PetFON vs Fi Collar [2024 Upd.] Which of the Two is Better?

Last Updated on July, 2024

PetFON and Fi Collar are two excellent GPS dog collars in terms of dog tracking. They both offer several impressive features.

Although PetFON and Fi Collar have many similar features, they have distinct characteristics too. 

In this article, we’ve compiled all the important information on PetFON and Fi Collar.

So, read on to discover how PetFON vs Fi Collar compares so that you can better understand the products and make a better purchasing decision.

About PetFON and Fi Collar

First, shall we look into the basic characteristics of PetFON and Fi Collar?

So, here’s a quick overview of the main features of these two collars.


  • PetFON smart tracker uses Geo-fencing to customize the places your dog visits, such as safe zones and dangerous zones. Then you can receive notifications if your pet leaves a safe area.
  • PetFON enables tracking three dogs using one smart tracker.
  • The PetFON device does not need SIM cards or cellular signals to function.
  • With Radar technology, PetFON allows searching and locating your pup without using GPS networks.
  • PetFON also features a customizable voice command system. This feature allows you to record voice commands and communicate with your pet remotely.
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a human holding petfon smart tracker

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Fi Collar

  • Fi Collar’s 24/7 GPS tracking system uses the LTE-M network. And this is the FIRST-EVER dog collar to use the LTE-M network.
  • The Geo-fencing facility of the Fi Collar allows dog owners to receive instant notifications if the dog leaves predetermined perimeters. Using this option, you can define safe zones for your pet.
  • Escape detection and Lost Dog Mode are special features that notify when the dog escapes. It also enables you to find the dog after an escape. This feature uses a proprietary algorithm to detect whenever your pup runs away.
  • Escape detection and Lost Dog Mode are special features that notify when the dog escapes. It also enables you to find the dog after an escape. This feature uses a proprietary algorithm to detect whenever your pup runs away.
  • Sleep tracking and dog walker monitoring are also special features of the Fi Collar.
  • Fi Collar also has smart power management. This saves battery life by dynamically connecting to WiFi access points or local Bluetooth beacons, such as your phone or the Fi charging base.
a human holding Fi Collar

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Now it’s time to dig deeper into the special features of PetFON and Fi Collar.

So let’s get to it!

GPS Location Tracking


PetFON smart tracker provides accurate and fast real-time location tracking using GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, and wireless technologies.

The wireless technology of PetFON allows you to keep track of your dog in urban areas for up to 0.65 miles and in open areas for up to 3.5 miles.

But remember, the surroundings can affect these ranges.

PetFON uses Radar technology when GPS coverage is not available. This is very effective when you have lost your pup in a place without GPS coverage.

GPS Location Tracking of petfon tracker

PetFON also facilitates real-time tracking through their Glonass and GPS technology.

Fi Collar

Fi Collar uses an entirely different technology than PetFON for dog tracking.

It uses the LTE-M network to provide 24/7 GPS location tracking. 

The signals of the LTE-M network reach about 30% farther than 3G, 4G, 5G, and LTE networks. This facilitates more accurate and quicker location tracking.

Sounds AWESOME, right?

GPS Location Tracking of Fi Collar

This collar uses three satellites to enhance the speed and accuracy of tracking. GPS accuracy extends up to a 7ft radius in the open sky.

Backyard Geo-fencing allows monitoring of wandering dogs and creates multiple safe zones for your pup.

Escape detection and the Lost Dog Mode enable you to find your dog as quickly as possible. In addition, this feature sends you instant updates of the real-time location of your pet.

You can also learn who your dog is with when you are not around him.

When the Lost Dog Mode gets activated, a red LED flashlight turns on, allowing you to spot your lost pup easily.

So, obviously Fi Collar has many more features when it comes to tracking your pup. 

Winner: Fi Collar

Design and Durability


PetFON has a lightweight, heavy-duty, and comfortable collar made from quality materials.

These materials maintain the collar’s durability as well as toughness. 

The collar can resist the forces of energetic pups and withstand outdoor elements.

The PetFON tracker is waterproof and dustproof. And it is IP65 rated. 

So, this makes PetFON ideal for even the most playful and adventurous dogs. It works perfectly in wet weather too. 

a dog is wearing petfon tracker

This collar also comes with neoprene padding which reduces the irritation when being active. In addition, the neoprene is odor resistant and quickly dries after the pet plays in the water.

Sounds COMFORTING, isn’t it?

Keep in mind! You should measure your dog’s neck and order the collar size accordingly.

