How Much Does a Weimaraner Cost? The Average Price in 2024

Last Updated on July, 2024

A myriad of factors determines the overall cost of Weimaraner, including its maintenance costs. Most web articles cover the basic costs on the surface level without diving deeper into additional details that affect the overall cost of a Weimaraner.

So when finding the answer to how much a Weimaraner costs, it’s vital to explore deeper, including surface-level and external facts. Because the response to how much a Weimaraner cost is a culmination of all the factors integrated.

This article aims to cover the maze of all the details that affect the cost of a Weimaraner, exploring much more than the surface-level costs.

After reading this, you”ll be able to confidently plan your finances for the dog you love the most.

Quick Summary

The average price of a Weimaraner puppy ranges from $500 to $1,800, but can go up to $7,800 for high-end breeds.

There are various ways to obtain a Weimaraner, such as purchasing from a reputable breeder, adopting from a rescue, or buying from online marketplaces.

The costs associated with owning a Weimaraner go beyond the initial purchase, and can add up due to the breed’s reputation for health issues.

About Weimaraner

Weimaraner dog standing on the ground

Weimaraner puppies can grow on to become large dogs with weights ranging from 75-85 lbs in males and 70-80 lbs in females. Also, their dazzling light blue eyes with unique silver coats attract humans at first glance.

They say a Weimaraner puppy is a ‘dog with the human brain.’ Thus Weimaraner puppies and dogs are not only intelligent but also super active. 

Also, take a minute or two to go back to the history of the Weimaraners. In that case, a Weimaraner has a higher reputation of being called a hunting dog because they hunt for larger animals like mountain lions, bears, and wolves.

But since those animals declined partly due to Weimaraners, they began hunting for birds and rabbits.

Because of this super activeness, you, as the owner, need to occupy them with frequent outdoor activities such as hiking and hunting.

So when speaking about the cost of maintaining a Weimaraner puppy, you must also factor in such cost factors. Without further ado, let’s dive into what this article is about, the cost factor. 

How Much Does Weimaraner Costs?

Since Weimaraners are giant canines, they’re expensive. The one-time cost of purchasing varies depending on the quality of the breed, the breeder’s reputation, and the location.

Once this cost is over, you must incur maintenance costs which we’ll drill down as we go along further in this article.

On average, the Weimaraner puppy cost ranges from $500 to $1,800. This cost depends on the type of Weimaraner breeder. In contrast, high-end breeds cost up to $7,800.

These massive costs are due to the breeds’ reputation and numerous health tests. Some breeders may charge more prices if they consider the breed rare.

weimaraner dog facing the camera

As you realize now, this is a gigantic sum of money for a dog. There are also cheaper ways to get a Weimaraner if you opt to adopt a breed from a rescue. It is the best option regarding cost, which you’ll discover later in the article. 

You can also find Weimaraner puppies for a cheaper price depending on your geographical location. 

Weimaraner From Online Marketplaces

Sellers advertise Weimaraners on online marketplace websites such as Craigslist. Usually, you’ll expect to pay in the range of $100 to $2,000. 

However, be aware!

Apart from a few reputed marketplaces, such as American Kennel Club (AKC), most others are from puppy mills and backyard breeders.

These puppy mills carry out some dirty tactics, such as producing a massive number of unhealthy puppies for a lower cost by neglecting their necessary health examinations, nutrients, and socialization skills. 

Some mills may separate the Weimaraner puppies from their mothers, and as a result, these puppy mills will produce more low-quality Weimaraners for sale at lower prices.

On the other hand, other online marketplace sellers carry out scams. If you opt for this option, check if the puppy mill is legal.

Weimaraner From a Reputable Breeder

If you’re after a quality Weimaraner dog or Weimaraner puppy, your best option is to get them from a reputable breeder with extensive breeding experience. As mentioned earlier, it will cost you up to $700 on average. The more reputable beed will cost more, from $1,700 to $7,800. 

However, a Weimaraner puppy costing up to $700 will be adequate if you only need to nurture and care for them as pets. Anywhere higher than $4,000 will be suitable for extreme activities such as hunting and games.

Here are all the health tests the breeder performs on the Weimaraner breeding dogs, which affect the overalls dog’s health.

