Grisha Stewart Academy Review (2024 Upd.) Is it Really Good?

Last Updated on July, 2024

I often find myself getting excited and searching for inspirational stories. One day, I stumbled upon Grisha Stewart and her story, which led me to dig deeper into her works and the academy she founded. 

That’s when I discovered the Grisha Stewart Academy. I explored what the academy offers and was thoroughly impressed. With the research knowledge, I decided to give it a try for my dog, Bruno. 

Now, with hands-on experience and my research knowledge, I decided to write this piece! If you’re someone who, like me, is curious to learn something new every day, keep reading.

About the Grisha Stewart Academy

The Grisha Stewart Academy was founded by Grisha Stewart in 2013.

The Academy’s mission is to empower individuals and communities through knowledge and compassion, reflecting in their commitment to social and environmental values.

It focuses on accessible canine education for a better world.

They prioritize individual needs, promoting love, inclusivity, and kindness. While believing in affordable education, they offer reasonably priced memberships with scholarships for those in need.

Grisha Stewart Academy Logo

With over 140 online dog classes and live sessions, the Academy emphasizes relationship-building, modern, humane, and positive training methods.

The courses are designed for both professionals and dog owners, aiming to enhance practices and improve the quality of life for dogs and their families.

Experienced trainers and behavior experts lead this. The Academy covers topics like ‘Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT)’ for aggression, frustration, and fear, along with other common behavioral issues.

The Academy’s membership OPTIONS include individual courses or a monthly Diamond All Access Pass for comprehensive access and exclusive benefits.

Next, I’ll tell you about their trainers in short.

Trainers of Grisha Stewart Academy

GUESS WHAT? The Grisha Stewart Academy Trainers offer professional dog training education with renowned instructors like Michael Shikashio, Susan Friedman, Sarah Fisher, Chirang Patel, and others.

The academy provides exceptional value for learning from world-class experts, including Karen Faith, Lili Chin, and more.

With instructors like Dante Camacho, Kathy Sdao, Leslie McDevitt, and others, the academy ensures a comprehensive and great learning experience.

Grisha Stewart

Plus, instructors such as Andre Yeu, Andrew Hale, and Andres Hallgren further enhance the educational value. 

In short, Grisha Stewart Academy Trainers provides unparalleled education in dog training with an impressive lineup of instructors.

Grisha Stewart Academy Courses

Grisha Stewart Academy offers a range of dog training courses that meet different needs and preferences. The courses cover various aspects of dog behavior and training, providing valuable insights and practical techniques for dog owners and professionals alike.

One notable offering is the ‘Ask Me Anything with Grisha Stewart, an exclusive series for Diamond members.

This series features sessions where members can engage with Grisha Stewart, a renowned dog trainer, and focus on discussions about upcoming trends and developments in the field of dog training.

Another engaging course is ‘Tracking Client Progress with Katey Aldred,’ which provides information on monitoring and evaluating the progress of clients in dog training. This course aims to help participants with effective tracking techniques to enhance their professional skills. 

For those interested in the welfare of shelter dogs, there’s the ‘Ask Me Anything About Shelter Dogs with Tom Candy.’

This course offers valuable insights into working with dogs in shelter environments, addressing the UNIQUE challenges and considerations associated with their care and training. 

Moreover, diversity and inclusivity are emphasized with events like ‘LGBTQIA+ Monthly Meet Up with Diane Redding.’ This live event helps create a supportive community for members to connect and discuss topics based on LGBTQIA+ inclusivity in the context of dog training.

Specialized programs like the ‘CBATI Program Office Hour’ provide targeted knowledge sharing, featuring experts Claire Goyer and Katey Aldred. These sessions focus on specific aspects of the CBATI program, offering valuable information for those pursuing certification. 

They also have a program called ‘Forest Therapy for Dogs’ with special guest Yvutte Potter, which explores unconventional yet effective methods for enhancing a dog’s well-being. This course shed light on the benefits of nature-based therapies for dogs. 

In addition to live webinars, the academy offers an all-access pass through the Diamond Membership (I discussed already above). This pass provides members with access to all online classes, including live sessions, at an affordable rate.

The best part? Diamond members also enjoy exclusive benefits, such as access to a Facebook group for support and special events.

The academy aims to provide a comprehensive and supportive learning experience for dog enthusiasts and professionals, maintaining a focus on quality education and practical application. 

Next is the most important section. (Don’t skip)

Pricing of Grisha Stewart Academy

As of the time of writing (March 2024), this is what I found on their website. Here’s an overview of the course price details. 

