How Much Does a Saint Bernard Cost? (Average Price in 2024)

Last Updated on July, 2024

Saint Bernards are some of the most adorable, loyal, friendly dog breeds in the WORLD! Have you seen Saint Bernard puppies? They are some of the cutest puppies EVER!

If you are as big of a fan of Saint Bernards as I am, this article on the costs of owning a Saint Bernard is a must-read for any enthusiast looking to get a Saint Bernard. 

Saint Bernards are BIG dogs that are EXTREMELY friendly and gentle. These tolerant creatures make PERFECT family pets and are great around children. 

To understand the estimated costs of a St. Bernard, you have to understand the factors that influence the price. There are various factors upon which the cost of the dog will depend on. 

We will dissect the factors upon which costs depend on and give you a good idea of how much it costs to raise a St. Bernard. We will even provide you with an estimated annual expense you may incur if you choose to raise a St. Bernard. 

Quick Summary

The average cost of an adult Saint Bernard is between $550 and $2000, while a Saint Bernard puppy can range from $1000 to $1500.

Show dogs will cost more than regular dogs, but it is possible to find a Saint Bernard in an animal shelter for a lower price.

It is important to purchase a Saint Bernard from a reliable source, even if it may be more expensive, to ensure that you are not supporting unethical breeding practices. Raising a Saint Bernard can also be a significant investment.

About the Saint Bernard Dog Breed

Saint bernard dog standing in a garden

The American Kennel Club (AKC) describes Saint Bernards as dogs that are EXTREMELY loyal to their owners. These dogs make great family pets and are GREAT to have around children.

The gentle nature of these dogs makes them great to have around small infants even. 

Size and Appearance

Male Saint Bernards have a height of between 28 inches to 30 inches. While female Saint 

Bernards stand a little shorter, between 26 inches and 28 inches. 

St. Bernards are rather big dogs. In weight, they can weigh between 114 to 180 pounds. This is a heavy dog, almost as heavy as an adult human being. The size of these dogs makes them such gentle creatures, much like gentle giants. 

In comparison to most breeds of dogs, Saint Bernard dogs are comparatively bigger. They are larger than breeds such as German Shepherds. In fact, they are almost twice as big as German Shepherds. 

Considering the size of these dogs, the dog’s health is an essential factor. The dog’s coat can often determine its health. Saint Bernard dogs have hair instead of fur, and it is imperative that they do a good brushing at least once a week to maintain the health of the coat.

The color of the coat will depend on the St. Bernard breed; these giant dogs come in three major shades of color, red and white, brown and white, and brindle and white. 

Some Saint Bernard dogs have a dark mask around their eyes, adding to the appeal. These marks look gorgeous on these dogs. 

They have floppy ears, which are placed high on the head. Large dogs such as these giant dogs are known to have droopy eyes. Saint Bernards have droopy and dark eyes, which boast their charming and gentle nature. 

There are both long-haired and short-haired varieties. 

St. Bernard pups are 75% smaller than their mature adult size. Considering how BIG these large dogs get, Saint Bernard puppies tend to be bigger than puppies of other breeds of dogs. 


Unfortunately, Saint Bernards are not known to have a very long lifespan. In fact, the average lifespan of a St. Bernard is around ten years. 

In comparison to other breeds of dogs, Saint Bernards have a shorter lifespan.

These gentle creatures can live to 12 years or more; however, the average lifespan is usually 8 to 10 years. 

Owning a Saint Bernard can be one of the most beautiful things in the WORLD!

a dog standing on the floor

St. Bernard owners will tell you that even though they only live for about ten years, these gentle, giant companions would really make those ten years memorable. 

The lifespan of the Saint Bernard depends on a host of factors such as diet and health. The well-being of your dog depends on how well you treat it. 

Larger dogs do tend to have health complications that come about in old age, which is why it is essential that you provide your dog with proper access to healthcare to ensure greater longevity of life. 

Another thing that needs to be remembered is the breeder through which you acquire Saint Bernard.

A reputable breeder will ensure better genetics and health. Reputable breeders ensure ethical practices are adopted in the breeding process, ensuring BETTER health and well-being. 

Always check the breeder’s reputation when picking a dog. Puppy mills are known for the HORRIBLE ways they treat breeding dogs, so steer clear of PUPPY MILLS!


Saint Bernard dogs are gentle and loyal creatures that make great companion dogs. However, they have a loud bark and can get defensive in light of threats. 

They are vigilant and intelligent dogs that are capable of understanding human emotion.

