Puppr App Review (2024 Updated) Is it Worth Your Money?

Last Updated on July, 2024

I get excited too quickly when someone talks about a new dog app. I start imagining using it for my pup. (Because, to be honest, he disturbs me a lot.) But, I don’t decide without researching the particular app’s every knock and corner. 

(I didn’t miss Puppr App from my research list, too, LOL!)

I’ll share what I found about Puppr App through my research.

The Good

Puppr is a user-friendly dog training app with structured lessons, video demonstrations, and step-by-step guidance. It offers flexibility in training, a variety of tricks, and a built-in clicker. 

The Not So Good

Puppr’s subscription cost may be high for some dog parents. And the lack of financial transparency raises concerns. Some users experienced feature disparities between Android and iOS versions. Through some negative reviews, I understood its tracking options are limited, there are connectivity issues, and there is disappointment with Android-exclusive upgrades.

The Bottom Line

Puppr serves well as a dog training tool with engaging content, but its subscription value can be subjective (as mentioned above). User experiences vary, so carefully assess personal needs and consider alternatives offering comprehensive training led by experienced professionals for free. 

About the Puppr App

The Puppr App is a simple and enjoyable tool to teach your dog new tricks.

As I’ve been staying with my parents, I thought it would be a great opportunity to train the family dog. 

The ‘Home View’ in Puppr has a list of categories for dog lessons that you can scroll through.

You can start with simple categories like ‘New Dog’ or ‘Basics’ and then move on to more advanced ones. Each category has a series of tricks or behaviors.

A dog wearing a graduation cap in a purple circle.

When you tap on one, it opens a detailed view where you can watch a short video of the trick being done with a real dog. There’s also information like the difficulty rating, a description, and a badge indicating if it’s safe to teach the trick to puppies.

Plus, each trick has a status dropdown to mark whether you’re in the process of teaching it or if your dog has mastered it. 

There are a lot more that you can check in the app.

How Does the Puppr App Work?

Listen, you can train your dog at your own pace using this app without fixed schedules or the need to worry about infections or financial constraints. The app provides free lessons for basic tricks (as said before), making dog training accessible to everyone. 

Dog parents can spend quality time with their pets without the hassle of fixed training schedules. The free basic lessons make it affordable for everyone to teach their dogs new tricks. 

Puppr lets you create a personalized profile for your dog to track their progress in real time. (But there are some negative reviews on this as it lacks detailed tracking). This includes a photo, a list of tricks sorted alphabetically, and details about badges, challenges, and likes.

The in-app store makes it easy to find and buy treats, equipment, and accessories. You can purchase directly in the app or through links to Amazon.

Plus, if you’re learning to groom your dog, the app suggests the needed items and provides instructional videos for a seamless experience.

However, the absence of structured training schedules may lead to inconsistent results. Some question the effectiveness of FREE lessons, suggesting that a more comprehensive, paid approach might help for better results.

Puppr Instructors 

Sara and the Super Collies teach lessons.

Sara Carson is really good at teaching dogs cool tricks.

She was on ‘America’s Got Talent’ and got really close to winning (Top-5 finalist in season 12).

She has some super talented dogs called ‘The Super Collies,’ and they go around North America showing people how to teach their dogs tricks and doing cool performances.

A woman with long blonde hair holding a white and black dog.

Now, on the not-so-good side, it’s important to know that not everyone is a fan. Some people might not like the tricks or performances. Some people might think it’s not a good use of time or that there are more important things to focus on.

So, while many people love what Sara and The Super Collies do, others don’t feel the same way. So, it’s ALWAYS best to talk to dog parents who have experience with Puppr before you give it a try.

Pricing and Refund Policy of Puppr App

GUESS WHAT? You can get the Puppr app for free from the App Store. It comes with many tricks, like the Circus pack I tried, and they don’t cost anything. 

If you want more tricks, you can go for the subscription option starting at $12.99 per month – with a 7-day FREE TRIAL. Or you can buy specific trick packs for a smaller price.

Puppr premium subscription costs $79.99 per year, supposedly at a 50% discount. It includes a weekly puppy guide, 100+ video lessons, and live chat support.

However, the high price may not be justified for content that can be found for free online. Think whether the features offered are worth the significant cost before subscribing.

What is Included in Puppr’s Annual Membership?

Puppr’s annual membership claims to offer a weekly puppy guide and over 100 lessons, but the reality is that the content is basic and doesn’t provide much value for the cost.

The masterclasses, while mentioned, might not be as comprehensive or helpful as they seem.

My biggest concern is that the live chat feature with training experts may only sometimes live up to the promise of delivering personalized advice. Overall, the program may need to meet expectations, especially considering the price.

Customer Testimonials of Puppr App

What I understood through the customer testimonials is that some users are highly satisfied while others have experienced certain issues. I’ll share some random screenshots.

Customer Review 01:

Due to my dogs eagerness to learn, we needed to train, and fast. This app has given us structure, clear instructions, and amazing training ideas and tips I didn’t even think about. Best part is, you can go so far without any purchases or having a premium account. I now plan to purchase more of the training lessons, once her basic skills are fully mastered. I believe supporting this app with purchases will not be a regret! They deserve it!

Emily says that she needed to train her eager-to-learn dog quickly, and she found an app that provided clear instructions, structure, and great training ideas. The best part for her is she could make progress without buying anything or having a premium account. 