Buy It Outright
(Find a class)
– Full Participation – Pay Once, Own Forever
Least Expensive Purchase– Least Expensive Option – Access all On-Demand Classes – E-books by Grisha – 30-day Waiting Period for New Releases – CBATI-KA Coursework Included – Auto-Expiring Passes Available – Monthly or Annual Subscription with Renewal – Library Pass ($29.99/ month)
All Access Membership – Live Classes – Early Access to New Content – Special Meetups in Zoom – Dog Pro Dictionary Listening – Store Discount – Exclusive Facebook Group – Apply for CBATI-KA Assessment (After 6 Months) – Member Logo for Your Website – Special Coupons for Other Opportunities
Diamond Membership ($39.99/month)

Clear? Now let’s see what customers have experienced.

Customer Reviews of Grisha Stewart Academy

Customer Review 01:

I’ve taken the class on fear reactivity and it’s freaking amazing! BAT has seriously changed how I walk dogs and help my little guy overcome his fears. I was also debating whether or not to do the diamond pass since you’d get access to seminars and such. I haven’t since I’m pretty busy these days but the topics would be super interesting/helpful for my job. NOT a scam

This user has said positively about the program. He is saying that he took a class on fear reactivity for dogs, specifically the Behavior Adjustment Training (BAT). He finds it amazing, and it has changed how he walks dogs, helping his dog overcome fears. 

He is considering doing the diamond pass, which offers access to seminars, but he is busy. He believes it’s not a scam and finds the topics interesting and helpful for the job. 

Customer Review 02:

The diamond membership is definitely worth it. You can cancel once the month is up if you’re not satisfied with it. But I think you will be impressed!

This user is happy and says that the diamond membership is good and you can cancel after a month if you don’t like it, but he says you’ll be pleased with it. 

The good news is I couldn’t find any negative reviews on Grisha Stewart Academy. (So, I understood that it’s not ALWAYS about the size of the platform or how famous they are. Because this academy is trying its level best to maintain its value.)

Pros and Cons 

A common thing in all the programs is that they have both pros and cons, no matter how much effort they put into giving their best for their clients. 

I ALWAYS try to understand the pros and cons of a program before I make a decision. Here are some pros and cons of Grisha Stewart Academy:


Diverse course offerings
Renowned instructors
Affordable options/ programs
Community support
Flexible learning options 


Monthly commitment for Diamond Membership
Delayed access for library pass to live webinars

Is the Program Worth Buying?

A thumbs up sign with the word recommended.

I will give a big fat ‘YES.’ With a diamond membership at $39.99 per month, you gain access to a range of live and on-demand dog training courses. The inclusive approach ensures that both professionals and dog lovers benefit.

The program focuses on positive reinforcement, empathy, and understanding the emotional experiences of animals. 

I’ll also share some of my favorite features they have:

  • Over 140 courses from renowned experts covering various aspects of dog training, behavior, and well-being. 
  • Engage in live sessions, allowing real-time interaction with experts like Danielle Beck and Grisha Stewart herself.
  • Whether you’re a professional in the field or a dog owner seeking to enhance your skills, the program is designed to meet diverse needs.
  • The academy advocates for inclusivity, kindness, and community support. Scholarships are available for those who may face financial constraints.
  • The freedom to cancel your subscription at any time ensures you’re not locked into a commitment. 
  • BAT (developed by Grisha Stewart) is a humane approach to aggression, frustration, fear, and puppy socialization. 

In short, the Grisha Stewart Academy provides an affordable, empowering, and community-driven platform for anyone passionate about building positive relationships with their dogs.

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I’ll not force you to think like me or accept what I say. But, my request is not to ignore when you find a suitable academy for your dog. I’ll help you understand whether this is the academy you were looking for your dog. 

Answer these questions (If you find more ‘YESbuy their program without further delays, and if you find more ‘NOs’ keep searching for a better option. 

  • Do you want flexible learning options?
  • Is your main focus on your dog’s behavioral improvements?
  • Do you prefer more live sessions than recorded videos?
  • Do you want to train your dog with a humane approach?

Well, now it’s your turn. Think and decide!


Yes, Grisha Stewart Academy courses can be accessed remotely with online support available throughout your learning.

Grisha Stewart Academy differs from other dog training programs by emphasizing empowerment for both dogs and their human counterparts, focusing on positive, fearless training through clear and simplified instruction.

Yes, Grisha Stewart Academy is suitable for all dog breeds and ages, including puppies, adult dogs, and senior dogs, due to its adaptable and effective training methods.

Grisha Stewart Academy
Grisha Stewart Academy logo
Ease of Training




Overall Score


Diverse course offerings
Renowned instructors
Affordable options/ programs
Community support
Flexible learning options 
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of July
Monthly commitment for Diamond Membership
Delayed access for library pass to live webinars

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