Starmark Academy School Reviews: Why I Don’t Recommend it!

Starmark dog training academy, known for its luxurious animal behavior centers, has dog training courses too but is it actually worth it? 

Let’s check it out.  

*So Keep reading the review till the end to see why we would never recommend the Starmark dog training courses and what alternative we suggest instead…

Who is the owner at Starmark Dog Training

Starmark Academy

Jerry Wolfe is a certified dog trainer and behavior specialist with up to 20 years of experience. He is the owner and CEO of every Starmark Dog training industries from;

  • Starmark Academy for Professional Dog Trainers
  • Starmark Animal Behavior Center
  • Starmark Pet Products

Starmark Dog Training Academy Review

Starmark dog training school is more of a behavior center for dogs than a dog training course. You’ll notice right after you land on their website that the focus is entirely on the behavior center.

So is there an online dog training course on their website?

NO!! There are four courses available, with each of them different from one another, and those are only for the ones who want to become a professional dog trainer. These courses are class sessions.

Those four courses are;

  • Pet Obedience Theory and Application
  • Canine Training Specialist Program
  • Canine Training and Behavior Specialist Program
  • Master Canine Training and Behavior Specialist Program

Let’s see what these courses have in store;

Pet Obedience Theory and Application

All four of these courses come with a bucket load of included content, which we cannot list out here. None of these courses miss out in this category.

Pet Obedience Theory and Application is a four-week course where you’ll enhance your communication and improve the bond with the dog.

This course is held 40hrs per week. And everyone who participates in this course will be rewarded with a certificate after completing the course.

And you know what, this Starmark academy costs just $5,795, which is far more expensive than my dog.

Canine Training Specialist Program

This course is an eight-week course that allows students to work with various dog temperaments and learn numerous techniques. 

This course is included with the previous course Pet Obedience Theory and Application. 

After graduation, anyone who took part in this course will get employed in various working places like veterinary clinics, boarding kennels, training kennels, obedience clubs, pet sitting, dog walking, and private dog training companies.

And there’s still so much you’ll learn in this course for a steep price of $7,795, which blew my heads off after seeing it; my mind as well blows yours too.

Canine Training and Behavior Specialist Program

canine training

The Canine Training and Behavior Specialist Program teaches students advanced training methods of obedience and behavior in twelve weeks. This course too helps students get employed in various fields mentioned above.

Mastering this course will allow students to control basic plus advanced obedience dogs and much more behavior-related training techniques.

This course also includes the Canine Training and Behavior Specialist Program, and as always, students will receive their certificates upon completion.

This course’s price is a few dollars less than ten grand; it’s $9,795, which is staggering.

Master Canine Training and Behavior Specialist Program

This course teaches everything that you may find helpful for the entire lifetime on training dogs. It takes sixteen weeks to master this course and become a complete dog trainer.

The course offers everything like the previous courses, from free certificates to employment after completion.

And this course is included with the twelve-week Canine Training and Behavior Specialist Program and a price amount of $12,795, so happy paying.


As I mentioned before, I did not list everything that you’ll get from the same course. 

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Starmark Dog Training Testimonials

As we’re only looking at the dog training, there are no testimonials regarding this category on the web for whatever reason.

The testimonials are all about their dog behavior facilities. People’s opinions on it are pretty much mixed if you want, you can check them out by clicking here.

Pros and Cons

Now that we know some information about the training let’s look at its pros and cons.


The certificate is awarded to everyone who took part in the competition
Approved employment after graduation
We can learn so much about dogs


Prices are unimaginable 
As I said before, these courses are mainly for the ones who want to become a pro dog trainer
There is no refund

Is it Actually Worth it?

NO!! Absolutely not. You may ask why. It’s simply because of my alternative program. It easily offers everything you might need to become a pro dog trainer for a much much lower price compared to Star Mark Dog Training Academy.

Cheaper and better alternative

Brain Training for Dogs Program

There are so many online dog training programs available out on the web. Still, when it comes down to the best, there’s no denying Brain Training For Dogs(BT4D), it merely delivers in every aspect of training your furry ball, and this program costs $67, which is pretty much affordable for anyone who owns a dog.

But if you think there may not be much included with it, you’re completely wrong. When it comes to what’s included with the course, BT4D program kills the competition. It includes pretty much everything for its super reasonable price,

Let me list them out for you;

  • Includes the main manual for BT4D program.
  • For successful completion of training, you’ll be given access to 21 high-quality short videos.
  • Behavior training for your dog
  • Q&As with the author(Ask Adrienne)
  • Case Studies: this means the author herself reveals her personal training experience and how she has got rid of it, so those methods will help you while training your dog too.
  • Exclusive access to the member’s area on their website

I know this isn’t anywhere near Star Mark Dog Training Academy! for this price range, anything you get is acceptable. 


Why spend so much when you’ve got such a good dog training program under your feet. The only thing you’ll miss out on in Brain Training For Dogs is the certificate. 

I hope you might have gotten a clear idea of Brain Training For Dogs. It’s simply for the ones who want a completely affordable pro dog training course. 

If you want to know more about Brain Training For Dogs, you can check out our complete in-depth review on it here.

Huge thumbs up for checking out our review, and I hope your day is good as ours

Thank You.

Brain Training for Dogs
brain training for dogs review




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