They include it in their hefty price. But it’s worth it as it’ll ensure your Weimaraner dogs are healthy and saves you heaps of costs that would incur if the breeder did not perform these tests:

  1. Vaccinations: One of the tests that a Weimaraner breeder carries out is vaccine tests before you adopt them. Breeders will also ensure that they’ll treat any underlying conditions. These tests will ensure that when you bring your Weimaraner puppy, they are safe from any health concerns saving you heaps in the long run.
  2. Genetic Testing: Another standard test is genetic testing on the Weimaraner which Weimaraner may have passed through from their parents. If neither breeder nor you test them, they’ll appear later in the dog’s life.
  3. Other Testing: The following are the other tests that affect the overall dog’s health: Eye certification, Hip Dysplasia, Hypothyroidism, Spinal Dysraphism, and Canine Hyperuricosuria. You’ll discover their costs if a Weimaraner breeder doesn’t cover them, or you may have bought a Weimaraner by some other means mentioned in the coming sections.

All these tests by the Weimaraner breeder ensure you have a healthy Weimaraner before you adopt them—and one last thing before we move into the next section.

How do we know that your breeder has covered all, some, or none of these tests? Glad that you asked. Here is the answer.

How to Know if a Breeder Has Tested the Weimaraner?

It’s through CHIC Tests. When purchasing a Weimaraner from a reputable breeder, you can ask for its CHIC number. The CHIC number shows all the tests a Weimaraner puppy or dog has undergone.

If there is no CHIC number on the dog, this implies that the Weimaraner breeder has not performed any testing on the dog.

Adopting a Weimaraner

Adopting Weimaraner dogs is the cheapest option as it would only incur a cost in the range of $50-$500. This Weimaraner price is a fair deal compared to buying it from a Weimaraner breeder. 

You can search for a pet for adoption on websites like Adopt a Pet or Petfinder closer to your location in addition to visiting your local Weimaraner shelter.

As with all the other options above, a Weimaraner puppy costs more than an adult dog. Most of the Weimaraner puppies you find for adoption have been rescued and need extra vet care. Also, the rescue has no clue where the puppies emerged from. 

Another aspect that works in your favor is that you”ll mostly find more adult Weimaraners than younger puppies in rescue centers. In terms of the Weimaraner cost, you’ll save heaps because an adult Weimaraner costs less.

What Are One-Time Weimaraner Costs?

a dog sitting on the floor

Imagine you’ve purchased a Weimaraner puppy or dog using any of the abovementioned methods, and you may think it’s a big relief. However, from here on in, the real battle starts.

Because you have to think and plan your finances wisely on food, shelter, grooming, socializing, and other basic needs to provide the utmost care and love from the very first day. If you fail, you risk losing the Weimaraner.

It would help if you listed the cost of all the pet’s primary needs from the day you bring your Weimaraner puppy home.

So how much does a Weimaraner cost add up to the basic surviving costs and the abovementioned expenses of purchasing the Weimaraner?

Let’s list down all the items, shall we?