She is impressed with the app and plans to buy more training lessons once their dog masters the basics. She believes it’s worth supporting the app with purchases because it has been helpful and deserves it.

Customer Review 02:

My daughter and I both downloaded the free app (she on her iPad, I on my Pixel 7.) Then we noticed that a lot of the fun stuff is missing from the Android version! (Unless I am missing it?) For example on hers, she has the Photo Challenge section. Why is this?! Let me know, thank you!

Lauren has given 3-stars. He and his daughter both downloaded the app, but they noticed that some features were missing on the Android version (Pixel 7) compared to the iPad version. 

He says, for example, the Photo Challenge section was available on the daughters’ iPad but not on the Android version. He is wondering why the difference exists and wants more information from Puppr.

Customer Review 03:

I paid for the upgrade hoping to get the additional lessons, which I was really hoping to use. Except these are only available on iOS and not Android (which is not clearly stated…if at all). I essentially paid to have someone via “chat” tell me I don’t get the additional lessons on an Android device. What a waste of money. So if you have Android, be warned and don’t pay for the upgrade.

Joel has given the least (1 star). He is unhappy because he paid for an upgrade, hoping to access extra lessons, but he later found out that these lessons are only available on iOS (Apple devices) and not on Android devices. (Same as what Lauren said.)

He feels that this information was not clearly stated and is disappointed that he spent money on the upgrade only to find out he won’t get the additional lessons on their Android device. He is warning others with Android devices not to pay for the upgrade.

Customer Review 04:

Not useful. The tracking of the tricks is very poor, with only few options (not trained, in progress and trained) which isnt useful. I need more detail or customization, where you can rate the dogs performance and specify in what part of the training your are working (inside home, in the garden, in the street, with people etc). The app also keeps disconecting my dog profile and showing an empty one.

Anvime is also unhappy and has been given 1-star. Because she says, it lacks detailed tracking options and customization. She wants to be able to rate her dog’s performance and specify the training location but finds the app disconnects her dog’s profile frequently.

So, that’s it! Customer reviews are totally based on the different experiences users go through. There are both pros and cons in an app. You should carefully analyze and decide whether it’s suitable for you or not.

I’ll discuss the pros and cons in the following section.

Pros and Cons of the Puppr App

Yes, every app has both pros and cons, even though they try their level best to give the best possible service. I cannot skip this as it’s really important. 

However, I’ll promise you to keep it short.


Serves as an instructional tool for dog training
Organizes lessons into structured categories
Video demonstrations for each trick
Can create a dog profile for tracking progress
Offers valuable tips and advice


Limited free contents
Dependency on digital tools, including built-in clicker
Includes links to affiliated products, potentially seen as monetization efforts

The Best Alternative: K9 Training Institute

K9 Training Institute is a promising alternative to the Puppr Dog Training program, and the differences are striking, particularly in terms of cost and methodology.

While Puppr programs can cost upwards, the K9ti offers its comprehensive training for absolutely FREE.

This raised my eyebrows initially because the range of training covered seemed too good to be true.

What sets K9ti apart is its commitment to positive reinforcement, along with service dog training techniques.

K9TI logo

The free program covers a multitude of essential training aspects, including potty training techniques, curbing unnecessary barking, leash training to stop pulling, teaching your dog to respond to your calls unfailingly, and addressing behaviors like jumping on people.

Plus, the program focuses on advanced skills such as helping your dog tune out distractions and understand body language, eliminating the need for raised voices or verbal commands in public spaces.

What’s even more surprising is the Caliber of the trainers leading the program. Dr. Alexa Diaz, who holds a Ph.D. in animal behavior, and Eric Presnall, known for hosting Animal Planet’s TV show “Who Let The Dogs Out?” are the instructors.

Their wealth of experience and effective teaching methods make the training accessible and understandable for dog owners. 

The fact that K9 Training Institute provides all of this valuable content at no cost is quite extraordinary. 

The program’s generosity extends to all dogs, regardless of their age, making it an excellent resource for dog owners seeking affordable yet effective training alternatives.

If you’re hesitant about the legitimacy of a free program, rest assured that the expertise of Dr. Alexa Diaz and Eric Presnall adds credibility and reassurance. 

If you’re seeking a budget-friendly and humane alternative to the pricer Puppr, the K9ti emerges as a remarkable OPTION.

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What’s on your mind now? (Answer yourself.)

However, as a well-wisher, I’ll tell you something. Puppr app has its UNIQUE features, but that doesn’t mean it can fulfill all your expectations. So, it’s ALWAYS BEST to start with a free training platform like K9TI

You can see to which extent you can benefit without spending $0 from your wallet.

Sometimes, it’s okay to stay out of risks. 



No, Puppr is not considered a good app.

Yes, it is possible to train an adult dog with the Puppr app. 

Yes, the Puppr app offers subscription-based features.

K9 Training Institute
k9 Training Institute logo
Ease of Training




Overall Score


It is suitable for any type of dog with behavioral issues.
The Master Class offers unlimited personal coaching for specialized training.
The institute has a free online dog training workshop.
Training works well for both puppies and adult dogs.
Get the FREE ACCESS valid until the end of July
The paid dog training program can be a bit expensive, but there is a free workshop too.

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