Guardian Anti-Bark Collar Review (2024 Upd.) Worth Buying?

Last Updated on July, 2024

Excessive barking can be a bit of a challenging issue to tackle. But with a fast, practical and cost-effective solution like a bark collar, you can effectively sort out your dog’s constant barking issues. 

Although the Guardian Anti bark collar has been around for some time, you need to do your research to understand how well it will meet your requirements.

If you are considering buying the Guardian Anti bark collar, here is a review that you must read to shed light on aspects of the collar you wouldn’t have otherwise known.

The Good

The Guardian Anti bark collar features 6 levels of shock corrections and a built-in safety feature to help maintain the safe use of the collar so that your dog does not get overcorrected despite its continuous barks.

The Not So Good

The collar is automatic, so the dog owner won’t be able to control the correction. Especially with continuous correction, the static shock released can get to the point that is more than necessary for your dog’s temperament and can result in punishing your dog.

The Bottom Line

Although the Guardian anti-bark collar can effectively reduce your dog’s excessive barking, I am reluctant to recommend it as the best collar for your dog for the above reason. Instead, I recommend you go for the Pet Resolve PTS 1200, a manual training collar with the option of an anti-bark function to facilitate versatile training for your dog.

What is Included in the Package?

Guardian by PetSafe anti-bark collar system packaging includes the following;

  • Waterproof Bark control unit 
  • A nylon collar strap adjustable up to 28″ neck sizes
  • 3-volt lithium batteries X 2
  • Operating guide
  • 1-year warranty

Guardian By Petsafe Anti Bark Collar

Guardian By Petsafe Anti Bark Collar product

The Guardian anti-bark collar by Petsafe is an automatic collar designed to discourage excessive barking. It is suitable for all dog sizes up to 28″ neck sizes.

This anti-bark collar detects the vibrations of your dog’s vocal cords when it barks and delivers a gentle correction that reminds your dog to stop barking.

This collar helps teach your dog to stop barking excessively by understanding that static correction is associated with excessive barking.

Key Features

The Guardian anti-bark collar offers 6 levels of static and a tone correction for successive barking.

When your dog starts barking, the correction from this automatic collar begins from the lowest level, which is a mild tingle and increases gradually as your dog continues to bark.

Since this is an automatic collar, you don’t have to worry about being around to adjust the correction levels. Even then, to ensure the safe use of the collar, it has a built-in safety feature.

So if your dog barks for 15 consecutive times or more within 1 minute 20 seconds, the collar automatically shuts off for three minutes to ensure the collar does not stress your dog more than required.

These anti-bark collars run on replaceable lithium batteries, and for you to keep track of battery replacement requirements, the bark control unit features a low battery indicator

Also, understanding the needs of pet parents and a typical dog’s nature, this bark unit has a lightweight and waterproof construction so your dog can easily wear it and have fun in the water.

Pros & Cons of the Guardian Anti Bark Collar


Easy setup, no programming required
It is lightweight and waterproof
Built-in safety feature
The collar is adjustable for all dog sizes above 8 lbs
1-year warranty
U.S customer support


Some customers have noticed false signals when the dog shakes or scratches
The collar strap does remain a snug fit
Some dogs may find even the lowest static level a bit much

How Much Does the Guardian Anti Bark Collar Cost?

The Guardian By PetSafe Anti Bark Collar is available for $39.95 on Amazon. And is eligible for return, refund or replacement within 30 days of purchase.

What Do Customers Say About the Guardian Anti Bark Collar?

According to Amazon and walmart, the Guardian anti-bark collar, on average, holds an overall rating of 3.9, with just over 50% being 5-star ratings. Customers have mentioned positives like good value, great quality and effective functioning. 

However verified purchase users have also made comments on triggers being too strong, expensive proprietary battery replacement, defective functioning and durability issues.

Comments on these aspects of the collar function have to be carefully considered as it can affect and cause harm to your dog.

Below are a few reviews that are worth considering;

Guardian Anti Bark Collar Customer review 1
Guardian Anti Bark Collar Customer review 2

A Better Alternative to Consider: Pet Resolve PTS 1200

The Pet Resolve PTS 1200 collar is suitable for all dogs 15 lbs and over, so it is highly likely to fit your dog regardless of breed or size.

Unlike the Guardian Anti bark collar, specifically designed only for bark training, the Pet Resolve PTS 1200 is a training collar that will help you with all kinds of training, including bark, basic obedience, advanced obedience, distance/off-leash training and much more.

Especially with its super long ¾ mile range, you can effectively conduct all your training and reliably communicate with the dog collar receiver even if your dog goes far away from you.

This way, you can ensure your dog has the freedom to explore while you have the control to correct its behavior from over a ½ mile away.

Contrary to the Guardian bark collar, which is automatic, the Pet Resolve is manually controlled using a remote control to ensure the owners of the pet parents have complete control over their dogs.

Since every dog is different from each other, each dog owner must have control over their dog’s training based on their dog’s size and nature. 

On that note, this training collar offers 3 training corrections: Loud Beep, Vibration, and Shock. The shock prompt comes as continuous and momentary on 10 intensity levels. On top of that, it also has an anti-bark function

So for anti-bark training, you can use the anti-bark function or manually use the general corrections to devise an elaborate training schedule. Also, with these many options, you can pair the bark training with overall obedience training.

Adding to that versatility, this training collar lets you remove the shock function simply by switching the metal prongs with the included plastic ones.

So instead of completely removing the shock, this converts the shock into vibrations because the plastic prongs do not conduct the static shock. This is a fantastic feature for those reluctant to use the shock.

You can also find additional features like the memory function to resume training from the previous session and an LED light on the night mode for nighttime use. Also, the collar comes with a set of extra-long prongs for long-furred dogs.

As for the construction, it is 100% waterproof since it is made of the highest quality materials to ensure worry-free use in and around the water.

The Pet Resolve PTS 1200 is priced at $189.99 but is currently available at a promotional price of $137.70, and you get FREE shipping across the USA.

Although you were looking for a basic anti-bark collar, I recommend the Pet Resolve PTS 1200 because it is an all-in-one training solution covering all your dog’s training requirements. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, bark collars are a good option for training dogs. They are safe, practical, cost-effective, and can help reduce unnecessary barking.

The length of training for a dog with an anti-bark collar will vary from dog to dog, as every dog has its own learning speed and learning approach. Generally, it may take anywhere from a few days to several weeks for the dog to understand the desired behavior.


Training a dog to avoid barking unnecessarily is made a lot easier with the help of a reliable training tool like an anti-bark collar.

But to do that, you have to make sure that the collar you choose is the best for you and your dog. 

Be it overall functionality, quality, reliability, comfort or value for money, all these key factors are checked off if you choose the Pet Resolve PTS 1200

Pet Resolve PTS 1200
Pet Resolve PTS1200 product image




Overall Score


Training-plus-bark collar with multiple modes and adjustable intensities
Smart design with no accidental activations
Effective training capabilities for various behaviors
Sturdy and waterproof construction for durability
1-year Warranty
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of July
Runtime on training mode could’ve been higher

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