Invisible Fence vs Petsafe: Which is Best for Your Dog?

Last Updated on July, 2024

Petsafe is one of the household names when it comes to wired dog fences, and their rep when it comes to wireless fences is not as good as the competition.

If you’re having a hard time choosing between Petsafe wired fences and wireless fences (made by other companies), I’d say you’ve come to the right place. All you need to know is the difference that sets each apart..

Both of these products are explicitly designed to be used with pets. But which one can be your go-to? 

Have the Wireless Invisible fences deftly one-upped the features of PetSafe? Keep on reading; let’s find out! 

Quick Summary

Wireless invisible fences have many advantages over Petsafe wired fences in terms of installation, portability, and coverage.

Wireless invisible fences are cheaper and easier to maintain than Petsafe wired fences.

Choosing between the two options ultimately depends on personal preference and the specific needs of the dog and owner.

About Wireless Invisible Fence

a dog wearing Wireless Invisible Fence collar and sitting on the ground

Thank salesman Richard M.Peck for introducing the electronic dog fence, which is a foremost essential in this day and age for every dog parent out there.

I’m overwhelmed with whatever it offers, and fast forward to the 2000s; we have wireless electric fences, which is something just out of the world. 

The great advantage of these wireless invisible dog fences is it skips the cost and hassle of traditional fences and in-ground fences.

This wireless fence is all in to keep your dog contained with a simple wireless range. Just take a look below at how it works.

How Does a Wireless Invisible Dog Fence Work?

The wireless invisible fences have a transmitter which will emit radio signals in a circular shape, creating the invisible fences.

The radio signals sent by the transmitter will be received by the collar, giving your dog a heads-up to move away.

On the other hand, the invisible dog fence is entirely contained within the collar; therefore, the radius plus the coordinates of the base unit is saved within the collar. 

That’s excellent!

What’s even more excellent is that most new wireless fences take advantage of GPS satellites, which enables real time location tracking.

And on top of that, these fence systems are controlled via your mobile phone instead of transmitters which takes portability to another level.

This wireless system works with GPS too via mobile phone app, which is extraordinarily convenient. And not to forget that this system can be set up on your own.

Learn more about Invisible fence functioning.

About Petsafe

a dog wearing Petsafe collar and sitting on the ground

Looking into the background of the company, Petsafe has been one of the largest manufacturers of electronic pet training products in the U.S since 1991. They’ve equipped the products with advanced designs with innovative research.

With over 30 years of experience, they’ve sold their products in 52 countries. And guess what? Their products are do-it-yourself kits that you can set up on your own.

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How Does it Work?

Like all the wired fence systems, the transmitter stands as the base unit of the entire system. 

The transmitter up to the boundary wire emits the radio signals. The wire is either buried or attached to a fixed object to enclose the pet area. 

Your dog wears a receiver collar to “listen” to radio signals. And once your dog is trained, he can roam freely within the defined boundaries. 

When your escape artist tries making a mishap by going beyond the bounds, he’s given a warning prompt. If the first attempt fails and he’s still going beyond the pales, he’s given a static shock correction.

Let me help you to get the picture! Read on.

Invisible Fence vs Petsafe: Main Features


Wireless Invisible dog Fence 

When I laid my hands on the wireless system pack, I knew installation would be child’s play. It’s easy, with no hassle and no wire installation.

It just took me no more than 3 hours to set up everything perfectly.

The transmitter is going to be the center stage of your pet zone. This means the position where you install the transmitter will act as the center of the pet zone. 

Remember to place the transmitter next to a power outlet for powering the unit. 

a human holding halo collar

To be noted, make sure you place the transmitter away from metal appliances for better transmission plus, it should be next to an outer wall because concrete walls in between could weaken the signals emitted by the transmitter. 

And remember, your transmitter should be installed on the ground floor of your house, nearly 3-5 feet off the ground or else you could place the transmitter anywhere with less metal interactions. 

And here’s something you should remember, most wireless invisible fence systems can be set up only in a circle, which means the transmitter emits the signals in a spherical shape where you won’t be able to catch every nook and corner of your yard.

However, I said most, not all. So as always most new entries in the market allow to create fences no matter the shape or even the size for that matter. 

Next, you could activate your collar by inserting batteries or charging the collar, depending on the brand you purchase. Then sync the collar with the transmitter just by pressing one or two buttons on the transmitter, and you’re done.

Moving on, now you’re here to activate the radius of the containment area. You will have to carry the collar in the yard, held around the same height as if your dog was wearing it. 

With the collar in your hand, you should stand exactly where you want the circular boundary of the wireless containment area to be located. 