Pet parents will tell you that an adult dog is different from a puppy. This is true for Saint Bernards too. 

An adult dog will be a whole lot more aggressive when compared to a puppy.

a dog standing on the ground

St. Bernards tend to be very playful dogs. This is why they make such GREAT family pets. They have a gentle and welcoming personality, making them perfect to have around infants and children. 

Saint Bernard pups are a lot more playful than mature adult dogs. Other dogs may make fierce guard dogs, but St. Bernards make EXCELLENT companion dogs!

All in all, St. Bernards have a calm and friendly temperament, which makes them great pets. Dog lovers around the world adore the Saint Bernard breed, an ancient breed of dogs known to be gentle giants!

Types of Dog Breeds

There are mainly two breeds of Saint Bernard. The long-haired St. Bernard has a finer coat with longer hair, giving them a fluffier look and feel. 

These long-haired Saint Bernards are the more recent breed. The original breed had short hair and is called the short-haired St. Bernard. 

The short-haired Saint Bernard is the one preferred by the monks of the St. Bernard Hospice, which is where this breed of dog originates from.

long haired and short haired picture of a same dog breed

It is essential that you make yourself familiar with the two varying breeds of Saint Bernards so you have a better idea of the exact breed that you are looking to get a hold of. 

Both breeds of Saint Bernard dogs make good family dogs.

How Much is a Saint Bernard?

Most owners will tell you that the exact price of a Saint Bernard will vary in cost based on a host of factors. Most owners are right to state this. A show dog will cost you more than a regular dog. 

For instance, if you are looking for St. Bernards who are show dogs, the cost of the Saint Bernard will be higher. 

However, on the contrary, if you are not looking to take your dog to dog shows, you may be lucky enough to find a Saint Bernard waiting for you in one of the animal shelters in your locality. 

St. Bernard Dog

The average cost of an adult Saint Bernard can cost anything between $550 to $2000. These are not cheap dogs. Considering their size, they can cost a pretty penny based on where you choose to buy from. 

The average price depends on various factors; however, this average cost has been determined after considering different elements in the US market. 

That being the case, buying a Saint Bernard puppy can cost you less or more than buying an adult Saint Bernard dog.

a human touching the dog

St. Bernard Puppy

A Saint Bernard puppy can cost between $1000 and $1500. This means you can find an adult St. Bernard that is less expensive than a puppy. 

The cost of the puppy depends on many similar factors. Any Saint Bernard owner will tell you how important it is to purchase from a reliable source. 

Though the cost may be above the average cost, trusting a reliable source provides you with the comfort of knowing that you aren’t supporting puppy mills or other dodgy breeding operations.

a puppy laying on the floor

The average cost of most puppies will depend on the parent dog, with the average cost being higher for those with better genetics. 

With the average price in the thousands, Saint Bernards are not cheap, and raising them can be a hefty investment. 

Factors That Affect the Cost of a Saint Bernard

Various factors affect the cost of a St. Bernard. A St. Bernard puppy will cost you less or more than an adult, which immediately tells you that the dog’s age is a factor in the cost. 

Similarly, a purebred Saint Bernard pup will cost you more than a St. Bernard puppy which is a mixed breed. This is yet another factor in the cost. 

Elements such as genetics and the dog’s health are also factors upon which the cost is dependent. A Saint Bernard puppy bred by reputable breeders may cost more than those born in puppy mills. 

It is essential that you understand the importance of trusting a reputable breeder, regardless of the cost. (A dog’s health is dependent on the breeder.)

Other factors, such as the color and appearance of the dog, will also play a part in deciding the cost of the dog. One Saint Bernard may be more expensive than the other because of the unique dark marks on its face. 

Various other elements also play a role in the cost of the Saint Bernard. Even factors such as the location of the pet store will play a part in defining the cost of the St. Bernard. 

For instance, Saint Bernard puppies in a pet store uptown will cost more than a St. Bernard that you may find on the internet that the owners bred. 

Hence, when picking a Saint Bernard, it is essential that you consider all these factors that affect the cost of the dog. 

Where to Buy a Saint Bernard Dog?

A dog walking in a garden

The Saint Bernard breed of dog is rather popular. You would be able to find this breed of dog almost anywhere. Saint Bernards are predominantly popular in Europe and the West and are not difficult to source. 

Puppy Rescue

The first place you should consider when buying a St. Bernard is the animal shelter. 

Animal shelters could have Saint Bernard puppies looking for a new home. It is always best to consider rescuing a puppy from a shelter. Adoption can be a gratifying thing. 