  • Bed: Weimaraner dog bed usually costs in the range of $34 -$120. If you buy a low-quality dog bed, the chances are that it’s easy for your Weimaraner to rip off the shreds. In contrast, if you purchase a quality dog bed, it will last much longer. Anyway, many factors affect the quality of a bed, which should be a topic for another article.
  • Toys: Weimaraners often like to chew toys and explore their world uniquely. Other than chewing the toys, some toys improve Weimaraner’s thinking power. Such dog toys are designed to play a game or two with you as the dog owner with your Weimaraner. These toys can range from low as $5 to high as $50.
  • Crate: Since Weimaraners are active creatures, you can’t leave them alone for extended periods. If they’re, they become too destructive by chewing your furniture, shoes, carpet, and any other mat material they may find. Thus, you need to provide them with crate training. A Crate comes in various sizes and attractive styles priced from $130-$300. (Checkout the best dog crates here.)
  • Leash and ID Tag: Since Weimaraners are super active, you need to have great control over them often. Because you, as dog owners, never know when they would pull off your feet. Therefore, you’ll need an Id tag and plenty of leashes to get the obedience training right. Both the leash and the tag would cost $15 approximately.
  • Food and Treat: Providing high-quality food for your Weimaraner will boost his energy levels and keep them away from illnesses which will incur more costs. So allocate your funds wisely. Compared to typical dogs, Weimaraners consume more calories and will require 3 cups of dog food instead of 1 or 2 cups of dog food that an average dog consumes. In addition to the regular high-quality dog food, you’ll have to provide them with smaller portions of treats to boost their energy and as a compliment to successful basic obedience training. It will cost you, on average, $15 to $50. 
  • Food and Water Bowls: Good food bowls and water bowls are the ones that are easier to clean and don’t infect any bacteria. Also, you should choose the right size for your Weimaraner dog or puppy. If you take plastic food and water bowls into consideration, yes, they’re easier to clean, and they’re easily replaceable as well. However, they can infect bacteria. So, the ideal choice will be a bowl with stainless steel because they don’t infect bacteria and are easier to clean. Thus an excellent stainless steel bowl will cost $15 to $40.
  • Nail Clipper: Nail clippers may not sound like a one-time cost essential. However, letting their nails grow large can lead to various health disorders in Weimaraner. Furthermore, cutting their nails when they grow larger would be challenging. You can rake your Weimaraner to your vet to do this, but it will cost you from $10-$20 for each visit. Getting nail clippers, ranging from $10-$30 will be much cheaper as a one-time cost.
  • Brush: When it comes to grooming the Weimaraner breed, using a brush is essential. Although most Weimaraners have short hair, removing the dead or loose fur beneath their healthy coat with regular brushing is necessary. Otherwise, your Weimaraner dog might feel irritation due to the build-up of hair in that area. Hence, you would need a good brush in the $15-$50 range. 
  • Dog License: In most states in the US, a dog license is an absolute must. A one-year dog license will cost $10 to $20. They may also offer a three-year plan.

These costs can amount to $500-S900.In addition to the above essential Weimaraner cost, you as dog owners need to consider the following health testing:

  • Microchip: cost in the range of $40-60. It’s essential to identify your puppy when it goes missing or stolen.
  • Neuter/Spayed: Cost in the $100-$400 range. Although this cost adds to Weimaraner’s worth, it’s worth going for as it prevents testicular tumors and prostate issues, which may develop as they age.
  • X-Ray: X-rays can cost you in the range of $90-$400. Also, once it adds to Weimaraner’s cost, it’s essential because it helps to identify if any of the bones in Weimaraner is fractured.

What Are the Health Costs of Weimaraner?

2 dogs standing and looking at something

Weimaraners may confront potential health issues you would’ve not expected initially. Below are some standard medical checkups you need to take your Weimaraner.

Such checks ensure that your Weimaraner unexpectedly doesn’t confront severe medical challenges like cancer later in life.

In case they do, you would need to pay for medical expenses that will cost you for X-rays, surgeries, and blood tests. The cost of these tests can start from $1,000 to $4,000.

So to avoid such circumstances better to have them tested for below:

Eye Examinations

Weimaraners usually have good eyesight. However, they tend to develop injuries as they spend most of their time outside, where they come into contact with weeds, ticks, birds, and dirt.

Secondly, they inherit several diseases. Some of them can cause blindness if you do not diagnose them properly.

So it’s crucial that they undergo eye tests. It’s not typical for a general vet to carry out this test. Thus, you must refer them to a board-certified ophthalmologist. Now then, will it cost too much?

Again there is no concrete answer as far as the cost is concerned. It varies from location to location, with the lowest being $50 and the highest $250. 

You must only do this test if your Weimaraner shows signs such as excessive tears in the eye.

Hip Dysplasia

It’s essential for breeding dogs to test with Hip Dysplasia. It’s a condition that occurs when the hip joints of a Weimaraner puppy are not lined up correctly. This leads to wear and tear in the dog in the longer run.

Still, medical professionals have not developed a specific test for Hip Dysplasia. So as dog owners, you need your dogs to undergo hip X-rays to ensure there isn’t any issue with the alignment of the hip bone of your Weimaraner.

Let’s say your Weimaraner doesn’t show any symptoms of Hip Dysplasia despite having it underlying. So, suppose you do not test the Weimaraner and leave it too long; they’ll pass the Hip Dysplasia to other Weimaraners around them. 

As far as the cost, you’ll expect to pay around $500, which you can do at your usual vet’s place.

