Delupet Dog Training Collar Review (2024 Upd.) Worth Buying?

Last Updated on July, 2024

A dog training collar can help you solve most of your dog’s problematic behaviors. And there are many collar options you can use for that.

But to achieve effective results using dog training collars, not only should you use the correct training methods, but you should also use the right training collar.

Delupet Training collars have been spoken about a lot lately. They offer multiple training modes, long range and all that. But are they really the choice you want to go with?

To know more and understand what the collar offers and if you’ll benefit from what it offers, you must read this review before making an impulse purchase.

The Good

The DeluPet training collars offer the basic important training modes and features that all standard collars should have. There are varying intensity levels for both vibration and shock features. Also, with the shock boost included, you can fine-tune the best training to match your dog’s nature. Not to forget the amazing battery life.

The Not So Good

The collar is basic, and customers could benefit from added features like anti-bark mode, nick and/or continuous shock style and night mode. Although standby elongates the battery runtime, it can also affect the correction release timing, which is important during training.

The Bottom Line

Because of the reason under ‘not so good,’’ I’d recommend the Pet Resolve PTS 1200. That comes with many additional features like night mode, anti-bark mode and removed standby mode to provide the best training experience for you.

About DeluPet

Delupet Logo

DeluPet is a professional pet product manufacturing company with over 7 years of experience in pet products and research and development.

The company was established in 2015 to design and develop pet products that pet owners love.

DeluPet believes in innovating pet products that can easily connect pet owners with their pets without any language barrier to communication.

Training Collars By DeluPet

DeluPet collars are specially designed to help pet parents accomplish their training goals. As a result, pet parents can create a harmonious life for themselves and their fur friends. DeluPet offers 3 training collars as DT-66, DT-67 and DT-68.

All DeluPet collars are designed by experienced product experts and are patented in the global market.

Following highest standards, all collars are made of high-quality materials and 100% tested before reaching customers to ensure trust worthy durability.

1. DeluPet Dog Training Collar DT-66

The Delupet DT-66 dog training collar can support up to 4 channels, so if you own multiple dogs, this is a great system to train them simultaneously. Also, these collars are adjustable for neck sizes 8-24.4 inches.


These shock collars feature 3 safe training modes: Beep, Vibrate And Shock. The Shock can be adjusted from 0-99 levels, and it also can be used as a shock boost to allow you to set the right stimulation levels that work for your aggressive dog.

The shock boost delivers a 10% higher experience than the chosen level. This feature is handy during distraction training.

DeluPet Dog Training Collar DT 66

The remote control of these shock collars can communicate over a 1600 ft range, so you can train indoors and outdoors. And with a security lock, you can significantly reduce the accidental pressing of the shock feature button, especially when carrying it around.

This training system is crafted from high-quality materials, so the collar receiver is IPX7 waterproof rated, allowing convenient use in the pool or rain.

These shock collars’ remote control and receiver are powered by quick charging andlong-lasting USB-C rechargeable batteries that recharge within just 2 hours.

On standby, the receiver can run for up to 35 days and the remote control for up to 45 days straight. So you can continuously use it without any interruptions or worries about frequent recharging.


Great range coverage
Shock boost and 99 levels of Shock
Security keypad lock
Quick charging through a magnetic port and a long-lasting battery
Can train multiple dogs
Three separate buttons for each correction type


There is no grip on the remote control
No additional features
Sometimes delayed correction due to standby

2. DeluPet Dog Training Collar DT-67

The DT-67 is similar to the DT-66 but with a few differences.

For starters, the DT-67 comes as a set of 2 dog collars and is adjustable to fit dogs 10 lbs and above, with neck sizes ranging from 7.7- 24.4 inches.

And you can train up to 4 dogs using a single remote with the DT-67.


The DeluPet DT-67 features 3 safe training modes: Beep, Vibration and Shock. 1-3 levels of vibrations, 0-99 levels of Shock and shock boost.

Working on these options, you can find the best stimulation level suitable for your dog’s temperament.

DeluPet Dog Training Collar DT 67

You can teach basic commands and obedience training to discourage your dogs from bad behaviors like jumping, chewing, chasing, and excessive barking. And since it supports a long remote range of 1600 ft in barrier-free areas, you can also teach your dog off-leash training and take it on walks. 

For added safety during collar use, the remote control is equipped with a security keypad lock to avoid accidental Shock while carrying the remote.

Also, the DT-67 comes with a pair of conductive silicone caps that goes on top of the default metal prongs. These silicone sleeves protect your dog’s fur and skin from an injury that can be caused due to prolonged use. 

Just like the DT-66, the DT-67 also runs on quick charging andlong-lasting USB-C rechargeable batteries that recharge within just 2-hours. On standby time, the remote lasts 45 days, and the collar receiver lasts 35 days.

The remote control has a digital display that shows the current training variables. The receiver and the remote control have an LED battery indicator that shows the battery status so you can easily keep track of the charging requirements.

Also, the receiver is equipped with a magnetic charging port for convenient charging.

The collar receiver has an IPX7 waterproof construction, so you don’t have to worry about your dog going for a swim or playing in the rain with the collar on. Also, it comes with 2 sets of metal prongs to suit short-furred and long-furred dogs.


A compact and sleek set
Multiple levels of Shock, including 0
3 vibration intensities
Magnetic and USB-C for fast charging
Has a wrist-strap
Easy to use and operate
Buttons glow in the dark


The remote design should be improved
No additional features
Sometimes delayed correction due to standby

3. DeluPet Dog Training Collar DT-68

The DT-68 version of the DeluPet training collar follows a different construction design compared to the DT-66 and DT-67.