Considering how a Saint Bernard dog makes a great family pet, adoption from an animal shelter will cost you next to nothing. 

Remember, Saint Bernards are expensive dogs, and you would be LUCKY to find one up for adoption at an animal shelter. Even if it is an adult St Bernard, you may want to consider adoption first.


Though backyard breeders allow for natural breeding, some are known to have bad reputations, often similar to the workings of puppy mills. 

Not all dogs are bred the same way, and it is essential that you pick a reputable and responsible breeder. 

For instance, if you are looking for show dogs, finding a suitable breeder known to breed EXCELLENT show dogs may be the best place to search. 

Good breeders will not only ensure that the dogs that are bred are fed HIGH-QUALITY dog food, but they also ensure that they are bred using humane techniques and standards. 

It would not be hard to source a list of the reputable Saint Bernard breeders in your locality. 

Pet owners will tell you that your dog’s health depends on the breeder who bred it, so be very CAREFUL when picking breeders.

Online Website (Eg: Craigslist)

The best place to source Saint Bernard puppies is online. You can just about find anything online these days. 

All it takes is a quick Google search targeting your location, and you will find people in your area looking to sell St. Bernard puppies or dogs. 

Online sources such as Craigslist and Facebook are all valuable sources through which you can find a link to someone selling Saint Bernard dogs. 

However, when buying puppies online, you have to be CAREFUL to ensure that the puppy was bred by an ethical breeder and not at a puppy mill. You don’t want to be supporting the wrong kind of breeding practices. 

Online websites can be a valuable resource when looking for St. Bernard puppies. Pet owners worldwide love using the internet to sell puppies and Saint Bernards, just like other dogs are being bred and sold on the internet as we speak. 

The only thing you have to do when buying online is to ask the right questions. Where was the puppy bred? Why are you selling the puppy? Is the parent dog your own dog? Ask the sellers all the questions you need to ask to ensure you can TRUST the source. 

At the end of the day, your Saint Bernard’s health depends on the breeder, so be sure you can TRUST the breeder, which is very important. 

Steps to Adopt a Saint Bernard Dog

A dog laying on the ground

If you are lucky enough to find a Saint Bernard at an animal shelter and would like to adopt it, here are the steps you need to follow. 

In actuality, there is only one step in the adoption process. Once you have found the St. Bernard that you want to adopt, the animal shelter where the adoption is taking place will guide you through the adoption and registration process. 

Once the registration is done and you have a dog license, it is as simple as taking your new Saint Bernard home. 


The registration process involves filling in the necessary paperwork, which should be presented to you by the shelter from which you are adopting the dog. 

These papers must be filled and signed before attaining legal ownership of the dog. Once the registration is done and the documents are signed, you will become the legal guardian of the Saint Bernard and will be ready to take the dog home. 

The registration process is simple, and you must complete the paperwork with some basic information about yourself. 

You may have to pay a small adoption fee. The adoption fees are nothing compared to the hefty sum you would have to pay if you buy from a breeder. 

Hence, the process is simple when it comes to adopting a St. Bernard. Ask the animal shelter for guidance on the process if you find a Saint Bernard at a local animal shelter looking for a new home. 

Cost of Raising a Saint Bernard Dog

A St. Bernard Puppy will have to be fed until they are a fully grown St. Bernard. 

Considering how big these gentle giants get, how much a Saint Bernard costs to raise will depend on a host of factors such as meals, training, medical expenses, and grooming. 


Saint Bernards are big dogs requiring a lot of food (food costs). They need to be fed two to three times a day.

On average, you should be looking to provide them with 4 to 8 cups of dog food daily. 

Don’t look to save money on the meals (food costs).

Though you can buy a cheap brand of dog food, your Saint Bernard deserves to be treated well, so try not to look to save money on food. 

Apart from the meals, which can cost between $150 to $300 a month (yes, that is right, it can cost about $300 a month to FEED your Saint Bernard), any dog lover will tell you that apart from the regular meals, you will most certainly be spending more money on dog treats.

a dog looking at a cup cake

Hence, it is worth considering the cost of treats, which can amount to about $50 a month. 

If you adopt a Saint Bernard, you save money; however, apart from the adoption fee, you will still have to consider the costs of raising the dog, which can amount to a hefty sum at the end of the year. 

Health and Vet Visitation

A senior dog will need healthcare a lot more than a younger pup. That being the case, even the most perfect Saint Bernard will need access to health at some point. 

