Where to Put Dog Crate in House? Best Places for the Kennels

Last Updated on July, 2024

Placing the dog crate in inappropriate locations leads to dog anxiety and frustration.

Like many pup owners, you might be overwhelmed to pick the best spot to place the puppy crate in your house. And it’s somewhat important!

Let’s dive deep into finding the best spot to place your pup crate and keep them comfortable.

Quick Summary

The best places to put a dog crate in a house are busy areas, quiet/scheduled spots, the living room, the bedroom, the kitchen, the laundry room, and the basement.

Locations like near the main entrance, loud appliances, fireplaces, windows, air vents, fireplaces, and areas with sharp objects should be avoided when placing the dog crate.

Tips for finding a perfect spot to place the dog crate, such as cozy corners, closer to humans and windows, and avoiding isolated locations, are tailored for those who still have difficulty in finding a suitable spot. It is important to keep in mind that there is no one-size-fits-all solution and to consider the pup’s individual needs.

Best Places to Put a Dog Crate in Your House

It’s essential to find the best and most COMFY places to keep your dog’s crate at your house, and here are the primary locations to consider.

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Busy Areas

a busy area inside a house

The busy area gives the best engagement for your pups if they are new to your family. 

It helps them get along with your family members and vibe with you. 

In other specs, if you are crate training or if they love to be around you, consider placing the casket in busy areas.

Pups are observant of your cores, and the busy areas make them feel included and loved.

Also, if your dog is more of a socializing type, the busy area keeps them energetic. 

It can be the living room or kitchen, but ensure they are in your company. 

Quiet/Scheduled Spots

a quiet staircase area leading to a living room

A Quiet Corner is scheduled for pets preferring their own safe space or a quiet time. 

Particular pups are anxious about sounds, parties, crowds, and high-traffic areas. In that case, consider moving them to a quiet corner of your house. 

The quiet room depends on your surroundings and can vary from your Bedroom or laundrette. 

But make them feel comfy and included in a quiet corner. They become anxious dogs and stay away from you if they feel lonely. 

Living Room

A living room with furniture

Is your living room known to be the family room? Then, placing the dog crate in the central location is the perfect place. 

But why? Spend more time in the living room and rejoicing with your loved ones; it makes your pet feel included and a positive association. 

It makes them feel energetic to be around you and interact. 

Keep in mind that your dog has to be socializing as well. 

On a side note, here are the spots to avoid in a living room,

  • Do not place the crate next to air vents
  • Do not place the crate closer to fireplaces
  • Avoid locations facing direct sunlight 
  • Never keep the dog’s crate closer to the windows. 

If you have a reserved dog preferring personal space, we have better options for you (find more below). 


A bedroom

If you have a young or new puppy, the Bedroom is a great choice at night. 

Having your pet with you makes both you and the dog comfortable with the environment. 

What should you do next? Shift them to different corners or spots in your bedchamber. 

The Bedroom is not the best choice if your pup disturbs your sleep by whining or crying. In that case, you can shift the casket to different places at your house and figure out their relaxing spot. 


dogs comfortable in the kitchen

Does your family often gather and spend quality time in the kitchen? Then, consider placing your pup crate in – the kitchen.

But why choose the kitchen? If your puppy is a foodie and enjoys culinary adventures. 

Is your dog prone to senses? It’s like a sensory playground to stay stimulated and energized.

There are a few spots in the kitchen that you should avoid:

  • Steer clear of areas close to air vents
  • Away from fireplaces or cookers to prevent any accidental harm or discomfort to your furry friend

Laundry Room

dogs comfortable in the laundry room

The quiet part of the house is for calm pups- the Laundry room. 

If so, make it perfect for your puppy’s crate! 

Why the laundry room, of all places? It is a hub of all the activities. And the floorings are easy to clean in case of any accidents. 

Besides, it can be a relatively calm space, providing a cozy and serene spot to rest.

Here are a few locations to avoid in the washing room:

  • Never place the puppy’s crate next to noisy appliances, like the washing machine or dryer. The constant hum and vibrations might be overwhelming for your furry friend.
  • Be cautious about positioning the dog bed near any laundry chemicals or cleaning agents. 
  • Avoid placing the puppy’s crate in front of or obstructing vents.


house basement

If you consider the dog’s security and vast space, place your dog’s crate in the basement.

But why opt for the basement room? Your puppy can stretch and play during tired and busy days easily here. 

If your pet requires some alone time or if they are sensitive to noise, placing the crate in the basement helps. 

Here are specific locations to avoid in your basement:

  • Avoid placing the crate in damp or poorly ventilated areas leading to health issues.
  • Placing the crate in locations without proper air circulation and ventilation is crucial to avoid.
  • Be mindful of any potential safety hazards in the basement. 
  • Ensure no exposed wires or sharp objects your dog can reach from their crate.
  • Make sure the crate is positioned away from any loud machinery or equipment.