On the other hand, you should stay close to the transmitter and adjust until the collar emits the beep sound. When it does, you’re done. 

It is always better to install the transmitter officially at the end so that you can make any changes in fixing it if you need to.

Wired Petsafe Fence

Like every other in-ground fencing system, the PetSafe wired pet containment system does need a heavy-duty installation.

Installing the wired invisible fence system could take a minimum of 1 to 2 days. 

First things first, the boundary should be a complete loop.

This means one end of the wire is plugged into the first terminal of the base unit, and after you’ve laid the wires, the subsequent end of the wire should be plugged into the second terminal of the base unit. 

a human holding Wired Petsafe Fence collar in front of the transmitter

What’s interesting about the PetSafe wired system is you can catch every edge of your entire perimeter, thus making the whole yard safe for your dog.

Next, you need to place the transmitter in an environment that is weatherproof plus temperature-controlled and ensure it’s 3 feet away from large metal objects. Along with it, install the surge protector.

Once you’ve placed the transmitter and laid the wire, you need to connect the wires to the transmitter. There’s nothing to it; you could splice up both ends of the wire, carry it to the transmitter, and hook it up. 

Once you’re done with this, walk towards the wire until the collar beeps and once the collar beeps, bury the wires. You deserve a medal, guys! 

I need to tell you to bury the wires, dig a trench 1-3 inches deep, and the trench only needs to be as wide as the wire. Make sure you place the wire loosely into the trench, allowing the wire to expand with temperature changes.

The solid copper 16 gauge wire is pretty much durable, thick and long-lasting, so it does not need any protective tubes; therefore, you can bury the wire. 

You could have a free hand from the professional installation team if you need a professional installation.


Looking into coverage, some wireless invisible dog fence, as mentioned above, provide infinite coverage which is just excellent and much more suitable for pet owners in town. However, most wireless fences typically allow limited coverage.

But when looking into the coverage of PetSafe electric dog fences, it has quite a good count. You are given the maximum freedom of up to 25 acres. That’s really huge! 

This can suit any area, be it a rectangle shape field or a square shape field. The ground fence is quite extensive. 


When it comes to training, both the wired and wireless containment systems need the same method to be taught. 

Once you’ve defined the boundary, set up the boundary flags at the invisible boundary line.

Then take your dog on a walk with a long leash and ensure you have a good distance from him. 

Walk him within the perimeter closer to the invisible fence line. Once he’s close to the boundary, he’ll be given a sound warning prompt.

Call and reward him for returning to you, leaving the boundary line. 

a human training a dog

Next, when he gets familiar with the sound signal and learns to move away from where he was not supposed to go, give him distractions like neighbors’ pets or other dogs on the other side of the fence. 

When your boy tries passing the bound lines despite the distractions, call him. If he ignores it and keeps moving forward, he’ll be given a static correction.

Still, if he misses, you could increase the strength of the static correction until he responds, staying within the parameter. 

Try training him off-leash under your supervision. When he retreats his way back, reward him with treats. You can remove your flags when your boy is keen on identifying the fence line by retreating his way back when he hears the signal. 

Please monitor your dog until you’re confident he has hit the target. Make sure your flags are up for at least four weeks until your dog has completed his last training phase. 

Battery Life 

Speaking of the battery, the battery of a wireless fence can run for a minimum of 20 hours.

With a full charge, the battery can last up to 24 hours, depending on the brand you purchase, plus the activity time of the collar. 

When it comes to the PetSafe wired invisible fence, it has a rechargeable battery that lasts up to two months with each charge which is just excellent. 

The battery life of a PetSafe wired electric dog fence is remarkable. You could give your soul rest as you can charge it every once in a while.

a dog wearing wireless fence collar and lying on the sofa


Portability is the main aspect that carries weight and is something to discuss. From what I’ve experienced, I’ve got a lot to talk about the portability of wireless invisible fence systems.

Portability-wise, the wireless invisible fence is second to none. Since the system is completely wireless, you can carry it anywhere. 

As long as your transmitter radio signals work, the collar will work seamlessly anywhere, be it on a hill, land, flat or any terrain.

Again, the system is wireless, so it is the best fit for owners and dogs who are into the woods and is easy to set up anywhere.

And moving on, the system is entirely waterproof, so it can also be used outdoors. 

Wireless invisible fencing is the best option for all dog owners who are always into camping and adventures, and it is handy for all.

I’ve nothing positive to say about the portability of the PetSafe wired invisible fence. Since the system is completely wired, the course of digging the whole system out and replacing it somewhere could be pretty demanding.

