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Yorkshire Terriers are 7-pounds of absolute joy, and for all of us dying to take home this cute little fur ball, the questions are endless.

How much do they REALLY cost? Where do you even get one? How do you avoid scams, puppy mills, backyard breeders, and the list of concerns just goes on.

But hey, don’t give up on your Yorkie dreams just yet!

Here’s a research-backed breakdown of the actual costs involved in becoming pet parents.

Quick Summary

The cost of a Yorkie can range from $800 to $10,000.

Yorkshire Terriers are a popular and in-demand breed of dog.

The lifetime cost of owning a Yorkshire Terrier can be between $26,000-$40,000 due to expenses for supplies, initial medical care, and ongoing monthly and yearly expenses for the dog’s care.

How Much Does a Yorkshire Terrier Cost?

Yorkie prices range from $800 to $4000 but can even go up to $10,000. Why this vast price range? I’ll explain in just a bit.

Where to Get a Purebred Yorkie From?

A yorkshire terrier dog is running in the grass

You have two go-to options: Breeder and Shelters.

There are top-ranking and highly reputable breeders registered under the American Kennel Club (AKC) and the Yorkshire Terrier Club of America that cost between $1200-$3000.

Buying from such a licensed and reputable breeder is as safe and reliable as possible.

The price tag is definitely higher than if you go for a local breeder. Still, you are guaranteed a purebred Yorkie with the correct papers on everything you need to know about your new pet (More on papers later).

Speaking of local breeders, this one’s tricky. If you do happen to find a local, unlicensed breeder, tread carefully.

Firstly, do your research and always, ALWAYS check for customer reviews. Also, make sure to compare prices; it should usually cost between $800 to $3000. 

If the price looks too good to be true, that’s your first red flag. Do visit the breeder and take a look at how the puppies are housed.

Ask the breeder many questions to see if he has had any experience in the field or is just another backyard breeder. My best advice is to trust your instincts.

If you are on a budget and can’t afford to splash, no matter how cute these cheeky little pups are, then your best options are dog shelters or dog rescue organizations.

You can get a sweet Yorkie for an adoption fee of just $100-$500. Head on to this certified database of Yorkie Rescues around the country by the Yorkshire Terrier Club of America to see if you can find a shelter near you.

If everything else fails, and you can’t get a Yorkie puppy at a shelter, and if certified breeders are too expensive, try reputable sites like PetFinder or ASPCA.

What Does the Yorkshire Terrier Price Depend on?

This tiny dog comes with some pretty huge decisions to be made based on so many different factors, which is why there’s such a wide price range for these dogs.

Here are all the factors that determine how much Yorkies cost.


The higher the pedigree of purebred Yorkies, the higher the price tag on them.

The price can go even as high as $10,000 if your pup comes from a line of championship-winning Yorkies.

A Brown Yorkshire terrier sitting in a sand

If you are just looking for a cuddly little pet-quality pup, $10,000 is definitely too pricey. So, go for a Yorkie puppy with a lesser pedigree but just as cute.

With or Without papers

Documentation for your Yorkie is essential. These papers will show everything you need to know about your dog’s parents, siblings, kennel number, and information about the breeder. 

Also, the documents will prove whether the pup has been screened for genetic conditions and what characteristics (Coat color, type, and texture) the Yorkie will inherit.

If you were to enter your dog into any kind of competition, these papers are vital. 

Getting a Yorkie puppy without documentation will cost less than $1,200. Still, in the long run, you will end up spending a fortune on medical bills if the pup has health issues you weren’t aware of. So, always, better safe than sorry!

Age and Gender 

A Yorkshire Terrier puppy costs considerably more than an adult.

Females tend to be pricier than males, mostly because most want to breed them.

You can expect a $400 to $500 difference between male and female pups.


For purebred Yorkshire Terriers with standard colors of blue and tan, blue and gold, black and tan, or black and gold, along with the glossy, silky hair of a purebred, the price will be a tad higher.

A Long hair Yorkshire terrier standing in the grass

Non-standard colors of chocolate, gold, red, and multi-colored with a coarser coat go for much lower prices.


On average, a Yorkie puppy weighs 4-7 pounds. The smaller, cuter ones you’ve seen jumping around are actually Teacup Yorkies who are also purebred but weigh only about 3 pounds and are 7 inches tall.

The extra cuteness comes with a price, literally. You’ll be looking to pay $1500-$3000 on average for a Teacup Yorkie.


Most small dogs are prone to collapsed tracheas.

Also, Yorkies can have luxating patellas (sliding kneecaps), retinal dysplasia (vision problems), periodontal disease (dental issues), hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), and liver shunts.

Licensed breeders will always prioritize health and genetically screen parents to ensure no defective health problems will pass on to the Yorkshire Terrier puppies.

ALWAYS check the pup’s papers and question the breeder. I cannot stress on this enough.