Tips for Choosing a Perfect Spot

Two pictures of a dog comfortable in their crates

Still, having confusion choosing a perfect spot to place your pup crate? 

These tips are curated for you:

  • Make sure the location is away from a fireplace or radiator.
  • The spots should not be drafty, affecting your pup’s health in the long term. 
  • Avoid areas that are either extremely hot or cold. Proper ventilation mechanisms have to be set!
  • Say “No” to places with direct sunlight. Extreme temperatures affect their health and well-being. 
  • Keep the puppy’s crate somewhere closer to where you spend the family times to make them included and feel cozy.
  • Avoid isolated areas that are way too quiet and less socializing unless they are crate trained.

Pro-tip: Analyze your pup’s behavior, preference, and personality. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions. 

What Are the Places You Should Avoid Putting Your Dog’s Crate?

Here are a few considerations of places to avoid putting your dog’s crate:

  • Noisy spaces: There are noisy places like the humming refrigerator or noisy household appliances like washing machines, dryers, or dishwashers. The sense of noise and vibrations keeps them uneasy.
  • Avoid direct sunlight or freezing temperatures: Placing closer to fireplaces, radiators, heaters, windows, and AC is a must to avoid. 
  • Avoid areas tempting to pull in: Keep the crate away from sharp objects, exposed wires, toxic substances, or anything compelling to pull in that could harm your dog.

How to Place the Dog Crate in a Small Place?

A small dog is sitting in a small dog crate in a living room

There are instances when your house has a smaller space and is undersized. 

So, finding a small but best place for dog owners is CHALLENGING. 

And here are our suggestions for you:

  • A cozy corner: Corners make them feel comfortable and less anxious. In that case, a cozy corner and their blanket can keep them feeling content for a positive experience. 
  • Closer to humans: Remember that they are a part of our family. So, place the puppy crate closer to you or where you spend time(Like more than an hour). 
  • Closer to the window: If there is direct heat closer to the window- avoid it. But, if it’s relatively bright and gives the pup the environment experience- go for it!
  • Avoid keeping them closer to the main door: Triggering the main entrance can cause anxiety, fright, and a lot of barking. Even if someone enters, it makes both the visitor and dog feel uneasy. 

Why is the Location of Your Dog’s Crate Important?

Shouldn’t they feel comfortable and secure? Placing the crate in the wrong location may impact their anxiety. 

There are crucial reasons why the ideal location of your dog’s crate is SO IMPORTANT. 

Treat As a Valued Member

When we bring in pets, we must feel included. 

Placing the crate at the right location decides your time with them. Make them feel like a VALUED member. 

Impacts the Behavior

The location of the crate impacts the behavior of your pup. 

How? During the early stages of crate train, your pup may face behavioral issues. And it would be best if you were closer to supervising it. 

Avoid Stressful Environments

Certain areas of your house may be stressful or moody. It can either be the noise or the vibe in that area. Therefore, ensure a calm and peaceful environment. 

Health and Safety

You must reconsider if your puppy’s crate is closer to sharp objects, or unsafe areas. 

What if it harms itself? So, never compromise their health and safety.

Ventilation Facilities 

Clean and sufficient ventilation ensures the energy. 

It’s a pivotal point to prevent space from becoming stuffy. 

Possible Issues That May Arise After Placing the Dog Crate

a sad golden retriever laying down in a crate

Even though it’s essential to give crate training to your puppy, you may face potential problems as follows:

  • Whining: If your pup feels uneasy- they whine! That’s a sign of complaining. Please take it as a sign and figure out solutions to prevent whining. 
  • Separation anxiety: When pups love to move around your presence, separating them via a pup’s crate hurts. As a result, you may face unusual behaviors such as barking, anxious chewing blankets, and more! 

How to Handle These Issues?

Consider a few solutions if your pup feels uneasy after you place the dog’s crate. 

You can move the crate closer to your Bedroom or bed or keep the crate door opened. Alternatively, consider moving where you spend most of your time (Even your workroom).  

Next, analyze your pet’s behavior and personality and pick the MOST SUITABLE locations accordingly. 

Finally, consult your vet if you cannot figure out a solution. 

Relevant contents:


The best place for a dog crate is in an area where your family spends much of their time, such as living room, kitchen, or den.

The answer to whether dogs prefer crates or beds depends on the individual dog as various factors such as age, personality, and behavior can influence their preference.

The best location for placing a dog crate at night is in the bedroom or living room. For young puppies, the bedroom is the ideal choice.

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Finally, I walked you through the tips followed to find the best spot to place the dog crate. Guess what? It is SUCCESSFUL. 

Either if you are facing problems to find the best spot or require tips in placing the dog crate, we got you covered with the BEST information.

Now I hope you are energized to decide on the best spots, and best of luck to you on finding the best spot in your crate journey!

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