Pawscout Smarter Pet Tag Review [2024 Upd.] Worth the Money?

Last Updated on July, 2024

A lost pet is by far the hardest thing for any pet owner. This is where the Pawscout Smarter Pet Tag shines.

Each year, there are reports of up to 10 million lost pets.

Pet lovers all over the world are always on the search for the BEST devices to keep their pets safe. 

Unlike other Pawscout Smarter Pet Tag reviews, we have a detailed window into the product, helping you make an INFORMED DECISION.

Here’s a look at how we rated the Pawscout system based on its features.

The Good

The Pawscout Pet Tag is Bluetooth enabled and helps you track your pet’s location using a mobile app. The product is a great way to keep an eye on your pooch and does just fine to track down a lost pet.

The Not So Good

The battery on the smart tag is not rechargeable. You will have to keep replacing the battery which can be an added cost and hassle.

The Bottom Line

Though the device has good features, it has certain cons (which we will dive into greater depth) which cannot be side-stepped. The system is not the most reliable and there are better pet tracking systems in the market. (Look out for it in the Great Alternative section below.)

About the Pawscout System

The Pawscout Pet Tag relies on the RAPIDLY-GROWING Pawscout community to track lost pets. 

Using a BLUETOOTH-ENABLED tracker and a mobile app, you can notify the Pawscout community and track your dog’s location within a 300-foot distance from you or any other Pawscout user. 

You can set up an outdoor virtual pet leash, and every time your pet strays from the area, you will receive a NOTIFICATION on your mobile app.

If your pet goes missing, the Pet Community Finder will allow you to inform all registered users within the Pawscout community. 

Pawscout Smarter Pet Tag

If your pet comes within 300 feet of any user, you will be able to track and find them. 

The system has various other features, such as information about local veterinarians, pet-friendly stores, restaurants and parks.

The device is WATERPROOF, and the batteries are REPLACEABLE.

Overall, this tracking system for your pet is a good way to keep an eye on your pet, especially if they tend to stray. 

The Pawscout app is EASY to use and the Pawscout tags can be used on both CATS and DOGS!

What’s in the Box? (Pawscout Smarter Pet Tag)

a human holding Pawscout Smarter Pet Tag
a human holding Pawscout Smarter Pet Tag Batteries
Pawscout Smarter Pet Tag mounts on the table

When purchasing this product, you will get:

  • Pawscout Tag
  • Four mounts for small, medium and large dogs and cats 
  • 2 CR23032 Batteries 
  • Instruction sheet

How Does the Pawscout Pet Tag Work?

The first thing you must do once you purchase this system is download their FREE app, which is available on Android and iOS. 

You will then have to create a new account on the app.

Once your account is ready, you can set up the Bluetooth settings and pair the Pawscout app with the collar pet ID tag (connected via BLUETOOTH.)

Within the Pawscout app, you can create a digital profile for your pet with a picture, description, medical records, and history, all information that will help others find your missing pet and care for them.

a dog wearing Pawscout Smarter Pet Tag

You can set up a VIRTUAL LEASH, which will work to keep your pooch in the yard (or the designated outdoor space.) The virtual leash is a great feature that helps you keep your pet SAFE!

Placing the collar could not be more simple.

For instance, if you have a dog, all you have to do is place the pet ID tag (cat or dog tag) on your pet’s collar. 

If your pooch goes missing, you can place a lost pet post to the whole Pawscout COMMUNITY, who will then be able to track the exact location of your pooch, helping you find your missing pooch.

As soon as your mobile app is paired with the collar pet ID tag, the Pawscout app will be active, and your dog’s tag will be activated.

a dog wearing Pawscout

Features of the Pawscout Tags

The Pawscout Tags do have some good features. Below I’ve listed some of the main ones.


The system uses bluetooth to connect the Pawscout Tag with the FREE Pawscout app, enabling you to set up a virtual leash amidst other things. The app is the heart of the operation. 

Since it uses Bluetooth and not GPS, there are no monthly fees for subscriptions to services. The system is a one-time payment. 

You can use the app to send lost pet posts to the Pawscout community, who in turn can help you locate your lost pet. 

Pet Profile

You upload vital information about your pet, such as a picture, description and medical records, all of which will help the community pet owners to track and care for your missing pet.

With activity and health tracking inbuilt, you will be able to keep a check on your pet’s wellbeing.

There is also a share feature which will allow you to share your pet’s profile with family and friends. 

Pawscout app pet profile

Pet-Friendly Locations

The app allows you to find pet-friendly locations within your vicinity, and you can track walks using the mobile app. 

The app also allows you to check the amount of pawscout users in your area, which is a handy addition.

Water Resistant Tag

The system comes with a WATER RESISTANT tag (rated IPX7), which can be EASILY installed on your pet’s collar.

