Indoor Dog Kennels Ideas: How to Make Doggo Crate Look Nice?

Last Updated on July, 2024

A dog crate is essential for providing a safe and secure environment for your furry friend. But who says a dog crate has to be boring and unattractive?

No worries! It’s totally fine to admit it. Most of us prefer to keep dog crates hidden or find ways to incorporate them into our home decor.

With a little imagination and DIY spirit, you can turn your dog’s crate into a stylish and visually appealing addition to your home decor. 

Let me walk you through my process of planning and designing a built-in dog crate, as well as providing some dog crate ideas, and share some important tips to consider for your own project.

Quick Summary

Find creative ways to make the dog crate blend into your home aesthetic. Consider reusing a storage cabinet into a dog crate, building a functional table with the crate, or transforming the crate into a bench or island for your pet.

When planning the crate for large dogs, determine their size to make sure you get an appropriate crate for them. Consider getting a double-door crate if you have two dogs.

Make sure to create a cozy and comfortable environment for your pet, consider adding elements that provide good air circulation or making sure the crate is secure. Add bedding and cushions for extra comfort.

12 Dog Crate & Kennel Decor Ideas Your Pup Will Love

1. Minimalist Wire Rack on Wheels 

Open wire dog crate ideas are a fantastic solution that works well with any decor.

They’re especially convenient for limited spaces since they can be easily folded away when not in use or left open all the time.

Plus, the added benefit of having wheels allows you to effortlessly move the crate around the room with your pet inside. 

It’s a practical and accessible option that offers both functionality and style.

You can choose a wire rack in a sleek, modern design or vibrant color that matches your home decor. 

Minimalist Wire Rack on Wheels

Simply place a bed or cushion inside the crate to ensure your dog’s comfort. A minimalist wire rack on wheels will provide you with a versatile and convenient crate that is ideal for your needs.

2. Cabinet to Crate Makeover

If you have an unused cabinet or cupboard that matches your home decor, why not reuse it into a dog crate?

With a few adjustments, you can turn a storage cabinet into a safe haven for your pet.

Install a door or gate on the front to ensure easy access and add a touch of elegance. 

The major tips are to make sure the living room cabinet or kitchen cabinetry has enough room and that air can circulate.

If you have a big dog, it’s crucial to decide their size when selecting or designing dog crates.

Cabinet to Crate Makeover

For households with two dogs, you can install a double-door crate that provides separate entrances for each dog or choose a larger cabinet that offers enough space for both dogs.

To finish the transformation, paint or refinish the cabinet to match your current decor.

3. Turn Your Dog Crate into a Functional Table

Get two giggles from one tickle! 

Add efficiency to your dog crate by reusing it into a stylish end table.

There are a few aspects to consider while transforming a crate for large dogs. 

  • Look for reinforced crates made of heavy-duty materials to handle the size and strength of huge breeds. 
  • Choose one with enough space for them to stand, roam freely, rest and sleep.

Select a dog crate topper with a sturdy top surface that can support items like lamps, books, or decorative objects. 

A decoratable dog crate funcctional as a wooden table

Place it strategically in your living room or bedroom, and voila! Now you have a multi-purpose handy crate-tabletop that serves as both a dog crate and a table.

4. Create a Cozy Window Seat With Integrated Dog Kennel

Make the most of your window seating area by incorporating a built-in dog kennel beneath it.

Make a cozy and comfortable space for your dog to relax while enjoying natural light and a view of the outdoors.

Make the seating area inviting for both you and your pet by adding plush cushions and pillows.

The best part is that you can wave goodbye to that unsightly metal dog kennel that used to take up the same space.

Built in Dog Bed

And guess what? It’s a bonus for your family dogs too! Now they’re just a few feet away from any crumbs that accidentally land under the living room. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved!

5. Embed Your Crate in a Striking Focal Point

modern indoor dog crate like a table

If you’re looking to make a statement with your dog crate, consider integrating it into a focal point in your living room.

A built-in shelving unit or entertainment center can provide the perfect solution to showcase your dog’s crate while displaying decorative items or books. 

Customize the shelving to fit the crate’s size and dimensions, and paint or stain it to blend seamlessly with the surrounding decor.

6. Build a Bench That’s Perfect for Your Pet

How about transforming a crate into a bench for your beloved dog, who adores being by your side wherever you go?