Should they require the experts to look at the images in case they can’t conclude, they send them to experts. This will add an extra $100. As for surgeries, you’ll be looking at around $3000 per hip to $7000 or even more.

Autoimmune Thyroiditis

This is another necessary medical test that tests whether your Weiamraner’s thyroid is attacked by its immune system. Again a genetic condition that occurs in most dogs from 2-5 years of age. So to be safe, you need to test it annually until your Weimaraner becomes 4-5 years old.

Before a Weimaraner starts to experience it, the immune system needs quite some time to attack the thyroid. After that, it will produce antibodies. Only you can determine if autoimmune is present by undergoing a blood test.

Throw your worries away, as this test would only cost you $50-$100, depending on your residence. It’s just a simple blood test the vet takes, prepares, and sends to the laboratory.

How Much Do Weimaraners Vet Bills Cost?

Vet bills are a primary component of Weimaraner maintenance. During the first year, a Weimaraner will require at least three trips to the vet.

Each visit costs $50 to $100, depending on the type of health testing the Weimaraner undergoes.

As a result, the annual cost would range from $250 to $500. These costs include mandatory vaccination tests and public exam fees.

However, from 2nd year the annual cost of vet bills will decline, and you may end up paying $120 to $270.

The average cost includes the heartworm test, flea prevention medication, blood tests, and vaccinations.

a veterinarian checking a dog

Other health tests in the first year include gastropexy. It’s a severe condition because if you don’t test it, bloating will occur as they grow, ultimately leading them to death. The average cost of gastropexy is in the range of $200-500. 

You can perform this test along with spay/neuter surgery at a lower cost.

The Cost of Other Potential Health Problems

All of the above costs are necessary for your Weimaraner to stay healthy and enjoy stress-free dog health. However, there’ll always be unexpected health problems that your dog will confront.

For instance, you can expect to pay more than the above costs if they get sick. 

Some of these unexpected health problems include:

  1. Arthritis

They can occur because of hip dysplasia. Its treatments will cost you from $50-$450, which includes supplements, medications, and therapy. Worse, if your Weimaraner undergoes hip surgery, it will cost $3,000 per hip.

  1. Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy

You can prevent this symptom if your Weimaraner undergoes a DNA test before a breeder breeds them. If not, the treatments will cost anywhere from $250-$1,500.

The lower range for the costs includes simply medications. The higher end consists of the hospital costs if they need hospitalized treatments.

The Cost of Food and Feeding

You can expect to pay $500-$900 per year for a Weimaraner.

Obviously, there are lower-cost foods that you can provide.

But if you risk giving them that low-quality food, you increase the chances of visiting the vet, often resulting in overwhelming vet bills.

So for a month’s puppy food, you’ll have to bear a maximum of $50.

However, as the puppies grow, the costs will escalate to $500 yearly. 

You can always bulk purchase your food as a cost-effective option.

Weimaraner dog sitting and waiting for the food

The Cost of Toys

When looking for toys, select ones made with non-toxic materials, ones you can easily wash, and ones your dog can’t chew or swallow. Also, they need to be safe and durable. 

Choosing various toys and rotating them is vital so your puppy doesn’t feel bored and entertained.

Also, they’ll learn about the world around them when playing with toys. You can easily rotate the toys occasionally by adding and removing toys from their toy boxes.

Now coming to the critical question. How much does a Weimaraner toy cost? Annually it will cost you $100 on average.

The Cost of Training and Socialization

Make sure that your Weimaraner puppy or dog doesn’t feel any isolation. Registering your Weimaraner with a Weimaraner club might be an excellent choice.

It will cost you $50-$200 a year. It will allow your Weimaraner puppy to socialize. 

On top of that, you get the benefit of access to an ocean of resources about Weimaraners and an excellent opportunity to meet and discuss matters relating to Weimaraners with other owners.

Furthermore, you would be able to register your puppy for competitions.

a trained dog sitting on the grass

With regards to training, it’s easier to train and correct any unusual or bad behavior in younger Weiners than correcting behaviors in adult Weimaraners.

For example, if a young Weimaraner has an excessive barking issue, you can let the puppy correct that behavior with little assistance and guidance.

However, you can only change some of the habits of adult Weimaraners.

You can also opt for an online dog training course that are cost effctive.