But it supports the training of up to 4 dogs simultaneously and is adjustable for all dogs 15 lbs and above with neck sizes 8-25 inches.


The DT-68 features 3 safe training modes: Beep, Vibration and Shock. The vibration is adjustable between 1-9 levels and the shock from 0-99 levels.

This means you can omit the Shock when you want by using it on 0.

And with the shock boost, you can deliver a more immediate impact when required during urgent situations.

DeluPet Dog Training Collar DT 68

And unlike the other two collars, the DT-68 has a maximum communication range of 2600 ft. This range covers major outdoor areas and is handy if you want to train on extensive wood or farm areas. Especially those living out of the city will benefit from this range of distance training.

The DT-68 remote control features a reliable design that provides a better grip of the remote, which is important during training. It also comes with a security keypad lock to reduce accidental shocks that can disturb your dog’s learning and save it from unnecessary shocks. 

The collar receiver is IPX7 waterproof to allow dogs to play freely in the water. This set also features 2 sets of prongs and conductive silicone caps like the DT-67. It also has the same battery runs and charging features as the DT-66 and DT-67.


Small and lightweight
Much greater range compared to the other two collars
Improved remote design
9 levels of vibration
Protective silicone caps
Great battery life
Allows precise collar adjustability


Even the lowest vibration can be a bit strong for some dogs
No additional features
Sometimes delayed correction due to standby

What Do Customers Say About DeluPet Training Collars?

DeluPet training collars on Amazon have an overall rating of 4.4, with over 70% being 5-star ratings and reviews. There are over 14,000 reviews from users.

They praise how well the collars work. Factors like excellent battery life, waterproofing, construction quality, compact design, price, range, simple operation and many more were highlighted.

However, long time users have also made concerning comments on the static mode being ineffective, static not functioning, refusal of money back despite legit reasons, malfunctioning waterproof quality and more.

So much so, a malfunctioned product that was continuously vibrating has injured a dog. 

These comments are not basic batter collar snaps or design. These are complaints that require significant consideration since it reflects that the overall functioning can compromise the safety of your dog.

Below are a few concerning reviews for your reference;

DeluPet Training Collar customer review 1
DeluPet Training Collar customer review 2
DeluPet Training Collar customer review 3

How Much Do DeluPet Training Collars Cost?

The DeluPet DT-66 dog training collar retails at $45.99, the DT-67 at $55.99 and the DT-68 at $49.99. Currently, all the DeluPet training collars are running on discounts. These collars are worth the investment with or without the discount due to the benefit of each feature it offers.

As for the refund Policy, if the product is returned in its original condition, you can claim a full refund or a replacement within 30 days of the date of purchase. So your purchase is reversible if you are not satisfied with the product.

Also, DeluPet offers a 1-year warranty that covers the expenses of parts and labor on warranty repair services. And since DeluPet provides 24/7 customer support service, you can easily contact them to solve any issues regarding your DeluPet purchase.

An Alternative to DeluPet Training Collars: The Pet Resolve PTS 1200

The Pet Resolve PTS 1200 collar is suitable for all dogs 15 lbs and over, so it is highly likely to fit your dog regardless of breed or size.

This training collar offers 3 training corrections: Loud Beep, Vibration, and Shock. Also, the shock prompt comes as continuous and momentary on 10 intensity levels.

This allows you to mix and match corrections with different shock levels to find the best combination that works for your dog.

Adding to that versatility, this training collar allows you to remove the shock function simply by switching the metal prongs with the included plastic prongs.

So instead of completely removing the Shock, this converts the Shock into vibrations because the plastic prongs do not conduct the static Shock. This feature is handy for those who do not want to use the shock feature anymore.

Compared to DeluPet collars, the Pet Resolve PTS 1200 offers a whopping ¾ mile super long range that effectively covers greater outdoor areas for training. The longer range also means reliable communication, even if you lose sight of your dog.

You can also find additional features like the memory function to resume training from the previous session, an anti-bark function to control your dog’s excessive barking and an LED light on the night mode for nighttime use.

Also, the collar comes with a set of extra-long prongs for long-furred dogs.

As for the construction, it is 100% waterproof since it is made of the highest quality materials to ensure worry-free use in and around the water.

The Pet Resolve PTS 1200 is priced at $189.99 but is currently available at a promotional price of $137.70 and you get FREE shipping across the USA.

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Frequently Asked Questions

DeluPet offers a 30-day refund policy or replacement collar for unsatisfied customers who purchase their training collars.

To activate the warranty of your DeluPet Training Collar, contact DeluPet through [email protected] with relevant details such as the original order page and shipping address for after-sale service.

End Thoughts

The DeluPet training collars are great for all training purposes, from basic obedience to high distraction to off-leash training. 

But regarding features to overall functionality, I’d recommend you choose the Pet Resolve PTS 1200.

Apart from the same basic features that the DeluPet training collars offer, the Pet Resolve offers many helpful additional features. And it is great value for the price too because it’s built for long-lasting use. 

No matter the collar you choose, remember training a dog requires extra effort, patience and consistency. Every dog learns at different speeds. So keep up with your dog’s learning curve to get the best results out of training.

Pet Resolve PTS 1200
Pet Resolve PTS1200 product image




Overall Score


Training-plus-bark collar with multiple modes and adjustable intensities
Smart design with no accidental activations
Effective training capabilities for various behaviors
Sturdy and waterproof construction for durability
1-year Warranty
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of July
Runtime on training mode could’ve been higher

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