Pros and Cons of Invisible Fence for Dogs

Last Updated on July, 2024

Invisible fences protect dogs for good, and they’ve been excellent in doing so too. If you’re interested in buying an invisible fence but not sure whether or not they’re worth what you’re paying. This article is for you. 

Here I’ll be covering all the pros and cons that you need to know about an electronic fence to help you make a purchasing decision if you’re still on the fence about buying one.

Quick Summary

The pros of an invisible fence are relatively affordable compared to traditional fences, reliable and effective in keeping dogs safe, easy and convenient to install and maintain, does not change the appearance of the yard & can be used as an alternative in areas where traditional fences are not allowed.

The cons of an invisible fence are, requires patient training for the dog to learn boundaries, does not protect against other animals or hazards entering the yard & can be affected by technical issues such as power outages or dead batteries.

Invisible fences are not 100% effective, but they are the best option available to keep your dog safe.

A Hidden Barrier That Resists Your Pets’ Movement: About Invisible Fences

a dog wearing invisible fence collar and sitting on the ground

There’s a very common problem that we all face when having a pet, and that pet could be a dog, a cat, a rabbit or even a turtle.

Well in my case it is my dog, and the most ordinary issue that we all face by having a pet dog is setting a boundary and keeping it within the premises that we own.

Not forgetting the disagreements, the dog owners have to face.

There might be days where your dog leaves its muddy paw prints in your neighbors’ lawn or jumps on a stranger and joins their walk.

With the time passing different solutions were brought up to answer these conundrums.

And as a way out most dog owners started using fences, but still there were issues at hand and with the modernization having traditional fences would be old fashioned.

And with technological development different products were invented to answer this problem.

Adieu to the Common Neighborhood Squabble

humen and dogs on the ground

Fencing would be the legitimate remedy to all the neighborhood rifts. Confining your dog through invisible fencing will prevent your dog from all mishaps. 

With these thoughts in mind dog owners tended to have their properties fenced and with the invention of the invisible fence people bid farewell to the traditional fence and moved into having the newest invention in town.

Invisible Fence, a system which runs underground and invisible to the observing party.

Neither the dog nor the consumer will see the boundary it sets but will feel it.

This is a system which features a set of wires connected to each other underground and this works as an invisible fence.

In order to use this feature, you have to bury it underground around your desired perimeter, and the transmitter connected to the wiring discharge radio signal which travels throughout the wires.

Pros and Cons of Invisible Fence 

Here are the options you should consider before purchasing invisible dog fences.

Pros of Invisible Fence

  • The Reasonable Cost

This is “the most affordable” option to prevent your dog from interacting with neighborhood dogs, stray dogs and other wild animals . Although there are traditional fences that are less expensive, people tend to buy the electric fence, because you can cut off the expense of buying high priced materials and the labor cost.

You just only have to pay the initial cost of purchasing the product and the rest, well you can do it on your own.

You DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT have to pay anyone to install it, invisible dog fences often cost less even though you get the help of a professional to install it.

  • Reliability

Dogs are hyperactive creatures, they find their own way to cross that burier, could be under, could be over they are capable of paving their own way.

Electric fences restrict all those movements just from one harmless vibration.

  • Convenience

Installation process is easier than installing all the other fences. Showing the ground and laying wires takes less time than laying fence sticks, nailing boards, welding iron and getting the traditional fences.

Today you can also set up an invisible fence without burying any wire around your perimeter. [Yes, you are correct, you can say bye to muddy hands]

And you don’t need an electrician to install this.

  •  Doesn’t Change the Landscape

This will neither change the look of your backyard nor will take any extra space from your neighbors’ property. You can install and alter it according to your will. 

  • An Alternative Solution

For cities that do not allow traditional fencing, this is a perfect remedy in keeping your dog safe.

  • Safety Guaranteed

This provides safety to your dog while giving it all the freedom it needs. And this also doesn’t allow your dog to interact with other dogs. It works as a boundary line to keep your dog inside the premises you own.

Cons of Invisible Fence

  • Requires a Solid Training

The dog and the owner should invest their time in training. Most dogs take a period of 3 months, some dogs take more than 6 months to completely get the hang of it. 

Fencing companies usually provide a training program and spend time working with the dog owner and the dog.

  • Lack of Protection From Other Dogs and Other Sources

Although the electric fence acts as a physical barrier to your pet dog from all outside dangers, it does not work as a physical barrier to other dogs and hazards from entering the premises.