A Brown and black Yorkshire terrier standing looking up

If your dog has no papers AND the breeder is willing to negotiate a low price, that is your first sign that something is off with the puppy’s health.

Initial Costs After Getting a Yorkshire Terrier

Buying Yorkies doesn’t just end there. Let’s talk about all the initial costs that come with these furballs. 


Firstly, to set up their new home with everything required to make them comfortable and safe would altogether cost you approximately $270-$350. 

ItemAverage Price 
Food and water bowls$30
Leash $10
Chew toys$30
Puppy pads $25
Grooming kit $30
Total $270

Medical Expenses

Next, we have medical expenses during the first year.

This includes mandatory vaccinations such as rabies and DHPP, preventive treatments for heartworm, fleas and ticks, and fecal examinations.

This brings the initial medical costs to $500-$700. 

Additionally, you might want to opt for spaying or neutering your dog.

This would take out an additional $200-$500. However, this is entirely optional.

A small yorkshire terrier puppy sitting on the grass


Yorkies are big personalities bundled into small packages. So, unless you want a 7-pound hyperactive ball of fur running your life, training is necessary. Also, they do have a stubborn streak, so training at a young age is the way to go. 

Yorkshire Terriers, like all dogs, need basic obedience training and potty training. Yorkies bond fast and usually suffer from separation anxiety, so crate training early on is ideal.

Also, socialization classes to get them comfortable around people and other dogs are recommended, which would cost $100-$200 per hourly session from a professional trainer.

Or else, as a cheaper alternative, you can check out this free online dog training program here.

Monthly Costs of Owning a Yorkshire Terrier

There are a couple of things to be taken care of monthly for your little fur friend. Food for this small dog is not a big issue. They only eat in small amounts because of their size but require a well-balanced diet. 

Also, there are monthly preventive treatments and vet check-ups necessary to ensure your pup is in shape. All the glory of this fully-fledged diva has to be maintained too, with regular grooming. 

So, here’s the breakdown of everything your pup will need monthly:

Item Average Price
Dog food$50
Vet bills$50
Pet Insurance$50
Toys and treats$20

Annual Cost of Owning a Yorkshire Terrier

A Fluffy Yorkshire Terrier Dog sitting in the grass and looking up

Initially, during the first year after you’ve bought your dog, it is true that the expenses are a bit high because of all the initial supplies and initial veterinary care. But after the first year, life becomes much simpler. 

After the first year, the annual expenses are $2,000-$2,500 per year.

Lifetime Cost of Owning a Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkies can develop multiple health conditions as they near the end of their life span, including hip dysplasias, cancer, and heart problems.

Even purebred healthy puppies can develop certain conditions towards the later years of life.

While the medical costs of these conditions are pretty high, having pet insurance can save you thousands of dollars.

Since these dogs have a lifespan of 13-15 years, this brings the total cost of owning Yorkies to $26,000- $40,000. 

A long hair yorkshire terrier dog laying on a wooden staircase

Summary of all the Costs 

Average Yorkshire Terrier price$800-$4,000
Initial supplies cost$270-$350
Annual cost$2,000-$2,500
Lifetime cost$26,000-$40,000

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So, to wrap up, dog lovers need to know that taking a Yorkie home is more than just the price tag at the start. You have all the subsequent expenses to consider as well.

But this decision is more significant than just dollars and cents. While the cost matters, all the cuddles and joy this pup comes with is priceless.

Here’s to hoping this article helps you find a furry friend who’ll wag their tails into your hearts!


They are a purebred breed with a long history, making them highly desirable. Additionally, teacup Yorkies command even higher prices than regular Yorkies.

Yes, they are! Their small size and adaptability make them ideal for apartments and small houses. They also have minimal shedding compared to other breeds.

Yes, Yorkies do bark a lot. This is due to their territorial and alert personality. However, they can be trained to reduce excessive barking so there is no need to worry.

Yes, the joy Yorkies bring makes them worth the cost. The average lifetime cost for a Yorkie is $26,000-$40,000, due to their popularity. Consider your annual income and decide if you can afford them.

Yes, the belief that female Yorkies are inherently superior to males is mostly false. Both genders possess similar temperaments and are known for being very affectionate. In fact, in some cases, males can be even more loving than females. It is worth noting, however, that many dog owners often find it easier to train female Yorkies.

Yes, Yorkies are considered high maintenance due to their long coat that requires consistent grooming, dental care, and medical attention.

It is recommended to avoid buying Yorkies from puppy mills. These facilities have overcrowded conditions and do not provide proper veterinary care for the dogs. It is suggested to obtain a Yorkie from a licensed breeder or through a shelter adoption.

It is advisable to get pet insurance for your Yorkie due to potential unforeseen veterinary expenses. It is recommended to research different insurance companies to consider their coverage, limitations, waiting period, deductibles, and reimbursement rates before making a decision.

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