The sizes of the collar range as follows:

  • Small: 11” – 14.5”
  • Medium: 14.5” – 19”
  • Large: 19”- 23”

The PetFON collar has reflective stitching that reflects light. It makes the dog more visible in the darkness.

Fi Collar

Fi Collar is IDEAL for the outdoors. And, of course, you can trust its durability.

The device has an armored Aluminum faceplate and reinforced metal armor that is resistant to bites. So you do not have to worry about unavoidable chewing.

These materials also make the Fi Collar dirtproof and adventure-proof

Fi Collar also has an IP68 waterproof rating. Well, clearly Fi Collar is more waterproof than PetFON right?

a dog is wearing Fi Collar

This allows the Fi Collar to stay for 30 min complete immersion at 1.5m deep in water. Pretty COOL, isn’t it?

Plus, Fi Collar has a 300lbs pull resistance as well. 

The device is salt water resistant too. WOW! These are also amazing features PetFON does not offer you!

Your pup can ENJOY to the fullest at the beach, and you do not have to worry about that.

And if you like fun colors, you will surely love this collar! Fi Collar comes in 4 cute colors, including gray, pink, yellow, and blue. 

Moreover, remember to measure your pup’s neck before ordering the device.

The sizes of the collar differ as follows:

  • Small: 11.5” – 13.5”
  • Medium: 13” – 16.5”
  • Large:16” – 22.5”
  • X-Large: 22” – 34.5”
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Fi Collar has the PERFECT design and a bigger range of sizes than PetFON to suit any dog. Don’t you think?

Winner: Fi Collar

Battery Life


The PetFON tracker has a long standby battery that lasts up to 8-16 hours.

This device uses a rechargeable battery. And it comes with a compact charging station, which can recharge the device multiple times. 

Fi Collar

Fi Collar has more OUTSTANDING battery life than the PetFON tracker.

And it differs according to the specific modes and features as follows:

  • Dog at home only (WiFi mode): up to 3 months
  • Walks outside home (WiFi and GPS/cellular): up to 2 months
  • Active dogs (only GPS and NO WiFi): up to 3 weeks
  • Lost Dog Mode: up to 2 days

And just like PetFON’s battery, Fi Collar also uses a rechargeable counterpart.

Winner: Fi Collar

fi collar on charge

Activity and Fitness Tracking


The PetFON tracker monitors your pup’s activity and fitness including the number of steps, distance traveled, and duration.

Fi Collar

Fi Collar tracks your pet’s activity and fitness in a more detailed way than PetFON. It monitors the dog’s daily, weekly, and monthly steps and activity levels.

You can also compare this information with other dogs and view past activities and the previous step counts.

While PetFON provides limited activity tracking options, Fi Collar offers many more fitness tracking facilities.

Do you want to hear something even more FASCINATING?

You can learn how many steps your pup needs to maintain the perfect exercise level. So this ensures your dog is in good health.

Fi Collar also enables sleep tracking. You can monitor your dog’s general health by analyzing sleep patterns.

Well, that sounds INTERESTING, right?

Activity and Fitness Tracking of fi coller

The sleep tracking feature allows you to check your dog’s sleeping and napping times, nighttime interruptions, and overall restfulness.

Moreover, the device can identify if there is any change in the sleep patterns of your pup. Changes in sleep patterns may indicate health problems.

Anyhow, if there is a change in your pup’s sleep pattern, the device will signify a health issue and notify you about it. 

So, without a doubt Fi Collar is more advanced than PetFON in analyzing your pet’s activity and general health.

Of course, pet parents can be aware of their dogs’ unusual behaviors and problems.

Winner: Fi Collar

Smartphone App


The PetFON app requires iOS 11.0 or later or Android 5.0 or up. This app connects to the collar via Bluetooth.

And it is PRETTY EASY to follow. 

The default view shows the daily route and your dog’s locations on the map.

You can easily set up safe areas around your home or outdoors. And also, you can receive instant notifications if they leave that zone. This feature is the Virtual Geo-fence.

petfon tracker ios app

Moreover, you can track up to three dogs using one app and three separate tracking modules. 

However, the package only contains one tracking module. So, if you want to track more than one dog, you will have to buy other tracking modules separately. 

Fi Collar

Fi Collar’s smartphone app is compatible with iOS 12.0 or later or Android 6.0 or up. You can view your dog’s location on the first page. 

Then, you will find the current coordinates of your pup on the map.

When your dog leaves a safe zone or escapes, the app will activate the Lost Dog Mode. This virtual Geo-fence function will send you instant updates.

There is also a feature that enables live chat support during business hours.However, we can see that both apps’ geo-fencing features are similar.