Construct a wooden frame around the crate using sturdy lumber. This frame will serve as the foundation for your bench.

Cut wooden slats to the desired length and attach them to the frame to form the bench’s seating surface. 

Make sure they are evenly spaced for stability and comfort. Let your creativity shine by personalizing the bench to match your house.

Small Dog Kennel Soft Cushion Top Crate

Paint it in a color that complements your home decor, or add some fancy decorative elements such as stencils or paw prints. 

Now, sit back and admire your handiwork! Enjoy quality time together as your pup lounges by your side on their fancy and comfortable bench.

7. Give Your Crate a Furniture-Style Makeover

Dog Crate Furniture Custom Dog Kennels

If you have a traditional wire crate that doesn’t quite fit your aesthetic preferences, give it a furniture makeover.

Build a wooden frame with a dog crate credenza to improve its appearance, and stain or paint the frame to match your dog crate furniture. 

Consider crate blend, trim or molding the furniture to create a unified and stylish look. Place it near your bedroom or living area.

8. Build a Farmhouse-Style Dog Kennel

Farmhouse Style Dog Kennel

For those who appreciate a rustic farmhouse look, incorporating a custom-built dog kennel with farmhouse-inspired elements can add charm to your house. 

Build the dog kennel out of reclaimed wood and consider adding a barn door-style entrance for an authentic touch. Vintage-inspired accents like metal hardware or distressed finishes can complete the farmhouse look.

9. Make a DIY Dog Crate Island

DIY Dog Crate Island

If you’re looking for a unique twist, consider transforming a large dog crate into a functional living room island.

Be wise to choose quartzite flooring that gives a slate look and is easy to clean when your puppies come in from the outdoors with muddy paws.

Surround the flat surface around the crate with vibrant potted plants and greenery to improve the aesthetic of the island.

Make the crate a seamless and eye-catching addition to your floor by customizing it with ornamental paneling or paint that fits your living room design.

10. Cover Your Crate With a Trendy Slipcover

a crate including crate bedding with a dog bed

Dress up a standard wire crate with a slipcover that not only adds style but also protects and comforts your dog. Choose a fabric that matches your home decor and is simple to clean.

To make your pets feel secure, select a dog crate cover with good airflow and crate access openings.

11. Design a Cozy Crate Nook Under Your Stairs

Cozy Crate Nook Under Your Stairs

Make the most of your home’s under-stair space by converting it into a cozy dog crate nook. Using custom-built gates or doors to enclose the are, making it a safe and inviting space for your dog.

Make it a warm and comfortable retreat for your pet by incorporating soft lighting, cushions, and decorative elements.

12. Incorporate a Crate That Blends With Your Decor

a crate in a living room that blends with the home decor

Integrating your dog’s crate into your existing furniture can be a great way to incorporate it into your overall decor scheme. Make a removable dog crate credenza for your puppy by modifying a small table or side table.

To blend the crate into the surrounding decor, use decorative accessories such as baskets, blankets, or plants.

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Final Thoughts

With these twelve creative ideas for decorating your kennels, you can turn a simple dog cage into a stunning pooch crate. 

For households with big dogs or two dogs, it’s important to consider their needs when designing a dog crate area.

You can choose a larger crate with enough space for both dogs to share comfortably or a double-door crate with separate entrances for each dog.

Consider reusing a dog crate as an end table or incorporating it into a functional table for those who appreciate multifunctional furniture. These innovative solutions enable you to make the most of limited space.

Transforming kennel ideas into your design can improve the dog crate’s functionality.

These tips will provide your pet with a comfortable and appealing space, whether it’s a cute window seat with an integrated dog kennel or embedding the crate in a striking focal point like a built-in shelving unit.

Let your creativity shine and create a kennel that not only provides a fun and secure space for your dog but also adds flair to your home.

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Metal dog crates are the best design for a dog crate, especially for puppies who are known to chew through other materials.

  • Food and a freshwater bawl
  • A comfortable bed
  • Crate cover
  • Toys to chew

The purpose of a dog crate is to provide a safe and secure environment for a dog to sleep, be contained, and travel in, as well as to help with house training and to prevent destructive behavior.

Put your dog’s crate in a location that is conveniently reachable to you and your dog, such as a living room, bedroom or kitchen.

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