dog wearing gps tracker

You are at a park and just want to rest your legs for a bit. The trackers have got you covered.

Don’t worry about throwing a frisbee as far as you can; then, have a seat and monitor your dog through your phone.

Dog snatchers in the US have been rising for the past few years. And the statistics are scary.

At a time like this, protecting your pet is of utmost importance. We don’t want you to go all John Wick on us, do we!? Of course, not (slowly hides my pencil).

What are GPS Trackers and Samsung Smart Tags?

GPS trackers and Samsung Smart Tag

As soon as GPS became readily available, we saw a massive influx of technology in the market. 

GPS trackers are basically what it says. YOU.KNOW.WHAT.IT.IS. Tracking devices.

Initially used only by the military but now your little canine missile to launch across with your guidance.

GPS can smartly find anything of value you are worried about misplacing or losing. Yes, even your garage keys that you always misplace.

GPS trackers do not only act as tracking devices, but they have additional inbuilt features. From keeping track of your buddy’s health to searching for him even if he is a few or more towns across.


Now that connection to the internet is widely available; the search is a lot easier.

Samsung has come up with its GPS-tracking device called SmartTags, which is predominantly used as a tag on your belongings – that which doesn’t run on four legs. 

The Smart Tag is compact enough to be used on your day-to-day accessories with the highest likelihood of being lost. This device works using the Bluetooth waves of the Samsung devices around us.

How Does a GPS Tracker work?

Technically speaking, GPS came into play as soon as we had the satellites revolving around our planet’s orbit. And then, we have got the GPS to pinpoint the location from anywhere based on the signals we receive.

Every handheld device and your vehicles now have the option to navigate. The device pinpoints the location through a series of signals from the satellites above.

This allows you to keep track of your belongings, even if it’s in a moving vehicle.

With an unlimited range and real-time updates, your dog’s movements can be monitored with your feet up on the sofa.

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How Does a Samsung Smart Tag Work?

Samsung came up with a product powered by a battery to keep track of the user’s keys and bags, just like the others in the market.

This particular device is compact and can be attached to your belongings which will send signals to your mobile phone.

Samsung specializes in a new kind of encrypted assistance from all Samsung devices in the area to convey the location to your own.

This is done through the Bluetooth feature. NOT.GPS.

a dog wearing Samsung smart tag

Imagine you left your keys at the bar and got a lift from your friend. And once you reach home and pat your pockets, you don’t find it (The struggle is real).

Now, Samsung uses the help of other Samsung devices in the vicinity of your keys at the bar and gives you the location in real time.

This is encrypted so that the other devices have no idea they lent you a helping hand. Samsung uses the assistance of its own devices with Bluetooth in their vicinity to give you the location.

As long as both are within a limited range.

The Pros and Cons of the Samsung SmartTag

The question for all Cat slash Dog Mums and Dads has been, “Can I use it on my pet?”

Of course, you CAN. 

But there are both pros and cons to this,


Small, compact, and convenient.
Low cost.
1 yr. Battery life.
Audio notification.
Exclusively works only with Samsung devices.


Works only within a limited range (130m approx.)
It does not work with other mobile phones (exclusive to Samsung)
No rechargeable battery.
No virtual fence alert.
No GPS (Only Bluetooth).
No activity monitoring.
No web app.

The Pros and Cons of the GPS Tracker

On the other hand, the GPS Tracker has options that vastly differ from the Smart Tag.


GPS (Global Positioning System)
Works with any device (Samsung, Apple, Oneplus, etc.)
Unlimited range.
Real-time monitoring.
Virtual fence alert.
Rechargeable battery.
Audio notification.
Activity monitoring.
Health alerts.


Expensive compared to the smart tags.
Monthly subscription for extra features.
Some areas may not have coverage.

GPS Tracker vs Samsung SmartTag: What’s Better?

It varies depending on whether what you seek to safeguard is stationary. 

Let’s take your pets for an example; they are constantly moving about and may get lost too far out of reach. In this instance, the Smart Tag would be at a loss if your pet crosses the range.

GPS tracker would be far more helpful to go in pursuit of your lost dog. With the number of dogs being stolen in the US, this is a must-have for every pet owner.

On the other hand, Smart Tags would be helpful if it is your keys or bag that is missing (I mean, we all know that bags don’t run).

Yes, the Smart Tag is cheaper than the GPS Tracker, but that is an investment.

Do you want a virtual fence for your Dogster? GPS Tracker is your guy for it.

This way, your Spider-sense (aka notification) may tingle when it goes beyond their boundary.

a human holding samsung smart tag

The subscription fee base might come as a hassle, but the features that it allows you to have been far more beneficial. You can keep an eye on your pet’s health and even know where he visited in the past. 


GPS trackers are the best possible option to go with for pet owners. These added features are a must-have for everyone. Click here to check out some of the best GPS trackers in the market.

Compared to the Smart Tag, the GPS tracker is waterproof and not just water resistant. 

That fountain at the park or the puddle along your hiking paths is a plain swimming pool in your dog’s eyes (Just like Shrek). 

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The Samsung SmartTag is highly accurate, able to point users in the right direction when within its range.

Yes, you can put a GPS tracker on your cat. It is suitable for all types of four-legged animals.


Unlike Liam Neeson, when I say “I will find you” (Taps my keyboard intimidatingly), it usually means I will use GPS because I have no ‘particular set of skills.’

‘Taken’ would have ended in a short time if only he had a GPS tracker on his daughter.

Now that we have laid bare the pros and cons of the Smart Tag and the GPS tracker. We can agree that your furry little friend is no saint to sit in one place like your keys or baggage.

The best option for a swift boy like him is the GPS tracker, which will give you far more control over their safety than a Bluetooth-guided limited range tag.

The GPS tracker can be connected to any device brand compared to the Smart Tag, which you need a Samsung device to connect with. This allows you to break the restriction of using only the same brand of devices while having your dog’s ‘safety’ in line.

The market has a wide variety of GPS trackers brands, each of which has its pros and cons. I have taken the liberty to guide you toward a tracker that gives your value for money.

The Fi Series 3 is a smart collar built explicitly for your dogs. An advanced version of its predecessor.

Get Fi Series 3 GPS Tracker for your pet to look both ‘dashing’ and for ‘dashing’ across the park with your hand on an invisible leash.

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