Winner: PetFON

fi coller ios app

Price and Subscription Plans


The prices of PetFON products are as follows:

  • PetFON collar: $29.99
  • PetFON2 smart tracker for one dog: $239.99
  • PetFON2 smart tracker for three dogs: $479.99
  • PetFON1 smart tracker for one dog: $209.99
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Do you want to know the best part of this?

PetFON does NOT require a monthly fee to use all the features the app provides. So, once purchased, you can enjoy all the features for FREE!


Fi Collar

The cost of the Fi device is $149.00.

Fi Collar comes with a 30-day trial period. Plus, the device also has a 1-year warranty. And that’s something PetFON does not offer!

But, here’s the deal!

Unlike PetFON, Fi requires a subscription to enjoy every feature available.

So, you can go for any of their three subscription plans, but it is not compulsory. It is up to you!

Mentioned below are the features that need a subscription to access:

  • Daily, weekly, and monthly activity history
  • Track your dog anytime, anywhere
  • Safe zones, escape monitoring and alerts
  • 24/7 GPS-LTE tracking and Lost Dog Mode

The subscription plans are as follows:

  • 1 year: $100
  • 2 years: $186
  • 3 years: $248
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Winner: PetFON


Similarities Between PetFON and Fi Collar

Now let’s check out the similar characteristics between the collars:

  • Virtual Geo-fencing
  • Step count tracking
  • Waterproof and dirtproof
  • Controlled via a smartphone app

Differences Between PetFON and Fi Collar

Here are some of the distinct characteristics between PetFON and Fi Collar:

  • Fi Collar uses LTE-M networks, while PetFON uses Radar and Glonass technologies.
  • Fi Collar tracks sleep patterns along with activity levels. PetFON only tracks the daily number of steps of dogs.
  • The PetFON app can track up to three dogs, while Fi Collar app requires separate apps and collars to track multiple dogs.
  • Fi Collar has a built-in LED light to make your pup more visible in low-light situations. On the other hand, the PetFON collar has reflective stitching.
  • Fi Collar has a wide range of sizes suitable for even bigger dogs. But the PetFON collar’s size range is somewhat limited compared to the Fi Collar.
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Pros and Cons of PetFON


No monthly or hidden charges
Long tracking distance
Tracking up to three dogs


Pretty expensive
Short battery life if the dog gets away for a whole day

Pros and Cons of Fi Collar 


Long battery life
Sleep tracking and notify health issues
High-quality and durable materials
Waterproof and adventure proof
Pull resistance up to 300lbs
1-year warranty
30-day trial period


Cannot use all features without a subscription
App feels kinda outdated

Customer Reviews

PetFON Customer Reviews

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FI Collar Customer Reviews

Now let’s look into the customer reviews on Fi Collar.

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The Winner

Even though both the collars provide accurate GPS location tracking and activity tracking, Fi Collar has the most MAGNIFICENT features. 

Fi keeps an eye on your pup’s whereabouts and overall health in a more helpful way. 

Fi collar allows you to check your dog’s real-time location as well as daily, weekly, and monthly steps. You can also view your pooch’s past activity levels.

With the LTE-M network, Fi Collar enables dog owners to track their pets as far as a 7ft radius, even when the dogs are not with them.

Fi Collar GPS tracker

Also, the flashing LED light on the collar makes it easier to track your wandering pooch during nighttime. The escape detection and sleep tracking of the Fi Collar ensure your pooch’s safety and wellbeing. It also enables you to stay updated if there’s any health issues.

Moreover, Fi is more durable than PetFON and uses high-quality materials to support your pup’s playful adventures.

Other Comparisons:


PetFON and Fi Collar are both impressive GPS dog collars. And they almost have the same features.

And each of the products has their own strengths and weaknesses. 

The Fi Collar has the most BENEFICIAL features and impressive tracking mechanisms among the two devices.

If you want to stay updated on your pup’s location, sleep patterns, and general health, then Fi Collar is the better choice. 

If you just want to track your dog’s location and daily step count, then you can go for PetFON.

To sum up, I recommend using the Fi Collar to experience the maximum benefits of dog tracking.


Yes, a WiFi connection is required to use the Fi Collar.

The Fi Collar needs to be charged approximately every three months when using the Dog At Home Only mode.

Yes, Fi Collar is worth it without a subscription. You can still utilize many features without subscribing to a plan.

Fi Collar
Fi Collar GPS tracker Product Image




Overall Score


Superior in terms of its features
Extremely easy to set up and use
Great battery life
It comes with a stylish collar available in different sizes
Better water and dirt resistance
Get the BEST PRICE valid until the end of July
It requires a rather hefty monthly subscription

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