The Factors That Affect the Price of a Weimaraner

So far, you have found numerous costs regarding how much a Weimaraner costs. In addition to the one-time price of purchasing or adopting fees, you discovered the basic needs above. 

However, in addition to them, you need to look into the below factors, some of which incur additional costs. Others are some features of Weiamanrer that determine how much a Weimaraner costs.

Age: A Younger Weimaraner has more demand than a Weimaraner adult dog. Most people prefer to purchase young Weimaraners because they want to look after them from a very young age. So puppy prices cost more than adult dogs because their maintenance cost is high.

Breed Certification: Reputable Weimaraner breeders, such as those registered under American Kennel Club, offer a dog breed certification that provides information on the purity of the breed. This is not free, and sellers include this cost in the price that you have to pay for the Weimaraner. 

Breeder’s Location: The breeder’s location is another factor that affects the Weimaraner cost. The breeders in urban areas will be more expensive than those in rural areas. It’s because the competition is more challenging in urban areas than in rural areas. On the other hand, there are a handful of breeders in urban areas as opposed to rural areas.

Breeder’s Reputation: The more reputable your breeder’s reputation is, the price of the puppy will be higher. That’s because people preserve dogs of reputable breeders to be of the highest quality. Always find out the number of years that they’ve been in the breeding business.

Color: Weimaraner dog’s coat color is blue with a variety of shades. There are also gray and silver gray Weimaraners. According to the kennel clubs’ standards, they will consider any other color below the breed standard. So when the Weimaraner breeders register with Kennel clubs, they have to tick off only one of the below options in the application form:

  • Blue
  • Gray
  • Silver Gray

Some Weimaraner dog breeders advertise black Weimaraners, claiming they’re pretty rare dog breeds. Hence they charge a hefty amount for black Weimaraners.

Don’t be fooled by such unethical breeders, as you now know the standard colors of the Weimaraner breeds.. 

Are There Any Additional Costs Involved?

a dog standing on the ground

Now you know all the essential costs you expect to pay for Weimaraner, from purchase to basic and advanced needs. Now, is that it, or are there any further costs?

There are additional costs. Sounds frightening, ha? Not to be. Because the good news is these are optional as opposed to what you have gained so far from this article.

Let’s find out what they’re; you may never know when you’ll need them.

Training costs: If you keep Weimaraner ideal for quite an extended period, they can exhibit destructive behavior. For instance, they may open closed doors, enter your rooms and chew furniture and other plastic materials. Some others may start hunting for small birds or rabbits.

To control such behaviors, you must provide them with behavioral training at a very young age. It’s expensive as you need to allocate between $70 to $80 for them to get familiar with basic commands. They’ll also learn how to socialize with other dogs.

Dog sitter: Perhaps, you plan to go on a vacation or out of town for several months. Then, you`ll need to find someone to take care of your Weimaraner. This is where a professional dog sitter comes into the picture. They may charge based on the number of hours, days, and weeks or may have special packages for long holidays.

Pet insurancecost: Pet insurance is entirely optional. But it’s worth a try, as you never know a puppy’s circumstances. These include challenges from other animals and natural disasters. So for, a Weimaraner, they cost $20-40 a month. However, the best pet insurance options start from $40 a month.

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The average life expectancy of a Weimaraner is 11-14 years, but there have been a few cases where they have lived up to 18 years.

Yes, Weimaraners are friendly. They are known for being affectionate and energetic companions who get along well with kids and draw a lot of positive attention.

Yes, a deposit is required after the breeder has accepted your application. The deposit will hold the puppy or your spot in the waiting line and is non-refundable.

Weimaraners can be stubborn and territorial, making them challenging for inexperienced owners. They are also prone to boredom and destructive behaviors when not properly stimulated, so providing adequate playtime, exercise and toys is essential.


It may cost $700-$1200 to purchase a Weimaraner from a reputable breeder or even more. After this one-time cost, the real challenge is to include the cost of medical examinations, food, toys, entertainment, and other expenses that we discussed in this article.

In addition to the factors mentioned above, additional factors include training costs, dog sitters, and pet insurance policies. 

So a wonderful healthy pet is someone you get after the integration of all the above factors. So you’ll need at least $3,600 per year if you love your Weimaraner.

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