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IPet Guides Better Approach To Product Reviews

Ordering Products Anonymously

A lot of companies reach out to us asking to write a review on their product, but we simply don’t accept them unless they’re okay with our terms and conditions. Most of them don’t, so that is where we decide to buy the products ourselves and review them. All the product purchases are done ANONYMOUSLY and that makes a good opportunity to get to know about the company’s customer service and other tiny details such as their responsiveness and shipping updates.

Since the purchases are done anonymously, most of the companies put as little attention as they could and this has led to a wide variety of products missing out on our recommended list. Most of them either don’t arrive as mentioned, have poor quality packaging or in some instances it can be because of the poor customer service. 

Direct Comparisons Between Products

Honest product reviews are long gone, not for our readers though. Since our product purchases always follow the same pattern, we’re in a position to put each and every product through their paces and compare them against their competition which in turn helps readers to better understand the product before making a purchasing decision. 

Our scoring system is another area that makes our reviews distinct and actually separates the product from one another and takes the guesswork away from the customers. 

Testing Process Like No Other

Most of our time goes into the testing process, which is not something that’s not lite. We treat each of our products equally to make things fair and all the products are tested on our own dogs for countless hours to make sure every info we write is correct and not based on just marketing bias. 

The goal of our team is to provide something for our readers that we’re proud of because at the end of the day, you guys are what brought us here.

Thomas Villalpando

Who is Behind IPet Guides?

Hey there, I’m Thomas Villalpando, the Co-Founder and Editor of iPET Guides. Delving deep into 10+ years of dog training and shaping the behavior of over 100 challenging pups, I’ve poured my expertise into this platform. From training tips to all things dog-related, let’s embark on this journey together!

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