You will not be able to adjust your containment area because the system is confined to a permanent location and cannot be moved. 

Upsides of Wireless Invisible Fence 

dogs wearing halo collar and spoton collar

I’ve got a good count of upsides for you, pals. The primo is the installation. Anyone can do it. No wires, no posts and you don’t have to be snowed under. 

And speaking of portability, it’s something just out of the world. You could move the system anywhere. And not to forget, this wireless invisible fence is a cheap shot. It’s way more affordable than your typical traditional fence. 

The modern wireless fences like Halo and SpotOn allows you to create virtual fences of any shape and size and what keeps the users hooked is, the system is fully waterproof and is controlled via a smartphone app. 

On the other hand, the maintenance is easy peasy. You have no wires or posts and maintaining the working condition of the system is less costly. 

Next are the terrain types. The system is ready to fit any terrain, which is excellent. A definite go-to option for a pet owner who does not want to break the bank!

Upsides of Petsafe 

petsafe transmitter and collar on the table

The same system as wireless invisible fences to keep your dog safe but with a few hundred dollars to spend on and nose to the grindstone. 

What’s great about the PetSafe wired in-ground fence is you are given the liberty to catch every nook and corner of your yard by placing the wires as far as you want. 

That’s drop-dead! 

You could customize your boundaries and create loops in any shape, making the entire yard a safe pet zone for your dog to play around. 

And you can also connect more than one in-ground receiver collar to the transmitter and look out for multiple dogs at once, which is excellent. It is the best fit for dog trainers with many dogs.

And last but not least, the collar uses a PetSafe RFA-67 battery which is included in the pack itself.

Pricing Plans 

PetSafe In-ground Fence

The in-ground fence system costs $159.95 on average. And you are also offered a one-year warranty. 

All the parts of the PetSafe are covered under warranty for the first year of ownership. After that, you’ll be charged for service.

All returns must be within 45 days of the original date of purchase. Thereafter all the sales are final plus, all the return must be in factory packaging with all original packaging materials. 

The company does not cover misuse, improper handling or product loss. The company will not pay for any incidental or consequential damages.

Wireless Invisible Fence 

Usually, a wireless invisible fence would cost between $957 to $1444.

Depending on the invisible fence brand you purchase, you’d be offered a warranty, guarantee, and subscription plan. 

You are also offered with a 30-day return policy. Customers may return products in the original packaging within the 30-day time period of the purchase date for a refund in case of dissatisfaction.

I will tell you the best invisible fence for a lower price down the line.

Pros and Cons of Wireless Dog Fence 


Installation is a cinch.
No wires to lay over.
Portable plus affordable.
Easy to set up and use. 
It can be paired with physical fences. 


Training required. 
Allows other animals to enter the yard. 

Pros and Cons of Petsafe 


No distance restrictions, being able to cover every edge of your property.
The system is durable enough to work outdoors.
A good option for dogs of every size and temperament. 


Installation goes through all the blood, sweat and tears. 
Low-quality wires are included, so you need to purchase high-quality wires.
It takes work to move the system in case your location changes.

Why are Wireless Dog Fences Better?

a dog wearing invisible fence collar and walking on the ground

Wireless invisible fences are a blessing in disguise. It just does everything to keep your dog safe and contained. It has many, many benefits to be chosen as the better option.

Be it the installation, portability, reliability and not to forget ease of use, everything about it is just excellent. 

And speaking of the battery, the collar can be juiced up within 2-3 hours of charging and can run up to 24 hours with a single charge. 

On the other hand, installation is a cinch. You’ve got no wires to bury.

Moving on, this wireless invisible fence is entirely contained within the collar and can be used via smartphone app as well. Uses a GPS satellite navigation system to track your dog which in itself is excellent.

I’m keeping cool with all that the invisible fence offers me. I want you all to chalk up the experience and enjoy whatever the system provides.


And here are my final words. Now it’s time to pick the best one for you. It can be either a PetSafe wired or wireless invisible fence. The ball is in your court! 

The choice you are to make will reward you and your dog. For all the dog trainers, give it a try and see how practical the systems can be. 

My pick would be a wireless fence every day of the week due to its sheer portability and the features it provides. 

Speaking of features, you need to get the best wireless fence system for that. I’ve made it easier for you. Take a look at the best invisible fence articles herein.


Yes. The system is durable and waterproof.

No. even though most allow to create only circle shaped fences, there’re systems that allow any shape.

Yes. You can increase the coverage of your dog’s invisible fence by overlapping the ranges of 2 transmitters.

Yes. a wireless invisible fence works on hills. 

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