Coverage and Location Tracking

Pawscout app Location Tracking

The tag can be picked up within a 300-foot area, which means the device has good coverage. (It has decent accuracy) 

Location tracking of the Pawscout system will allow you can to track your pet’s location, meaning the chances of losing your pet are DRASTICALLY reduced

Replaceable Batteries

a human holding Pawscout Battery

The system comes with REPLACEABLE batteries, which last upto six months (great battery life). This saves you the hassle of charging the tag or replacing batteries all the time. 

Virtual Leash

You can use the VIRTUAL LEASH (virtual fence) to limit and track your pet’s location. If your pet leaves the defined safe zone, you will receive notifications on the app.


Pawscout Smarter Pet Tag on the table

The Pawscout Smarter Pet Tag has a very sleek and simple design. However, the product does look a little FRAGILE, which makes you wonder about the durability of the product.

Both Cats and Dogs

The Pawscout tag works on both cats and dogs. You can easily install the tag on your cat or dog’s collar.

Price, Refund Policy and Warranty of the Pawscout Tag

The system is priced at $19.95. The cheap price of the product makes you wonder if the product is durable or not. Most cheap things are not very reliable. It would have been better if they had some sort of guarantee.

Unfortunately, there is NO warranty on the product and neither does it come with a money-back guarantee. 

Pawscout System’s Customer Reviews

Pawscout System's Customer Review 1

Like the testimonial above, customers are usually floored by what looks to be a fantastic product. However, in our experience, too, it is not very practical. The range on this device is simply nothing spectacular.

Though the concept behind the device is brilliant, the application of the product falls short of perfect. 

The batteries, though advertised to last six months, rarely do, depending on use. Hence many customers would find themselves frustrated, having to buy replacement batteries all the time.

Pawscout System's Customer Review 2

In our experience, the Bluetooth technology of this device is good but not perfect. It does have range and coverage issues. 

If your pet runs into the woods, you would have to go searching for your pet actively, and the tracker may be helpful.

However, it isn’t a sure-shot thing. Depending on the range at which your pet strays, the tag could be useless. (Unlike invisible fence systems, these smart tags do not have a correction feature to train your pet.)

Though there are plenty of happy customers who like the product, there are certain complications that make this system less than perfect. (Cons)

Pros and Cons of the Pawscout Smarter Pet Tag

Lost pets can be heartbreaking for pet owners. If there is anything that will help keep your pet safe and help you not lose your pet, you will surely use it. 

That being the case, this particular smart pet tag has various pros and cons compared to other products in the market. 

Let’s dive deeper into the pros and cons of the Pawscout System to understand whether the product is worth the purchase. 


The Pawscout app is EASY to use and is very USER-FRIENDLY. You don’t have to be a master of technology to use this device and app. 

The tag fits perfectly on any collar and can work well for even SMALLER PETS. The size of your pet won’t matter; you can use this device on small cats, big cats, large dogs, small dogs and even rabbits. 

If you have more than one pet, you can buy tags for all your other pets. You can add MULTIPLE pets to this system (app); all you need are extra Pawscout tags. 

In case of an instance where your cat runs away or your other dog is nowhere to be found, you can send a message to the ENTIRE COMMUNITY of Pawscout members, who can help you locate your pet.

The medical records stored on the app’s profile can be useful when taking your pet to the vet.

You can TRACK WALKS and even allow your dog to play in the dog park and still keep track of its exact whereabouts using the app.

The ID tag is easy to install and doesn’t require a lot of thinking. You can easily connect the tag to an existing pet collar.

It’s WATERPROOF, which means even if your dog is a swimmer, you won’t have to worry about it. (It can be submerged in 3 feet of water for 30 minutes.)

Pet owners feel a lot SAFER, knowing that they can track their dog’s whereabouts and the community is there to help you find your pet if they get lost. 

Using the VIRTUAL LEASH feature, you can limit your dog to an area, such as your backyard, and you will get a notification if your dog wanders outside. (Doesn’t beat an invisible fence though)

The device uses BLUETOOTH, not GPS, so you are not required to purchase a monthly subscription for use. (Money saved!) 

Retailing at $19.95, the system is VERY AFFORDABLE.


The battery on the ID tag is replaceable, NOT RECHARGEABLE. This means you must ensure you have a spare set of batteries.

They have NO REFUND policy, which means if you don’t like the purchase, there isn’t anything you can do about it.

What’s more, the app has been reported to DRAIN PHONE BATTERY. This can be incredibly annoying. You don’t want to have to charge your phone all day.

Unfortunately, though the battery life is stated to last six months, in our experience, it DOES NOT last that long. You will have to replace batteries more frequently based on use. With that, there is no way to check the battery life of the tag.

Coverage of the system is also LIMITED to 300 feet. Though this can be sufficient for dogs who like to wander the street, coverage may NOT BE ENOUGH if your pet tends to walk through the town.

There is NO WARRANTY or even a REFUND on the device.

Is it Worth Buying the Pawscout Pet Tag?

The device does not cost a lot of money. Hence, you won’t have to mortgage your house to test this product. 

