How to Make Invisible Dog Leash? (Step-By-Step Guide)

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Chances are rare that you have yet to hear about dog leashes if you are a dogophile. It is another essential entity to guide and aid your dogs, such as dog toys, collars, and mats.

The regular dog leash is a long strip of thick gauge wire or other non-metal such as webbing material or rope, with a harness, which you tie on your dog’s collar. A rope leash is used to control or guide your dog. 

But have you heard about invisible dog leashes? The leash with hollow harnesses and hollow material?

Yes, in place of your dog, there’s only the space or the open. You create a phenomenon of having your pet inside that space while physically possessing only the leash.

Quick Summary

Invisible Dog Leash can be made by joining thick gauge wire and side wires, threading them with straps or fabric, attaching a hollow harness, and making a loop at the other end.

Invisible dog leashes are a unique and fun concept that involves using a hollow harness and material to create the illusion of a dog on a leash.

The concept originated in the 1970s and has become a popular novelty item, with events and photo ops being organized around it.

Invisible Dogs – The Concept

invisible dog leash

Let’s assume you’re looking for an obedient pet that typically needs no monitoring and cleaning up. It Sounds enticing. An invisible dog makes your requisite into reality. 

Dog owners are of two types:

  • Dog owners with actual dogs.
  • Dog owners without real dogs.

The second category of dog owners (?) possesses an invisible dog leash, though. They tender and care for it as their pet. 

It is fun pretending to toddle with an invisible dog. People may wonder whether you’re a loving dog owner or a crazy one. Anyhow it makes sense in terms of entertainment and laughter for you and the onlookers. 

(Don’t let them think that you’re a clown.)

Invisible Dog Leashes

human holding Invisible Dogs leash

Create a picture of a rope leash with an actual dog in your mind. That’s quite simple. Now try to connect it with invisible dogs, with no visual sign of a dog’s presence.

At the moment, you have the invisible dog leash inside your head—just the replicate of an everyday dog leash saving your pet’s presence.

An invisible dog leash is an excellent gift for kids and adults of all ages. Kids regard it as a toy, while adults treat it as pranks that create fun. People walking with the invisible dog leash are quite a gag to make the world’s life a strange and funny idea. 

Do you want to make your invisible dog leash? Read along, and you will get a clear idea of the invisible dog leash and how to create one.

How to Make Invisible Dog Leash?

Thick gauge wire
Side wires
dog harness
Scissors on the table
Thread and needle

There is pleasure in handicrafts and handiworks. The memory of a hand-made invisible dog leash will remain in your head forever. So move ahead; Let’s proceed with one.

Materials Needed:

  • Straps of ropes or non-metal such as the fabric of 5-6 feet in length.
  • Thick gauge wire.
  • Side wires.
  • Hollow harness.
  • Scissors which can cut wires.
  • Thread and needle.


  • Join both the wires

Make a joint of both the thick gauge wire and the side wires.

Keep a gap of 2-3 inches of the long wire at one of the ends, inserting the sides with side wires.

  • Thread the wires with straps 

Make the leash firm and erect by combining the thread of wires with the straps. Sew the side wires with a webbing material.

  • Pin the harness

Join the hollow harness to one of the two ends where you kept a room earlier.

  • Make a loop 

Make a loop by tying a knot in the other end to fit with your hands.

  • You’ve made the invisible dog leash.

So, the next step is to practice the new piece pranks. It’s up to you to be attached to the toy. 

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Invisible Dog Leash – History

Invisible Dog leash

The history of the invisible dog leash dates back to the 1970s. A world war two veteran called, ‘George Zorbas’ brought out the theme of the invisible dog leash as a novelty idea.

It was when he returned to Brooklyn (A New York City) from a trip to Europe. (According to New York Times)

He made stiff leashes and empty collars in his factory situated in Brooklyn’s neighborhood. Eventually, people brought that, and the custom or the idea of the invisible dog leash was spread into other countries also.

Four decades later, in the 2009s, a walk with invisible dog leashes was organized in Brooklyn on a Sunday evening. You will be amazed to hear the number of participants. About 2000 invisible dog lovers took part in the event. 

They enjoyed their occasional dog walk for about an hour or two. They remembered to have classical dog-walk conversations while on the stroll. It made smiles, laughter, and even irritation to the passers-by.

The neighborhood was made funny through this act. 

A video of the occasion was broadcasted through youtube. The pictures were published online and in the media. 

The strange event connected people from other countries also. The people of other countries were emphasized by it and were willing to have such an event planned in their country.

Photo Shots With Invisible Dogs

a human taking photo of a invisible dog leash

If you scroll the videos on youtube for photos with invisible dogs, it will connect you with a person called Rich Ferguson. He does magic tricks with an app that accurately portrays a dog inside the hollow material in your invisible dog leash.

You can amuse yourself and your friends with photo shots of having a puppy around you. That is with not much extra effort of having a natural pet.


Have an invisible dog leash instead. You can travel with it to your places of interest on foot. For example, you can visit the beach to admire the sunrise or the sunset with your leash.

The dog will search for the other dog’. As expected in ordinary dog walks, some will tend to become friendly. (“Nice to meet you,” Me too.”)

Yes, for sure. You can buy an invisible leash at the local pet store or on online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, or Walmart.

A typical one would cost around $15. The price may vary due to quality and store variables.

It depends. If you want to make your life and others’ stress-free, you can purchase or make one as decided.

Invisible dog leashes are rigid and have hollow material while rope leashes are flexible and have the loop for a real dog.

Yes, it is considered as a great gift, especially on April Fool’s occasions to entertain people.

David Walker is considered to have used the invisible log leash in the early seventies and made it famous. But it was the novel idea of ‘George Zorbas’ according to the New York Times, as stated in earlier passages.

Final Thoughts

Let’s hope you have reached this point with a clear idea of an invisible dog leash and how to make one.

You are smiling at yourself rehearsing the funny fact. So the course has taught you to have fun while engaging in your daily work.

Why wait? Get the materials required and make an invisible dog leash of your own.

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