Wild animals and loose dogs and other pets will have the access to interact with your dog even though the invisible fence, fences your dog. 

  • Random Technical Issues

If the main power supply is interrupted or if there is a dead battery in the collar, the prime motive of the dog fence fails. Your dog can very easily escape from your own yard and roam around.

How Does the Invisible Dog Fence Work?

This marvelous invention had become a much-needed component to pet owners.

Researchers depict 0.9% of pet owners have taken their step in using the invisible fence and the 3.3% of people who are using remote activated e- collars and the 1.4% of those who use a bark activated e- collar are slowly moving on to invisible electric fences. 

Currently, most of those who are looking into safety measures tend to obtain invisible electric fences.

There are two key elements to this system one is the underground wiring system and the main element is the invisible fence collar.

The receiver interprets the radio signal that travels through the wires which are buried underground.

Once your pet approaches near the boundary that you had set, firstly it releases an audible warning sound that only an animal could detect.

And if the animal still persuades in moving forward and crosses the buried wire it will receive a vibration or a static correction. It is more like a prickle on the skin which would interrupt their current action.

The Most Important Phase of Lodging the Invisible Fence

some Important Phase of Lodging the Invisible Fence

Out of all the factors, training your dog to properly use the electric invisible fence and controlling its movement holds importance. This step is the most crucial part of the invisible fence systems and it will take more time than you estimated.

Like for human babies it’s all about communication, practice and rewarding the efforts of your dog. Stated below are the steps that you can follow in training your dog to respond to the invisible fence:

  • First set a boundary line and put on warning flags so your dog could see the borderline.
  • Most importantly teach your dog when they hear the warning sound [which only it could hear] they should come back to the yard, get your dog on leash and try approaching the warning zone, when you feel a sudden change in dogs’ movement guide him back off the warning zone.
  • Next Step introduce them the ‘Correction’, Set the transmitter to apply a low level of a shock when going off the limits.
  • Walk your dog through the boundary lines while letting him explore the extremities.
  • Always reward your dog and praise your dog after every activity.
  • Follow this method for 3 times a day at least 15 minutes per session for two weeks for your dog to get the hang of how the invisible fencing works.
  • When you feel like your dog can comply with this method, let him off the leash and allow it to roam around freely.[Under your supervision] .
  • After a few weeks of time allow them to spend extended periods outdoors without any supervision.
  • After a 2 to 3 months of solid training slowly take off the warning flags which acts as a physical fence. 

Is it Worth Having an Invisible Fence?

a dog wearing invisible fence collar and lying on the ground

Nowadays electronic fences are manufactured with much developed features. According to your pets’ behavior you can specify the energy of the shock. 

If you have a more of a well- built stubborn dog or else if you are dealing with a higher number of dogs, you can increase the energy levels of the correction.

One of the best features about electronic fences is that you don’t have to restrict creativity when fixing the fence.

You can always maintain the order and the shaping of your fence according to the land you own whilst providing both necessary protection and freedom to your dog.

This is also the best alternative for the cities which have prohibited using the visible fencing. There’s no better option to protect your dog from various dangers and accidents than using an invisible fence.

And the installation process of this system is very simple and pets tend to adapt to its system in a very short period of time.

However, like every other system, an invisible fence has its own cons. 

Users should regularly check the batteries to see whether the fence is fully charged, although the installation process is simple it takes a bit of time to set up the system and also this does not guarantee protection from other animals.

You can not expect this method to be 100% effective. It does have flaws. Training would not go as easy as you expect it to go. But in the end all the effort you put into your dogs’ training will be worth it.

Be mindful to train your dog patiently and with affection within the first few weeks and eventually, it will become more psychological, he will begin to stop associating with the boundary lines and will stay with the limit that it’s allowed to use.

Making the Best Choice

a dog wearing invisible fence collar and a human toching the collar

Invisible dog fence is the pawfect option in the market which assures your dogs’ safety. It is reliable, convenient and affordable. Although, to ensure your dogs’ safety, owners are strictly recommended to purchase high quality systems.

Good fences will keep both your dog and your neighbors happy. If you are looking for the best option to keep your dog safe, I can recommend you checkout some of the best virtual fences available on the market


An Electric fence creates boundaries and limitations around your yard that help prevent your dog from leaving.

Electric fences are for sure effective, over 80% of dog owners have reported regarding their dog’s improvement in its behavior after at least 90 days.

On average, it costs 45%- 80% less in a quarter acre with invisible fencing than traditional fencing

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