However, is it worth the purchase?

Though this product has excellent features capable of delivering exemplary results, the list of cons reminds us that this isn’t the BEST such product in the market. 

Various Pawscout reviews will tell you that there are both happy and unhappy customers. 

The ID tags are simple and easy to use, and you can add more tags for multiple pets.

However, the determinant factor behind your purchase should be coverage.

Is 300 feet of coverage enough? Does your pet wander greater distances? If so, this product may not be the most ideal purchase for you. 

Another problem is the pet community finder, Pawscout does not have a big community of users.

a dog wearing Pawscout tag

This could lead to inconsistent and poor location updates. Now that is a major problem as that is the only way of tracking.

Though you can consider purchasing this product and testing it out, you should remember that there is NO WARRANTY or MONEY-BACK-POLICY.

Further to this, since the community is small, the coverage area isn’t vast. (Coverage of this prodcut is LIMITED in comparison to other products in the market.)

Lastly, there isn’t even a way to check if the battery is running low on the device. 

Is it worth the money? There are much better systems in the market which offer greater value for money. 

A Great Alternative: Fi Series 3

The Fi Series 3 is a GREAT GPS-enabled smart collar that uses satellites to locate and track your dog. 

It uses SATELLITES, WI-FI and BLUETOOTH, which trumps the less reliable Bluetooth connection-only feature of the Pawscout system. 

The collar is meant for dogs weighing more than 10 pounds and comes in a range of sizes.

This means regardless of the size of your dog, you can find a collar size that will fit. 

fi series 3

This collar even uses WI-FI, which enables you to connect the collar to up to 4 Wi-Fi networks. This feature improves the RELIABILITY of the Fi Series 3 collar compared to the Pawscout ID tags.

You can track your pet’s location using either GPS or WI-FI with a great deal of ACCURACY. (It will work well in the dog park or heavily wooded area.)

You can even create a GPS-enabled invisible fence in your backyard.

First you must set up the base, which requires a minimal understanding of technology and use the Fi app to connect the base to the collar. If your dog leaves the designated safe zone, you will be notified. 

It comes with a LOST DOG MODE, which can be activated using the mobile app. This mode, when selected, will send you minute-by-minute location information of your dog’s whereabouts. (It makes it easy to find lost dogs!)

The GPS coverage is limitless, stretching acres and acres of land. And the system is accurate, up to 7 feet on an open field. 

It also comes with a great ACTIVITY and HEALTH tracking feature, which helps you monitor your dog’s wellbeing, including sleep.

Starting at $14 for a monthly subscription to the service, the money is well spent when you consider the fact that you will be able to keep an eye on your pooch at ALL TIMES

a dog wearing fi series 3

The incredible features of the product make it COMPLETELY worth the purchase. 

The collar is water resistant (rated IP68 and IP66K) and has a 3 month battery life too making it even more great. 

Fi Series 3 collar is a far better alternative to the Pawscout system. If you are looking for a RELIABLE and ACCURATE tracker to ensure your pet’s safety, this has to be the better option! (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

The Importance of GPS Trackers

dogs wearing gps collars

Pet ID tags can be very beneficial in ensuring your pet’s safety. 

Your pet could wander the streets and end up lost, and you won’t be able to do much except put up lost dog posters. (MISSING DOG!) 

A pet ID can work to locate your dog and help you track your pet to ensure its wellbeing.

These ID tags can provide ease of mind to pet owners who can rest assured knowing where their pets are. (You will be able to find your lost pet, just so long as they are wearing an ID tag.)

If your dog unexpectedly leaves the house or yard, these systems will work to notify you, making it easier for you to locate them. 

They are also a great way to allow your pet to roam free, simultaneously being about to keep an eye on your dog’s or cat’s whereabouts. 

Other Pet Tracker Reviews:


The Pawscout Pet Tag is a good option in the market that will help you track your pet. That being the case, there are apparent BETTER products that do a BETTER job.

The Fi Series 3 collar is by far the more RELIABLE and ACCURATE device in comparison to the Pawscout system. 

A defective product will not help your track down a LOST PET! Hence be sure to purchase something that can be trusted. It is your pet’s safety at stake. 


No, the Pawscout Pet Tag does not come with a warranty.

Yes, the Pawscout System works in the rain. The ID tag is waterproof and will remain operational even if the dog gets wet.

The Pawscout system works by utilizing Bluetooth technology and a mobile application to track a pet’s location.

No, the Pawscout System is not hard to install. It is easy and straightforward – just download the app, make a profile, pair the collar tag and attach the collar tag to your pet’s collar.

The Pawscout Pet ID’s battery is expected to last between 4 and 6 months.

Great Alternative
Fi Series 3




Overall Score


Class Leading Battery Life (3 Months)
Extreme Durability (Upto 400lbs of pull resistance)
Best in class protection (IP68 and 1P66K Water Rated)
Unbelievably small
Night Light for walks under the moon
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of July
Has a learning curve

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