Frequent vet visitations become a necessity as your dog ages. For instance, hip and elbow dysplasia, which is quite common in Saint Bernards, will need a vet’s expertise to treat. 

Vet bills can amount to hundreds and thousands of dollars annually, depending on the treatments in question. Hence, pet owners recommend purchasing pet insurance to combat the vet bills, which can be unpredictable. 

Pet insurance is an essential aspect of healthcare for your pet. It is vital that you get your pet some form of pet insurance that will help you better manage what can be UNEXPECTED vet bills (life-threatening.) 

Medical expenses can take a toll on the dog owner. For instance, God forbid, your Saint Bernard develops bone cancer, and treatment can cost a lot of money. 

Pet insurance will only cost you about $100 a month, but you will save yourself the headache of having to worry about medical costs for your pet. 

Senior dogs are the dogs that most need healthcare. It is vital that you consider the well-being of your pets. 


Much like any other breed of dog, grooming is an essential aspect of a dog’s well-being.

Saint Bernards with long or short hair benefit from weekly brushing to remove dirt from their coat. 

Grooming supplies can also be an added cost. These other costs all pile up to a hefty sum at the end of the year. 

For instance, taking your dog to a professional dog groomer for a bath and cleaning could cost anywhere between $60 to $90.

Considering this could be a monthly or weekly visit based on preference, the grooming cost does add up quite fast.

a dog groomer grooming a dog

Dog grooming, especially professional dog grooming, isn’t an essential cost. This is where you can look to save money. If you prefer, you could adequately groom your dog at home.

All you need are the one-time expenses of buying the grooming supplies, and you are ready to go.

Then you can use your saved money to spoil your Saint Bernard with yummy treats and chew toys.


Training is an essential thing for any dog. Any dog owner will tell you that a trained dog is better behaved than an untrained dog. Hence, you will have to take into consideration the cost of training. 

Training costs can vary depending on the type of training and the mode of delivery. For instance, hiring a professional dog trainer could cost you upwards of $2000.

On the other hand, if you are capable, you can find self-help guides online, which will teach you everything you need to learn to train your dog better. These guides can be purchased online and will provide guidance and instructions on training your dog. 

If you opt for such a training method, you could save a lot of money. These self-help guides only cost a few hundred dollars and are considered the cheaper option for training your dog. 

Training your dog is an important thing. It is absolutely essential that you deliver some form of training. Now, we aren’t saying that you essentially have to pay for a professional trainer, but the better trained your Saint Bernard, the better of a companion it will be. 

You also can cut down the whole training cost by getting a free online dog training course. Here’s a free training course called K9 Training Institute.

Overall Annual Expenses

Considering everything that could amount to the cost, including water bowls, treats, food, vet visits, and more, the average annual cost of owning a Saint Bernard will vary between $2000 to $5000.

In comparison to some other breeds of dogs, St. Bernard dogs have a higher overall annual cost.

Saint Bernards are bigger dogs that cost more to feed and care for. 

Apart from the food expense, which is a significant factor, other expenses such as medical costs (insurance) and toys have all been considered in estimating the average annual cost.

A dog laying down on a wooden floor

Saint Bernards are expensive dogs to own. However, they are beautiful creatures that make AMAZING pets!

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Final Thoughts

Saint Bernards are one of the most friendly and loyal dogs. They make AMAZING companion dogs and are known to be gentle creatures that are GREAT around children. 

It is these excellent traits of these dogs that make them so appealing. The costs of raising a Saint Bernard will vary based on various factors. 

If you are on a budget, we hope you look to save money on the training and grooming and not cut corners when it comes to feeding your pup. 

With an average annual cost of between $2000 to $5000, Saint Bernards are expensive dogs, making them much sought-after pets. 


Yes, it is possible to manage more than one Saint Bernard dog with proper training. The gentle nature of Saint Bernards makes them easy to handle even in large numbers.

Yes, Saint Bernard dogs are known for being friendly and gentle. They are often referred to as “gentle giants” due to their kind temperament.

Yes, maintaining a Saint Bernard dog can be expensive, costing an average of between $2000-$5000 per year.

Yes, Saint Bernards are a gentle breed of dog and, when properly trained, they can be kept safely around young children.

Before buying a Saint Bernard dog, potential buyers should research the breeder’s reputation, assess the dog’s age, color, and cost, and ensure the dog has been bred in a healthy environment.

The price difference between a purebred Saint Bernard and a mixed Saint Bernard dog is that a purebred Saint Bernard can cost twice as much as a mixed Saint Bernard dog.

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